Donald Trump congratulates Obama


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Donald Trump congratulated President Obama on Sunday’s successful mission to take out Osama bin Laden (despite the report pre-empting NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice).

“I want to personally congratulate President Obama and the men and women of the Armed Forces for a job well done,” Trump said in a statement confirmed by EW. “I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory. We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those currently fighting for our freedom. God Bless America!”

Reactions from famous Americans culled from Twitter run the gambit from “I predict that Osama’s picture will get little more than a smattering of tepid applause on the next Emmy ‘In Memoriam’ reel” (that’s Seth MacFarlane) to “I’m proud of our men and women in uniform. Wherever you are, take a minute to say thank you to one of the brave heroes who serve our country” (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

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  • chad

    Really, Trump? I’m surprised you’re not asking to see and pick apart his long-form death certificate….

    • Doctor Who Fan


    • Dgently

      Chad, you are my new hero! : )

      • Jessica

        Really? How sad for you. You do not deserve to use DGently as name on this board.

    • harry

      Mine as well.

    • Laurel

      LMFAO Chad…
      Of course The Donald is just happy that everyone has forgotten about the Correspondents Dinner on Saturday where he was the target of some pretty good jokes.

      • fancypants

        nah, I haven’t forgotten about that. President Obama and Seth Meyers were hilarious!

    • sara

      give him 24 hours. I’d put money on it.

    • mh2365

      nice slight of hand by Obama … “here is my faked birth certificate oh and by the way we killed Osama”

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Donald Trump the orange haired CLOWN is going to take credit for Osama being taken down. In 2 years he’s going to tell everyone he pulled the trigger. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • edward coyle

      like a good democrate, attack whatever the issue.

  • outside agitator

    I can’t wait to hear what Trump’s peers like Kathy Griffin, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sarah Palin have to say. what these people say is NEWS.

    • Dgently

      Am personally waiting on reactions from Mob Wives and Kate Gosselin.

      • y

        Since it does not directly impact kate and what she wants in this moment, it may as well not even happened as far as she is concerned.

    • Chris

      Really, EW? Trump again?? Really!??!!

    • SG

      RH of the OC would chime in but they don’t know who Trump is or that Bin guy, either. Lip gloss anyone?

  • Pan

    Sorry trumpy but that won’t give you a free pass you’ll still come off as a fool.

  • crispy

    Somebody hired a new publicist.

  • Georgia

    Well said, Mr. Trump!! Let Freedom RING!!!

    • joe

      oh come on let freedom ring….those hannity fans got nothing to say. I bet they are crying now.

      • Jack

        yes, all conservatives are crying because Obama got Bin Ladin by carrying on Bush-era policies. You really need to read more. And although sad but true, most Americans will credit Obama for “getting” Bin Laden, even though all he did was authorize the action. The real heroes who did the brunt of the work who should be credited are the men and women of the armed forces and intelligence communities.

      • V

        Another idiot, then blame the economy on Bush, blame 800,000 deaths on Bush then. U mad?

      • Sigh

        why do the ‘jacks’ of the world always say ‘sad but true’ when it’s neither sad nor true? And THEY don’t even think it’s SAD maybe they convince themselves it’s true, I don’t know.

        It just bugs me. Sorry it had to be said.

      • Hen

        Hey Jack…Bush…Obama…didn’t take them out. The Frickin Navey Seals did baby! God bless these brave men. They’re the real heroes.

  • trumpego

    I am surprised that Trump did not take credit for this major event!

    • Sara

      That’s what I was expecting

  • Edie

    Donald is a pathetic joke. And definitely NOT presidential material. He and Sarah should take a hike together.

  • lino

    Surprised Trump isn’t taking the credit for the mission

    • Rachel

      Me too. LOL

  • Bartman

    Trump makes me wish Palin was in the headlines every five minutes again. And that’s saying A LOT.

    • Sigh

      I haven’t gone that far. At least Trump is very very good at one thing. Self promotion. I haven’t figured out what Palin is good for, ooops, I mean at.

  • Kim

    Well, after some of the disgusting comments on the original story about Bin Laden’s death, it’s kind of nice to read this. Although I doubt he really means it, what he said is how we as a country should be behaving right now.

    • Rachel

      Exactly. I was SO disappointed to see that people were conspiring that Obama did this on purpose to “ruin” Celebrity Apprentice. I live in AZ and didn’t get to watch the show either, but that didn’t matter because the news that broke that night was far greater than an episode of CA

      • poeas

        this news is about 9 1/2 years too late and will do nothing to put a damper on the terrorist activities. he is now their martyr. the real complaint regarding the preemption was that is was COMPLETELY unnecessary. obama didn’t go on until 11:45.

  • h-iron

    Why take shots at Donald? Isn’t this your own insecurity for which you’re compensating? Shut up…

    • methinks

      Is there anything LESS scary than the uprising of the oompa loompa army?

    • BillP

      We take shots at him because he chose to put him out there…making wild, irrational statements to get publicity. Has nothing to do with our insecurity. He is a joke, so many of us will continue to write punchlines.

    • sara

      wow, are you ever confused.

  • DJ

    Donald Trump should wear a big red nose and big shoes because he is a clown. It would match his comb-over perfectly.

  • PHD

    Can we stop it with this clown already…

  • Kim

    Good for him. As ridiculous as he is, he’s probably more than a little embarrassed at all the people who are alleging that Obama timed the announcement just to show up a reality show.

    • Mr. Geller

      We should be applauding Jim Phelps and his Impossible Mission Force for supplying the intelligence President Obama needed to execute this assassination plot. Phelps’s next mission will be to retrieve bin laden’s body for positive identification. Message will self-destruct in 5 seconds, good luck Jim.

  • ??


    • ??

      I can’t get any of my post about this topic to appear. WHY

      • ??

        looks like someone is not allowing any truth

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