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As any regular viewer of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother well knows, the show’s May 16 season finale includes a wedding. Yes, these are the nuptials that were teased in this season’s premiere back in September, but we still don’t know who’s getting married — it could be Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) or Robin (Cobie Smulders) or even Ted’s (Josh Radnor) pal Punchy (Chris Romano). Alas, there’s a bigger question that stems from the impending nuptials, one that has been bouncing around the rumor mill: Are we also going to meet the mother in the season finale’s wedding on May 16? Well, here’s your answer:

Despite what you’ve heard, the short answer is… no. You won’t be meeting the mother on May 16 because we don’t actually see much of the wedding — viewers will actually just see a brief, wedding-prep scene that reveals one half of who is tying the knot. Then, cameras will quickly cut to black for the summer. But this is the wedding where we will indeed meet the mother, as was promised in the season premiere.

Confused yet? Here’s the explanation: This wedding, as you probably guessed, is set a year ahead of the show’s present, meaning we’re at least one full season (but very likely more) away from meeting the girl with the yellow umbrella. This final scene, however, does set things into motion for the series’ eventual endgame. “We can’t really talk about how long that endgame is going to play out, but this finale sets the ducks in a row for everything we’re going to see after it,” HIMYM creator Carter Bays explains, “leading up to Ted meeting the mother.”

Says star Jason Segel of the long route to the wedding: “I think what people will be most curious about is how did we get from A to B.” In fact, that journey — from May 16’s season-finale peek at who’s getting married to the TBD ceremony itself — is what will make up the bulk of the show’s seventh season. Beyond that, Bays is tight-lipped about when we’ll actually meet Ted’s wife. As usual.

The road to the finale begins tonight, as the first of the show’s last three episodes for this season airs at 8 p.m.

For more on How I Met Your Mother‘s big wedding and the season overall, pick up the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, which is on stands now.

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  • Facts


    • Gupta


      • Christine

        For the kids’ sake let’s hope they meet the mom soon. Haven’t they been sitting on that couch for like hours as their Dad avoids getting to the point of their question with innappropriate stories(think about it: did your father talk this much about you aunt and uncle’s sex life?)

      • Rachel

        I want to know how meeting Robin somehow results in ted meeting the mother. its starts with that…

      • Lisa

        Rachel-interesting, and I never thought of that! Why did Ted start the story with the kids with him meeting Robin?!?!?!

      • saul

        it started with lilly and marshall getting serious, which led him to look for the love of his life. which he initially thought was robin. he started the story when he started looking for a relationship

    • SmellyClam

      i dont understand why people – and EW staffers – watch this show. the cast is great, but the writing blows. and really, youll meet the mother in the fricking SERIES finale of the show doofusses.

      • Your mom


      • amj

        Actually the entire show is centered around a premise where Ted is telling a story to his children about how he met their mother, so, based on that it is only natural the series will end when the story concludes and he meets their mother. Perfect ending! And very expected.

      • kacjfb

        Word! I watched all episodes of Season 1 to 4 then it became very predictable and I’ll watch again on the SERIES finale. As long as ratings are good, this show will go on.
        So if the fans want to meet the Mother, they need to stop watching it (I know it sounds crazy)

      • David

        As a writer, I beg to differ. The previous season was lower quality, but generally speaking the writing is the most impressive thing about the show. The episode concepts are particularly creative. Although I do think they’re running out of steam a little now. It ought to have been a four or five season arc.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Am I the only one who wants Victoria to come back and be the mother? Her storyline in Season 1 was so great!

      • Pam

        There’s at least one more person who would like that….ME!!!!!

      • rox


      • amj

        Totally agree.

      • David

        Oh man, that would be awful. I hated Victoria.

        And really, that’s the problem the writers have – whoever they pick as the mother, some people are going to hate her. So the safest way for them to handle it is to not show her until the final episodes, and then just give her one line when she finally meets Ted, so she doesn’t have enough of a character for anyone to object to.

  • Heather

    BS … I’m so f-ing sick of all the little teases…

    • bruno

      ya. this show’s getting pretty annoying.

    • Jen

      Stop watching.

      • legencrappy

        I am, and so are many others.

      • Jason C.

        legencrappy: Obviously many people ARE still watching, or the show wouldn’t have been renewed for 2 seasons.

    • Catherine


    • jay

      This show has gotten so annoying. PLease let it die already and put a better show on in its place. Did anyone read the interview of Josh Radnor in Playboy? He seems like such a jerk. He brags how he doesnt own a tv and doesnt watch television. Give me a break you arrogant Dbag.

      • sal

        He did come across as such an elitist and arrogant d-bag. he is the one I am most sick of.

      • m.

        Who cares?! It isn’t like he eats babies or has hookers in the closet.

      • katrob

        Anytime I watch the episodes where he’s dating Laura Prepon, I can’t help but think that’s who he really is. Which based on this comment makes perfect sense.

    • sam

      well, i wish that we get a season where we see Ted fall in love with the “mother”. I don’t want the final scene of the last show to be and this is how i met your mother and they show her and that’s it.

  • Ina

    Boo. This “mystery” is ruining the show. I wish they would just introduce the mother and be done with it! I think there would still be plenty of story to tell once she has been introduced.

    • Erica

      I don’t mind not meeting the mother yet. I know that it’s the whole premise of the show, but I’m more entertained by seeing Ted’s relationship with the gang and how all of their lives intertwine. I like watching their shenanigans. Once the mother is officially introduced, the show can only go so much further. I want to spend more time with Lily, Marshall, Barney, and Robin.

      • Ina

        I agree but I feel like all of the random hints about the mother are just silly. I would like the mystery to be revealed only because I feel like it takes away from the show. I am tired of Ted dropping hints but we make no progress. The meeting of the mother is the worst part of the entire show. Haha! I love the way this group interacts.

      • steph

        I agree, I like the journey to meeting the mom. That said, the non-Ted storylines are my favorite. LOL

      • @Steph

        I agree. I think Ted is actually the less interesting than the rest of the group. And he does seem like a dbag.

    • Jen

      This mystery? It’s the whole premise for the show. Maybe you should stick to reruns of Friends.

      • Ina

        It’s been years and we’ve made no progress at all. That is what frustrates me. I don’t mind the premise of the show, Imind that in the more than half a decade this show has been on the air there has been no progress toward a resolution.

    • Are you for Real?

      @Ina—seriously–ruining the show? That’s a bit strong of a statement, don’t you think? Plus, the hints have provided lots of progress and keep the cohesiveness in the story itself.

  • Erica

    If Barney marries that Nora broad, I will rage.

    • Newbie

      I have to believe that there is no way in heck that would happen, but if it does, I shall rage right along with you!

      • RJ

        What if it’s reaaly Ted’s marrying to Zoe and it does not work out. This would be the second time that happened to him, but it could be interestibng…

    • Jen


      • tessilu66


    • Ace

      Personally, I will probably just whine. But yeah, DNW Nora.

    • tessilu66


    • D

      Spoiler–Nora is in the season finale

  • deedeedragons

    I know when we see the mother: In the final episode.

    • Brady

      Yeah. I thought that was almost a given. Why would we meet her any sooner?

      • Newbie

        People have no patience. Must. Have. Answers. NOW. No one seems to care that the whole premise of the show dictates that it would end when he actually meets her.

      • Ace

        Maybe so that we could actually get to know her a little before the show ends? I’d like it to end with their wedding, not their first meeting.

      • Heather

        Like Ace says J want to get to know her…. And BTY I sat through 6 years of Lost- so I think I gave some patience

      • Newbie

        The title of the show is not “How I Met, Got to Know, Dated and Finally Married Your Mother.” It ends when the mother shows up. You don’t get to know her, because she’s not really who the story is about – it’s about Ted’s life BEFORE she showed up.

      • Liv

        I don’t understand why people are so upset at the idea that we could see the courtship of the mother. Just because it started as How I Met Your mother doesn’t mean we can’t see beyond that. A lot of shows change their premise over the year to stay fresh. I would like to have the show stay fresh and include the courtship of the mother. Having said that, last nights episode was TOO funny. Marshall playing Chicken with his reflection was the greatest thing.

  • Ralph

    Theory out of left field – Could the wedding be of Rachel Bilson’s character (the mother’s roommate?) She did thank Ted for helping her “find herself.” Maybe she was thankful enough to ask him to be “best man” at her lesbian wedding? I’m sure there is some evidence I’ve missed that proves this can’t be true, but it’s an idea I had.

    • igotsopinions

      It’s also been said a couple of times that he meets the mother at THAT particular wedding, i.e., Rachel Bilson’s characters lesbian wedding.

    • JS

      That’s exactly what it is.

    • WTF?

      That’s quite feasible, especially considering we know The Mother is Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson’s character) roommate. I mean, what other premise would have The Mother at the wedding? Not Punchy. Not Barney and Nora.

      • C’Mon

        Personally, I think it IS Cindy(Rachel Bilson) getting married — to her room-mate. Which is the (How I Met Your) Mother… and Ted is the sperm donor that helps them to have the 2 kids…. and the entire show is about Dad explaining why he was willing to be a sperm donor.

      • Erin

        I love this idea! It would be hilarious to see all the fans rage about it. So I don’t think they would go that route.

      • Pam

        OMG that is wild! I think the writers should read this and decide to make that the storyline, just in case you’re wrong. That’s BRILLIANT, though!

    • Monty

      Its purposeless to see Bilson’s wedding. They said that we would see one member of the couple getting married just before it fades to black for the end of the season, which means we are going to be wondering WHO that person is marrying. We already saw who Bilson marries. There’s no mystery there.

      • Johnification

        Exactly. And frankly, given this season’s arc, this all but confirms that the wedding we’ll be building to in the series finale will be Barney’s. It just makes sense dramatically.

      • Lunna

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Barney.

      • Ace

        It’s Barney’s and/or Robin’s. My guess is we’ll see Robin in the finale, and we’re supposed to think she’s marrying Michael Trucco, but she’s really going to marry Barney. (At least, I HOPE that’s what happens.)

      • murley

        i think we will see barney and think he is marrying nora but really he marries robin. either way i do hope it turns out to be one half of a barney/robin wedding.

  • JC

    I think they are partly worried about revealing the mother and the actress and Josh Radnor have no chemistry. I have thought about that, what if we don’t like her.

  • Michelle

    Maybe it’s just me, but I was sad when I heard it got renewed for another two seasons. I’m all for good shows staying on the air, but HIMYM has run its course. One more season would have been adequate time to wrap up all the storylines and the show could have went out on a bang with barely any filler episodes. I know the producers want to keep us coming back, but other shows like the Vampire Diaries reveal so much in an episode and are fantastic (I know. Apples and oranges).

    • asj

      Agreed. I think the show will wear itself thin with two more seasons (if not already), and I don’t even care about who the mother is any more (or piecing the clues together) because the information is so meager and the teasing so prolonged.

    • Marie

      I agree…while I stopped watching the show regularly half-way throughout season 4, I still tune in from time to time. And really, I’m all about the gang’s interctions, and I stopped caring about the mother long before I stopped watching it weekly. It wasn’t a mystery I cared about. Plus, like a post above, the writers will drag out the whole thing and reveal the mother in the series finale. Probably in the last minutes.

    • Ann

      No. I think two more seasons is adequate. At the end of this season, they’ll reveal it’s Barney’s wedding. Then spend next season with Barney getting back together with Robin and learning about family life from his father. Meanwhile Marshall and Lilly will finally get pregnant. Then at the end of that season, we will be back at Barney’s wedding where we will finally see the Mother. Last and final season will be about Ted falling in love and finally marrying the Mother. Marshall and Lilly will have their kid. Barney will become a happily married man. Then End to a great series.

      • Mo

        I like how you think. I will also add my own theory, that by the end of next season, they can pull a “Definitely, Maybe” and Ted will have met three different women at the wedding, and the final season will have us guessing which one of them turns out to be the mother. However, since this is not exactly Lost, and from day 1 they showed they were going to string us along, I’m fine with him just meeting her in the very last episode of the show. This show is all about the getting there, not about the end result.

      • Ace

        HIMYM, can y’all please hire Ann and Mo as writers? They’re doing a better job than whoever you have now.

    • ej

      I disagree completely. I thought last year wasn’t that great but I feel like this year has been so funny. I think they are on a roll and should keep it going. 2 more seasons is perfect!

  • Trish

    The first few seasons were okay with all this secrecy and hints strewn about. now its just become sort of dumb and ruins the other story lines. I bet the majority of the audience (which is shrinking these days) doesn’t really care anymore about the mother.

  • PJ

    At first the premise and story were cute, they have drug this storyline out for so long that I find I no longer care about Ted or who he marries and when I do bother to watch I am only interested in Marshall and Lily as they are the only characters who have really been developed.

  • Amy

    I’m mostly upset we are only going to see HALF of the couple getting married. That means we have to wait a whole season for the other half? Anyway, if they are going to show the bride or groom then cut to black it HAS to be Barney or Robin. Why in the world would Punchy be a cliffhanger?

    • ZF

      Agreed. If it’s Punchy’s wedding, why is Marshall there?

    • Rachel

      Right! And I think it’s going to be Barney, he’s the less likely person to ever get married…although with Robin’s crush thinking she’s about to get married, it might fit to show her actually doing it…

  • Al

    I think the wedding is Zoey’s.

    • tito

      Yes, Zoe and the Captain get remarried and that’s why the relationship with Ted did not end well.

  • Josh M

    When will Ted’s voice turn into Bob Saget’s?

    • zing

      After Ted raises a family in San Francisco, the shows funny video clips, and meets up with Jamie Kennedy briefly.

    • Lisa

      Has anyone ever said that Bob Saget is Ted? Just thought of that….maybe Bob Saget will be revealed to be Ted’s long lost brother, and Robin is Aunt Robin because she is married to Ted?!?!?!

  • DGH

    I’ve always watch the show realizing that we won’t meet the mother til the end or at least the final season. To me it seems once he “meets” the mother the show should be winding down. You may not like how they get from A-B but it would be pointless to introduce the mother with more seasons left. Unless they are gonna add(then how we fell in love and then how we got married)

  • s

    Clearly we’re going to see that the groom is Barney. Otherwise, if we see that bride is Robin, it would give too much away as both Ted and Marshall are dressed to be in the wedding. While Robin asked Ted to be her best man, she wouldn’t have Marshall as well. So, we will see Barney and next season we will see them get back together. The question is, how does the mother end up at their wedding?

    • Ann

      It’s been speculated before that the mother is Barney’s half sister. In the episode where he meets his father, the father mentions that he has a daughter in college. We never see this girl. It would make sense that if it were Barney’s wedding, his sister would be there. And Ted would be meeting her for the first time. If this speculation is correct, then the series would come full circle. Which would be an excellent ending to having Marshall’s father die so that Barney would want to meet his father and learn to mature through his father and get married (to Robin) so that Ted meets Barney’s sister at his wedding and falls in love. This would also explain why the series began with his story about how he met Robin and would only make sense as to her importance in her role in Ted meeting his future wife if Robin were the one to marry Barney.

      • tito

        Do we forget about Robin’s feelings about marriage. I don’t think she and Barney will get married. I think, if Barney gets married, it will be with Nora.

      • Kellie

        I do think that the wedding is Barney’s because why else would both Ted and Marshall being wearing tuxes? I really like the idea of making the mother Barney’s half sister because her mother did say she was in college and future Ted said that the mother was in the first class (the wrong one) he taught at Columbia. That makes the most sense!

      • Ann

        @Tito, You are forgetting…Robin has changed since she met Don. Before she met him, she did’t want to get married or settle down…but she was willing to do that for Don. She was willing to give up her dream job for him. I think she would be willing to settle down and get married for the right man. I think that man is Barney. Don changed her for the better, which is why her relationship with him was so important in her life. She and Barney mutually broke up and I think that after meeting Don, she has re-evaluated her feelings for Barney.

      • Saffron

        That would make sense and explain why he calls Lily and Marshall “Lily and Marshall” and Robin and Barney “Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney”.

      • Amy

        Saffron – Very good point and observation! I like it. Ann, I like your theory!

      • ty

        this would make sense from the first episode where Ted says “and that’s how I met your Aunt Robin”. but does a college kid rooming with Cindy (racheal bilson) make sense?

      • C’Mon

        I think it’s going to be less obvious… and look, at the characters. Barney marries Ted.

      • Ann

        @Ty, yes. Barney’s sister is merely in college. There was no statement about what level she was in college. Rachel Bilson’s character is getting her PhD. So, we can assume her roommate might also be working on a PhD or masters.

      • Jay

        You nailed it!!!

      • Monty

        @ Saffron:
        Ted referrs to Lily & Marshall as aunt and uncle to his kids.

      • Elizabeth

        That was also my theory.

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