Jack Bauer trends on Twitter after Bin Laden killing

24-KeiferThose Jack Bauer fans just won’t give up: The infamous character from Fox’s long-running drama 24 was a big trending topic on Twitter late Sunday in light of the Osama Bin Laden news – no doubt because many were thinking (hoping?) a Bauer-like embed was responsible for the “actionable intelligence” that led to President Obama’s press conference.

Here’s the good news: Kiefer Sutherland could be back on Fox this fall. Now, the bad news: He won’t be reprising his role as a counter-terrorism agent. Instead, he’s playing a dad whose autistic son can predict events before they happen in a project called Touch. The drama’s from Tim Kring (Heroes) and is already generating great buzz.

But a return of Bauer is still in the cards. A big-screen version of the drama remains in the works at 20th Century Fox, and producer Brian Grazer (whose company, Imagine Entertainment, was behind the TV show) recently acknowledged  that he’s on board. In March, Sutherland told the women of The View that the movie will come out in 2012. Hey Kief: Care to rethink that timeline now?

Primetime interrupted: Osama Bin Laden is dead
ABC News stays on Bin Laden story; CBS, NBC return to reality shows


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  • K

    I gotta say, after watching the various cable news networks for several hours tonight, it’s very odd (and interesting) to see bin Laden’s death reported from an entertainment news perspective. LOL tweets about Jack Bauer? Surreal. EW should post that song from Team America: World Police. That was one of the first things I did after hearing the news – googled “America, f**k yeah!” I know it’s meant to be satirical, but…the first part of it totally works tonight.

    • Maldini

      I love Jack Bauer, but Tim Kring is crap. I’ll still watch the new drama, but knowing it’s coming from Kring just turns me off.

      • Monster

        Im a fan of 24 series and i love Jack Bauer and chloe and renee…

    • tcaros

      I hate any show that glamorizes covert criminals posing as heroes.

      • Elisha

        Are you referring to the show, 24? Criminals weren’t posing as heroes! They were a counter terrorism unit that tried to find suicide bombers before they killed half of America for no reason.

      • hater

        have a sook, hippy

      • Joe

        I guess they should have let the bombs go off, then? Geez, some people are just ridiculous.

  • JS

    After tonight, it’s more evident than ever that SCAMerica contains the dumbest people on Earth. What a scam job ObamORON pulled on the idiots. And it figures, it was the 18-21 morons out celebrating. The brainwashed ones taking the bait. The media in SCAMerica has become MORE pathetic than EVER!

    • Altair

      Osama? Is that you? God-dangit!! You fooled then yet again!

      • Altair


    • Heather

      Oh yes- someone who will never believe anything Obama says but will beleve anything you see on YouTube.

    • DB2

      And from your reply, JS… it’s painfully obvious that you’re even more pathetic and insensitive. Thanks for revealing your enormous bias and stupidity to us all. Your al Qaeda check is in the mail.

    • Sally

      SCAmerica? Huh?

    • Mole

      In a time of bipartisan celebration, the trolls have to go international.

    • PJM

      So, you go on the message board of an entertainment magazine to tell us that. Uh, yeah.

    • ty

      Wow I get it you combined Scam and America into one word. I’ve got one for you. JSshole. Can you figure out what I combined there.

    • Kat

      I don’t think “ObamORON” really works, you know. I give your conspiracy theorizing a C- at best.

  • TellItLikeItIs

    After Osama’s demise, maybe FOX will greenlight a “24” movie. The plotline could involve Jack Bauer taking out an Osama Bin Laden type character.

    • Dave

      That would be awesome… Strong feeling Keifer’s new series this fall is going to fail hard. Who wants to watch Jack Bauer play dadddy? Not to mention the series is by Tim Kring who took an epic first season of Heroes and turned it into I don’t know what to call that crap by the time it was canceled…

    • Monster

      This was already highlighted with the last season re killing of president of an arab nation who was about to sign a peace treaty with Us and the Russians.

  • Tony

    A terrorist leader? A black president? Jack Bauer disappearing after the Finale? Coincidence? I think not.

    • Amy

      LOL. My guess is only Chloe knows for sure. Hmmm…..

  • Jack Bauer

    You’re welcome, America.

  • Johnification

    A bullet in the head isn’t Jack’s style, though. Since Bin Laden wasn’t found gored, or sans head, or hung on a chain, I think Jack’s involvement was more from an intelligence angle than pulling the trigger.

    • Amy

      Copy that. Although, subjected to a pallpoint pen in the knee during an intense interrogation followed by a dose of Syntox nerve gas would have been acceptable as well…

  • Sherri

    If there truly were a person like Jack Bauer, the 2001 attacks would never have even taken place… Jack would have had Bin Laden killed within 24 hours prior to the attacks…

    • Amy

      If everyone did what Jack Bauer said they would have had to rename the show “12”, because everything would have gotten done in half the time. I hope the new show will be good. 24 is still the best TV ever, in my opinion!

  • donna e

    miss you Jack——–bring Jack back!!!!

  • donna e

    I agree Amy……….the best.

  • tcaros

    Fox aired a television series that helped Bush and Cheney’s agenda. It glorified our intelligence agencies who had blundered during the 9/11 attacks.
    It’s a form of propaganda.. that entertainment medium.

    • johnny

      get a life tcaros and cease your conspiracy theory bull.

    • Amy

      Oh, please. 24 was actually in the works BEFORE 9/11. If you knew anything about the hisory of the show you’d know that they even delayed airing because of the series opening with the depiction of an airplane being bombed out the sky and they felt it was too sensitive at the time. And, people as determined as the terrorists aren’t going to be stopped. They will find a way. If they had failed on the 11th, they would have tried on the 12th and so on until they succeeded. 24 gave audiences a chance to vicariously do to terrorists what we all want to…terrorize BACK! To attempt to say 24 was in any way a propagandist ploy is just plain ignorant.

    • Tapere olumide

      Jack Bauer is my idol.”24″ is an entertaining n informative TV series dat has exposed many Americans who were involved in terrorism against America.”24″ should come back.

  • Jack Bauer’s Elbow

    Jack Bauer was once sent in on a mission to disarm a nuclear warhead, which started to leak radiation. But Jack Bauer wasn’t exposed to the radiation. The radiation was exposed to Jack Bauer.

  • Kevin

    Jack Bauer is really TV’s ultimate counter terrorism agent and he’s done better than Chase Edmunds on Day Three, Mike Doyle on Day Six and Cole Ortiz on the eighth and final day. President CHARLES LOGAN ain’t got nothing on Bin Laden’s death at least he’s took one with a gun.

  • Kevin

    Give evil ex President Charles Logan the really bad news.

  • Andi

    I´d love to see Jack interrogating
    BinLaden in real time , real world !

    • bosun O.A

      i’d luv 2 watch jack bauer leading a covert operation dat wud kill osama bin laden typical like in another 24 season nine if 24 makers cud do this,i bet it s going 2 b awesome

  • Gibson

    the actor of BORN ULTMATUM can be fit as a son of Jack in this series

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