ABC pulls 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution'


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ABC decided it can’t afford a Food Revolution during May sweeps. The broadcaster has pulled Jamie Oliver’s low-rated anti-junk food reality show from the rest of its schedule this month. The most recent episode delivered about 5 million viewers and a 1.5 adult demo rating on Tuesday night. ABC will burn off the remaining episodes on Fridays at 9 p.m. starting June 3. Meanwhile ABC’s other sophomore midseason reality bubble show, Shark Tank, is doing about the same as Jamie Oliver, though in a much tougher time period on Fridays. Fingers crossed that gets a pickup.

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  • Joyaliz

    Bad move. I enjoy the show.

    • deedeedragons

      Oh ABC! this doesn’t help the world view out there that this country is just full of fat and/or stupid people.

      • hartz

        ABC isn’t interested in helping the world out there. They’re only interested in what makes money, and today they’ve decided that food shows don’t make money. Yet they’re replacing a 40 year old daytime icon with a food show. Good luck with that, ABC.

    • nadinelew

      too bad ABC. this was the only show that you air that is worth watching. bad move.

  • j c

    Good move. This show sucks.

    • Lalle

      It must suck beacuse you are probably stuck in your couch with a 15 pound basket of deep fried crap on your lap wishing you could watch lard channel instead. Hope you have a stroke buddy!!!

      • bob

        so because he thinks a television show is bad, he is automatically a fat person?

      • Tajah

        And because he is an assumed fat person he deserves to die??? Wow.

      • billy

        you got problems lalle

  • silk

    American TV viewers only interested in those stupid reality shows. Oliver’s show is too intellectual for them.

    • LOL

      America eats crap.

    • Jones

      I agree with you. “You can’t handle the truth” America. We’re a nation of overweight people who just won’t listen.

      • Nicole

        Eh, I think it’s just too preachy. I’m perfectly thin and healthy and eat some junk food in moderation and this show turns me off.

    • bob

      this show is a reality show.

    • karmink

      yes, jamie oliver is very intellectual. all that science and chemistry and scientific studies and statistics on his shows….wait….

  • Rocky

    skinny people are so 2000-late. much like that expression.

  • SW

    I never watched it anyway. No one likes to be told what and how they should eat unless told by a doctor for health reasons. We don’t need him or Mrs. Obama becoming the Food police. Let us choose what we want to do with our lives.

    • yesyousuck

      Right, because being educated on better food options for kids and on ways to make a bit of exercise are so unrelenting and oppressive. How dare a non-medical professional suggest the wild idea that a healthier diet and some general exercise could improve the health of children or (gasp!) an adult. Shocking and ridiculous!

    • Loch Ness

      LOL @ “food police.” You sound like a Teabagger.

      • TR

        I read where some some school distruicts prohibiting sack lunches because they’re afraid mom’s aren’t sending healthy meals with their kids.

        Come on, that does sound a bit big brotherish.

        Or maybe you want to be told what to eat….and think…and vote…and eventally, what to watch on TV.

      • LOL

        Take off your tin foil hat, TR.

      • whit

        I like how the order of descent into Orwellian utopia goes eat, think, vote…THEN TV.

        Priorities, folks.

  • Terri

    That is too bad. Many Americans need a kick in the pants when it comes to healthy eating!

    • bob

      how does a crappy television show (one that people are not watching) give us that kick in the pants? This isn’t about what we eat, it is about what we watch on tv, we aren’t watching this show.

  • Deb

    I loved Jamie Olivers show and was wondering why it wasn’t aired last week and wasn’t scheduled this week. Jamies show is about a million times better than so many other shows!

  • Kate

    So, Jamie thinks we don’t eat right? We should eat fruits and vegetables and healthy food? Wow, I can’t believe no one thought of that before. Jamie must be the first person to say people should eat healthy foods, because I’ve never heard anyone say that before. Guess, I’ll go buy a vegetable if I can figure out what they look like.

    • Karl’s Jr.

      Kate, you sound obese.

      • yesyousuck

        Well done Karl’s Jr.! Well done sir!

      • Lee Harvey

        She sweats gravy.

      • Tajah

        Karl’s Jr., you sound stupid.

    • Okay


      People have always engaged in things that are bad for them, even when knowing full well the negative consequences.

      It’s pretty logical and should go without saying that the way you counter such stubbornness is by increasing the number of voices, by creating movements, or at least groundswells, and in this particular case by making healthy food choices seem more commonplace, practical and acceptable. That’s simply what Jamie is trying to be: another voice.

      No need for your banal hysterics.

    • FedUp

      Bet you know what a cheeseburger and f.f. look like!

    • karmink

      right! boy oh boy we are the dumb ones, not listening to that Jamie Oliver. He’s got an accent. he must be smart!

    • wow

      It’s obvious that we need this show and many more like it. The health statistics in this country prove it. This is the first generation of children who will NOT out live their parents due to poor health! This is unexceptable! Children are harmed more by poor diet than by tobacco, drugs and alcohol combined! We have a major problem here! Yes people need to be taught what to eat and how to eat healthy because left to our own devices we are killing ourselves!!!! This show is GREAT!

  • j

    wow dumb move ABC. Figures the mainstream audience would rather sit on their buts and WATCH people dance than go out and actually do it or go do anything else remotely healthy. At least Oliver was trying to make an effort to improve the nutrition in this country. Maybe if more people tuned in we wouldn’t be the most obease country in the world!

    • jungle terry

      @ J – maybe if you watched less television and concentrated during school you would learn to spell.

  • j

    so for the rest of May ABC will air DWTS in place of Foor Revolution. Figures the mainstream audience would rather WATCH people dance than actually do out and DO IT or do anything else remotely physical or healthy. Jamie Oliver may not be a powerful force but at least he is trying to change the nutrition in this country. Maybe if more people tuned in we wouldn’t be the most obease country in the world.

  • Kristi

    That’s too bad. I really enjoy his Food Revolution. America needs some serious education and help. This show is the perfect way to get the health message out there.

  • JJ

    You mean the show that should be called “You Americans Eat A Lot Of Crap!” isn’t drawing in the viewers? What a shocker. I like the show but it’s really not an ongoing format and is better suited as a one time special or recurring bit on Oprah or something.

  • David

    Most people turn on the TV at night to be entertained, not to be preached at.

  • tae

    As much as I belive and like the fact of America getting healthy Jamie Oliver kinda rubs me the wrong way

  • Amie

    This is very disappointing!! I love this show and this change will guarantee I won’t be watching ABC on Tuesday nights!!!

    • ana

      He is doing great job oppening our eyes,love the show …can’t wait ’till June 3

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