'Game of Thrones' ratings rise for first time!


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HBO should kill a wolf every week!

Despite the previous week’s untimely direwolf death that rankled some viewers, HBO’s Game of Thrones rose in the ratings for the first time Sunday night. The show’s Sunday’s 9 p.m. airing was seen by 2.4 million, up from the past two weeks’ 2.2 million.

Combined with the 11 p.m. airing, the show climbed to 3.1 million viewers, well above the previous benchmark of 2.9 million. Meanwhile Thrones premiere episode has climbed up to 8.7 million viewers via all the HBO platforms. Needless to say, this is exactly what HBO was hoping to see.

Sunday night’s airings may have been impacted somewhat by Osama bin Laden’s death announcement on the West Coast, though the show had finished on the East Coast before the news leaked. For those who missed it, here’s the recap:

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  • SciyuFiyu

    Oh, what a joy!

    • amen

      This show is so cool.

  • JB

    Called my mom sunday night and found out SHE was watching GoT. Which is really funny because she’s not a fan of this stuff, but her husband watched it last week and she liked it enough to watch this week’s episode. She wasn’t surprised to hear I read the book and watch it, but boy, her watching it threw me for a loop.

    Goes to show you can never underestimate the appeal of some shows. I think they may watch the ratings rise slowly as word of mouth gets around.

    • yeah

      I’m the same way as your mum. I usually don’t for the fantasy themed/LoTR type deals, but because HBO was doing it, I figured I’d give it a go as I try almost anything they do. So glad I did.

      • bubba mudd

        GoT is more like Showtime’s “The Tudors” or HBO’s “Rome” then it is to Lord of the Rings. There are fantasy elements, but they are few and far between. It’s more political than fantasy.

    • mudda fugga

      Yea, I watched it with your mom too.

  • Anne

    So great to hear, this show deserves to go on for a good 7-8 seasons! I hope the audience keeps growing, though I think this ‘lift’ is more a sign of low ratings last week bc of Easter than ‘new ppl’ coming in. But still good news!

    • Marko

      There are only 5 books so far, and the author doesn’t seem to be egar to write more…

      • JP

        GRRM is hoping that some of the later books will be split into two seasons. He’s just finished 5 now and I’m sure the tv show will give him further inspiration to start on 6 (and finish it) in a timely manner.

      • Sunny

        Marko – Go write ‘eager’ five times.

  • crispy

    As I’ve been saying all along, this show is going to follow the ratings pattern that True Blood had. It’s a slow build.

    • Mike

      Crazy how that’s the same thing HBO is saying too! But take credit if you like!

  • Essex

    Glad to see the numbers are up. I feel like this is a show that will continue to build – similar to True Blood.

  • Chachi Gonzales

    The show is great. Your recaps are even better.

  • Brad


    I hope it goes on for 7-8 season as well. Unfortunately the Author still has 2 books unwritten and is averaging 1 book every 4 years. Hope R.R. throws his full effort into finishing the series he started 20 years ago. Awesome series, just hope we get to see the last two books….

    • Mark

      That’s the wrong way to look at it… it only took him two years to write the second book. Same with the third. But then he realized he’d written himself into a corner regarding how he wanted things to work out and got stuck. Thus, it’s taken him eleven years to write Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons (originally the same book), but he’s finally resolved the issues that were giving him trouble.

      Also, he’s stated that if HBO gives book 3 two seasons and three seasons to cover books 4 and 5 (as they occur at the same time) – which they deserve – then he doesn’t believe HBO will catch up to him. This means he expects to be finished in around 6 years time.

  • Charles

    I’ve been telling everyone I know to watch it.

  • Kahl Dorko

    Slow build is always a good thing! It is known.

    • Lord Dwarf

      It is known!

    • erasure25

      It is known.

    • Bastard

      It is known

      • Bran

        It is known.

      • Ned

        It is known.

      • Lady Diawolf

        You maketh me laugh.

  • sarah

    yaaay keep supporting it! i watched 5 mins of the bin laden coverage on the west coast and switched to thrones. i knew they’d be looping it on the news all damn night, and they did.

  • CP

    It’s had some nice moments, but been kinda bored with it…hoping it picks up.

    • AC

      It will. Just wait.

  • Cygnus

    Unfortunately, sunday’s ep was the weakest so far. Hope the new crowd hangs in for a few more weeks as the eps supposedly get better.

  • Pete

    Its quite an amazing show – the set design, the lighting, the cinematography, the acting – there is nary a false tone anywhere.

  • Liz Lemon

    I tried to watch the first episode, but it scared the sh*t out of me. What kind of show is this?!
    I can handle “The Walking Dead” or “Spartacus,” but when you come at me with a little creepy, murdering, baby child…I can’t do it.

    • Wait … what?

      “The Walking Dead” opened with the main character encountering a Zombie child about the same age as the Wildling girl in the first Episode. And Rick ended up shooting her in the head. How can you handle *that* and not what little GoT showed of the girl??

    • tlw

      Liz – the creepy little girl didn’t murder anyone in the opening, and yeah the scene from the Walking Dead with that little zombie girl was way worse! What you saw in GoT of that little girl should be all you will see in that respect. Give it another chance, and if you need to, fast forward a few minutes (although that opening sets up a lot of future story).

    • Mike Vick

      Just so they don’t off any more puppies…

    • RyanK

      Feel free to fast forward through those first five minutes if you want. It kind of sets a tone, but it’s not vital, and nothing following in the next three episodes is even remotely scary, You might find a few things somewhat disturbing, but they are not scary.

    • Liz Lemon

      I finished episode one and then immediately watched episodes 2 and 3.
      I am now officially hooked. Damn it.
      Now I’m going to be waiting on new episodes every week. Those “white walkers” still scare me though. I don’t care what ya’ll say. I’ve never seen anything like that. I can deal with zombies, but that was scary sh*t in GoT.

  • Adam Whitehead

    Excellent news. Any word on the adjusted/all platforms figure for Episode 2?

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