'Project Runway All Stars' in the works

Project Runway has announced that season 9 of the fashion reality-competition will run this summer, but the even bigger news from Lifetime was the news that another Runway All Stars is in the works. The last time the show’s best-of-the-best faced-off was in 2009, when season 2’s Daniel Vosovic won the Project Runway All Star Challenge. The network is planning eight one-hour episodes of All Stars, but an airdate has yet to be determined.

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  • megan

    they better have andre on this time!

    • Mo

      I would love to see Mondo (OF COURSE), Austin and Nick from season 2, Laura from 3, Jillian, Kevin and Elisa from 4 (I don’t think anyone wants Ricky from that one back), Jerell and Kenley (just so she can get another smackdown from Tim) from 5, Epperson and Carol Hannah from 6, NO ONE from 7 (loved Seth Aaron, but he won).

      • Em

        No Kenley! I thought Austin Scarlet was season 1? Anyway – love him.

      • Mo

        Oops, sorry, you’re right!

      • SaraJeanQueen

        NO Laura.. those awful black dresses and big head. No no no.

      • yes

        as long as they keep poison ivy out of it, i’m ALL in!

      • guy

        FYI, I know at least 4 of your picks are IN…….

    • tiffany

      “what happened to Andrae?”

      • a

        He’s at Red Lobster.

      • Colleen

        AHndre, where’s AHndre? PLEASE have Santino on! Also have on: Season 1: Austin Season 2: Daniel Season 3: Uli, Micheal Season 4: Christian, Jillian, Chris Season 5: Suede, Jerrell Season 6: Althea Season 7: Jay, Anthony

    • Megs

      If so, I hope they do a Red Lobster challenge.

    • Jethro

      It should not be a winner at all. They should be exempt from this edition!

    • bubba

      They should make it Canada vs. US…. Evan Biddell from Project Runway Canada Season 1 was amazing. Completed his collection for L’Oréal Fashion Week in something freaky like a week. Even the season 2 winner Sunny Fong was pretty solid. Heidi… make it happen.

  • Elizabeth

    *clapping in my cubicle* yes yes yes!

    • SaraJeanQueen

      Hahaha. Cute.
      I don’t remember seasons, my favorites were: Jay, Austin, Jeffrey, Andre, SANTINO… wow they’re all boys!

  • Kristin


  • Sina

    I told myself I was not going to watch this show anymore because of who won last year and also the whole format of the show is just off. I know this is a small gripe but I hate that they show the models before they walk on the runway. They shouldn’t show them behind the white curtain. Also the show focuses too much on the contestants personalities instead of their talent. I still can’t believe who won last year!

    • Bobbin

      Sina, your argument doesn’t make sense. If they were judging on personalities last year Gretchen would have come in last, so obviously, they don’t.

      • Kat

        She didn’t say they were judging based on personalities. She said the show focused on personalities more than talent, which it often does – thus all the footage of people talking behind each others’ backs, having breakdowns, spending time with their moms, what have you. I believe Sina would like to just watch them design, sew, and style garments without all the extra drama and background stuff. (Though personally, I totally love the drama. But I can understand other people disliking it.)

      • Kat

        Oh, but what I will agree with (that maybe Sina was saying) is that the show’s producers seem to step in and encourage the judges to get rid of boring contestants and keep the ones that make for interesting TV, especially the villains like Gretchen. Even if the villain made truly horrible clothes that week. They often seem to get a little bit of a boost from their personalities.

      • Bobbin

        Kat, I re-read Sina’s comment and you are right. Personally, I love the drama, but I too, understand some people don’t. And I don’t think a talented designer should go home if they are boring – only boring clothes should be given the boot.

      • JJ

        Ugh, I’d forgotten about horrible Gretchen. Need a stiff drink.

    • Don

      I agree completely….I may only watch if we some new judges


    To Sina: Who won last year??

    • Brenda Barrett

      Gretchen’s fugly collection won out over awesome Mondo’s.

      • Sina

        Wasn’t it ugly! It matched her personality.

      • kt

        Isn’t Gretchen’s personality & ugly, one in the same?

      • tiffany

        Still p.o.ed about that. Good grief, since when are granny-panties more fashion forward than Mondo’s beautiful collection?

      • Marie

        As much as I liked Mondo’s final collection, it was way too teeny bopper. Which was probably why he lost.

      • sara

        It was hilarious to hear Nina blather on about how Gretchen’s collection was wearable for the average woman. Really Nina? You think the average woman would be caught dead on the streets wearing flipping granny panties??

  • Bobby’s Robot

    They’ll probably cram the All-Stars with villains. After the debacle of last season’s winner they’ve lost all credibility. I’ll still watch though, of course! ;o)

    • Mo

      I am currently watching reruns of season 3 (their best ever along with season 1, I think), and I was nearly screaming at my TV when Kors justified throwing out one designer because she had made GRANNY PANTIES (his words). By the way, these barely showed under a sheer skirt. How low we have fallen by now, that Gretchen could parade a bunch of the very same items, with no cover-up, in poo-poo brown, and win her season.

      • Icon

        2 and 4 were far superior.

      • Mo

        How could I forget season 4? You’re right, that was a great one too. I can’t really agree that 2 was better, though. My rankings would be 3, 4, 1, 2, 7, 5, 8 and 6, and I am very very conflicted about the last four (there were so many things wrong about them). That’s of course my totally subjective opinion, so I’d love to hear other people’s opinions. Not the kind of people who hold their own opinions as incontrovertible fact and start their replies with “your an idiot” (yes, I misspelled “you’re” on purpose, and yes, the tone on many of these boards has become so bad that I feel I have to be preemptive).

      • Colleen

        Seasons 2,3,4,5 were all good…don’t know what has happened since then

      • yes

        lifetime ruined this show

  • Garry

    I’m a little confused. Will season 9 be an All-Star competition, or will they be two separate series?

    • ekolint48

      I don’t understand that either, because last year the All Star competition was a one episode special. I hope it’s more than one because I’d love to see some of my favorites for more than an hour or two.

  • WillB

    Sorry Lifetime, nice try. But I swore after Gretchen won last season that I would never watch the show again. I shall not watch even your all-star episodes, you have been totally removed from my DVR.

    • Bobbin

      So…why did you even bother to read this?

      • whatevs

        You’re allowed to read articles about shows you used to watch.

      • Bobbin

        I never said you weren’t allowed.

        I asked why you would bother to not only read an article, but also post a comment on a show for which you have such distain?

    • Zakry

      Right? Who cares if you aren’t watching. No one is losing sleep.

      • Me

        I think Lifetime might care.

      • Em

        Let’s hope Lifetime/PR Producers care and read. I’m skeptical that people stop watching, but I think it’s worthwhile for TBTB to know that we’re still pissed off about Gretchen. I’d love them to have an episode in which they try to justify it.

    • TPK

      Yeah, despite the winner, last season contained way more than its share of great moments and contestants. Mondo reavealing on the runway his HIV status being just one. No way I’m giving up on the show just because the wrong person won that cycle.

    • D

      I agree-i won’t watch PR. But I will read the recaps because they make me laugh

  • Lily

    Good for them, but I swore off this show when Gretchen’s camel-colored, Jedi-granny robes beat Mondo’s incredible designs.

    • sara

      Agree 1000%!

      I am still seathing about that bullcrap.

  • Joel

    I agree the show lost all credibility when Gretchen won last season. I vowed never to watch again either. All Stars sounds like a tragic idea… I am assuming it will be another reason to worship Gretchen’s granny panties. Sad, just sad how far this show sank.

    • Zakry

      Considering Gretchen won, why would she back on? Oh, you were trying to make a funny!

  • Cathy

    Yeah, my enthusiasm for the show is pretty much gone after Gretchen’s win. It’s not so much that she won as the reasoning that went into the judging- that her line was “wearable” as opposed to being great fashion. So why bother, if the show isn’t going to be about fashion, but just about clothes that we can see every day on the street? So I doubt I’ll be watching, and if Gretchen is one of the contestants, I *know* I won’t be watching.

    • Bobbin

      usually “All-Stars” are those who came close to the win, so Gretchen would not be there. But, Mondo sure could be! And a lot of other favorites. I always like to see the “best of the best” compete. If you don’t, well, nobody is tying you up in front of your TV.

    • SamiJ

      Agreed — winning for designing “wearable” clothing — well if that’s what wins, they why didn’t Wendy Pepper win Season 1? Personalities aside, I can remember several of Mondo’s outfits, but few of the ones designed by the 1st or 3rd place finishers. Winning is supposed to be about having vision, not about having a great bridge line.

      • dina

        Wendy Pepper was not only great but real. No back stabbing. Love to see her again.

  • Me

    Unhappy with last year but these shows usually get it right – eventually.

    Except for Top Chef…the judging is just so strange in this show. I haven’t watched the last several seasons b/c of it.

  • Mincha

    I really hope they don’t bring Ivy back. Or Kenley.

    • Bobbin

      I agree. Ivy was just pure evil.

      • Ashlee

        I actually liked Kenley’s stuff. Yeah, she was bratty, but I liked her aesthetic.

      • D

        I liked what Kenley wore-I thought everything she designed for herself was prettier than the clothing she sent out on the runway

      • RaRa

        I think they need Kenley – not just because she makes beautiful and interesting clothes, but for the drama factor!

  • Matt

    I hope they bring back Althea. That woman was mighty fine and an amazing designer as well!

    As for last season, I think people need to get over it. The show isn’t about a backstory, it’s about design – and Gretchen was superior.

    • D

      Superior if you’re designing for the Salvation Army donation bag-cause that’s where all of her crap wound up!

    • Em

      Disagree wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm.

  • Zakry

    Really people? So you didn’t like who won last year (I didn’t either) so you seriously aren’t going to watch an ENTIRELY different group of contestants who have nothing to do with last year?

    Please quit griping. If you must, at least try to make sense.

    • Joel

      The reason I’m dubious of watching is the quality of the judging. They are completely inconsistent and make no sense. Very frustrating. Imagine American Idol where they push through and worship someone who couldn’t hit very many notes but made “good TV”.

      • peggym

        Isn’t that what they do now?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I’ll watch, but I think the reason a lot of people won’t is because they don’t want to get invested in designers for weeks, only to see great ones auf’d because the producers want to keep the villains.

    • Lily

      It’s an issue with the judges. I don’t understand how Michael and Nina could have pushed Gretchen through to the win. And if they did that in one season, what’s going to happen next time there’s a truly talented designer against a not-so-talented one? It isn’t fair to the contestants, either.

      • jam

        In my opinion I thought maybe they felt sorry for her when she had gone back home & hubby had cleaned out the bank.

    • linda

      It’s not so much that an unlikable person like Gretchen won. It’s that 2 people – Kors and Garcia – supposedly giants of the fashion industry, thought that wearing your panties on the street made good fashion. They’ve lost all credibility as arbiters of good taste and fashion. I’d watch again with a couple of other judges.

      • elr

        That’s my feeling too. Get rid of Michael and Nina.

      • Garry

        That’s funny, because when the show taped in L.A. for a season, and Michael and Nina were often unavailable to appear, the complaints came flooding in that it wasn’t as good without them. I guess viewers can be as fickle as the judges.

      • Mystic

        People complained about LA because the judging was inconsistent since there were different judges every week. Nina and Michael need to go. They need some fresh pair of eyes.

      • Redcatlady

        If Laura doesn’t return as a contestant on the All-Stars, she should return as a judge. So should Chris March.

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