Ted Nugent to run for president on 'The Simpsons' -- EXCLUSIVE


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Donald Trump isn’t the only conservative reality-TV star with interesting hair and dreams of becoming president of the United States: EW has learned that Ted Nugent will make a bid for America’s top office when he lends his voice to an episode of The Simpsons. In next season’s “Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson,” the famous rocker/hunter plays himself — as a Republican candidate for president who seeks Homer’s endorsement. (Homer, as it turns out, has become a populist TV pundit with his show “Gut Check with Homer Simpson.”) This marks the Motor City Madman’s first appearance on the animated Fox comedy, though he was briefly heard on the phone in season 19’s “I Don’t Wanna Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.”

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  • Popeye

    Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. He’s got my vote.

  • ba’al

    We are one for one-He in no way has my vote

  • JD

    How nice of The Simpsons to give a anti-gay, right wing buffoon the opportunity for some more exposure. Sigh.

    • Jeff

      I’m sure in the long run of The Simpsons there have been people with differing/questionable political leanings. However, when it comes to being a fan of The Simpsons, I can’t get why they’d want him on to begin with – why is he famous exactly? Terrible music. Seems to be out of his mind, in a you’d “move to the other side of the subway car” way. Creepy guy.

    • aaron

      F#@k you JD, Ba’al, and jeff… Ted is one hundred times the American any of you could ever be. You are probably the anti gun, pro obama Dumb a$$es that don’t understand and appreciate the right to bear arms. Also you people JEFF IN PARTICULAR don’t know soul full spirited rock and roll

      • Jane

        right on aaron!! Ted Nugent IS all American!!

  • darclyte

    (…in my best attempt to spell out The Nuge’s crazy, high pitched laugh…) Mewahah!

  • Javadude54

    What is his campaign slogan, “Shoot doe deer and liberals all year ’round!!”?

  • dev

    i wish he would like to see him up there running the country every one that says other wise dont really dont know the guy

  • Angela

    i happen to have know “uncle ted” for about 14 years now and have been saying for years that he should run for president. he is one of the nicest people i have ever met and doesnt have his head up his a** like our current president, and im sorry but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who hunts animals, think about it, all of the meat him and his family consumes is all natural instead of the crap you buy at the grocery store thats pumped up with hormones. keep doing what you do uncle ted and dont let any of theese liberals bring you down

    • Rex Rowland

      Did Uncle Ted ever sit you down and explain why he is so pro-war despite being a draft-dodger in Vietnam? It’s one thing for someone like Clinton to have been a draft-dodger because of beliefs that the war was unjust, it’s another like Nugent/Bush/Cheney/etc to get out of fighting a war they were so in favor of simply because they were afraid. I am vegetarian and work with animals, but it is Ted’s hypocrisy about cheering on our soldiers to kill this and kill that and being a wussy chickenhawk with a student deferment that bothers me more than his hunting of animals.

      • GOP Family Values

        Indeed. Let’s remember the Motor City Madman dodged the draft by poopin his pants for a psycho waiver. A few years later, when he couldn’t marry his underaged girlfriend, he adopted her.

  • Rex Rowland

    It’s not unheard of for conservatives to lend their voices to The Simpsons. After all, Sideshow Bob is a conservative on the show and in real life (Kelsey Grammer). I’ve never cared much for either Grammer or Bob, but Kelsey Grammer does have talent. Nugent, on the hand… Even if his music career is only playing state fairs now, how does he even manage to get that gig? Always sucked, always will.

    • Chandra

      I saw the great white buffalo in concert in the 70s. He stood in one place on stage, wearing a tarzan outfit, and played the guitar for a couple hours. Just stood. Didnt talk to the crowd. Didnt move around. Never been so bored in my life. My BF was the big fan but he never went to another Ted concert after that. So Nugent is still doing shows? Instead of wasting 2 hours of your life just mail him the money … LOL!

  • krista rowland

    For everyone that says his music sucks… to each their own. Not everyone can agree on on what is good and isn’t. It’s an opinion. As for voting for a man who stands by his beliefs and is passionate about what he believes in and doesn’t stray away from those beliefs because he’s afraid to upset people , that is someone I can RESPECT. People should stand by what they believe in. Looking at how our politicians jump the fence to keep their asses in office yet have no moral standing scares me. Talk all you want online but the only time your voice or opinion counts is when you vote. And if you don’t vote then keep your month shut cause all you’re doing is wasting your breath ….

    • Pete

      Well said, Krista.

  • Yankee Doodle

    It wouldn’t surprise me if The Simpsons stitch him up.

  • John Paul

    If Trump or Ted are candidates against Obama I’m going to vote for Stephen Colbert, at least if he failed it would be funny. Who should run is Condolisa Rice, the reason Obama got the presidency was because America is racist and just voted for him because if the color of his skin. With Rice she can get the women vote and scoop up some of the African American vote.

    • Alyssa

      Dude your stupid America is racist, but the other way around. We have this ” White Supremacists” ideal and its getting old. This isnt the 50’s-70’s. People voted for President Obama because he represent something other than same old conservative ding-bats. Condi was in the room with Bush when he stupidly went to war, she is not that much of a likable person

  • Angela

    well i for one am going to see uncle ted in concert (not at a state fair) this july and will love every minute of i, and the whole time im there i will be thinking about you idiots. and as for condolisa rice, i think she has some outstanding views but women(yes i am a woman myself) should not have that much power. woman do not think logically 7 days out of the month. we think with our emotions and i would hate to see us go to war over someone calling her fat!!!!!

    • Jose

      Amen, sister @Angela

  • David love

    Hes gote my vote 4 Gay Rights !

    • Deaver

      @Angela — you almost made it believable as a woman until the last few lines of your post. Whoopsie daisy. Better luck next time.

  • Daniel F


  • abd allah

    i like that

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