'The Voice' coaches have their teams -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


With auditions complete, Christina, Blake, Cee-Lo and Adam have their teams for the next phase of NBC’s The Voice. Below are some first-look photos of each of the judges and their hand-picked performers. Next week, the coaches will lead their teams during the show’s “battle rounds” and they’ll be joined by guest mentors Reba McEntire, Monica, Sia and music producer Adam Blackstone. Here’s the four teams:


Image Credit: Lewis Jacobs, NBC

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  • James

    I think The Voice is better than American Idol. Javier Colon is an example of that. He would have blown away all of the contestants on American Idol.

    • dropper

      And then lost to a white guy who plays the guitar.

      • hgfjht

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        —– Lo ve W ealt hy *C//0 m — the best cl u-b to meet wea-lthy people with the same interests such as travel, horse, golf, and ect.

        Why not have a try? you will lose nothing!


        arguably a better discography already than Cee-Lo and Blake Shelton. WTF is she doing as a contestant?!?!?!

      • Dr. Chim Richalds

        Who were all better than every other contestant on The Voice who isn’t named Javier.

    • Jethro

      Come on, already praising this guy before the actual competition starts.

      The show is innovative and the concept is very new to reality show competition. Let’s just hope this show continues to be new and fresh, unlike AI, which has nothing new to offer.

    • Dee

      I agree with you. I hope this show sticks around. I like that the host is not sooo fake and that the “celeb singers” are actually WORKING with the inspiring singers.

    • Lauren

      Yes, Javier is talented – but he’s been down this road before. Just look up his first name on itunes and search for ‘crazy’ – there’s a video as well. i’ve had his music for at least five years…

      • Jane

        Honestly, I loved Javier’s album off of Capitol Records. It’s a shame they couldn’t keep up the momentum coming off the first album when the Neo-Soul movement was on the upswing a few years ago.

    • Jen Jen

      Why oh why did they let the girl sit on Cee-Lo’s lap? What is he – Santa?

      • the_girl

        I was seriously thinking the same thing. I had to stop and assess before moving on.

      • Michelle

        I thought the same thing…he was being very pervy last night (I missed the first episode so I don’t know how he was then.) Also, all of the coaches are “with” their teams, except Christina. The way she stands with her hands on her hips and elbows how gives off the vibe of “don’t get too close”. She seems very fake.

      • Snsetblaze

        Michelle – he was pretty pervy the first episode as well – although he did ratchet up the perv quotient about 20% for the second one.

      • Strepsi

        Not only is it pervy, it undermines the show’s title and concept.

        I wish they would have had to build their teams BLIND – i.e. press the buzzer, make the pitch, compete for team members, and build the team all with their back to the contestant. And then only turn around when you see your 8.

        There was waaaaay to much “Lucky me, you’re a hot chick!” which kinda undermines THE VOICE.

      • Leah

        I think the big difference is that Christina is wearing a skirt while the others (men) are wearing pants. Doesn’t give her many options for posing other than the one she’s doing. Also yes totally agree about the looks comments – totally undermines them as singers!

      • GEORGE

        Adam and Cristina need to take clases on how to speak like a celebrity, or some one how finish high school. They don’t know how to structure sentences nor they know words that complement their thoughs. Adam talk like a like a high school kid that never paid atention to his english teacher and one that never grew up. Cristina she talks like she is on something. What is with the open fingers, does she have some kind of problem with her hands? I wish both were taken off the show.

    • Tenney

      Umm… am I looking at something wrong in the pictures but do Blake and Cee lo have 9 people on their teams? I thought it was supposed to only be 8???

      • Polly

        I thought maybe Blake had 9 because of the wife/husband duo. But Cee Lo too? Whaaat? That’s weird.

      • mlj

        Cee Lo picked two sisters that auditioned together as did Blake with the husband and wife. Since they are teamed up, they are counted as 1.

    • mle

      Yes, Javier is very good but I think he would have been an even match up with all the contestants on AI this year. Both him and Jeff are the only two who compare to AI’s top 13 this year-or at least top 11. Everyone on the voice sounds so karaoke and the talent has yet to surpass the talent on AI. For example, Scotty McCreery blows Patrick Thomas out of the water, Casey Weston doesn’t even compare to the vocal talent and musical knowledge of Haley Reinhart and the rockers James Durbin vs Jared Blake once again n competition James wins. The whole coaches having a save ordeal gives them a chance to play favorites as Blake even said he couldn’t send Xenia home because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings and even after Dia won over her Blake send let’s win this for Xenia not for the whole team in general, at least if the judges play favorites on AI their say doesn’t matter. The top 11 of AI will all have long careers where the voice will have maybe 3 out of the 16. So all in all the voice has yet to impress.

  • FR

    Seriously loving the Voice. I have to say that Christina has the worst team though- they’re almost all the same, even Blake “the country guy” has more style diversity then she does.

    • Solane

      I agree, Christina’s team is the worst. During the auditions she took too long to pick who she wanted and when she did choose quickly, the singer wasn’t the best choice.

  • Hoboken Voice

    WTF happened to Lukkas Rossi? NBC promo’d him, I watched the show and nada. I am liking the show, but feel manipulated into watching it because I was a fan of Lukkas Rossi and Rock Star Supernova.

    Boo NBC…Boo. (unless you renew Chuck. Then Yeah NBC. Yeah.)

    • avenger

      AHA, I knew it wasn’t just me who saw that! What happened, he is awesome and would’ve blown away the other contestants, I spent most of this episode waiting for him to show. So really, does anyone know what happened to him?

      • Mike

        He auditioned, but nobody turned around for him.

      • Stephanie

        If they wouldn’t turn around for Lukas that shows how skewd their taste in music is. He is 100 times more unique and talented than all those pitchy off key girls Christina picked.

    • Cheryl

      I don’t think he should have been allowed to compete anyways as he ALREADY won a TV singing competition. Geez! Are we going to see Kelly Clarkson audition next season?!

      • Tego Livi

        The really funny thing would have been to have famous “singers” who actually suck and let them get some real critique. I’m thinking of people like Garth Brooks or that guy who caterwauls in front of Kings of Leon.

  • Sagittarian25

    You guys caaaaaan’t be serious! Christina’s team is amazing!!

    Frenchie (!!!!!!)

    Love love love!

    • Wynter

      Frenchie and Tara are pitted against each other in the Battle round, which is good for suspense and drama for TV but not good for Team Christina.

  • jake

    Christina got some vocalists on her team Tarralyn, frenchie, and the girls she picked today got some pipes. if anyone got the worst team is probably blake or ceelo. people find any excuse to throw christina under the bus, get over it! she’s doing great!

  • Lee

    I agree–this season, The Voice is better than American Idol. I just think the “coaches” on The Voice will be a lot better than the worthless judges on American Idol and Jimmy Iovine, who I feel cramps the contestants’ style.

  • luisa

    how about the country girl with the boots that went on christina’s team? talk about diversity.

  • Dustin

    My favorite team is Christina’s, second place is Adam.

  • jaime

    it’s between Team Christina and Team Adam.

    • Sagittarian25

      I agree – Adam and Christina. Blake’s the worst.

    • Pisces228

      I actually love Blake’s team. I think he chose contestants with unique vocal tones, especially Xenia, the shy 16-year-old. I LOVE the sound of her voice more so than anyone else on the show. I also like the guy in the green shirt who was chosen last (from the second round of auditions). His voice is really deep and rich; he just made a poor song choice the first time around. And I have hopes for the married couple, Elenowen.

  • Aiden

    I’m really excited to see how it all turns out. I looked at the contestants in each of the teams, and I almost remembered all of their performances and the distinct talent that got them chosen–and that was surprising. Usually, like when I watch Idol, only a handful stands out. The fact that these teams are getting coach and can only get better while also being cut in half next week is awesome. It will surely make for an exciting battle rounds. I’m already a fan of some of these people, and I can’t wait to see what their respective coaches will bring out in them. Each team has a shot. The Voice has got me hooked now!

  • Dwayne

    I really like Adam’s team. He has a nice mixture. Christina has only one guy on her team so he might gets buried among all the females and easily lose to one of them in a battle round.

    • Alex

      I disagree. I think the one guy on Christina’s team will stand out simply because he’s a guy, and will almost certainly make the next round.

  • Peggy

    It’s nice to watch a competition where everyone is a good or great singer. No awful auditions to waste time.

  • Alice

    Love this whole show, the “coaches”, and especially Carson Daly!! its so nice to see him (during regular hours) again! He’s so real and down to earth… reminds me of my childhood watching TRL

  • cmp

    So exactly how long will this how last? They’re cutting it by half next week, then what? And why bring in even MORE coaches? Overkill. Don’t or original 4 have creds enough? Too many cooks in the kitchen I say. Cee Lo, Blake, Christina and Adam picked em’. Let THEM now put THEIR money where THEIR mouth is. Enjoying the show though.

    • Eli

      How about you watch first and complain after. Geez.

      • CandaceTX


    • Nael

      From what I have read the battle round will be spread out across several weeks.

    • Andie

      They’re not cutting it in half next week – they are having four weeks of battle rounds, so either each coach will get a week (a 1hr ep) to whittle their team down to half, or each judge will have one battle per week. I assume they will fill time with mentoring sessions and stuff.

    • Mystic

      I don’t think the promo said they’re bringing in more coaches. The coaches are bringing a friend to help them pick during the battle rounds.

  • Alex

    I like Adam’s team the most. I think he has the most diversity, and I think it’s in his favor that his team is gender even. CeeLo’s team doesn’t look too bad either. Christina has too many big voiced diva singers, and Blake’s team is too country for my liking. The episode was great, can’t wait till we move onto the battle rounds and live rounds.

    • leah

      I like Adam and Blake’s teams. The guys went outside their genres and have a good mix. Blake’s team has only 1 country singer. How is his team too country? Weird. Anyway, love Xtina but her team besides the guy is like the same singer.

      • A

        Those are my favorite teams too. For the same reason, they went outside their genres which I think is great. It gives both the artist and the contestant a chance to learn something, try new things. Christina’s team is all the same person in differnt bodies. And why only one guy? I definitely see her team as the underdog.

      • tnsmoke

        Nashville is a songwriter’s town and artists like Blake spend a lot of their time relaxing and hearing songwriter shows at small clubs like The Bluebird. Most country artists have an ear for all kinds of music. I think Blake and Adam have a diverse team. I am hoping that the contestants can pick unrecorded songs on the show to showcase their chops at picking new songs, something very important.

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