Couric may join ABC, bump 'General Hospital'


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Katie Couric could make a deal with Disney ABC TV Groups’ syndication arm to host a syndicated daytime talk show plus have a significant presence in the network’s ABC News telecasts.

TMZ reported that Couric has an offer from ABC for $20 million to join the network, along with hosting a one-hour syndicated talk show launching in the fall of next year. The talk show could take over the timeslot currently held by General Hospital, potentially endangering another classic soap. (ABC is replacing All My Children and One Life to Live with unscripted shows).

There are ways to move things around to keep General Hospital, but insiders caution there’s no deal yet for Couric since CBS still has several weeks to match the offer. “Everybody still believes that ABC is the real underdog in any negotiation,” says an ABC insider.

But others say CBS is finished haggling. Sources say the network pulled Couric’s offer more than a week ago after the news personality seemed more interested in remaining heavily engaged in the news division rather than putting time into a daytime show. Plus, there were differences of opinion over the direction of the talk show: Couric wanted more newsmaker-style guests rather than ratings-grabbing celebrities.

Couric’s camp, meanwhile, insists that it was Couric who walked away from the negotiation table.

One way or another, it sounds like Couric will find a path to a daytime show next year.

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  • KC

    No big loss with GH. That Sopranos wannabe show has been terrible for the last 10 years. I ran it’s course into the ground.

    • UGH

      YOU ran the show into the ground? You must be one of the producers!

      • Matt

        Hahaha; commenters should take a page from you, UGH; funny observation, tactfully put. Pointing out the error while still being playful. That made my afternoon.

    • nunya

      Excuse me? Def. not wannabes- this has been one of the best soaps out there, stop hating & get a life.

      • Mark

        Saying it’s one of the best soaps is like saying Osama was one of the best terrorists

      • Lulu

        @Mark How is that at all comparable? Or even an analogy?

    • Beauty

      GH had mobsters WAYYY before the Soprano’s so your point makes no sense.

      • UGH

        Yeah but they took a cue from Sopranos by making them “likable” characters. Which shows us that you must have a taste for excrement.

      • Beauty

        @ UGH, if I had a taste for excrement I’d actually understand whatever the hell your trying to say!

      • len

        Exactly. They better not get rd of GH in my lifetime and I have about 80 years left on earth(god willing).

    • Flip

      I agree. GH is garbage now. If it does end, the biggest shame is that Genie Francis is on Y&R now so Luke and Laura can’t reunite.

    • Jess

      I love GH! I stand by the soap for the story lines I love and the ones I don’t. Y’all sound like a bunch of fair weather fans. Why can’t Katie take over Oprah’s time slot? What is happening with that hour? ABC is working hard to lose me as a viewer.

      • Chas

        Well said, I will be very mad if GH is taken off the air. Even if they moved the GH time slot would be OK with me as Lon aside isn’t canceled!

      • gloria

        Please do NOT take out General Hospital I love it!! Do not care for Katie Couric

  • JLC

    Wow. GH. If you thought the cancellation of All My Children cause a manure storm….

    • mama

      I agree. So DONE with Katie anyway.

  • Eve

    Lame! When will the networks learn Katie’s time is over. No one cares or wants to watch her. Why get rid of the one good soap opera you have left to overpay someone who is past her prime.

    • ndnwmn

      Agreed….I don’t mind her, but I sure don’t want her knocking off one of the few TV shows I like to watch…:(

  • Ugly Jenny

    No, no, no! If people didn’t watch Katie Couric on the news, why would they watch her on a talk show? ABC, leave my soap opera alone! Haven’t you done enough?

    • nunya

      i agree!

    • tonyaj

      no more cancellation of soaps…

      • deedeedragons

        How does the U.K have around the same number of soaps but with much less people?

    • sdm


  • Lucy

    No one cares about Katie Couric anymore! ABC will lose a lot of viewers if they cancel GH, including me! A lot of famous actors got their start on the show. I loved it for many years and still do!!!

  • Spike

    General Hospital is a horrifyingly bad soap. It’s somehow held up as a great show…but unless you like women treated as third class citizens, mob violence and a complete disregard of anyone over 40, then it’s a cesspool.

    Sadly, when it goes it WILL really mean the final stretch for soaps.

    • Flip

      Totally agree. I am actually rooting for GH to be cancelled.

    • judah

      and its complete disregard for women. The writing reeks of misogyny. It is WAY past its expiration date.

    • Brenda Barrett

      ITA with Spike, Flip and Judah. If Brian Frons were a soap opera character in one of ABC’s soaps, he would be the villain that every other character wants to do in, and no one would be sorry when he was gone.

  • Sina

    You are right on the nose KC, General Hospital has been “General Hospital” in 10 years. It’s the Sonny/Jason/Carly and Michael show. Well actually it’s been the Michael show for the past 12 years. GH is so busy doing plot points, killing off entire families (bye Quartermanes),pimping characters (Sam McCall), did I mention killing ppl for NO REASON! Poor Jake and Georgie. Seriously, Lucky Spencer a cop! Elizabeth Webber a nurse! Nikolas, Laura’s child and a Cassadine is so boring right now. He’s a freakin Cassadine. Where is Alexis? What happen to Eddie’s Angel’s Alexis. I miss her. I can’t stand her kids. How the freak is Molly throwing birthday parties for the man who treated her daddy like crap? Has Carly shown any kind of character growth at all? She was so busy trying to stop Sonny’s wedding to Brenda instead of taking care of her son who she found out was raped in prison! Lulu’s self-righteous behind has become unbearable. And to think she use to be my favorite character. Why is this show all about Dante the self-righteous cop. Always preaching to people yet he can justify when he does wrong. I hate his smug behind. Let Katie take the spot. Frons/Guza is doing this on purpose anyway. They are turing GH into crap so it can get cancelled. Seriously who is that freakin red haired annoying girl around Lucky. When will she die already. Kill her off. That accent is terrible.

    • KC

      Haha. I remember it took Lucky 6 months to become a cop and less than a year to become a detective.
      Now he’s played by an actor who has a connect-the-dots beard.

      • UGH

        That goof with the pony tail probably has a worse accent than the redhead.
        The bartender dude with the Rachel haircut is a better actor than everyone else.

      • Heather

        Hmm, I thought his accent was real.

      • SueN

        It is real. UGH is an idiot.

    • Robbyrob


      I think I love you! I refer to the red headed girl as a leprehaun. Remember GH under executive producer Wendy Riche? GH was the epitome of heart, humor, family, action, and mystery. Now, its a dark, violent, humorless, mob-stained piece of #$%^#. The worst was killing off Jake. Before that, we had to endure the rape of Michael. Who the freak wants to rush home to watch this? It’s just too dark. I swear, I think the creative team at GH (with much love from Brian Frons) is embarrassed that GH is a soap and has done everything to prove its not. Where is Bobbie? Why was she no where to be found during the Jake story? There always paging her and Monica…where are they? There are more non Quartermaines living at the mansion then actual Q’s. I can go on and on. It’s quite sad that I could care less if GH is gone. I just remember the golden days with fondness and leave it at that. What a waste!

      • JP

        well, it’s obvious you (robbyrob and sina) still watch the show. you know all the names, and the story line.. so think about it. when you’re at home folding laundry would rather watch ANOTHER talk show (there’s like a million already) or a drama-action-packed show? I guess watching old people try to keep up with the times, talking about what other shows are addressing are entertaining? Let’s see, the view talks about events and has famous people, and gives away prizes. dr oz talks about medical stuff, has famous poeple on his show and gives away things. rachel ray talks about the same things, has famous people on her show and gives away things. even though ellen isnt on abc, she talks about things, has famous people on, and gives away things. the list goes on and on! and the shows replacing OLTL and AMC should air on different channels, like some lifestyle channel. I know GH will come to end eventually, but with these new shows coming to air, ABC will be losing me as a viewer for 2-4 hours of my day, 5 days a week.

      • Sina

        I miss the days of Wendy Riche. I want to know where was Bobbie during Luke’s “intervention”. Wouldn’t his sister who grew up in a wh0rehouse with him and turned her life around be the perfect person to help with his intervention? Why was Sonny/Carly there? I remember during the Wendy years all the romance. Elizabeth/Lucky’s great teen romance. Sonny/Brenda then when Sonny left Brenda out in the rain and Jax rolled up and got her. Oh and when Robin broke down crying on stage during the Nurses Ball and Jason ran up there and picked her up and carried her off stage. So romantic. When Monica had breast cancer and Alan made her feel beautiful. Even Laura and Stefan or as Stefan called her “Lasha”. I miss the good old days. And don’t get me started on Liason. Liz and Jason when he got shot and had to stay in her studio. I still remember when she put her hands to his head to make sure he didn’t have a fever and he said “You smell like snow” and she said “Snow doesn’t smell” he said “Yes it does”. Ok let me stop I’m getting mad now.

      • Sina

        Actually JP, I don’t watch the show anymore. I read the summaries on When I read the spoilers and if Liz/Nik/Johnny or that sexy Shawn is on then I will tune in but I’m mostly turning the channel if Liz isn’t on my screen. I might watch it once a week on soapnet.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Sina and RobbyRob, you both said everything I’ve been thinking about GH for the past few years now. Even the one romance I liked (Lulu and Dante) was ruined with all that Brenda’s baby crap. Now Lulu has turned into a whiner and Dante is an insufferable, pompous jacka$$). The way they treated Michael being raped was an insult. He cried for an episode and then seemed to be over it. Before that was the storyline about Alexis’ daughter, when she was being beaten by her rich boyfriend (I forget her name). The best soaps would have made that a rich storyline with information about where to get help, the girl maybe pressing charges against her abuser and becoming stronger for it. This idiotic show had Alexis mow the guy down on the street, and not even face criminal charges for it. I think that was the point where I really started to give up on the show. Now, if they cancel it, I don’t much care.

  • Charles

    Personally I feel that ABC has canned the wrong shows! OLTL and AMC should be saved, as GH has gone downhill over the past 15 years with its horrible writing and bad casting ideas (not wanting Genie Francis back- what gives?), and I’ve had it up to HERE with the ‘Sonny & Jason Show’! And I’ve been watching the show since 1979!!!!! Either change the writers and producers at GH or just cancel it!

    • bootsycolumbia

      AMC is as bad as GH. Erica has been kidnapped and missing for three weeks now, and no one seems to notice or care. They’re moving Kendall way too fast towards a romance with the hot doctor (who isn’t all that hot, imho),considering that Zach only died a few months ago. The Angie/Jesse dead-baby-switched-with-an-abandoned-baby storyline is getting dumber and dumber by the day. The Ryan/Greenlee/Scott/Madison love quadrangle is boring. I loathe Madison and wish they’d get rid of her. OLTL on the other hand is pretty good. I love how they’re playing out the bullying storyline and making Jack take responsibility for his actions.

  • Allison

    I really hope this does not come to be. I am already anxious about GH’s survival chances after the cancellation of the other ABC soaps. I get sad thinking about it.

  • Tracey

    If they cancel GH that would be sad for one reason. Jonathon Jackson. I think he’s a fantastic actor. It’s too bad his movie career didn’t take off. Then again, it might be a good thing for him. He deserves so much more than just a soap opera actor. You can hate on me all you want but’s that’s basically all the rest of the cast is. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be on a soap.

    • HaHaHaHa

      “Fantastic actor”

      • @HaHaHaHa

        Why are you laughing? He actually is a great actor. I just wish he’d shave that god-awful thing off his face.

    • Clarke

      Jonathon Jackson is already planning on quitting anyways per rumors.

  • CK

    Haven’t watched GH in years, but if they do this … it would just give me another reason to ignore any show Katie Couric is on.

    • Lola

      Ck, all you have to do is watch a rerun of the Sopranos on A&E and you are caught up on GH

  • Derek

    putting her on ABC just wouldnt work. I think she would be a decent fit on MSNBC if she wanted to do news, maybe morning joe and they can get rid of mika who I was a fan of but lately i just find her stuck up.
    CNN could use someone with personality for sure…displace wolf blitzer. Would love to see her on FOX news just to give the female airheads on that station a run for their money when she uses facts.

    • LOL

      Katie Couric wouldn’t know facts if they slapped her in the face. That’s why she’s a total FAIL

    • Alfredo

      That’s hilarious. The Perky One is a leftwing shill, nothing more, and she’s getting less perky with each passing year.

      • Joe

        Admit it, Alfredo. You are Sarah Palin posting under an alias.

  • CW

    All I can say GH fans is take this info seriously because ABC will be getting rid of your show once they find the right replacement. Katie may be it.

    • Richard


  • Kris

    The ABC Daytime guy just said that there were no plans to cancel GH anytime soon and that they hope to keep it on the air for a long time as its the last remaining ABC soap. I know that he could be lying and that soaps are dying but GH is the only soap I love so I’m going to choose to live in LALA Land and pretend its safe.

    • Deborah

      I would not put my faith in Brian Frons.
      “Even though other soaps are being canceled, we’re still dedicated to ours. We’re very proud of them and have big plans for the future.”
      –Brian Frons, December 2009, TV Guide Magazine (after CBS announced that, “As The Word Turns”, had been canceled.)

      “Soap fans should take some comfort in knowing that, ‘General Hospital’, will not be affected by the changes and, in fact, should remain on ABC for a “long, long time.”
      –Brian Frons, April 2011, Entertainment Weekly (after announcing the cancellation of OLTL and AMC)

    • TinLV

      That “ABC Daytime Guy” (his name is Brian Frons) is a liar. The more he denies GH is being canned, the more I believe it. He denied repeatedly that AMC and OLTL were being cancelled, too. He even had Susan Lucci convinced enough to go forth and spread the lies for him, making a total fool of her in the end. I won’t watch anything other than soaps on ABC ever again. And when they are gone, I’ll give up all my favorite nighttime shows and will learn to like shows on other networks. I grew up on Disney, and so did my 5 kids, but my grandkids won’t be getting gifts with Disney themes from Grandma anymore. Disney and Frons claim the ratings are bad so they are getting rid of the soaps. But they are the ones who gave viewers other options to watch the soaps in the first place. Between episodes as they air, same-day repeats on Soapnet ( also owned by Disney), weekend marathons on Soapnet and full episodes online at, not to mention DVR’s and VCR’s, they really have no idea how many people watch these shows, but its a lot more than Nielson can ever measure. And it’s a lot more than will ever watch a cooking show, a diet show or even Katie Couric, in those time slots.

  • cpreynolds

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Although GH is not perfect, it is certainly more entertaining than another talk show.

    • Abe Froman

      That’s like saying a poke in the eye is better than a kick in the groin.

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