Melinda Clarke on 'Nikita' season finale: A series regular will [SPOILER]!


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Uh, oh. Is time up for poor Alex on Nikita?


Considering how we left her at the end of last week’s episode, that’s definitely the first thing that came to my mind when my chat with one of the baddest girls on Nikita block, Melinda Clarke (pictured) turned spoilerific. “One of our series regulars dies…and it’s because of Amanda,” she says. 

Naturally, Alex would be the obvious choice, but, Clarke says no one should make assumptions. “Alex could have been cancelled a long time ago, but I think Amanda, without the audience knowing it, has had her own agenda from the beginning. She sees incredible talent in this young woman, and we’re creating this lethal human weapon.” But that doesn’t mean Amanda’s going to go easy on Alex, as we’ll see in tonight’s episode (airing 9 p.m. ET).

“Alex is in trouble — big trouble. She’s going to be fighting for her life. Who knows, maybe Amanda will decide she needs to be cancelled. You’ll never, ever, ever predict what’s going on with Amanda.”

Also unpredictable? Nikita‘s renewal chances after it was not among the shows that received early pick-ups from the CW last week. Clarke hadn’t heard the news yet. “They did?!” she said when read the list of pick-ups. “Ugh. Whatever. [Laughs] That was my Orange County girl coming out.”

“It would be a shame if we couldn’t go back. I have not heard anything in the negative,” she says. “Some shows have their freshman year and it’s the best season ever. Some people say the first season of OC was the best season ever. Other shows have the potential to get better and better every season. This show can do that. The best is yet to come.”

Who do you think is getting cancelled in the finale, readers?

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  • Fridge

    Well, I hope this show doesn’t get cancelled. I was shocked last week when they killed Jayden. I didn’t really like her, but I was still surprised. They wouldn’t kill Nikita, since she’s the title character. I could see them offing Michael though. As much as I love Michael and Nikita on screen, since he’s learned the truth about Alex and the promos for this week, it feels like it could be Michael. Then again, maybe it’s Percy lol.

  • ShannonW

    I’m surprised they killed off Jaden, it didn’t seem to be needed. And what is CW waiting for? Nikita is obviously going to end on a cliffhanger, so it better come back for another season. And if they cancel this show while keep more like 90210 and Gossip Girl around, I will lose all hope for this network. Sometimes being challenged by a show is not a bad thing.

  • MWeyer

    I think it’d be a great twist if Amanda kills Percy and takes over Division, a wicked new edge in charge.

    • DB

      i would love to see that. last week’s cliffhanger was awesome!

    • CJ

      Agreed. That was my thought when I read this article too!

    • Kris

      Percy is exactly who I thought as well. I’m positive Nikita, Alex and Michael are safe, Amanda orchestrates it so it can’t be her, Nathan isn’t a regular and Birkhoff is small potatoes. Plus, Percy dying ot tie up Michael’s storyline of wanting to take him down (however, he’s clearly not the one who does it).

  • Alodie

    I want the CW to renew this show! It’s really good! Go Nikita!

  • noah

    I call it now: Michael. His backstory is pretty much resolved, he’s switched over to Nikita’s side and when he gets caught, they off him. Raise the stakes for season 2.

  • Kate

    I am just going to guess that it is Percy that dies tonight, either leaving a power vacuum or Nikita and Michael celebrating then having what seems like a major disagreement about what should be done next about Division (Michael, get it back on track of doing good, Nikita, destroy it) and Michael leaves Nikita upset and maybe Ryan comes in to comfort her and Michael walks into Division only to discover that Amanda has taken over. And I am going to guess that Amanda has learned Alex’s secret and tells her something that makes her doubt either Michael or Nikita or both so much that Alex will agree to work for Amanda.

    • Angie

      I think Michael since he’s already been hit. I know the cleaner is supposed to take care of Nikki and Alex but I think they’ll get away. Michael’s story is pretty wrapped at this point. Honestly though you never know what is next with this show so I guess all us viewers are in for a surprise no matter what.

  • tvfan

    To the person who writes the spoiler page..
    You said that there would be spoiler alerts every Tuesday and Friday but for the past 2-3 weeks now there’s NOTHING ON TUESDAYS.

  • Anonymous10

    It could be Percy with Amanda taking over, or it could be Nathan (did they say a major character)? What about Roan, the cleaner? But I don’t think it will be Michael or Alex. They are crucial to the show.

  • Nancy

    PLEASE DO NOT cancel Nikita…. I have waited for years to see a “renewal” of the original La Femme Nikita… this one is really GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! What is necessary for the show to continue?????????? PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe events during the past couple of months have affected the watchers (example, catastrophic storms, fires, economy, “current news” etc. SOME OF US DO NOT like Vampire Diaries and occult type shows… please consider the simpler, romantic stories… even with the violence of this show… is refreshing from other shows you have aired recently.

  • Josh

    Regardless of how tonight’s show ended, I don’t think Nikita’s the one to go. (Quite Obvious) I feel that Ryan (CIA agent) may be the one to go. It would leave Nikita a little bit more vulnerable to Division, but then again, that vulnerability is what makes the show amazing and keeps the audience on their feet.

  • Stephanie

    Plz Plz Plz tell me that Nikita is not dead. OMG im so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TJCrinc

    Remember heroes? Season 1 was the best ever. They couldnt top the story of that season, which is why ratings slowly dropped. plus that writers strike. If you make season 1 too juicy, the story becomes hard to top in later seasons, making the show ultimately fail.

  • Rebecca

    This doesn’t have to be another Heroes though. The plots in Nikita have been brilliant and I’m sure the show wouldn’t be as fast paced as it if the writers didn’t have more up their sleeves.

    I’m liking the idea of Amanda killing Percy and taking over. I am worried for Michael – I’m not sure how he can continue to work at Division with Percy knowing what he knows, but if Percy were dead, that could resolve that problem. Michael’s also an important component of the show, so I don’t want to believe he’d be killed off. Ryan the CIA guy is possible, which would be a shame, I do like his character.

  • Theresa

    I love the show Nikita, and I hope this show doesn’t get canceled. I like that this show is different and not only for the younger generation. It seems CW chooses shows that are geared to draw younger audiences, forgetting it’s adult viewers. I did see last nights episode, and it was great. I believe if they give this show a chance it will only prove to get better, which it’s great as it is but of course we want to see the charters grow. Please keep Nikita on the air!!!! Thank you Theresa

  • Sheilla

    CW – Please keep Nikita on the air. This is the best show on TV in my opinion. The writing is brilliant and the characters have an incredible chemistry. It’s different from anything else on TV right now, and does have a very loyal fan base, which I believe will continue to grow. As to which character will go….my best guess would be Percy with Amanda taking over Division, but with all the twists and turns as of late, it’s anyone’s guess. And that is part of why the show is so great!

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