PHOTO: New look at ABC's 'Charlie's Angels'


Image Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

As networks prepare to select which pilots are getting series orders, here’s one project that doesn’t have to worry: ABC’s Charlie’s Angels is considered a lock to get a spot on the network’s schedule next season. And here’s a fresh look at Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor from the show (and don’t they look like they’re having fun?):

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  • Jenny


    • Jethro

      “Reboots” have a track record of bombing: The generation who loved those shows are now working 2 jobs, raising families on low wages, losing their homes, have to deal with 25% APRs, and all the other stuff that is crumbling our country, now we have Jill, Kelly and Sabrina to save us from all this? Oh Charlie, help us!

      • Kris

        Two words for you: Hawaii 5-0

      • Dave

        Two words for you Kris, Bionic Woman. Here’s another two, Knight Rider. Rarely do reboots hit success. Regarding Charlies Angels reboot, a huge pass. Those girls are not looking very good. Charlies Angels girls need to be super model caliber…

      • Bill

        Wow. You’re kind of an idiot. If you thought anyone was actually offering fictional programming to save you from your troubles, you yourself are troubled.

        As far as reboots go, like anything, it’s a 50/50 proposition. For every one that tanks, there’s one that works. On TV, working reboots include 5-0, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy (rebooted from the film), and Doctor Who. Failed reboots include Bionic Woman and V. At the movies, successful reboots include Batman, Transformers (you may not like ‘em, but they make bank), and the Hammer horror films of the ’60s. Fails include G.I.Joe, and break-evens include The Hulk. Reboot failure is not an absolute.

      • Linh N.

        Replace “reboots” with “TV shows in general”. A reboot/remake/whatever-you-call-it has as much chance of surviving the cut as an original series. Your argument is moot.

      • Tom

        is it going to be as funny as the other movies?

      • @Dave

        I don’t agree that the angels need to look like models. Many times models have a tendency to put people off and create resentment. I do agree that these girls are not looking very good. I mean seriously, I see prettier girls when I go out shopping, at the mall or the grocery store. They’re just average. I’m a girl by the way so please don’t call me sexist, I’m just calling it like I see it.
        If you remember the original angels were pretty but they weren’t supermodels, they were simply good looking. Even the movie angels weren’t all that spectacular, not that Drew, Cameron and Lucy aren’t pretty but they aren’t models. With that said, these girls are boring, they definitely could’ve found better. But, maybe that’s what they were going for.

      • me

        After dealing with all of the things in your list, what could be better than watching these 3 lovely ladies at the end of the day?

      • judah

        So based on these pictures, it seems that people have concluded that these girls are not pretty…and are boring? Pics say a thousand words supposedly, but wow. Didn’t know someone could tell me I’m boring based on one picture. And not pretty? I don’t know what planet you live on and what kind of girls you see when you are out shopping, but if you google each and every one of these women, I assure you they are stunning and are certainly not your average girl shopping on the streets this Saturday afternoon. But yes, good to know their worth is being judged on their looks. Way to go.

      • Tom

        I just keep thinking about Neapolitan ice cream for some reason.

    • Tego Livi

      They’re trying to look as if they’re having fun, because women are told from birth that people will like them if they plaster a fake smile on their faces, and professional actresses are usually pretty good at it, but that doesn’t mean they are actually experiencing genuine joy.

      • Art

        I think it is more that, as three female leads, they have to portray that they are “sisters” and “bonded” or else the catfighting rumors start. Same thing with how Drew, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz acted in promotions when the movie came out: always holding hands and giggling. Would rather see a promo shot of them kicking butt.

      • Brett

        Jeez, Tego. Have a drink or something. I’ll bet all three are damn happy to be working actresses.

      • Liza

        If I was being paid a pretty good amount of money to act in a mediocre show that isn’t going to challenge me than I’d be pretty happy.

      • Tania

        I think the picture’s point was that they’re wearing pretty much the same outfits as the original Angels, satin disco pantsuit to boot.

    • maria iyazz

      Why do you haters are so pessimists! We don’t give a f**k about what you think. Minka Kelly is freaking hot and the show looks fresh and funny. I don’t get why do you hate it so much!

      • Mother Nature

        Agreed. I won’t be watching, but I can’t imagine anyone not thinking Minka is gorgeous. I’d love to see what the men look like who can degrade such a beautiful woman.

      • Lee

        Agreed. These women are beautiful. Don’t see how anyone would feel differently.

    • RIP Charlie’s Angels

      Yes, pass. Ugg. I give it…one season.

    • Another girl

      I wouldn’t say they are not pretty the picture is terrible, posed and they’re trying to hard. Maybe they would look better had the clothes and picture been better. Bad stylist and choice of shot. Sorry but I was put off by the picutre and didn’t read the article just passed on. Try a re-do!

      • GregR

        who dressed these women? All three outfits are horrible. The copper thing is the worst, then the red dress with that material hanging down is second. They look like goofs. Why aren’t they doing the Charlies Angels poses, either with guns, or like they are praying?

    • Adwina Lambert

      One of them should be a flaming drag queen to be totally fabulous! tee-hee!

  • AuntieMM


  • jack

    what is the chick in the middle wearing? looks like something my mom would wear.

    • Brenda Barrett

      It’s the type of jumpsuit Jill Monroe wore in the mid-1970s.

      • Roncon

        It’s what won Gretchen challenge numero 2 last season.

    • kate middleton

      Yeah, this jumpsuit alone is making me not want to watch this show. Ick.

  • dave

    why do these networks release these horrible sneak photos. Based on this, I agree, pass.

  • Kevin

    This is one new series I’m always dying for. Can’t wait for the “Angels” reboot to come out this Fall.

    • bobbyh

      Me too! Why is this a horrible photo? I can’t wait to see the show.

    • Tego Livi

      At least this isn’t on the CW, where the “Angels” would be 19 and have tattoos and piercings on their faces and secretly be vampires.

      • Brandi

        Umm do you watch the CW? Doesn’t sound like it.

  • zack

    Charlie’s Angels is basically Charlie’s prostitutes!

  • Shelby

    Hold on, there’s a black one? What’s this country coming to?

    • Cris

      Just wait … one will come out as gay within the first three episodes as well…

    • Cheery

      You both nailed it!
      And the one with the pants and short hair looks like she might be one of them ho-mo-sexuals.
      No thank you!

      But Shelby, I hope there’s wifi in your kitchen, otherwise what are you doing on the internet??

      • Jones

        Is that sarcasm? I think it would be AWESOME if one of the new Charlie’s Angels were gay!

      • Cheery

        Ha, yes–sarcasm to the extreme!

      • Tego Livi

        It would be more awesome if 2 of them are gay, and their being gay actually meant something to the story (like, you know, they actually had an actual sex life).

      • Mikey M

        Charlie or Bosley should be gay and hang out at the beach alot.

      • MC

        LMAO@ Cheery! your kitchen comment FTW!

    • glenn

      OMG, blacks and gay people on TV, what next? Sarcasm intended.

      • Jaa

        Darn! These girls are not gay, and there is three diffent races: There’s a brunnette, a black girl and a blondie…

  • Daniel

    Maybe It’s Maybeline…

    • Jolt

      Maybe the network execs were born with stupid ideas

    • Stacie

      I think JCPenney is having a sale.

      • Just Me does look like an ad for JC Penny

      • vanka

        LMFAO!! Exactly what I was thinking!

    • Sonya

      It looks like a very pretty Payless ad!

      • AnonDm

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  • JJ

    Well they’re lovely girls but they look like they’re dressed for the clubs rather than knowing how to use a billy club. Also, where are they? It’s like they’re wandering around in some SoCal neighborhood. No one though to use a brick blgd/the agency or a police dept. as background? If I was explicitly told this was the new “Charlies Angels” I’d guess they were part of some new Bravo reality show or something. It looks like Wonder Woman wasn’t the only 70’s reboot to release a lousy first image. However…I’m still going to watch.

    • CandaceTX

      in those outfits, where are they hiding their high-tech weaponry?

    • Sonya

      You’re right J.J., this picture definitely reminded me of a poster for a reality show on E! called Single in Miami, or something like that.

  • Kevin

    There’s two possibilities “Charlie’s Angels” should put on its schedule: Mondays at 10 p.m. which should give a post Dancing with the Stars advantage and could whine up against CBS’ “Hawaii Five – O” or on Thursdays at 8 p.m. which could end up having a nice lead – in with “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” in their lineup and definitely go head to head with CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and NBC’s “Community”. I’m prefer either way. Don’t even think about whether this reboot going to fail. WARNING: Do not reply on my comments section.

    • Nivek

      Look at me, replying to your comment! Ooooh!

      • Lee


    • Elizabeth

      Its not “your comments sections” – its all of ours, too smart for his own britches!

    • Lynn

      Haha…where do you get off telling people not to reply?

    • IrishBlonde2

      The blonde is on Grey’s, the OBGYN Alex is with. Guess that won’t last.

      • Kris

        Yeah she was cast in this before her first episode of Grey’s aired. Lets face it, unless her name is Izzie we know anyone Alex is with wont last.

      • Margarita

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      • Yosef

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    • Caren

      what a jerk. that’s my comment.

    • GregR

      do you mean, “could wind up against CBS’s…” there’s no such phrase as “whine up”. What do you mean, “I’m prefer either way”?

  • shawshank

    Is that a roadblock in the background? Sloppy.

  • Kevin

    The “Charlie’s Angels” reboot is going to take place in Miami not Los Angeles ’cause Miami is a VERY hot and gorgeous city not prefer to “Miami Vice”. Guess this city is even hotter than Hawaii referring to CBS’ “Hawaii Five – O”.

    • Lee

      They should remake Charlie’s Angels as if it was dark like Miami Vice. Then maybe I’d watch.

      • Marianela

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  • mark in nyc

    why would ABC release such a horribel photo, they look bad, they are all squinting, there is no context for this.
    Do they think people will say “oh look three woman in prostitute/club clothes (is there a difference?) walking downt he street holding hands…I need to see this show”?
    Bad decisions all around.

    • Kris

      I doubt many people are swayed to watch the show based on one photo anyway. The majority of people who are going to/not going to watch have probably already made up their mind on that. The photo is more for people who are interested in seeing it. ALthough, I must agree its a bad photo. These are beatiful girls (especially Minka) but its not a good photo of them. Plus their outfits are a bit off. I wish the photos were more like the promos of the Charlie’s Angels movies or the new Nikita TV show. Instead it looks like some girl-power relationship soap.

      • SueN

        I think people who are on the fence could be swayed by this photo. Now the network has to try that much harder to get those people back.

    • Erin

      Not just the clothes, the hair! Why oh why are they styling Rachael’s hair like that? The frizz curls dont work for her. Maybe it’s her own choice since she’s had that for GA but whatever the case it looks bad and she looks much better off-screen without that do.

      • Alejandra

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      • Maria

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  • BHM1304

    How can ABC hire a new programming executive and still not have an original programming idea? This show is going to BOMB as bad as “Night Rider”.

  • Pete

    Bland is the word that comes to mind. I’d rather watch some of the original actresses than these who-are-theys.

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