Pilots update! Latest buzz on Gellar, Sutherland, Allen projects


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We’re only a couple of weeks away from broadcasters unveiling their fall schedules and intriguing pilots are emerging as front-runners to land coveted series orders.

Of the two most high-profile super-girl-power pilots, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels has ridiculously strong odds; we’re told its screenings have gone very well. NBC’s Wonder Woman is considered less certain despite heavy online interest in the costume. Should the David E. Kelley project make the cut for fall, it will be interesting to see if the Peacock grants his request to to air the pilot commercial free (but with a sponsor, no doubt).

Fox’s Touch will likely bring Kiefer Sutherland back to the network as the father of an autistic child who can predict the future. The drama written by Tim Kring (Heroes) is considered so strong that it retains front-runner status despite the fact there’s no pilot; It won’t shoot until this summer to accommodate Sutherland’s schedule (he’s been appearing on Broadway and, we hope, getting that 24 movie ready for a 2012 premiere). Though Alcatraz has generated fan interest because it’s re-teaming uber-producer J.J. Abrams and Lost star Jorge Garcia, it may not get a spot. Why? The network has several high-concept dramas in the works (hi, Terra Nova!) with limited slots to fill and other projects are getting a strong response. While another heavy buzz genre project, Locke & Key, is said to look great, but plays a bit slow.

Speaking of remake, NBC’s version of the UK hit Prime Suspect starring Maria Bello — looks like a sure thing, as does Smash, the Peacock’s Glee-style musical series produced by Steven Spielberg (In fact, we hear Will & Grace’s Debra Messing rocks the crap out of this pilot). Of NBC’s two most fantastical projects, the fairy tale series Grimm is looking more promising than Ron Moore’s magic cops drama 17th Precinct.

CBS’ doesn’t have much real estate to fill (which, the network notes every year, is a “luxury” problem). Their latest cop drama, Rookies, produced by Robert De Niro, is considered a frontrunner, though we’re hearing CBS loves Sarah Michelle Gellar but only likes her pilot, Ringer. Dang? Meanwhile the brass is said to like Poppy Montgomery in the cop procedural The Rememberer (and yes, we think the title is painful, too).

Over at ABC, the pilot shoot for Tim Allen’s new sitcom went extraordinary well and is considered a slam dunk for fall (it’s from 30 Rock scribe Jack Burditt). James’ current obsession, the Edgar Allan Poe-as-crime-fighter-drama called Poe, is getting a lukewarm reception, with Chris Egan looking inappropriately hot in the lead (Counters Lynette: Is that really possible?). One of the less splashy drama titles, the Angela Bassett police drama Identity, is getting strong buzz. Things aren’t looking too great for Marc Cherry’s semi-musical Hallelujah, but soap Good Christian Bitches has more than a prayer of landing a slot (and not a chance in hell of keeping its title).

More updates/rumors as they come in.

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  • murley

    i am hoping that grimm, alcatraz, and locke and key make it on the schedule. and i want smg back on t.v. but in something that will stick around!

    • Dave

      Couldn’t agree more with murley. Whoever titled “Good Christian Bitches” should be fired, seriously.

      • Janet

        GCB is the title of the book that the project is based on.

      • JeannieMeanie

        Seriously dude, get a clue and a sense of humor. Religous people aren’t exempt from satire.

      • dawn

        I don’t think satire’s the problem. The title just sounds dumb.

      • Jessica


        Get that unfunny washed-up piece of trash off our TVs.

      • PhoenixEnvy

        If anyone should be fired it’s whoever came up with “THE REMEMBERER” !?!?!

      • Luisa

        After study a few of the blogs in your website now, and I enjoy your own mehotd of running a blog. I saved this to my personal bookmark website itemizing and can end up being looking at once again quickly. Please check out my web page because properly as well as tell me what you believe.

    • HD

      I want Ringer to make it but only if it’s a good show, if not, then I’ll wait for something fitting for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s talents. Don’t put her back on tv just to have her back on tv, give her something juicy to work with and a story that’s strong.

      • Matt

        Yes, I want to support SMG so badly, but I always have a hard time warming up to the projects that she takes on!

      • Marg

        I’m a HUGE buffy fan and but I don’t support SMG I got the impression from her interviews/role choices and appearences that she thinks she is too good for her geeky fans and genre material and is all about main stream sucess which she hasn’t had that mch of …

      • KEVIN

        Marg, that is weird. I have always felt exactly the opposite. She made a lot of enemies when she stood up to the networks for Buffy on behalf of the fans; once when they pulled the episode “Earshot” and then another when she didn’t want to switch networks

      • jones

        Agreed. I really like SMG, but she should be in a good show, not an okay one.

    • Hyrax

      agreed and add in Terra Nova

  • Jon

    I would love to see a fun Poe-as-Holmes show, but Egan has no business playing Poe. I know it is Hollywood, but turning Poe into a blond pretty boy? Ugh

    • jcdc13

      I saw a preview of the show and the two lead characters are both wrong for their parts. Plus the female lead looks like she just walked out of Nordstroms in 2011 not the 1800’s or whenever it was.

    • harpier

      I was hoping this would take a cue from the PHENOMENAL BBC miniseries “Sherlock”. With a sufficiently updated Poe, there’s no reason Egan couldn’t work. As soon as I heard the pilot premise, I recalled the novel “The Pale Blue Eye,” which featured a young West Point cadet Poe helping to solve a murder. It worked quite well.

  • Dee

    Hey CBS, there’s already a show about rookie cops….it’s called Rookie Blue and it’s on ABC. Sure, it’s a summer show, but it’s a great one!

    • Kris

      I know! With the US Being Erica and Rookie Blue remakes it feels like this Fall is the “remake Canadian shows that don’t need to be remade” season. Where’s Degrassi USA?

      • gigi

        Are they moving forward with “Being Erica”? Say it ain’t so. I’m a fan of the Canadian version. I think I’d be very critical of a US version. Grimm seems like a fun show.

      • vickie

        Uh isn’t the current version of Degrassi a remake of Degrassi Junior High which aired in the US in the 90s?

      • unicornwasp

        degrassi junior high was also canadian.

      • steve

        Rookie Blue on ABC is a coproduction with Global in Canada…NOT a remake. Great show.

      • Eva

        I see the conversation about Rookie Blue going on, anybody know when the 2nd season is premiering?! I loved it last summer.

  • vic

    Here’s hoping for some new shows this fall. CBS can cancel Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Suspect, Suspect Behaviour and two of the three CSI. Lots of room for inprovement

    • gumby

      Have another drink.

    • BRETT

      LOL. Hilarious comment…

    • Stephen

      Blue Bloods and the Good Wife are excellent dramas, and its rare you get to see such drama on the big four (these kinds of dramas i would expect to see on cable networks, ecspecially with the likes of suvivor, amazing race and idol blocking up primetime cause its cheaper). CSI: NY and CSI: Miami on the other hand should go, i mean the premise is outdated and the acting in them is terrible (sorry gary sinse but your better than this, and we are suprised you stayed this long!). On another note, touch has potential, except i can see it becoming too procedural or repitive…but it would make an excellent movie!

      • Templar

        Blue Bloods is a crap show. Selleck is like a tree in a cop suit. Lumber can’t act.

  • Kate

    I will be severely disappointed if 17th Precinct doesn’t make it to air. Come on, NBC. You’re gonna have plenty of slots to fill.

    • Marilyn S.

      Me too. I want my mini-BSG reunion. More importantly, I need my weekly Jamie Bamber fix.

      • rehabber

        Hope Jamie has lost some weight, he looked like a blimp last time I saw him.

      • cam

        Are you REALLY confusing the FAKE fat-man suit he wore for a couple of episodes on BSG four years ago…
        or are you REALLY a troll?
        Me thinkin’ the last
        ’cause Bamber looks fit on recent productions such as Outcasts or Law and Order UK – series 4.

      • Nicole

        Wow, I always thought Jamie’s fat suit on Battlestar was unconvincing, but I guess it convinced rehabber!

    • Tarc

      17th Precinct is my choice for most interest.

    • DJ

      Agreed. Why was 17th Precinct not in the poll? RDM plus mini BSG reunion sounds like a win.

    • BSG reunion FTW

      17th Precinct would absolutely get my vote. Would love a good WW show, but the DEK one looks pretty awful.

    • Nicole

      Yes! I was so excited for a new Ron Moore show with three of the best actors from Battlestar (also Stockard Channing, Eamonn Walker, Matt Long!) and now this is so disappointing. Could it still have a chance as a midseason replacement? God knows they’ll need one after DEK’s Wonder Woman bombs.

  • Corey

    Locke and Key is an amazing comic, I can’t wait to see how it translates to TV.

    • tipsy

      Locke&Key`s problem is the actress who`s playing the mother. Watching grass grow is more engaging than watching her. They should recast her and the pilot will soar.


    Wonder Woman thanks to NBC & Warner Bros is a JOKE!!! I’d rather watch paint dry then this prank DC Comics and the rest involved in this project are playing on Wonder Woman fans! They all need to be fired and stand in the unemployment line for giving Wonder Woman a job making dolls of herself and wearing long stretch pants. Her latest report flipping the bird and eye grabbing? You all belong in a mental ward if you think this NBC pile of dog doo is going to come out smelling like a rose. I hope it’s a huge financial blow up in your face so you know how a joke is played back on you guys! And no invisible jet? Between the long pants and slipper socks she can zoom off on a broom stick for all I care. Burn in hell morons. Don’t blame Wonder Woman when your project fails. Blame David E. Kelley, NBC, and all who took part in this toxic waste dump. Look at the Lynda Carter costume to get an idea of what it looked like. NO PANTS!!!!!!!!!

    • Miranda

      Well okay then.

    • Green


    • Brad

      I’m a die hard W.W. fan since BEFORE the original tv show with Carter. This new show, is a RE-IMAGINED take on the character. All the original elements are present but ‘re-worked’. There are MULTIPLE costume versions in the pilot, including the star spangled shorts. Lets give the show a chance to air before we ‘unilaterally’ pan it!

      • Brett

        It’ll get a first class trial, followed by a first-rate hanging.

    • Ames

      I think you’re a little too worked up over a pilot, but I’ll agree — The new Wonder Woman looks like a stinker.

    • Mitch Logan

      Lynda Carter’s costume is a joke.

    • jd

      Wow! Did someone forget their meds today?

      Dude, you’re favorite character is possibly getting a TV show. Is it really something to get that worked up over because she might not fit your exact expectations?

  • Liz

    No word on where the Fox and CW pilots stand yet? I was really hoping to see something about Hart of Dixie.

    • Liz

      Ok I take that back about Fox, I didn’t scroll up enough when I was double checking to see if it was included.

    • Simon

      Hart of Dixie has been doing well at the CW apparently

      • deedeedragons

        Summer Cohen as a doctor?

  • V

    That is going to be disappointing if Alcatraz doesn’t make it, because FOX has no room.
    Hope another Network would consider picking it up.

  • bamalam

    I’d rather watch 17th Precinct than Grimm…even though Grimm is supposed to have that guy from Caprica.


    Deadline had all of this information (and more) days ago. I hope CHARLIE’S ANGELS and WONDER WOMAN both get picked up.

  • Gellarhimym

    I think if sarah michelle gellars pilot does not get picked up they should cast her as the mother on how i met your mother

    • Green

      Now that is an interesting idea…

    • Doris

      I want The Ringer to make it partly for SMG but mostly for my ageless gorgeous Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell)!

    • KEVIN

      It is so weird, because ever since I have been watching HIMYM, when I picture the reveal of the mother, I have always pictured her for some reason??? She definately has a comic bite that has recieved little screen time in the past.

      • Matt

        That would be awesome. She’s such a fine actor, I really hope she gets a a role that earns her greater prestige.

    • jessica

      HAHAHAHA this just made my day. I’d love to see Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV together!!!! and as for her being the mother,…we can only wish!

    • Shatorra

      Great to see all those restaurants get togheetr to help out someone who has done so much for this city. Went to River Oaks for dinner for our part.

  • Frankie

    can’t wait to see sarah michelle gellar back on tv!!!!

    • ML

      I second that. Hopefully the show will be picked up!

    • Sasha

      I’d love to see her back on tv as well, but this pilot worries me that it will turn out like Running Wilde last year. We were all so excited to see Keri Russell back on tv, but that show was so not worthy of her.

  • Gigi

    If The Ringer isn’t picked up, I hope CBS puts her in a show with a strong female lead and plenty of bite (The Good Wife meets CSI, perhaps?).

  • RJC

    Give Ron Moore the love he deserves! I vote for 17th Precinct!

    • Thom

      That’s one of the few I’m interested in and it’s not on the ballot. Boo!

      Also interested in the Fables ripoff on ABC with Ginnifer Goodwin.

      Basically, the fantasy ones sound cool to me.

    • NA

      I also cast a write-in vote for 17th Precinct! Urban fantasy + Tricia Helfer = awesome.

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