'Young and the Restless': Genie Francis is in Genoa City! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


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Not all of the news coming out of the soap world these days is depressing. To wit: Genie Francis is finally on the set of The Young and the Restless! 

EW obtained this exclusive first look of Francis, now playing Genevieve Atkinson — the mother of Ethan Cane Ashby — on the CBS sudser. For the uninitiated, that’s the yummy Daniel Goddard in the photo, who used to play Cane until he was shot dead outside of his dad’s wedding to Jill. Lately, he’s been levitating in and out of Genoa City as a freaking ghost, seen only by his widow Lily. Is his mother Genevieve now seeing ghosts, too? Or is that even “Cane” in the photo?

With any luck, we’ll get some answers May 27 — the date of Laura Spencer’s Francis’ debut.

I hope Sharon stays lost. @EWLynette

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  • Billie72

    Ok good … I’ll be watching that day … love me some more Genie!!!

    • stu

      ghosts…no wonder day time soaps r getting canceled!

      • Jess

        1. Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Fringe–all shows that have had ghosts and did not get canceled!
        2. Cane is not going to be a ghost.
        3. Y&R is not getting cancelled- it is the number one rated soap. It will be the last to go.

      • @Jess

        I’m pretty sure stu was referring to the lame storyline using ghosts as an example. This is one of the reasons that ratings are down.

      • Sammy

        exactly! WTH!! .. I want Cane back as much as the next fan but GHOST stories are stupid ..

  • Ashley

    My guess is that the “ghost” Lily is seeing is going to be Cane’s conveniently unknown-until-now twin. An evil twin I would say since it is a pretty cruel trick pretending to be the ghost of someone’s dead husband. Wonder how Laura – err – Genie’s character will fit into all this…

    • Flip

      Expect Genevieve to be paired with Jack Abbott.

      • shannon

        good he needs fresh start with someone that victor or nickolas hasnt been with….maybe it will get him to be nice again….

    • Tammy

      I don’t think he’s a twin. But Lily sure is going to be PISSED when she finds out Cane’s been lying about being dead, even if he’s doing it for her protection. She was very clear about being 100 percent truthful.

    • Sammy

      yeh think so too .. I hope it’s not a ghost story they tend to really validate the perspective of the non-soap fans or anti-soap opera people and makes us have to defend our loyalty to them ..lol

  • Abe Froman

    GH totally blew it. Idiots.

  • Annie

    Genie looks too young to be Cane’s mom, other than that, it is great to have her on TV again.

    • SueB

      Totally agree. Looked it up on wikipedia – there’s only 9 years difference between Genie and Daniel Goddard. Weird. And a lot more between Genie and Tristan Rogers who is her ex-husband…

      • SueB

        playing her ex-husband…

      • gfloyd

        Genie on GH as Laura played Nikolas Cassidines’ (Tyler Christopher) mother. Genie is 10 years older than Tyler. She pulled it off. She will be convincing as Cane’s mother.

      • gfloyd

        Tristan is about 16 years older than Genie. I love Tristan, but I would rather see Gene’s character have a younger ex-husband. It seems like Genie is always paired with older guys – Kin Shriner is nine years older; Tony Geary is 15 years older…

      • Jessica

        On AMC, when Di was pretending to be Dixie she was supposed to be JR’s mom. In reality the actor playing JR is older than the actress playing Di. That was strange.

      • Tammy

        It’s like Nick and his Mom on B&B; there’s only 3 or 4 years difference between them.

  • jj

    Ah the wonders of cosmetic surgery.
    I think “Gloria” is over 70.

    • Clarke

      Oh good, I’m glad EW is finally paying attention to soaps. A little late, but still a good thing.

    • J

      Who is “Gloria”? The actress is Genie Francis, and she’s only 48 years old.

    • YRFAN

      JJ you are an idiot, I know you were trying to be all hipsterdoofis with your Sally Struthers reference but step off. Genie is hot for any age, and for that matter even if she did have work done, then she should give the doctors name to 3/4 of the people who are in show business cause she looks FN AMAZING and they could learn how to have it done where it’s not so obvious. So go back to crying in your pillow!!! GH really missed out on getting back one hell of a talented actress who thankfully now is on YR.

    • Max

      lol jj you’re a douche. She’s not yet 50 and she looks stunning.

      • bringbackrocky

        I think you’re both wrong. I’m betting he’s referring to Judith Chapman as Gloria and, although she’s not 70, she’s a well-preserved 60. Does anyone seriously think someone commenting on a Y&R story would reference Sally Struthers?

      • Brenda Barrett

        Bringbackrocky is correct – the reference was to Judith. Not sure what some of these other commenters are smoking. I will say that Judith’s plastic surgery is not good. And, she’ll always be Ginny Weber to me…

      • @both bb’s

        You two are morons just like jj. This so called 70-year old Gloria was not mentioned in the article. It is about Genie Francis and it has a picture of her. What were people supposed to assume?

  • Penny Flake

    I’m watcing now in preparation, but can’t wait to see my lady onscreen again. Thanks CBS and Y&R. You’ve my undying gratitude.

  • Dee Jones

    I never liked Cane, especially with the whole Phillip fiasco. This storyline is ridiculous really! I would love to see Francis and Jill go at it. Jill needs another catfight and Katherine can`t fight, well physically anyway, like she use to with Jill because if she did that would probably be a wrap for her.

    • TorontoTom

      Hated the Cane character – was thrilled when he “died”. Don’t want him – or his freakin’ ghost – back on the show.

      • Tina

        Y&R lost a lot of viewers after Cane “died”. So a lot of people, including my grandma, is very happy he came back.

      • Sammy

        I doubt they lost significant following heck they’re #1 but people were pissed including me and Ghost nor Evil Twin makes up for the tragic story line …I thought they were gonna so with: Phillip Chancellor helped him fake his death to get rid of the father and the street thugs that were after him…

    • wakeforce

      This is the third character in just ONE year, who was supposed to be dead, who still has appeared on the show. What a cheap shot, to show the family grieving for someone still alive. I agree with the writer. Sharon should stay gone, FOREVER!

      • Sharon

        I’ve got news for u. Wakeforce. I AM NOT GOING TO STAY GONE FOREVER!

      • Sharon

        I’ve got news for u. Wakeforce. I AM NOT GOING TO STAY GONE FOREVER! Your just jealous of my new hair style & color. Don’t be a hater.

  • Sue

    I agree Abe; ABC sure did blow it! I really wanted to see Genie’s Laura back in Port Charles again. I’m thrilled that Y&R created a role for her though and that we’ll be seeing her back on tv again very soon. Can’t wait!!!

  • Goat Girl

    Thank gawd Y&R is making her look more current and today than GH did! She looks great!

  • Sina

    I have been watching Y&R to see what’s going on cuz I’m watching when she starts. I can only hope for a love triangle between her/Ashley and Tucker. I can get my Laura/Stefan back. Now if Y&R can just get Becky Herbst on the show to play the new and improved Victoria or Mac than I would be in soap heaven.

    • Kristen

      Sina, I’m hoping to see her with Tucker as well! Laura and Stefan were so great together! I do really like Tucker and Ashley right now, but it looks like Genie’s new character will be a great match for Tucker as well.

  • Michelle

    I’d tune into GH again if she came back as Laura

  • bye bye GH

    I hope she goes back to GH to close it out on a decent note?

  • Debbie

    I can’t wait to see Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers work together again. I am absolutely thrilled about this. I’ve never really cared about Cane, the only time I became remotely interested in him is when Tristan Rogers was brought on as his father and now Genie Francis is playing his mom and now I’m force to watched him. Pretty sneaky writers.

    • JR

      I started watching Y&R because of Tristan but fell in love with Caine. He is just too easy on the eye! Adding Genie is just the icing on the cake. I still long for the days of Robert Scorpio and Laura Spencer but hey if GH is too stupid to get it right, I’m glad they landed on Y&R!

  • Beauty

    Good for you Genie! GH’s loss. Looks like you dodged a bullet anyway.

  • Ellen

    Wow, she looks like she could be his girlfriend! Whatever, I am looking forward to seeing her.

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