'The Office' ratings drop without Steve Carell


Image Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Now that Michael Scott has left Dunder Mifflin and Deangelo Vickers is ruling the roost, NBC’s The Office ratings took a tumble Thursday night.

Will Ferrell continued his guest-star stint on The Office (6.8 million viewers, 3.5 preliminary adults 18-49 rating), with the adult demo falling 17 percent after spiking last week for Steve Carell’s final episode.

Despite the declining lead-in, NBC’s Parks and Recreation (5.1 million, 2.6) was up 13 percent and the season finale of 30 Rock (4.2 million, 2.1) rose 11 percent.

Fox won the night with American Idol (20.8 million, 6.1) hiking 7 percent and Bones (11.1 million, 3.3) jumping a robust 18 percent, trouncing a series low CSI (10.5 million, 2.2).

CBS also had Big Bang Theory (10.3 million, 3.1) and Rules of Engagement (7.7 million, 2.2), both down slightly, followed by a steady The Mentalist (13.6 million, 2.6).

NBC’s comedy block also included the paintball episode of Community (3.5 million, 1.4) with guest star Josh Holloway and Anthony Michael Hall flat with last week. Plus, Outsourced (3.1 million, 1.5) was down 12 percent.

ABC aired Wipeout (4.8 million, 1.4), down a steep 26 percent to a series low, and a roughly on par Grey’s Anatomy (9.9 million, 3.5) and Private Practice (6.9 million, 2.3)

The CW’s Vampire Diaries (2.7 million, 1.2) was steady while Nikita (1.9 million, 0.8) improved.

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  • Mike

    It should be noted that this episode had a higher rating than the penultimate Steve Carell episode two weeks ago, so that headline is rather misleading.

    • B.Rich

      !00% correct, they should make that clear

      • Jess

        @ Mike

        “penultimate”? Really?

        Trying a little too hard? Pathetic windbag. Stop whining about the “misleading” (boo hoo) headlines and get back to your simple minded stat crunching.
        Oh, and check the NBA PLAYOFF SCHEDULE for the past few weeks before you open your petulant yapper again, little man.

      • Jess

        B.Rich = Pathetic B.lTCH

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks…. I was just going to say something to that fact.

      • Jess

        You’re a disgusting waste of oxygen.

    • LOL

      Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock were all quite good last night. Ratings should be higher.

      • stu

        Outsource was the funniest of the bunch!

      • Tom

        This show sucks now.

      • Jess

        Yeah, people should know the future. LOL = SIMPLETON

    • Jess

      Don’t say “penultimate”, Mike. It just reminds us how much of an arrogant misguided twit you are.

      • TheIntersect

        I think somebody failed English class. *cough Jess*

      • Zakry

        Um, the man has a vocabulary, why should that threaten you?

  • PN

    I think that when a major star leaves a hit show, those ratings really drop.

    • Ian

      Thank you, Captain Obvious…

      • brown


      • Captain Compliment

        Thank you, Captain Ian, for thanking Captain Obvious.

    • TVphile

      During the juggling scene, I kept imgining Michael juggling instead of Deangelo. It would have been so much funnier.

      • Rob Grizzly

        No it wouldn’t.

    • JaySin420

      I bet most fans tuned in this week just to see how things went without Michael, so next week is the real test I think.

  • Mike Mott

    I agree with Mike, ofcourse the rating will drop after last week. It was the final episode for the main character, you figure it would attract the highest ratings of the series. So there really was no where to go but down!! I really hope Community gets a different time slot, too bad they have to go against American Idol and Big Bang Theory!!

    • Matt

      Totally agree about Community. It’s a great show and it feels like NBC is throwing it to the wolves going up against Idol.

      • jackal

        Is it me or is Community the best half hour sitcom on tv right now? I watch each episode three times to keep up and pick up the subtleties of each character….

      • Liv

        Jackal, I think a lot of shows this year have been exceptional. I am partial to Parks & Rec but COmmunity is a very close second.

      • G-Dog

        It ain’t just you Jackal! Community is sooo good. I would like to see them switch times for a few weeks, add a little push and see what happens.

      • Peter

        jackal – I watch each episode multiple times too…I didnt really notice til second viewing that Troy was dressed up like the Sheriff from Blazing Saddles lol

      • Sarah

        Community is so good. I wish they’d give it a better time slot and more ads.

      • B.Rich

        Parks and Rec, Community and of course Modern Family are on top right now

    • Gray

      I wrote about Community a few weeks ago comparing it to BBT and it’s by far more superior to BBT in content and characters. While BBT has better promotion from CBS, it’s just now getting around to focusing more on the female characters. NBC needs to promote it more but doesn’t.

  • S.O.

    Anyone who doesn’t watch The Office just cause Steve Carell (Michael Scott) left the show are NOT real fans of the show.

    • kristen

      …or we just think Will isn’t funny. Im biding my time until he leaves

      • Michael

        That’s what she said.

    • Daw Johnson

      Not entirely true.

      If you’d said this in like season 3, I’d agree. But so many of the other characters have been ruined (notably Jim, Pam and Dwight), so Carell, more than ever, had really been the only saving grace of the show in recent seasons.

      Plus, Will Ferrell has been awful as the short-term boss, and if the long-term boss is a new character, a “real” fan could easily be turned off enough not to watch.

      I’m still watching, but that was a *TERRIBLE* episode last night.

      • linda

        Whew! That was awful last night. I don’t know if it’s because the DeAngelo character doesn’t fit, or if Will Ferrell is super annoying, but that was the worst!

      • S.O.

        I can understand your Daw. Last night’s episode was “meh”. but Will Ferrell (DeAngelo Vickers) character won’t last that long & will lead into who is the next boss. I’ve watched The Office since the beginning. I’m sticking to it till the very end. & I’m sure every true fan of this show will too (even through the rough moments).

      • Karate Pants

        The Office was terrible last night. It’s the beginning of the end, my friends.
        Glad to see Parks and Rec’s numbers coming up, such a brilliantly funny show!

      • Pam

        Last night’s show with Will Ferrell was the worst thing ever — and I’ve had to sit through “Land of the Lost.”

      • Tom

        Boom! Roasted.

    • Liz Lemon

      I’ll always love the show. I just forgot it was on that’s why I didn’t watch last night. I’m about to go watch it right now.

      • Jack D.

        Lemon, shouldn’t you be concentrating more on saving TGS’s numbers? Handle it, Lemon.

    • ABK

      Not true. I’m a huge fan of the show. Because I am such a huge fan, I recognize when it goes downhill and choose to forego watching it so my fondness of it does not fade. Will Farrell was funny fifteen years ago. His schtick is tired and annoying. I will give it a chance when he’s gone permanently, but I will refrain from watching it while he’s on it.

    • Rob Grizzly

      What a dumb thing to say. S.O. implies a fan is only a fan if they blindly just like everything they throw at you. Sticking through a show that goes bad doesn’t make you any more of a fan than anyone else. It just shows you have low standards. If anything, a REAL fan of the Office is saddened by the decline in quality, and wants the best from their show, not mediocrity.

      • S.O.

        I didn’t imply that last night’s show was great & I was LMAO. In my response to Daw Johnson’s comment, I said last nights show was “meh”. I’m sure most fans of The Office will still watch this show to find out what will happen next (even when the quality of the show isn’t what it used to be before Michael Scott’s departure). You could say the same thing w/ LOST when viewers were questioning where the show was going somewhere around season 3 or 4 IMO including me. Some viewers just gave up watching completely (which they’re entitled to). But I NEVER threw in the towel & gave up watching LOST (as most fans of that show never did either) & stuck through the rough moments of that show during those seasons, then eventually it answered a lot of questions & in the process got very good again. Will that happen to The Office? Who Knows. I’ve watched The Office from the beginning. & I’m sure (like most of us) will want to find out what happens next & keep watching till the end. I’m not going to give up & throw in the towel just cause Michael Scott is gone.

      • agreed

        agreed. stopped watching this show after the 4th season when it was apparent the writers developed mental disabilities. absolutely adored seasons 1-3 of the show though. call me a true fan if you want, don’t really care.

    • Zakry

      I agree, I’m giving Will Ferrell a shot, but his character makes no sense to me. He just does weird things with no context. Not working for me, so far.

      • ELLE

        hes a god damn carbon copy of michael scott but without the endearingness that mmmmmmichael scott! had.

  • Jill

    Boycott Office until Steve comes back.

    • jack

      B.O. until Steve comes back. Smelly strategy, but OK.

  • Tom

    Will Farrell is a complete disaster on the Office. Somehow he manages to never have a funny moment on the funniest show on TV. Maybe he is so good at parodying unfunny people, eg james lipton, GW, etc, because it cuts close to home.

    • Clete

      You post needs to be shorter. It should read Will Farrell is a complete disaster.

      • meme

        Oh yes. Will Farrell IS a complete disaster. How he ever became a star is beyond me.

      • Even shorter

        Ferrell = disaster.

    • Bob


      • Weave


  • YES

    I lost interest in the Office after Pam and Jim got married.

    • cola

      yeah, they peaked too early…. maybe this jordan girl might mix things up a bit?!

  • Color Me Impressed

    Wow, Steve’s last episode was so great, and then they turn around and have this awful, confusing, pointless episode! They should have at least brought the Scranton Strangler in somehow. I really wanted to like him, but Will Ferrell’s character was utterly pointless.

    • Scranton Strangler

      Are you kidding?? Even I would have stayed away from this episode!

  • Pan

    I’m not surprised it’s will Ferrell! He’s a walking disaster.

  • Lanea

    I think the Office has jumped the shark! Get so unfunny Will off the show please.

  • Glowbug

    Will Ferrell was not funny on last night’s episode—exactly what is his character about anyway—I can’t figure out but its not working—just show more of the other characters and stop centering the episode around Farrell–how about heating up Angela & Dwight–isn’t he under contract to provide Angela with an offspring?

  • Mark

    last nite’s “The Office” was one of the single worst episodes of the show’s history. when compared to the following “Parks & Rec” episode, which i laughed nonstop all the way through, it was even more painfully obvious how unwatchable “The Office” was. thank God Will Ferrell is gone because he was HORRIBLE. i do like having more screen time for Ryan, Kelly, Darryl, etc., but the show will simply not survive w/o Steve Carrell.

  • painful

    It shoud be noted that, regardless of ratings, this episode did sucketh Thor’s mighty hammer.

  • elliot

    Based on this episode, the obvious thing to do is send in a team of elite Navy SEALS and shoot “The Office” to put it out of our misery.

  • Mick Hinder

    i’m sorry but i didn’t think the office was all that bad last night. Yes it wasn’t as funny as when steve carell was on there but it isn’t like it was the worst thing of all time. I think the reason alot of people are hating on it is not because of will ferrel, who is hilarious, but because everyone misses steve carell. Although i thought the episode could had been a whole lot better it was as good as i had expected it to be. Community i think is one of the greatest comedies on TV right now and i agree putting it up against american idol, which i hate, is not very fair.

    • SK

      It’s not that it’s unfair. It’s ridiculous that people continue to watch the drivel that is American Idol and miss the brillance of Community. It’s their loss that I hope does not become our loss. Parks and Recreation is another one of NBC’s brilliant sitcoms, by the way.

    • B.Rich

      I enjoyed last night’s episode. The inner circle was entertaining.

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