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What’s this?

What’s this?

There are finales everywhere. What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes; I must be dreaming. Wake up, Sandra, this isn’t fair!

Woah! Musical introduction. This is what the end of the season does to me, folks. I’m losing it. But that also means summer’s on the way, so remember to start sending your scoop requests for summer TV soon! And, as a special treat, please also send your season finale questions as well.

As usual, all queries/suggestions/ponderings get sent to spoilerroom@ew.com or @EWSandraG. And as a reminder, we’re on summer schedule now. So Spoiler Room will be on Fridays only, until late summer.

Thanks, y’all.


Start your speculation engines, readers. This is going to throw you into a tizzy.

Yes, we’re all wondering what will happen in the final moments of the Bones season finale. And yes, we know it’s going to be good. And from the sounds of it, we’re going to meet half way between a relationship and nil. In this scooper’s opinion? You know what falls in between there? Why, the bedroom, of course! Now, there’s no way in Squintland that EP Stephen Nathan would directly address my speculation. But here’s what he will say.

“We wanted to try to have their relationship evolve in a realistic way while making sure the show still had the same tension that has made it appealing for six years now,” he says. “That said, we know we can’t repeat ourselves. We will switch it up. It will change the show in a fundamental way — but it will stay the same. We are not going to embrace the Moonlighting curse. I can say that unequivocally. You know, half of the [fans] are saying ‘get them together, get them together.’ Others say, ‘You can’t get them together. Once you get them together, it’s going to suck. It’s the Moonlighting curse and the show will end.’ Well, hopefully, both groups of people will be pleased.”

Excited? I certainly am. And so is team Bones.

“We’re excited about where the show will be going. It’s a place that we haven’t seen any show go before. I’m not saying we’re reinventing the wheel or anything, but it’s not where anyone expects it to go,” Nathan says.

At this point, readers, what are your expectations/hopes?


Don’t worry, there’s still time. And by that, I mean that if you haven’t been watching this season of Parks and Recreation, there’s still time to catch up before the show closes out its season with two episodes on May 19. Also, why are you such a loser? Ugh. You’re such a Jerry. And if you haven’t been watching, you don’t even know that I’ve just insulted you. Double loser!

Ahem. Sorry. Lost it there. But that’s how serious I am about this show and its last few episodes, which finds major things happening in the parks department. Allow me to narrow it down: 1. There’s a death somewhere in the final two episodes. 2. Someone besides Leslie gets a crush on Ben. 3. Fireball. 4. There’s a cameo by Eric Dane. (Not how you might be thinking.) 5. Also, remember how some of us were hoping for a slow burn between Leslie and Ben? And others wanted them to dive right in? Well, even though there will be a point where you think you know which way it will go, expect the unexpected from these two. Also, you better watch. It’s literally the best thing ever.


The impression I get from exec producer Peter Lenkov, co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski, and the rest of the team at H 5-0 is that they are adamant about one thing as they close out their freshman season: They have no interested in toying with viewers. This season’s major mysteries will have resolution, and they have so much more up their sleeves for season 2. Specifically, McGarrett’s storyline will come to a major head during the season opener, they say. “He finally gets the answers to the rest of the clues in his father’s box,” Lenkov says. “He finally figures out what those were and why his father was investigating them when he died. If you remember the pilot, he hears that the answer to everything was the key. If he could figure out what the key meant — literally and figuratively — he could solve this investigation he was on. We definitely pay this stuff off. Obviously, when you start answering things, new questions come up, but in terms of the box and the mystery of the box, that pays off. I think the people who were very loyal deserve those answers.”

Also on tap to be solved? The mystery behind the envelopes. “We answer that question as well. That ties into the mystery,” Zbyszewski says.

But why all this resolution? Lenkov says it was necessary, as the end of the season will bring about incredible changes. “I think what we’re really proud of is how each one of our characters does a complete 180 from where you saw them in the beginning of the season,” he says. “They really go through some major changes in the finale — life changes.”


PLEASE! Need some Grey’s scoop ASAP! I haven’t watched in two years, and recently started tuning in again because I heard (especially from my people at EW) that the show was good again. Oh, how you were correct!! But now I need your wisdom — especially about Avery (Jesse Williams). Wow. Just. Wow. — Rebecca

Welcome back, Rebecca. And yes, “wow,” indeed. And I predict you’ll be saying the same thing after this year’s Grey’s finale, when, according to Jesse Williams, who opened up to EW at the L.A. premiere of Thor, little Grey, Lexi, will have a pair of (extremely attractive) choices in front of her. “The last few episodes are really the rest for how [Lexi and Avery] will shake out. Will it be Jackson and Lexi? Or Mark and Lexi? Or nobody and Lexi? She might just go off on her own and be single again. It’s judgment day, so to speak. Jackson will realize whether this relationship was worth his time and care. As it stands now, they’re on thin ice. Even if she chooses him, I’m not sure he has all the tools he needs to make it work.” Personally — just putting this out there — I’m not opposed to sloppy seconds. So…

Vampire Diaries please! — Colleen

At the Thor premiere, we caught up with Steven R. McQueen, who dished on Jeremy’s upcoming action. “He takes part in the action in a way. That’s all I can reveal.” No, it’s not. “Working with Kat [Graham] has been so great. She is a great actress and an even better person. I have been happy to finally have a girlfriend with a fighting chance at surviving. Jeremy has what we call around the set ‘the kiss of death.’ All of his love interests seem to die on him, but Bonnie is powerful and at least has a fighting chance at surviving all the supernatural villains around town.” The question is: Does Jeremy? Jenna didn’t seem to have too much luck last night, after all.

Ian-SomerhalderImage Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW
My favorite shows are The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Bones. Scoop on any of those would be amazing! – Amber

I’ll take Vampire Diaries! And I’ll even give you Nina Dobrev (via EW’s Mandi Bierly) to scoop you. “The finale episode is like an homage to the characters. It’s character-driven and about what’s happened to them and how they deal with everything. Don’t get me wrong: Of course, there’s gonna be a cliffhanger. The show’s not gonna end on a subtle note. We’re still gonna end in a way that people need and have to come back to find out what happens next season, but in a different kind of way.” Although, viewers should be warned: As Damon fights the effects of his werewolf bite, all will not be as it seems. “We go into flashbacks and into hallucinations. You won’t really know which is which until you’re intended to know that. There’s a lot of really cool visual tricks that happen. That’s why it’s a very confusing, very interesting episode that makes you think.” For more scoopage, head over to Mandi’s full interview with the lovely starlet. (Seriously, I have major eyelash envy.)

I’m desperate for some Supernatural spoilers! Therefore if you ever want your Mr.T 8×10 autographed glossy back, you’ll tell me what I want to know!! What’s going on with the wall inside of Sam’s head? Is it coming down and will this result in Big Brother/Protective Dean coming out? – T.R., Boston

If it comes back with even a scratch…Ahem. Well, since I’ve already told you a bit about Sam’s wall, I can say this: Anything that prompts “protective” Dean to come out will likely be, as executive producer Ben Edlund says, possibly worse than death in some ways. “We’ve flaunted death, [and] it takes one thing away from us dramatically speaking,” he says. “Yeah, there’ll be more death. I can’t really give a body count or a checklist or anything like that…but some of the things that are the most jarring and the most, let’s say potentially painful, don’t incorporate death. So, plot turns, I think, for us, and emotional switchbacks and things like that, are as impactful in the case of these episodes [coming up] as death might be on another show.”

I love, love the show Castle! But, was wondering if [they] went dark in the finale and if Castle’s father is the one behind Johanna Beckett’s death. I hope I am wrong! Love to the writers, crew and cast – Angie

Of course executive producer Andrew Marlowe can’t answer your question completely. But he did explain the “dark” finale. “It was less of a decision to go dark and more of a decision to deal with Beckett’s mother’s murder, which of course makes her emotionally raw and means we have to take everything about the case very seriously. It always challenges the Beckett/Castle relationship in terms of drawing them together or pushing them apart.” And we all know those are the best ones! By the way, has anyone recovered from the awesomeness of that L.A. episode yet? Yeah, me neither. I was inconsolable.

Will the cliffhanger in the Castle finale center around the advancement (or lack thereof) of Castle and Beckett’s romantic relationship, as it did last season, or will it be more of a “life or death” cliffhanger considering there will be gunfire ringing out in the last few seconds? — Stephanie

May I share a conversation?

Me: So are we gonna be left on a cliffhanger for this season?

Marlowe: Yes, we will.

Me: And is it gonna be a relationship one or a case-related one?

Marlowe: Both.

Does that double your anticipation, Steph?

I was so sad about Michael Scott leaving last week. Like bawling-sad. I can’t imagine how the show is going to go on without him. Any idea how things are going to change tone-wise? I mean, Michael Scott/Steve Carell IS The Office. This Thursday is going to be very telling. Any idea how big this change is going to be? – Jaylah

Well, if you believe the word of Ellie Kemper — and if you watched last night —  you will have noticed a slight change. But (hopefully) you’ll recover quickly enough. “In tone, it is a little different than before. We have all these guest stars coming in who are incredible and that is helping to keep the energy up,” she told us at the Los Angeles premiere of Bridesmaids last week. “Dunder Mifflin must carry on. I think fans will be happy with all the great comics coming on…It’s sort of the sugar that makes the medicine of Steve leaving go down a little easier.” Also great? The possibility of a Andy/Erin hookup. “Who knows if he will get up the guts. But the two of them are sorta meant for each other. But Erin may need some alone time as well.” Pfft. Alone time is so overrated.

More on this new Modern Family cast member, please! Are they brining in an old family member? — Lawrence

Nope. The only thing I can add about the chance of this new addition is that I would be tickled pink if it happened. I think you would be, too! Meanwhile, you can NOT miss the upcoming scene where Phil goes shopping with Gloria. It has some of the best one-liners of the season!

Anyone else here watching Mike & Molly? Has the show gotten another season? If it doesn’t get one, are we going to be left on a cliffhanger note? – Kristine

Chances of a cliffhanger are looking high, as the lovely Melissa McCarthy reports (via EW’s Carrie Bell, who caught up with her at the premiere of Bridesmaids) that the show is proceeding “as if we will have another season in terms of the plot.” But what will that include? An engagement, perhaps? “I most certainly cannot tell you that.” Fair enough. But she did tease a little: “They are still new at this and they are learning to navigate the waters of a relationship. But the show is called Mike & Molly so I guess there is some sense of security. Well, if you don’t count the double homicide. In fact, next season won’t even be about us because we’ll be dead. Next season, tune in for Jeanette & Joe. Could you imagine? That’s the alternate ending if we get canceled.” I love this woman.

I’m positively dying for some White Collar scoop. I know you’re a fan, too, Sandra. So dish! — Lauren S.

Remember Neal’s underwear dance last season? Well, I’m told that in the first episode back, we’ll get to see another one of Neal’s special skills: Fencing! Meanwhile, a preview of the tentative season 3 artwork campaign reveals this year’s super-teasy tagline: “Choose a Side.”

Note: Want more? Make sure you’ve checked out EW’s White Collar casting news.


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Thank you, thank you, thank you for thehilarious interview with Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: LA this week. I LOVE it. They seem like so much fun, and I loved this week’s episode. Any word on the final two? — Billie

Cliffhanger. Both remaining episodes have one. Really good ones! “Full-blown panic attack,” says Eric Christian Olsen of your likely reaction. “I remember reading this script in the hair and makeup trailer, and getting to the end of it, and I literally jumped out of my seat, ran outside, and I was like, ‘What? What? What?!’ [I started] looking for a producer or someone to tell me what was going on. That’s what’s so much fun about this, is that these guys are telling stories over 100 episodes. We get it as the audience gets it, and I still get tons of adrenaline.” Daniela Ruah agrees. “I think followers of this show will definitely be having panic attacks, and will be looking forward to season 3 to know what the result is.”

Criminal Minds scoop, please! — Rosie

There’s much more to the story about Dr. Reid’s headaches…except you won’t find out until next season, according to EP Erica Messer. “That’s something that we’re talking to Matthew [Gray Gubler] about and the writers are all trying to figure out what stories we’ve dropped. Honestly, that storyline, that whole idea behind that, started before we lost A.J. [Cook] and Paget [Brewster]. There was a chance that we were fearing to lose Matthew just because of contract negotiations, and that storyline kind of got implanted and then never truly paid off in this season, but we want to sort of conclude that next season. That’s the plan.” Thank goodness the Gubler told me he’s all set for next season and excited about it. Can you imagine a Gube-less CM? Hells to the no! This team is magic!

I’m guessing the Nikita death you mentioned isn’t going to be Michael (Shane West) or Nikita (Maggie Q). But I am worried about Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca). Are we going to see any sort of showdown between them and Amanda (Melinda Clarke)? — Lauren

There’s definitely a little bit of a showdown – but it is, as Melinda Clarke told me, “true Amanda-style.” “Amanda doesn’t give too much of her energy toward being physical. If she had to, I’m sure she would. But I will say that Alex is in deep trouble for her life. That’s the showdown people will see on the finale.”

Okay, so this is a more of a wish list item than an actual spoiler request, but with things not looking good for a renewal of The Event, any chance we could see Scott Patterson as a guest star on Parenthood? I don’t need it to reach Luke/Lorelei heights, but maybe just a flirty interaction with Lauren Graham’s character? How fun would that be for those of us who wish Luke Danes was still in our lives?! –Jen

The glisten you just saw in my eye? That wasn’t a tear of happiness at the thought of this happening. Wait, YES IT WAS. You’re a smart woman, Jen. Let’s hope there are people out there who listen to smart women. Because this would be brilliant! Of course, that could only happen if Parenthood is renewed…which, in my opinion, it totally will be. :D

Hey! It’s almost summer TV time, which means Men of a Certain Age is coming back! I bet I’m not their target audience at all (24-year-old, Midwesterner, female) but I love it. What’s going on during the rest of the season? — Margaret

First off, the show’s June 1 return episode, titled “The Great Escape,” is absolutely fantastic. I’m out of this show’s demo also, and I have to say, I love this painfully smart and subtle show. In the return ep, Joe (Ray Romano) finds himself facing a few temptations that could send him backward instead of forward in many ways, Owen (Andre Braugher) gets an offer that he wants to refuse (the question is how long he can afford to!), and Terry (Scott Bakula) begins a dangerous spiral. These next six episodes of this series are really poised to be the best yet, so make room for me at this party!

I’m loving Better With You. It’s so light and fun. Word on the finale? — Sara

It takes a village to help Casey (Jake Lacy) and Mia (Joanna Garcia-Swisher) get hitched before the arrival of the baby. In that village? None other than Richard Gilmore! Yup, Edward Herrmann guests as a judge/patient at the hospital who is pulled in to do the ceremony. The only problem? Ben (Josh Cooke) and Casey aren’t there…


Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

I’m totally in love with this season of HIMYM — but agree with you about the name thing. This is so much more than the mother at this point. And now that I’ve sucked up to you and agreed with you on everything, have I earned some scoop? — Mel

Shameless sucking up…will always get you scoop. Two warnings about the finale: Beware of the noodles. And prepare for a huge cliffhanger.

Hey Sandra, Damages is coming back soon. DirecTV is still TV. So let’s get scoopin’. K?

Hmm…was that an offer to buy me DirecTV? If so, okay! If not, I’ll give you scoop anyway, straight from Rose Byrne, who opened up about the recent addition of Chris Messina (Six Feet Under, Devil) to the cast as a soldier Ellen takes on as a client. “He’s embroiled in a huge war-related scandal that is based on the Blackwater dealings,” she said. “He’s the main witness in my case, and I’m trying to keep him on [our] side. That’s a big part of the season. Ripped from the headlines, as they say.” And it all could prove to be deadly, she says. “It is never clear. I never trust anyone I’m talking to or anyone’s motives from one episode to the next. Because I will get the next script and it makes it clear that they were trying to kill me all season. So I just act from a place that my character always has to be on her toes, eyes wide open because no one is safe on our show.” Can’t. Wait.

(Mandi Bierly, Carrie Bell and Maggie Pehanick contributed to this column)

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  • ST

    I hope the season finale of Bones is good. I’ve hung with the show (and still like it) but it’s just not quite the same lately. The tension isn’t there between B&B and it’s not as good (imo). Hopefully, the finale will get them back on track!!

    • Amy

      I totally agree with you. I feel like I am sticking with the show most of the time rather than enjoying it. And why are they concerned with the Moonlighting curse??? Bones is on freaking season 7. I think we are well past that. If Booth and Brennan aren’t together as in, a couple, by the beginning of next season, they are going to develop the Bones curse of waiting too long to bring their characters together while in the process killing the storylines and driving away their audience. I may be overreacting a little, but still. Come on people.

      • avoidinglaundry

        I agree. They are definitely starting “the Bones Curse”. I love the quote from one of the Castle execs who said, “I have heart, I am not Hart.”.
        The show is starting to get a reputation of being “too little too late”.

      • dd44

        Stephen Nathan never fails to fill me with dread and horror. I really can’t imagine what wonderful idea they think they’ve dreamt up after the mess of most of Season 6.
        If it’s friends with benefits, I am out of here for good. I’ve hung in there mostly, but Bones has gone from me being so excited for the next episode to forgetting that it’s even on anymore this season. Something like that will really be the last straw.

      • Megslin

        Completely agree with you! it’s like…back in season five they had this awesome chemistry and it was just built to the perfect moment…and then nothing. it was crap. now theyre barely acting into each other. Not to mention, stephen nathan, stop freaking yourselves out about “ooo the moonlighting curse.” find some writers who can write good storylines for people in couples, and make it happen! bruce and cybil hated each other, so once they were together, the chemistry was gone. emily and david arent like that…so let them get it on in a COUPLE! using the “not everyone wants them together” or the “moonlighting curse” excuses are done and over and OLD. If I only get to see them get together as a series finale, Stephen Nathan will be getting SO MUCH HATE MAIL.

      • sam

        Megslin, how is “not everyone wants them together” an old argument when it is the truth? People like you are flat out ignorant if you can’t understand that not everyone who watches the show is a whiny fangirl who sounds like she is 12. People like you make the rest of us look bad and I can say that the only time I have ever been ashamed of being a Bones fan is when I have read comments like yours.

        Do us all a favor and grow up.

      • emmie

        I agree completely. There is now going to be two curses: The Moonlighting Curse and The Bones Curse. Sorry HH, you’re ruining your own show. These two characters are so close… 7 seasons is waaaayyyy too long. If they aren’t together by the season finale, I’m done. Their supposed “tension” is not there. It’s the same awkward thing. Something entirely different is needed or they should give it a wonderful series finale and be done with it.

    • Vic

      I feel exactly the same way. I used to be a loyal viewer, and wouldn’t miss a week. But now… I just want them to get together already.

      • Bess77

        SN’s talent for double speak is unbelievable. But pulling a Bones has already gone into tv speak. It sounds as if they plan to do what many tv shows have done, too little too late.

      • jmcg

        Everytime someone from the show speaks about will they or won’t they, I take it with a grain of salt. This show has disappointed me on several occasions; that something we won’t expect comment can only mean bad news.

      • Melissa

        Love the show but the relationship between Bones and Booth has to move forward. If it doesn’t, I’ll stop watching. I have no patience anymore.

    • Lil Jo

      Isn’t Emily pregnant in real life? If so, I’m sure they will write in B&B sleeping together in the season ending show. This gives them the perfect answer for her “showing” next season and a tie between them for next few seasons.

      • Rose

        Could be, but the show runners said right after ED announced the pregnancy that it wouldn’t be written into the show. In fact, they’re delaying the start of season 7 to give the actresss time to deliver.

      • Jenna

        It was already expected before ED’s pregnancy that this could finally be THE year for Booth and Brennan (especially considering they’ve both now confessed their feelings, the 3rd parties are finally all gone, and really any other excuse would just be beyond pathetic). Emily being pregnant actually complicates things, as now the season might start later, or not have Brennan in it for a while, or might have her getting pregnant like the first time they sleep together. Which is much more like the REAL Moonlighting curse (aka a real-life pregnancy ruining a tv relationship).

    • K

      Who do you think will die in the finale? I’m thinking it’s one of the squint interns. Sad. Better not be Sweets!! Or Cam!!

    • Lea

      It’s so annoying that they bring up the so-called ‘Moonlighting curse’ when these people who’ve worked in television for many years should know that was actually about behind-the-scenes dynamics and NOT the characters themselves. And I really will stop watching Bones if it just ends up being some friends -with-benefits thing, cause why the hell couldn’t they have just done that 6 years ago? I thought the whole point of waiting this long was now they are obviously both in love with one another.

      • Brain

        to get on base versus right-handed pnhtciig (which was all mentioned in our scouting report on him here). The main knocks on Mastroianni, though, are that he has never played above Double-A and that he

  • Cheery

    Thanks for the Bones and CM scoop! But can you dig up something on House? What’s this I hear about a car crash in the finale??

  • avoidinglaundry

    Bones – Ummm, what tension? The tension that was amazing back in Season 4 and the first half of 5 is gone now. Why? Booth & Brennan hardly have scenes together anymore.

    • dd44

      I haven’t seen any tension in *such* a long time. Even the eye gaze of last night’s episode wasn’t as simmering hot as it used to be. Sad times and such a waste.

    • Apparently

      You two aren’t paying attention. Too bad, their relationship is deeper now than ever.

      • Avoidinglaundry

        I agree that they are closer emotionally now at the end of this season. They are both honest, the cards are on the table. What I’m saying is the tension as in ‘sexual tension’ has not been present. Not like it has in the past. Yes, Booth has changed. Yes he has had his heart broken. But I still miss the Booth who used to give Bones that sly smile and talk to Bones just a little too close. That sexual tension has been non-existent this season.

      • dd44

        So, the scenes where Booth treats Brennan with barely disguised contempt, hardly touches her anymore, is annoyed by her jokes (Feet on the Beach) and embarrassed by her social skills (YOU MUST APOLOGISE EVEN IF YOU’RE RIGHT!), ‘Can I call someone for you?’… are all signs of a deeper emotional commitment are they? To be honest, although it probably sounds like I’m unbelievably biased, I’m not Team Booth or Team Brennan, I’m Team Get This Show Back to How It Used To Be. They can get rid of the Pod People Booth and Brennan too.

    • Angela Lloyd

      You brought up such a great point, avoidinglaundry, (love the name by the way). They don’t have nearly as many scenes together. I think that maybe where some of the tension loss comes from. I’ve also wondered if it isn’t the actors themselves that are another reason for the loss of that famous B&B chemistry. David in particular has had a rough year and has been noticeably affected by it. And has anyone noticed that they have not been showing Cam as much. The whole show is off somehow and I’ve been a little disappointed myself. I am actually one of those that don’t mind if Boothe and Brennan don’t get together, as long as the show itself has that same kind of chemistry that we’ve all loved from all the characters, especially B&B.

      • Sayyed

        totally in agreement on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Will reveiw it at some point as well, along with the Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, have you read that one? Love his writing. I will point out for the benefit of others who might take you up on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that Kingsolver and her fam had several years of practice before they took the leap to commit to one whole year of only eating locally, and they even made exceptions for say, coffee, during their one year of super strictness This is all a process peeps! So, want to see your garden sometime, and then you can come back over and visit with my chickens

  • RvE

    The CM team WAS magic until they ruined it by replacing AJ Cook with an inferior model and pretty much forced Paget Brewster to quit…..
    And yes, I know they saw the error of their ways in the end and offered Paget Brewster the option of coming back, but by then it was already too little too late.
    Delighted that JJ is coming back, but that magic will still be gone until Prentiss is back as well – and it will also be lost forever if Hotch and Morgan don’t stay, so get Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore signed up whatever it takes!!

  • D

    No Reid and no Hotch means NO CRIMINAL MINDS for me! I want to see the development of Reid’s headaches storyline but I don’t want to see him go away!
    Last season we fought for AJ and Paget, this season we fight for Thomas and Shemar, who is it gonna be next season? Matthew, Joe and Kristen? We shouldn’t have to do these things. The networks should know better than wait till the last minute to renew actors’ contracts and firing important people to the shows!
    As for Bones, I saw the promo and I think Brennan will tell Angela that she and Booth “slept together but nothing else happened”. After that, I will be banging my head against the walls!

  • BHM1304

    Watching “Damages” commercial free on The 101 has made me realize home much better this show is without awkward act breaks mucking up the viewing. Can’t wait for season four.

  • Linda

    MORE SUPERNATURAL SCOOP! PLEASE! am very sad about the wall coming down, these boys are suffering TOO much. but am looking forward to getting rid of this plotline. it’s a little been there, done that, only with lots more pain and suffering. these boys are supposed to be human right? can’t we stop lacerating them up for a season? loving the fun stuff and regular monster hunting. would also like to see some backstory on monsters on individual basis. Also, any chance of a love story for Sam? What’s happening with Lisa and Ben? Are they gone for good?

    • Jackie

      I believe there was a question about a love story for Sam in a previous spoiler room where the answer was that there were no anticipated love stories because Sam had been burned too many times. They also said there would be a wrap up to the Ben and Lisa story.

  • Kate

    i think the Modern Family tease is meant to suggest that someone (Gloria?) is going to have a baby girl – either that or Cam & Mitchell will adopt another

    • Ally

      I assumed Cam and Mitchell- since she said she was “tickled pink”? Cam- “I don’t love pink, Pink loves me” that or I guess Gloria could be having a little girl?

  • Leithen

    I think Bones has missed its window on Booth/Brennan to make it truly compelling. It’s almost as if the Hodgins/Angela relationship drama post-marriage was a trial run to see if they could actually write a together couple.

    Ask any married couple, there’s drama and dynamics after you’re together. It’s not all about the chase. I’m hoping that the producers on Castle recognize this,as I think if they could aspire to a true Nick/Nora type dynamic, that could be a very rewarding step.

    • Fridge

      As much as I love Bones I have to agree with you. After everything that’s happened between them since season five I just don’t really care anymore if they get together or not.

      • Inda

        Not to seem too cynical, but is it posisble that Fox (innovators in product placement that they are) has just framed this as a giant infomercial for eBay or something like that?I could see Murdoch’s minions coming up with a series called the Chauffer sponsored by Mercedes, or a RomCom about people working in a Hallmark store. About the only thing I can’t imagine is a House spinoff sponsored by the Lupus Foundation.

    • Ellie

      I agree, I finally lost interest in the Bones/Booth storyline early this season.

      • DaNy

        Thank you for your thoughts Jeanette! I toaltly agree with you I found myself doing other things while watching the dancers too. I had to force myself to concentrate at several points, especially when Alex or Billy wasn’t dancing. I enjoyed season three best of all too, and I’d really had hopes for this season with Alex at the beginning, until he got hurt. I don’t know why the judges never mention Danny. He was the best ever on the show in my mind. I hate it too when the judges alert you that something emotional is coming, and then they all cry over it afterward, and make you feel really cold-hearted if you’re not moved. And I’m almost never moved when everyone in the judges’ area and onstage is crying. It feels ridiculous. I feel like when someone sets out to emotionally move me, it almost has the opposite effect. I hate it when authors do that as well Anyway, I’m glad someone feels like I do about this show. I don’t really think it’s the format so much as it is the way the judges treat the audience and the dancers. And they need to try to get better dancers. The dancers from season three were seriously some of the best in the world in their respective styles. That’s why everyone loved season three so much

      • Venn

        Hi Ann-Charlotte, The prices you quote for the cards are inucacrate. They are in fact SEK 200 for the seven-month season if you buy online and SEK 250 if you buy from a Stockholm City Bike retailer. It’s not entirely clear on their website, but the three-day card is SEK 125 with no price differentiation specified for online or retailer purchases.Either way, even better value than you indicate in your post.Best regards, Nick Chipperfield

  • Jackie

    I both love and hate the end of the TV season. Love because it brings out some of the best episodes but hate because it means the new seasons are SOOO far away… I think my most anticipated finales are ‘Castle’, ‘Glee’, and ‘Supernatural’. During last night’s episode of ‘Bones’, they kept showing promos for the prom episode of ‘Glee’, and the same thought kept popping into my head – wouldn’t it be fun to see Rachel and Quinn sing “What Is This Feeling?” from ‘Wicked’ when the New Directions perform at Nationals? They sing very well together, so it would start out as a great duet and expand into a big ensemble piece.

  • Mike

    FYI its Ellie Kemper, not Kepner.

  • Matt W.

    Kudos to the Nightmare Before Christmas opening!

  • Ally

    Sandra- just that pic of Damon made my week- especially when he was fully clothed all last night. And Parks & Rec- someone dies?? hmm…

    • Green

      Bet you it is Lil Sebastian

      • Pan

        I was thinking Mayor Gunderson. We’ll see!

  • sam

    wut no scoop on 24?!?!?!?

    • chuck fan

      What about CHUCK????

  • DripPan

    After the last two season FAILNALES, I just wonder what stupid thing HH/SN will pull this year to keep B&B apart.

    ‘The Little Engine that Could’ has been a train wreck for a while.

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