Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger set to co-host 'X Factor'


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As expected, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger will co-host X Factor.

But here’s something unexpected: British TV host and personality Steve Jones, left, will be her co-host, replacing previous frontrunner for the gig, High School Musical co-star Corbin Bleu. Yup, along with Cheryl Cole, another Brit unknown to U.S. audiences on the show.

The news leaked in the UK press early this morning after a Scottish DJ Edith Bowman tweeted the news: “The Brits invade. Steve Jones is gonna host the American X Factor I hear. Well bloody done you Mr Jones.”

Sources say Jones and Bleu battled it out for the spot. After plenty of debate, a deal was struck with Jones in the wee hours of the morning. Still to come: The final X Factor judge announcement, which sources continue to indicate should be Paula Abdul. The hosts and judges preside over their first set of auditions tomorrow, so tick-tick-tick….

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  • Mel

    I won’t watch the show, but Jones is actually quite charismatic and cheeky. Could be a good fit.

    • TorontoTom

      Do they have a rehab program for Singing Competition Show Burn-Out? Sign me up…

    • Mise, Ireland

      I like him as a chatty lad on the things he presents but I don’t know how he’s come across when all he has to do is ‘Well done are the numbers…’. I wish him well, I was secretly hoping it would be Dermot though.

      • Tess

        I wanted Dermot too…I mean, if you’re going to bring in another Brit, why not go with the guy who already knows how the show goes?! He would certainly have made dealing with Nicole more tolerable (I personally cannot stand her). Don’t know the other guy to say if he’ll be able to do that.

  • Chris

    I love Brits so this is great news. Cat on So You Think You Can Dance really warmed me up to having Brits hosts those types of shows.

    • Zach

      Great point!

    • OHB

      I love Brits too… just not on every talent show in the US. The only show I can think of with an all American cast is The Voice. Imagine if British X factor was replaced with 2 American judges and an American co-host, you wouldn’t hear the end of it on the Daily Fail (mail)

      • Lisa London

        Actually, they have one Irish judge and one Australian judge on the British X-Factor and nobody cares!

      • kate middleton

        I agree. Nothing against Brits of course….but I think it’s getting a bit much when America’s Got Talent is 2/3 British judges, and US X Factor will be half British judges and half British hosts. I don’t see any American judges on the UK versions.

      • kate middleton

        Wanted to add that I adore Cat Deeley – she’s a fantastic host and really seems to care about her job and the contestants.

      • Altair

        You’re not wrong about that, but then everyone here already knows what a bunch of whingers they are over at that paper.

    • PN

      But they like the accents of the Brits on these talent competitions. It’s a hook to get people to watch. At least American Idol and The Voice don’t have it on their shows this year.

  • Natasha Champness

    Now there are going to be two Brits with thick accents – Cheryl Cole (Geordie) and Steve Jones (Welsh).
    I guess this means we should expect one or two of the following judges from the UK X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent to join the USA X Factor’s judging panel as well:
    Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh, Amanda Holden, Michael Mcintyre

    • Aaron

      Neither have thick accents, they just have accents, ones that most of us will have no issue understanding

    • Kris

      God not Danni Minogue!

      • Anna

        The one thing I like about Danni is that she’s not as skanky as her sister.

      • Matt

        Haven’t looked in the mirror recently, have we, Anna?

    • riche

      steve jones has a welsh accent but what some people seem to forget is he has interviewd thousands of american stars with out the aid of a translator. The only people who seem to have a issue with his accent are uptight southerners from the U.K what a big surprise

  • steve

    so is simon cowell not going to be on the show? i’m confused.

  • me

    Who cares

  • Zach

    Well, who wanted Corbin Bleu? Not even the fangirls.

    • AK

      And since when was he a “frontrunner” for the job? Was that news? Did I miss something?

    • dave

      Does Corbin Bleu have fangirls? I kinda doubt it…..

  • OHB

    Ok..OK what the hell with all the British people?! If they want to have British X Factor in the United States with the same judges (2 out of 4 from Brit X, and Paula from AI) WHY DONT THEY JUST AIR BRITISH X FACTOR IN THE US?!

    • Rachel

      Simon is a narcissist, self indulgent a-hole. He’s trying to make as much $ as possible by keeping the same judges and format by moving it the the gullible States.

  • Justin

    If anyone carried over from UK X-Factor, I really wanted it to be Louis Walsh, but I knew that never ever would have happened

  • Kevin

    PASS. The X Factor is going to FAIL big time.

  • PaulA

    Hugh Laurie is British, A.J. Cook, Joshua Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Stana Katic are Canadian, Anna Torv, Jesse Spencer and John Noble are Australian, I don’t see what the problem is with Steve Jones, Cheryl Cole or Simon Cowell being British

    • Rachel

      Are they hosts of talent shows? Didn’t think so. There is nothing wrong with anyone’s nationality and its ridiculous hat you are turning this into a my nationality is better/worse than yours. The X factor is a British TV Show that is coming to the US. Simon is deciding to bring on Cheryl Cole and Steve Jones. So 3 Brits and 3 Americans, end of story.

      • PaulA

        Read my post, I don’t have a problem with nationalities. I actually love that Simon, Steve and Cheryl are going to be on the show and I could care less where they’re from. They’re good at their jobs and that’s all I care about.

      • geez

        I’ll say it, I would prefer Americans. What does that make me? It makes me a person who does not want to struggle to understand what a person it saying. I have hearing problems anyway, I cannot differentiate when there are more than two sounds happening at once, so I want my life easier, so sue me.

      • geez

        is saying, not it saying, typo….sorry…

    • kate middleton

      Ummmm….actors in tv shows are a bit different than hosts and judges of talent reality competitions.

    • NedPepper

      Joshua Jackson is most definitely not British. He’s from Boston. He’s been acting since he was a child. Mighty Ducks? No?

      • NedPepper

        Ah, you said Canadian. Never mind. You may be right. Although I alway heard he was from Mass.

  • elle

    Cheryl Cole is one of the most annoying, patronising and hypercritical people in the Uk. She has the nerve to judge contestants on the show about how they sound and then mimes her way through her own song! Simon is her sugar-daddy and without him she’d only be known as a footballer’s wife who sings in a girlband. US you are welcome to her coz us Brits have had enough and thats why she’s off!

    • Hey Elle!

      In the US, we don’t know who she is. Say the word footballer here and you’ll get a puzzled look. The fact that she has a clean slate means that she has the chance to change whatever views are in her home country. We’re big on second chances here so I say give the girl another.

      • elle

        Thanks for your reply, it wasn’t patronising at all. You can give yourself a big pat on the back for giving people second chances and i honestly hope that you all take our so-called “Nation’s Sweetheart” into your own hearts coz then we won’t have to bloody put up with her any more!

    • Kate

      Iagree with us as a fellow Brit, but what confuses me is how the frick the US let her come on over and get a Visa with a criminal record, for a massive star i can see it being done but they dont even know who she is and theyve just bowed down and given her a visa, i thought the US was harder than that!

      • Ian

        I’m not familiar with Ms Cole or her background, but I’m guessing that the depth of Simon Cowell’s pockets had a lot to do with her criminal past not being as much of an issue.. I’m guessing that he probably has a stake in her career and is looking to make her famous on this side of the pond in order to recoup said investment… Just a guess.

    • Aaron

      Jealous much?

      • elle

        what a well thought out response Aaron. You must have had to sit down after all the hard work that went into that one. Well done you!

  • Wright Blan

    I clicked on this link thinking that the Steve Jones mentioned was going to be the guitarist of the Sex Pistols. It probably would have made things more interesting.

    • Tracy Murray

      I was thinking the same thing .

  • Allie

    The problem with Cheryl is that she’s not a very good judge. Nicole should have been a judge. In fact, I think that’s what will happen. Cheryl will flop, the Season 2 (if it makes it) Nicole will move from host to judge. Simon just needs to keep her sweet.

    And there may be many brits, aussies on US tv but most of them put on US accents. Cat Deeley and Piers MOrgan have done ok as they don’t have huge UK regional accents. I’m scottish and I have a huge problem listening to cheryl. I sometimes have to think “what did she say?”

    And I’m glad Cheryl won’t be on the UK X-Factor. It’ll be much more enjoyable without the Simon and Cheryl double act.

    • accents

      Here in the USA we have to deal with accents from all over the nation and all over the world on a daily basis, especially in certain industries like academia or high tech. it’s crazy – you can be in a meeting with 5 ppl and have to process 5 completely different accents. i watch Brit XFactor online and i’ve never had an issue interpreting cheryl or any of them. i couldn’t always tell with stacy solomon was saying, but other than that, no issues. USA is a land of imports and immigrants, and we’ve had multiple “british invasions” already, so I say, bring it on!

  • Tracy

    Borring!! I was actually looking forward to seeing Corbin doing something like this. Oh well maybe he’s got beter things in store.

  • John

    They should have hired Dannii instead of Cheryl. Unlike the other three judges on the UK X Factor, she’s brutally honest. She even criticise’s her own contestants.

    With Cheryl on the US version, all you’re going to get is Simon kissing up to her and saying she’s amazing.

    • Clarke

      Seriously. Dannii was the only judge with any commonsense for two years running.

    • kate middleton

      Ugh, this show is really sounding like it’s gonna be terrible.

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