Bristol Palin lands a reality show with Kyle Massey


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The country’s best known teen mom is getting her own reality show: Having boosted the ratings of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars into the stratosphere last year, Bristol Palin (who’s now actually 20) has made a deal with cable network Bio for a 10 episode series.

The Palin show will launch later this year and might be a success in the wake of hits like MTV’s Teen Mom and her famous mother’s caribou-capping Alaska on TLC. In the as-yet-untitled series, Palin will move from the 49th state to Los Angeles and bunk with her Dancing castmate Kyle Massey and his brother Chris, plus spend time working at a charity. So it’s sort of like The Hills — if you replace the hook-ups and club hopping with abstinence lectures and social work.

Bio, formerly the Biography Channel, is mainly known for its documentary profiles. The network been trying to drive down its median age in recent years and signing Palin could also help raise its profile.


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  • magreeda

    Something I hate (Bristol) and something I love (Kyle)…to watch or not to watch? This will be a hard decision!

    • Ken

      Don’t watch. Maybe then producers will finally get this no-talent Palin HO off the air

      • JT

        SNL will have a field day with this.

      • EricBrodin

        What are you, jealous?

      • EricBrodin

        I came out of the closet yesterday, and I’d really like to know where Kyle got her hair done. It’s soooooooo super! I need something to wear after the operation.

      • c jones

        the show sounds like 3’s company but she is Jack Tripper, and the 2 brothers are the 2 girls!

    • Strepsi

      Don’t watch it.

      • Loyalty

        auuuughhhh – I’m blinded by stupidity

    • HTC

      No one has profited more from an unintentional knock-up than Bristol Palin.

      • Alice

        Must be why she agreed to move in with two single guys.

      • Katrene

        Willow’s going to get jealous.

      • sara

        Seriously. Making a career out of getting knocked up, exploiting charities and proving once again she has no actual interest in being a mother to her child. Bristol Palin is sickening. How anyone can support this waste of space is a mystery to me.

    • wakeforce

      In other news, frequent EW poster, lori is having a heart attack. Her precious Bristol is living with a BLACK man! Shiver me timbers!

      • Mellissa

        He’s fat too! OMG!

  • UGH

    Next stop: Maxim or Playboy after the reality series fails.

    • Sadness

      Don’t for get Celebrity Rehab – Plastic Surgery addition.

      • quasitonic


        addition = something added onto something else i.e. “Tripp was an addition to the Palin clan.”
        edition = a version of something i.e. “I’m picking up this week’s edition of US Weekly to read more about Bristol’s reality show.”

      • AER

        You are my hero quasitonic.

    • EricBrodin

      I’ll buy those issues.

    • Matt

      What’s wrong with Bristol? I didn’t realize hipsters were against her. She’s cute, and seems sweet and apolitical. It’s reality TV anyways, it’s not like she nabbed a movie role in a Clint Eastwood movie or something.

      • HomerAk

        Who’s a hipster?!

      • sheppard

        Are you cereal? Hipsters? As for cute – the new chin helps…

  • crispy

    So that’s why she got all that cosmetic surgery

    • Reena

      I was thinking the same thing she really looks like she has had some work done…at first I thought weight loss from DWTS but her FACE looks so different now like they use to do to the women on the SWAN!

      • sarah

        so it’s not just me, then. that pic looks like a totally different person.

      • jp

        Yup, she had plastic surgery. And a kid. All before the age of 20.
        What a fine role model for the young women of America.

      • Kat

        Seriously. It’s like she got a chin implant and some lipo or jaw re-shaping or something crazy. It’s kind of a shame. I’m not a fan of Bristol’s reality show fame attempts, but honestly, she was very pretty before, and now of course she’s still pretty, but she just doesn’t look like herself. She looks much more generic.

      • Katrene

        She needs to demand a refund from her plastic surgeon. He lipoed the fat from her face, but forgot to lipo her fat lower half

      • Katherine

        You mean weight GAIN from DWTS, right?

      • !

        She knows how critical people are about looks. It’s a shame because she was perfectly fine before. Now it looks like she got a whole new head.

    • EricBrodin

      How do you know Bristol didn’t lose the weight in the hot Arizona sun?

      • @ Eric Brodin

        I live in AZ… we don’t lose weight like that (around the face WTF?), usually when it gets hot we say inside, blast the AC and not exercise. Oh and I live in a fit city too (Tucson).

      • Frank Anderson

        I never knew weight loss could make your chin longer… Idiot.

      • sgwa

        Tucson sucks, Eric.

    • Anne

      She definitely had her chin enlarged; if you watch video of her on DWTS, she has a very small very pointed chin that was buried in baby fat. Losing weight doesn’t change the shape of your chin.

  • Spike

    I’m so sick of this ho.

    • Theresa

      then why waste your time and read about her?

      • steve

        Because it’s fun to make fun of the retards who say, “Then why waste your time and read about her.”

      • oreo

        Don’t insult the mentally challenged by lumping Theresa in there with them.

  • Jester

    So from an actual wh@re to a media wh@re.. Looks like opening her legs is the smartest thing this fatty will ever do

    • McFudge

      That was disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Why do you think it’s ok to talk that way about someone? It isn’t.

      • oreo

        It’s sad but true.

    • sarah d

      She had sex with her highschool boyfriend, so did I. So because she got pregnant and I didn’t she’s filthy and I’m not? How does this judgment scale work?

      • Rachel

        BIG Difference Sarah (Palin?). You were responsible and didn’t produce offspring, while Palin did! People like Bristol make me wish that we took a “China” stance about children.

      • Pisces228

        Agree with you, Sarah. I’m so tired of people bagging on Bristol. She’s a sweet girl who’s just taking advantage of some opportunities being presented to her. She’s in no way trashy or a ho. She happened to make the mistake of giving her heart and body to someone she thought loved her . . . as countless teen girls do every day. Unfortunately, that life path didn’t work out for her. But life goes on. She has a beautiful son, and she doing the best she can to earn a living a make a life for them both. Good for her.

      • Pisces228

        Rachel, your statement is ignorant.

      • Art

        Oh, Pisces228. “giving her heart and body to someone she though loved her…” How precious and Taylor Swift sounding. Much better than “she enjoyed getting boned by the good looking high school hockey player while her mother the governor supported abstinence-only education.” The problem I have is her insistence that she is NOT a celebrity… meanwhile this will be the third reality show she has done. All while her family has trashed Levi for “cashing in” on opportunities that came his way.

      • Rachel

        Ignorant you say? LOL The Palin’s represent everything wrong with our society, and we are going to support these fools. GIVE ME A BREAK. If Sarah Palin wasn’t such a hypocrite, she would have helped her daughter get on birth control. Teen pregnancy is not fun, and she was lucky that she had $. The majority of people who have teen pregnancies don’t have the luxury of rolling in dough.

      • jp

        AMEN, ART!!!

      • Blerg

        No one ever said you weren’t filthy…?

      • Kat

        Hmmm this din’t post the first time. Perhaps I used a word that got filtered. Let me try again….
        I agree, Sarah. I didn’t have sex in high school, or (technically) even in college, though I had a long-term boyfriend who I later married…but I know lots of people do, and I don’t think they’re “wh@res” for it. It’s natural. Obviously, kids ought to be responsible about sex and they ought to limit their partners to reduce the various risks of sex…but a teenage girl accidentally getting pregnant is not unusual and it doesn’t make her a wh@re. I knew a perfectly lovely girl who got pregnant in high school. She was the kind of person no one would have expected to find pregnant, and I really admired her for staying in school despite her growing belly and the difficulties of being pregnant.

    • Amy

      @ Jester – Look, I’m just as sick of the Palin circus as everyone else is, but to call someone a wh@re for making a mistake in highschool is low. My understanding of the definition of wh@re is someone who sleeps around. Unless you have concrete proof that Bristol did this you should reserve your opinion. But, as your name implies, I am sure you were just trying to get a rise out of people.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        If she was a poor inner-city minority unwed teen mother, she wouldn’t have been thought to “giving her heart and body to someone she though loved her…” or “making a mistake in high school” would she? To Sarah and all the other Republican hypocrites, she’d be a tramp and a drain on the system.

    • EricBrodin

      Hey Jealousy!

      • amanda

        please do not associate a great Gin Blossoms song with this mess.

  • Kiki

    LA? All the folks around Arizona are breathing a sigh of relief

  • Toby

    Oreo cookie anyone?

  • charles david haskell


  • Skye Hill

    I look forward to never watching this.

    • kate middleton

      Yeah, this is so weird and random. No thanks.

  • Eshia

    Why did she do that to her face? I didn’t even recognize her. Maybe she needs to learn some self-confidence.

    • Pittner

      I always thought she was cute even when she was saying things I thought were dumb. Now she’s got that hideous plastic surgery face and now she’s just gross all around.

    • Pisces228

      On the family’s Alaska reality show, Bristol and Willow got into a conversation about facial features, and Bristol lamented that she “had no chin.” I guess Bristol was more self-conscious about it than she let on. It appears that she had a chin implant and some sculpting around her jawline. I don’t think she looks like a plastic surgery train wreck by any means, but she does look different than she did just a few months back. I think she had a decent surgeon do the work.

    • Katrene

      Bristol found a new hobby—-plastic surgery!!

  • Janizzle

    BOOOO!!! Run away, Kyle and Chris!

  • South Side

    I’d sooner wash my eyes out with bleach than watch a show with a Palin in it.

    • Theresa

      Better keep your tv off of that channel then, idiot.

      • LoveBug68

        No need to keep the TV off – just Fox news!

  • TPF

    Oh yea, Bristol is really a wonderful role model along with her mother.
    When you completely fail in life, you have a reality show.

    • LR

      I love who they insists she’s a “single mom”

      Pheck that, single moms usually aren’t pulling $$$$ for having a hack as a mom and being on TV

  • Ugh

    where is her kid gonna be?

    • Eshia

      Excellent question!

    • Rachel

      With his responsible dad

    • Kate

      This is exactly what I was thinking? She is moving to LA to do “charity” work, living with two single men (not that I object to either of the men, or the notion of mixed gender living arrangements), staring in a reality tv show (I’m sure, in theory, to make money for the son she loves oh so dearly) and what? Leaving the baby back in AZ? WTF Bristol Palin? (And I mean WTF in the phil dunphey kind of way.)

  • Elizabeth

    The Palins & the Kardashians…

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Q: Who are the 2 most horrible families being foisted on an undeserving nation. I’ll take Useless Media Wh0res for $400, Alex.

      • Rachel

        We totally deserve it. Look at the comments above made by Palin sympathizers. Can you believe these morons vote?! We idolize people who don’t deserve it, so I guess we deserve them to pollute our TVs. Meanwhile every other country in the world has their priorities straight…

    • sheppard

      I wouldn’t insult the Kardashians by lumping them with the palins! The Kardashians make no excuses for who they are and don’t constantly try to tell everyone else how to live and what to think – whilst being total hypocrites… hypocrisy – thy name is sarah…

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