Shawn Ryan lands new FX project, talks 'Chicago Code' closure, future plans ('The Shield' movie?) -- EXCLUSIVE


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The Chicago Code fans won’t get a second season, but they will have some closure when the cop drama’s finale airs in two weeks and creator Shawn Ryan has set up an intriguing new project at FX.

Creator Shawn Ryan tells EW viewers “will get an ending” to Code, that there won’t be an abrupt cliffhanger in the storyline that fans viewers hanging.

“I knew there was a decent chance we wouldn’t last,” Ryan says of the show’s renewal odds, “but I held out hope. I’m trying to take the positive view — I’ve been working nonstop since 1997 with only a couple breaks. I’m going to use this time to recharge, take the time to figure out what went right and what went wrong with [FX’s recent drama] Terriers and Chicago Code.”

In the meantime, Ryan has a promising new project in development at FX called Nickel, with Chicago Code writer Davey Holmes as showrunner and Fox 21 producing. Here’s the pitch: “Ex-con uses a self-help book to inspire him to become a better criminal.” The tone is said to be darkly comedic in the vein of Quentin Tarantino films and Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight.

Then, starting next month, Ryan’s new overall deal kicks in at Sony, where the prolific writer will start hammering out more projects. He’s potentially looking to expand beyond doing intense crime dramas for which he’s best known. “The next thing I do will probably not be a cop show,” he says.

That said, Ryan says a movie follow-up to his acclaimed FX drama The Shield is not outside the realm of possibility.

“Michael Chiklis and I talk about that at times,” Ryan says. “I’m always reluctant to talk too much about it in the press because I wouldn’t want to give fans false hope. But if the right idea at the right time came through the Fox movie division, we’d be open to it. I’m sure there’s a movie that could be made for a price that could made sense.”

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  • Steven

    I don’t really know what a movie based on The Shield could possibly be about since any major character that isn’t dead is in jail (minus Vic Mackey of course). But I would definitely be game for this. By far, the BEST show ever!!!!!

    • Von

      AMEN, Steve… AMEN!

    • DNM3

      Ronnie could def be out. He was a cop with really no mark on his record. Put away on the testimony of a dirty cop. It would get talked down in court, he’d get 5-8 yrs, serve 3. Vic would hafta be on the street for ICE, otherwise, there’s no movie. That’s all I got. What story there could be, who knows.

      • L2489

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      • L2489

        sick!! Weeds


  • Von

    God! I wish I had Shawn’s positive outlook and resolve in the way his creativity isn’t given a snowball’s chance to at least make the right impact. I guess if it isn’t the grittiness and shock-value of “The Shield” no one wants him to succeed. I’m still not over the loss of “Terriers” (not to mention the great “Lights Out”, so I’m hesitant to watch much on FX), but I do have complete faith in Shawn whatever he puts on my TV screen. I will follow this man anywhere.

    • Linda

      I’m pissed about Terriers and Lights Out too, but FX does have alot of offer…SOA, Justified, Archer is pretty cool…A Shield movie would be interesting…remember this is Hollywood, your not dealing with realities here, your dealing with Fantasy reality…I love the shows on FX, but I agree, it sucks to get involved in the stories and plot and then get it ripped out from under you….That’s Hollywood!!

      • L2489

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  • May

    I’m pretty upset at the Chicago Code being cancelled. It was a really good show that I throughly enjoyed, it’s definitively disappointing we won’t get any more of it.

    • Pat D.

      I *was* willing to let TCC go IF Lie to Me got picked up, and the reverse would have been a good 2nd choice, but now we have NEITHER. Grrrr.

      • May

        I know, I’m really bummed about Lie To Me getting canned too. Two of my favorite shows… Thanks Fox!

    • Anne

      Ryan, thank you for a great show, (Chicago Code), if only for one season. We never missed it…screw Fox…and we’ll follow whatever and wherever your next project lands. Great job.

    • L Keegan

      Chicago Code was one of the best new dramas to come to TV. What a shame that such an inovative, creative progam is being canceled. I am so disappointed with Fox. DAMN! I had such high hopes that Fox was going to turn the corner and provide really strong drama progams for intelligent adults.

    • Tajah

      Chicago Code was a great show. Sorry to see it canceled.

    • Bob

      Fox b***s. Hope everyone gets their fill of AI, Glee and X-Factor next year. Only saving grace is Friday night with Fringe.

    • L2489

      ALL RAIN


    • John

      Well if its not a dopey complete garbage reality shows like teen mom or my super sweet 16 it doesn’t have a great chance of doing good.

      • Proof Read

        Doing well. It’s so easy to get that one right. It’s like you don’t even try.

  • DTO

    Michael Chiklis was great as Vic Mackey, but I thought they wrapped it up pretty nicely. Yes, *SPOILER!*Vic is still walking around *SPOILER!*, but what’s really left to resolve? That being said, I’d either tune in or buy a ticket for it.

    • tvgirl48

      I totally agree. I LOVED The Shield, and think it got better with every season (with the exception of Season 4). But it’s not like it ended on a giant cliffhanger or unexpectedly. It had its time and actually had resolution. Just leave that great series be, a two-hour movie could never do it justice. The Shield was one of those rare shows that had a fantastic, satisfying, logical, well-done conclusion.

    • KEVIN

      Agreed, I would of course see a movie, but it is far from neccessary.

    • KwadGuy

      The Shield had one of the very best endings ever for that type of show. It didn’t seem forced, and it was nearly perfect for the characters. Vic Mackey in his own little piece of hell, even if he wasn’t in prison.

      That said, you had a full ensemble of interesting characters and I’d love to see where they all were 5 years on.

      • Yeah but

        Star Trek Voyager also had a fantastic, satisfying, logical, well-done conclusion. I mean, geez, where’s the love for that series?

  • Dexter

    I watched both shows, Mr Ryan. I loved both. And no I’m not being a kiss-***: I wasn’t a fan of the Shield.

    I figure NBC would have at least given The Chicago Code a second season. All Fox wants to do is reality and Glee.

    For some perspective, how is House doing?

  • chattypatra

    Mr. Ryan, there was nothing wrong with Terriers, and there certainly is nothing wrong with Chicago Code. NOTHING! Thank you for creating such terrific shows. I’m sorry that they keep getting cancelled but know that your fans appreciate your work.

  • Pat D.

    Nothing went wrong with Terriers other than FX canceling it, LOL.

    …oh, and the fact that there werent any photogenic people in the leads. Shame, really, that you pretty much need that to succeed nowadays.

    In other stuff, I *was* actually hoping any future Shield projects would be prequel-ish to show the rise of Vic to where he was when we started the 1st season. Doesnt sound like that would be the case with Chiklis involved, unless they used a LOT of makeup.

    • DTO

      It’s a shame that Jennifer Beals, a.k.a. the woman from FLASHDANCE, isn’t considered eye candy anymore, but she looks great for her age. Not Marisa Tomei/Diane Lane level hotness but still.

      It’s also a shame that a regular looking guy like the guy that played Wysocki(?) wasn’t thought of as a good lead. I guess you have to go to FX, where guys who look like Denis Leary can pull ladies like they are Brad Pitt. LOL

      • wsugar

        Shes no Vickey Long.

      • Pat D.

        I was only referring to Terriers not having photogenic leads. Beals is hot.

    • chemikalman

      A prequel that expands on the pre-pilot ep is a great idea.

  • Steven

    Most emotional season ender ever!!! After Shane blows up Lem with a grenade, “Lem I’m sorry buddy, but I had to right? I HAD TO RIGHT?!?” Straight up tears!

    • Pat D.

      Forrest Whitaker was utterly brilliant in that season.

      • Steven

        He really was. He could go from 1 to 100 in a split second and then became just as corrupt as them. When Vic and Kavanaugh fought, awesome!

    • DTO

      The most gut-wrenching thing I’ve seen in years was Shane’s journey back from the store in the season finale. Once he walked through the door in anguish and yelled, “Family meeting!” you knew something bleak and unsettling was going to happen. Chiklis was consistently awesome and surprising, but Goggins was the MVP of the final season, IMO.

      • Pat D.

        Walt is now owning Justified as Boyd Crowder. Underrated actor.

  • lisa

    Terriers was awful,Chicago Code was great as the Shield minus last season and the finale…

    • Sheila

      You. Are. A. Moron.

    • DTO

      Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but if you thought TERRIERS sucked and the last season of THE SHIELD–especially the series finale, which I thought was a better capper than the finales for THE SOPRANOS and THE WIRE (no disrespect to those great shows)–was subpar, then I just don’t know what to say. I’m just going to look at the computer monitor and shake my head at how misguided you are.

    • Paul

      It’s pretty hard to argue with someone’s opinion…but Season 7 was rated incredibly high by tv critics. The last two episodes were two of the best episodes of television ever produced. What didn’t you like about that finale? It was absurd…my heart was pounding…

  • Roger C.

    The Shield was terrible after season 2.

    • Steven

      Are you out of your mind?!? They only got better as time went on. Season 4 was by far the best.

    • Sheila

      The Shield was never terrible. It is a standard to base all shows upon. Flawless.

      • Steven

        Agreed 100%.

  • Craig

    Loved ‘Terriers’! I think the name might have thrown people off of it. ‘Chicago Code’ was very good. Problem was Jennifer Beals role.

  • rich

    The Chicago Code actually wasn’t a good show…very predictable, unbelievable dialogue not said in real life, almost cheesy sometimes…the EXACT opposite of groundbreaking The Shield, which had never been done before….what(besides the real Chicago locales & references) was new & groundbreaking about ‘Code’? In the age of shows like The Wire, Homicide, even(and its not my taste) CSI, how did code stand out from standard procedural cop shows?(and I’m from Chicago)…

    • A.T.

      o so u must know what makes good tv since your from chicago right? i really liked chicago code, it was turning into one of my favorite shows. i really liked the idea behind it. i’d say its more origional than most of the shows that keep getting ok’d for more seasons. but what do i know i’m only from kc

      • DTO

        I liked THE CHICAGO CODE, but it was a little hokey how they tried to conform to broadcast network standards by having a gritty, no-b.s. cop who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty or bust through a door but cannot abide cussing. That rang false to me, and their substitutes for they things they could clearly say on FX were always awkward sounding to me and reminiscent of the oddly clean street talk bandied about on NYPD BLUE in the ’90s. That was my only real complaint.
        Also, I don’t think Rich was saying that his opinion was better than anyone else’s, much less for the fact that he’s from Chicago. I think he just takes issue with the fact that this is a clean “gritty” show. Is Kansas City so bad that you have to be defensive about it, A.T.?

  • Sheila

    Terriers was great. These are great shows, no need for Ryan to figure out what went wrong; nothing did… creatively. What went wrong is that the networks aren’t promoting the shows enough.

    • Nicole

      The big question is, when the eff is Terriers coming out on dvd? I will definitely add Hank & Brit to my permanent collection.

  • deedeedragons

    I’m sure this will be in cinemas the same time as the Arrested Development & Veronica Mars movies: The 4th of never.

  • Art

    Chicago Code was a great show, the filming in Chicago gave the show such a distinct look and feel, plus the cast was top notch. I hate it when a great show just goes for one season, shame that FX didn’t pick it up.

    • Nial74

      I agree have the show on series link.

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