'Wonder Woman': Why NBC should (and shouldn't) order this series

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It was arguably the most-talked about pilot of the 2011-12 development season, but heavy buzz doesn’t mean an automatic pickup for Wonder Woman. For one thing, a lot of that talk was negative. (What’s with the disco-style leggings?)

Since NBC’s not expected to make an official decision on the pilot until Thursday (current rumor is that the chances are slim; here’s what the network has picked up so far), we’ve decided to lend a hand by offering reasons why the network should — and shouldn’t — order the reboot from David E. Kelley.

Why a pickup is a great idea:

–Name recognition. Nothing beats a project that already has built-in awareness. It’s hard enough to break out of the crowded pack come fall; the fact that everybody’s heard about the girl with the golden lasso is, well, pretty freakin’ golden.
–Picking up Wonder Woman will make it easier to cancel Harry’s Law, Kelley’s other low-rated drama that just wrapped its first season on the network.
–One of the first moves made by new chairman Bob Greenblatt was to order this pilot, so there’s probably some incentive to make it work.
–NBC’s fall schedule would be a lot more interesting with Wonder Woman on it, especially if it were paired with Chuck (easy, Chuck fans, easy…), or, if it gets a series order, the fairy tale drama pilot Grimm.

Why a pickup is a terrible idea:

–Test screenings had mixed-to-negative buzz.
–Fans seemed to dislike the costume. Was someone in wardrobe obsessed with copying Sandy’s pants from Grease?
–The cheese factor: Modern audiences take their superheroes seriously, and the ultra-kitschy Wonder Woman — a golden lasso? Bullet-stopping bracelets? — is a tough sell nowadays.
–Decades ago, when the concept of feminism was still a national debate, the idea of a “Wonder Woman” — a tough female action hero — was a novel idea. Since then we’ve seen Buffy, Ripley, Sarah Connor and a gazillion other girls kicking butt. Who needs a babe in blue go-go boots?
–With this season’s Hawaii Five-0 and Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica standing as notable exceptions, TV remakes have a rough track record (see: Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Melrose Place, etc).

What do you think? Should NBC order Wonder Woman tomorrow?

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  • Alex

    Wonder Woman is timeless. If it’s done correctly it could be a huge hit.

    • Q

      If done correctly, it’s a hit. Done incorrectly, it’s a major flop and dissuades networks from making shows in the comic/scifi/fantasy genres. Hold off until it can be done properly.

      • joblo

        Right. You can do Wonder Woman effectively – just look at Bruce Timm’s Wonder Woman animated film or her portrayal in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this NBC incarnation is doing it right – starting with the casting of WW herself.

      • Lisa London

        Animation is a different medium. Some things that do work in comics or animation will not in live action films/shows. This does not look very promising…

      • Meg

        “She’s a Greek Amazon Warrior. Why is she lassoing people like in the old west? Why does her costume leave every vital area exposed? Why do her colors match the American Flag? ”

        Spider-man has the abilities of a spider. Why does his webfluid come from his hands instead of his butt?
        Why does he wear blue and read and has a web pattern on his costume? I have never seen that in a real spider. WHy does he only have 4 limbs? See how stupid is trying to use real-world logic with superheroes? And trust me, we could ask many questions about ANY superhero out there. It’s ok to overlook logic and real-world verisimilitude with every male hero out there, but with Wonder Woman, it suddenly becomes an issue?

      • Steven B

        @ Meg: well first of all she has a lassor because the original character had one. And the American colors are red, white and blue, not red, white and gold.
        And this is an artical about Wonder Woman, not Spider Man.
        Get off your feminist horse. In case you haven’t noticed, these are FICTIONAL characters.

      • Meg

        What the hell is a “lassor” and an “artical”? And did you not notice that I was quoting the part about the lasso and the uniform colors? Next time, if you are going to act all smug with your corrections,make sure there us a need for correction and make sure you don’t have any mistakes yourself, moron.

      • @StevenB

        You mean “Get off your feminist high horse”, correct? Learn English, please…

      • m.

        I agree about your comment that we shouldn’t think too much about real world logic, but as Spider-Man fan, I must reply.

        Several (but not all) incarnations of Spider-Man use mechanical webfluid systems. The blue-red costume with web patterin is just his preference. I myself have always prefered Symbiote costume (black & white). As far as limbs go, there has been several storylines involving him becoming more spider like and growing additional pair of limbs…

        Of course if you want to dig deeper about reality vs. superheroes, then there is a classic hillarious essay by Larry Niven “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” that describes problems that Superman would face in having sex with regular human woman.

      • Lizzy

        I know I’m not going to watch…sounds likeit’s going to be stinky cheese!

      • SmellyClam

        I feel like Wonder Woman already HAD its reboot in the 90’s. Back when it was called XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

      • michele


    • Joan

      I truly hate the double and triple standards that some people exhibit. A golden lasso and bullet-stopping bracelets isn’t any more kitschy than a man that can crawl walls and shoot web fluid from his hands (Spider-Man) or a man who can freeze you with his breath and incinerate you with his eyes (Superman), or a man that has a belt that can produce anything from a boomerang to a friggin’ rappeling cord. And that argument that we don’t need WW because we already have Buffy and Ellen is absurd. Wonder Woman is THE female ass-kicker, the best-known superheroine, and the mold after which all others came. Should we stop making Superman or Batman films because we have had John McClaine and Rambo? Granted, this series totally craps on WW, but the arguments the writer gives as to why it should not be made are lame. It should not be picked up because it sounds like Wonder Woman in name alone. And what will make it crap is not any lameness inherent in the character, but the all around crappy elements that Kelley has gathered.

      • Brian

        Absolutely, totally agree. I would’ve been willing to see if this show could recover from the bad elements in the pilot and I’d still want to at least see it before passing judgment on it if they don’t pick it up, but a truth-telling lasso and bulletproof bracelets aren’t any more out there than a power ring or a guy dressing up in a bulletproof batsuit. In fact, this show probably would’ve been lighter-toned, which would’ve been an important step in diversifying super hero properties in live action. Not every superhero is buried in tragedy, and not every superhero movie should be dark and depressing with antiheroes instead of heroes. That’s especially important now that Smallville will be off the air…one less truly inspirational hero on screen.

      • Kris G

        Look, I like Wonder Woman for some of the same reasons you do, but there’s a reason it’s been so difficult to adapt her. Invisible jets and golden lassos are quite corny to most. To say they aren’t, that they are the equivalent to walking on walls or swing on webs or incinerate with eyes, that says you don’t get where that fine line is between willing suspension of disbelief and laughable absurdity. Freeze you with his breath, yes, that IS silly. Think about it: She’s a Greek Amazon Warrior. Why is she lassoing people like in the old west? Why does her costume leave every vital area exposed? Why do her colors match the American Flag? Simply put, the pieces have to fit together into a kind of logic. Wonder Woman unfortunately has all the trappings of a hastily put together knock off because of when she was created. Understand that over the years, a lot of the more absurd characteristics of certain heroes have been left behind. With Wonder Woman, they are still with her.

      • Kris G

        One more thing to illustrate my point… Brian put a bulletproof batsuit in with Green Lantern’s power ring. When the fact is, you could build a bulletproof batsuit if you wanted to. The Power ring? Does anything but is vulnerable to yellow? Pretty sure you can’t do that. And I have doubts that it will work on screen.

      • Squishmar

        Joan, that was probably one of the single-best posts I’ve ever seen. You articulated everything I was thinking but I couldn’t have expressed it half as well.

      • Tajah

        Amen, Joan! I think that Kris G has a point, though. WW’s abilities tend to be non-lethal and subduing, seeming “more suited” to a female character (when she was created, women were supposed to be feminine, submissive, kind, etc.). I think that is reason the invisible jet, lasso of truth dont really resonate today. We want a woman with POWER and strength able to kick real ass if necessary.

      • Julie Anderton

        Tajah, if you want a powerful woman in pop culture, then WW is about as powerful as you can get. Well, in the comics, anyway. She can go toe to toe with Superman, for crying out loud! Unfortunately, though, it seems that she’s been “powered down” for this TV series, probably to make her seem more “human.” Boo.

      • Allan

        KrisG, you seem to be part of the whole “she’corny” school of thought that has kept her from having an actual movie from the longest time. I absolutely agree with Joan, Wonder Woman’s accoutrements are as “corny” as everything in Spider-man or Superman’s arsenal. It’s just that they are more “accepted” because of their place in pop culture. In the 40s, WW sold as many comics as Bats and Supes, and sometimes she actually outsold him. But audiences are too jaded, and the industry too male-centric for a woman to be seen as anything but second tier, which sucks, because a well made WW film would be awesome. In the meantime, we get crappy films from crappy characters that should have never goten the big screen treatment before the iconic WW: Daredevil, Ghost Rider, even Iron Man, an alcoholic version of Bruce Wayne with bigger toys got his film before WW, who at the time was better known to mainstream audiences than Tony Stark.

      • Brian

        Green Lantern’s ring is alien technology, so for me, that immediately justifies it. Who’s to say what aliens could or couldn’t create? Same with Wonder Woman’s lasso, only the method is mystical rather than advanced tech.
        Superheroes live in a heightened reality where just about anything is possible. Yes, even Batman, who was fighting vampires in the comics just 5 issues into his existence and even before his origin was revealed.
        And if James Bond can have an invisible car, Harry Potter can have an invisible cloak, and countless sci-fi space ships can have cloaking mechanisms, why can’t Wonder Woman have an invisible plane?

      • Brooke

        I don’t think the argument was that we don’t need WW because we’ve had other female butt-kickers…the argument is that we don’t need this “babe in blue go-go boots.” This version of WW is a step backward in terms of female toughness.

      • ravenlord

        Well said Joan! After reading some of the other comments it seems most people have already dismissed Wonder Woman as to cheesy or passe which is just RIDICULOUS! First of all for those of you trying to make her abilities seem rather comical everything she’s been granted was done so by magical mystical means. Gifts from the Greek gods and goddesses. A lasso of truth is still a very unique non lethal weapon and in some cases has been used by Wonder Woman as a pretty effective whip. Bracelets that deflect bullets (when crossed together form an impenetrable force field around her and whoever she is protecting) forged from the shards of the goddess Athena’s Aegis shield. How is that corny? Her costume was also forged by the smithing god Hephaestus and considering she was to be an ambassador to the United States it was noted that she should wear the colors of freedom. In respect to what her costume covers as an amazon warrior it doesn’t cover any less than what a traditional amazon warrior might have worn back then it’s just a little flashier and less “Greek”. But again this is a fantasy story NOT something that’s based out of reality. So why is it that people can’t seem to wrap their heads around that? You can accept a man in a bat suit and cape or a man from another planet who’s built like steel but you can’t accept a character who was created out of magic? Awfully stupid disconnect there folks. Where the heck is your imagination?

        The biggest problem that I see with David E. Kelley’s pathetic attempt at Wonder Woman is that, like those of you who are so dismissive of her as a character, David E. Kelley has NO appreciation for who she is or the pop culture history she stands for. It’s sad that in this day and age a major character like Wonder Woman is taking a back seat to every other super hero simply because she’s female or her origins are too “fantastic” for people to accept. It’s sad that David E. Kelley is being allowed to destroy her the way he’s about to. I certainly hope that whoever is handling the Wonder Woman movie does her character justice and brings all us true fans of Wonder Woman the proper movie we’ve all been hoping to see. It can be done but it needs to be done by people who care about her story and her character not some hack story teller like Kelley who only knows how to craft neurotic and uninteresting characters.

      • NBC SUCKS

        Well said Joan! Wonder Woman and her magic lasso is no more cheesy then Spider-Man flinging webs or Batman with all his Bat toys. If we weren’t talking about a female hero nobody would be saying a god damn thing! And that’s the truth. Females never get the same respect in these projects. Look at Catwoman. Treated like a joke. There is always an excuse. First a movie would need to be made for the proper audience. Guys, comic nerds like myself, and 13-30 year olds. Get the correct cast and writing and it would be a hit. If Megan wasn’t such a witch about WW then Megan Fox would be perfection. Not to mention all the guys would be at this movie even if they cared nothing about Wonder Woman. Get Channing Tatum as Steve Trevor and you get the female audience attending. All movie goers don’t have to be fans if you have the actors who will pull in the crowd. Just make sure they can pull the roles off. Get a writer that knows Wonder Woman’s story and her adversaries. Then you got your Wonder Woman movie. Cheetah would be an incredible movie adversary just make her morbid as was done with Scarecrow and Joker in the Dark Knight. I see no excuse on the planet why the heck this can’t happen? Oh wait, we are wasting film on a David E. Kelley’s TV scrap. OUTRAGED! I’m sure all the life long Wonder Woman fans from the Carter era will all be old or dead before we get our live action movie.

      • not a fan

        It would have to be rebooted COMPLETELY a la smallville. Clark didn’t wear a suit at first. He didn’t fly. They tried to make it organically fit the new millenium. You would have to do the same thing with Wonder Woman. And considering that they already had her in the costume in the first ep, organic it was NOT going to be. I love the kitsch of the original shows. My friend got them all on DVD a couple years back and we enjoyed them immensely. But that would not play in today’s market

      • IgotBupkis

        I agree with “not a fan” — if you’re going to do this you have to do it correctly, and Smallville is as close to a correct model for doing it as there is. It even took Smallville several years to get actually GOOD, but it was acceptable as it found its way towards Superman.

        The closest other successful example is “Lois and Clark” — which didn’t really feature Superman as the lead, but focused on the relationship between L & C. Supie was the backstory.

        EVERYTHING to do with this show smelled to high heaven///// Sorry, “Mount Olympus”.

        I mean, really, come on. HEELS?

        Look at Supergirl in the comics. Her boots are just like Superman’s — NO HEELS.

        I find it amazing women can walk in them, much less dance (and I concur, they can make a woman more attractive and appealing) — but if you’re going to FIGHT, you’ll need to take them off first.

    • Liz Lemon

      True if done correctly, but it doesn’t look like they’re doing it right. They should have put her in the new, updated Wonder Woman costume with the jeans and what not. The suit she’s wearing is lame and cheesy. And the actress they cast isn’t right at all. They should have gone with someone like Jamie Alexander.

      • KEVIN

        “If done correctly” is such a relative phrase; no matter how it is done, there are going to be ditractors and in this day and age hate spreads like wildfire and “backlashes” are created before a second of footage is seen. I have no preconcieved notions of WW since I am not a comic book reader(but love comic book movies) and am too young to be familiar with the Lynda Carter series, so a Buffyfied version of WW would be welcome from me.

    • meli

      Key phrase: If done correctly. Going by that terrible outfit though, they seem to want to stick with the cheese.

    • Shellibelli

      Iim a huge WW fan and a female. and I just dont think that it can be done right in a series or a movie.

      The dvd cartoon one is awesome though!

    • Rob Mars

      Yes, if done correctly, it works. That starts with casting, which in turn means putting someone in the role able to convincingly play the amazonian superhero of our age. They didn’t do that here. I wouldn’t be so concerned about the supposed “corny” stuff as them missing the mark on casting.

      • Ana

        That’s my problem too. I’d have thought they’d have gone more athletic or at least Amazonian. Instead they got a woman with an obvious boob job and dyed hair who barely looks like she can open a jar of pickles without help.

      • Rob Mars

        Spot on, Ana – the wimp factor is just too much to take. It’s hard to imagine what they could have been thinking. Tasked with finding the new Wonder Woman for 2011… they settle on a skinny blond? Makes no sense. By the way, I love the “jar of pickles” thing. Hadn’t thought of that one. lol

      • Frankincense

        Hmmm, a skinny blond that doen’t even look like she could open a jar of pickles but kicks a lot of ass? Absurd, we’ve never had a character like that! *cough* Buffy *cough*

        Isn’t Wonder Woman supposed to be magically empowered too? Judging the choice of actor shouldn’t be based too much on look but acting ability. I’m not familiar with her, so if she’s terrible then it was a bad choice, to state the obvious.

      • Frankincense

        Ok, she dyed her hair from blond to black, my bad. I still stand by my points though.

      • Rob Mars

        Wonder Woman isn’t Buffy. Different character entirely, one rather more comparable to Superman. And while Superman actually gets his powers from the sun, you don’t want to see him portrayed by a squirt. Additionally, it’s not a basic either-or question, ie, you can find someone with acting ability and the right look. Thus your argument doesn’t wash with a good many potential viewers. They expect Wonder Woman to look the part, rightfully so I think.

      • IgotBupkis

        >>> a woman with an obvious boob job

        I’ll presume that’s a clumsy push-up and not a boob job, until someone provides proof otherwise.

        Hint: If you’re going to cast Wonder Woman, you’ll need to pick a woman who doesn’t need her chest pleated to give her cleavage. Even when you don’t plan to show the cleavage.

        It’s got to do with a concept called the “Heroic Ideal” in comics.

    • Jethro

      I wouldn’t consider Harry’s Law to be low-rated. It consistently ranked in the top 25 shows every week.

      • Simon Jester

        Agreed… nor do I think that picking up WW would make it “easier” to cancel Harry’s Law, since it would anger David E. Kelly.

    • Matt

      Does anyone know what happened? According to the article, they were supposed to make a decision today.

    • myangeldust

      This is not such a tough sell. Thor could’ve tanked but they wrote out the Norse lore and replaced it with “an advanced civilization worshipped as gods by ancient peoples”. Wonder Woman could have been sold along the same lines with all her accessories being hi-tech, not magical. Luckily, NBC stopped it before David E. Kelley had a chance to ruined it.

    • wonderfan

      Done correctly a film could be an AMAZING hit. It’s just finding somebody to do Wonder Woman correctly as Stanley Ralph Ross did back in the 70’s after the Cathy Lee Crosby mess. That should have been the lesson learned not to change this character. I’m sad we will not being seeing a live action Wonder Woman but I’m glad that we will not have to see this version by NBC. Now, “Batman: Brave and the Bold” airing tomorrow on Cartoon Netwrok with Wonder Woman’s first appearance looks out of this world with classic 70’s theme from Lynda Carter’s show. I can’t wait!!! After seeing the clip somebody out there knows how to please Wonder Woman fans. I advise all to watch Friday evening. I believe she is only in the opening of the Batman series but it is well worth the watch. AMAZING!!!! I hope she winds up with a series similar to this style in animation. It would be so much easier to do. I was floored when the WW theme started playing. Great cartoon appearance.

  • Ryan

    As much as I love Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights has left a ‘they can’t be bad even in crap’ mark on every series regular IMO), from what I’ve seen and heard, don’t make this a show. Give the slot to 17th Precinct.

    • Allison

      I’d rather her be free to be in something more interesting

  • Lori

    YES YES YES!!!!

    • Adwina Lambert

      I should play Wonder Woman!! tee-hee!!

  • epenthesis

    Kelley is such a bad choice for this project it isn’t even funny. Let it come back in a few years with someone who understands the character and isn’t trying to force her into the Ally McBeal mold.

    • Kat

      In the words of Randy Jackson (god help me), ONE BILLION PERCENT YES!

    • Tajah

      This. Kelly is the reason this project will fail.

  • Paul

    I’d rather see WB and DC do a Wonder Woman movie. I feel like the negative buzz surrounding the pilot might stall anything that may or may not be in the works.

    • Brian

      A TV series would be better for most superheroes than a movie because, while the effects might suffer, they have the time to fully explore the mythology, and movies can’t really do that. Of course, not all TV series get to run their full length, but neither do all movie franchises.
      But this was probably the wrong team working on WW.

  • Anna

    Cancel Harry’s Law for Wonder Woman? See this is why I have no respect for critics; especially those who defend shows with even lower ratings. (Friday Night Lights, Chuck and Fringe to name a few.)

    • Flip

      Fringe and Chuck are filet mignon compared to the DOG FOOD that is Harry’s Law. Just because they have lower ratings doesn’t mean they are lower n quality.

      • Anna

        Save the dog food for Anna Torv. Woof!

      • Shaun

        Anna, you’re an idiot. If you think Anna Torv’s unattractive you need to have your head examined.

        As for Fringe’s ratings… It’s doing well for being on the lowest-rated night of TV watching. AFOX needs a show that an audience will actually watch on Fridays, and they have it.

        Further, the old ratings system is outdated. Factor in DVR viewing, which spread over the next seven days, and the ratings increase by more than 50% apparently. There’s also DVD sales to consider, streaming (which creates revenue via online advertising), iTunes, the sponsorship deals the show has with Sprint and Ford, and FOX has Fringe reruns in the Saturday late night slot, which costs them nothing and it’s pure profit on the ad revenue. The show is creating a lot of different revenue streams. Can’t say the same about Harry’s Law.


    Chuck + Wonder Woman = NBC GOLD

    • Cris

      Chuck’s already got a wonder woman. He calls her Sarah

  • Flip

    You forgot the main “bad idea”: This is NOT Wonder Woman!!! Wonder Woman does not run her own cosmetics company, for chrissake! I hope this pilot never sees the light of day.

  • Captain

    I love Adrienne Palicki but does she really need to be 0-2 in the Pilot department? Lets give her a project that doesn’t suck, kay?

    • Chris

      Sorry but Lone Star did not suck. It was just not given a fair shot.

      • myangeldust

        Kinda sucked.

  • Albert

    As a long time subscriber to the print edition of EW, I must disagree with this. Harry’s Law is a good, original idea (lawyers office/shoe store), the Wonder Woman rehash will go the same way the Bionic Woman rehash did. Lead actress in the Bionic Woman rehash was good in “Eastenders” though!

  • MWeyer

    I’m hoping if it gets picked up, they have the sense to dump Kelly and get Gail Simone or someone else who understands the character.

  • Big Bad Voodoo Lou

    The way the WW show was described (working gal Diana tries to balance an important job, a superhero career, and a social life) sounds like classic David E. Kelley, but all wrong for WW. However, it would be the perfect premise for either Marvel’s She-Hulk (a lawyer, no less!) or DC’s Power Girl.

    • Brian

      Or, make the lead character male and Kelley would be perfect for a Daredevil series.

  • Hoboken Wonder

    I have to agree with my fellow fanboys. This dog don’t hunt. As a comic fan, I don’t even want this seeing the light of day. It looks cheesy and reminiscent of the Bionic Woman re-boot (which I did watch). David Kelly is wrong for this project. This costume is wrong (yet oh so right in some areas, hubba hubba).

    I agree with Ryan..show more love to the 17th Precinct (Ron Moore mystic cop show) and pair it after the FINAL season of Chuck.

    • kc

      hubba hubba! awesome… I almost choked on my salad…

      I really, really, really want to keep the hope alive for this WW show – I’ve been waiting for a movie for so long… if this is a crappy tv show, and I will watch it to see what it’s like, I will be very disappointed. Wonder Woman is a compelling character, if done right. To me, she is the archetype for the characters I regard as strong females – Buffy, Sidney Bristow, etc. and she deserves better than a fluff piece.

      • myangeldust

        He-he, you said “fluff”.

    • onestell

      @Hoboken Warrior … FINALLY someone says it … David E Kelley is the WRONG person to head this project!

  • edgar

    They should not order it. They picked the wrong actress. It should have been Nadia Bjorlin. She was passed over. And that was there down fall. I don’t care how good of an actress Adrianne is, Nadia had the look and she is a pretty good actress.DEK got it wrong.

  • chocolateislove

    I don’t think they should. They tried to remake Bionic Woman, and look what happened to it. Some TV shows should be left alone. On another note, when are we getting the Wonder Woman movie?

    • Cris

      The Bionic Woman reboot could have been pretty good. The biggest problem with the show was that the main character was utterly dull and lacking in character, and the only really interesting character was Katee Sackhoff’s evil bionic woman, who didn’t get nearly enough screen time.

      • myangeldust

        Bionic Woman didn’t have a premise. Scoop up this girl and force her to fight as a black ops agent. Srsly? Just watch Nikita. (I mean the new one NOT the one with the scary blonde robot.)

      • Steve Trevor

        What bionic woman was missing and what killed the show. No cheesy sound effects. They made the original. You must incorporate the past to have a success. Wonder woman will be the same. She is loved and fans feel vested in their heroes and take it personal. Take time and do the research and it will be great. Keep the updates to ww simple and practical but true to her story. One can imagine a hero would evolve with the times. But basic elements have to stay mostly the same or you lose everyone. I look forward to the tv or movie that is awesome if it’s possible.

    • myangeldust

      The original was just as crappy. In fact, I don’t think the Lynda Carter show was all that great. I think it was old dude’s first sighting of boobs on TV.

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