Haley Reinhart on the 'American Idol' judges' criticisms: 'I'm not going to crack'


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Haley Reinhart has a message for Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, the American Idol judges who have for two weeks running laid into her with more direct criticism than they have with any other contestant in weeks: "I'm not going to crack," Haley told a group of reporters backstage after the Wednesday night performances. "As much as they might want me to, or try to [get me to], or whatever it is, I'm not going to. I think they know I can be very strong-willed and everything else, and that's why they gave [the criticism] to me. I mean, they did tell me, 'We know what's in you so we do this to you because we [makes grunting noise]

you can take it, and we want everything that’s inside of you come out.’ You know, I take that in stride. I realize it, accept it.”

When someone noted that Haley looked downright mad after Randy and Jennifer questioned her decision to sing Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” as the song that inspires her, Haley didn’t hesitate to share her feelings. “Yeah, man, I mean, come on, everybody else gets good feedback,” she said, clearly a bit exasperated. “They really let me have it. They don’t hold back with me, never have and never will. Yeah, I got a little upset because that song is just downright inspiring and emotional, and it’s beautiful. So, no matter what, that [criticism] hit me to the heart. Got me a little bit. Hey, it’s a show. We’re doing what we can, and I’m staying strong here.”

Haley wasn’t the only one who was less than thrilled with the judges’ criticisms, either. “I wasn’t a happy camper about that,” said Lauren Alaina, who was seated with Haley and fellow contestants Scotty McCreery and James Durbin. “That made me a little ill. Because Haley” — she turned to Scotty and James — “I’m sorry guys, but Haley has the best voice on this show, and she gets the most criticism. It’s just, like, I deserve a lot more criticism than she does.” At this point, Haley began to redden: “Oh wow. You’re very sweet.” Lauren wasn’t done, either. “I’m Haley’s number one fan,” she continued. “I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over again.” Finally, Haley’d had enough, her face disappearing into her hands: “Stop! You’re making me blush! You are really cute, thank you. That was really, really, really sweet.”

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    Toodle-oo, Haley…

    • Haley aint sh*t

      Haley…GET LOST!

      • cheryl

        GO HALEY!!!!!! One of the BEST voices on idol

      • Haley will win!!

        Haley for the win. Lady Gaga said it best when she told Jimmy: she is gonna kick as* out there. And Haley did!!

      • Joe Strummer

        It’s not that the judges criticize Haley. It’s that that’s all they do. She is on a different standard than the other contestants. I don’t know if they think the other contestants can’t take it or what, but because of it the only near “idol moments” are given to us by Haley.
        To Paraphrase REMEMBER THE TITANS –”Simon was a mean cuss but he was a mean cuss to everyone.” and “the judges aren’t doing these kids any favors by coddling them.”
        When Jacob left he actually thought he will have a recording contract waiting for him. What record company would want him. No one wants a gospel artist that can’t carry a tune and that has to scream into the Mic any chance he gets.
        If Lauren is so fragile, maybe this isn’t the business for her. ANY criticism and she starts blubbering like she can’t take it.
        Someone needed to call Durbin out on the Journey thing. Not only was he sucking up to Randy (Really Durbs?) but the song has been done much much better on Glee and if you are not bringing the emotion it had there, don’t bother with it.
        Oh, I’m also sick of Randy namedropping Journey all the time. He’s not on any of their albums a s a bass player. I mean did you play bass with them once when they were in a crunch because their usual bass player broke his hand or something? Oh, and Randy, Journey and Aerosmith are not the greatest rock bands in the world and Steven Tyler would actually agree with you. Journey probably is not even on my list of top 2000 rock bands of all times so shut up about them already.
        I tried to vote for Haley all night last night but it was always busy. Either that’s a good thing or a conspiracy to keep her from getting votes. I don’t know.

      • creative

        Haley Reinhart is more creative and smart than the others. I found it hilarious when Lauren Alaina said her first song has to do with the tornadoes in the south. Anyway by Martina McBride is a soul searching song about overcoming fears. So what are you talking about Lauren?

      • judges suck

        David Cook wrote this on his Twitter last night–Catching up on tonight’s idol. These judges are getting somewhat infuriating.

      • ST

        @creative, the lyrics of Martina’s song “Anyway” that Lauren sang say, “God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good. When I pray, it doesn’t always turn out like I think it should. But I do it anyway.” Also, it clearly talks about how “You can spend your whole life building, something from nothing. One storm can come and blow it all away. Build it anyway.” It was actually pretty fitting.

      • haley fan

        do I detect a hint of JEALOUSY????

      • picasso007

        Haley aint sh*t…Shut your Pot hole..it’s funny you’re wearing her name out on your profile….I see your man fell for Haley too…jealous

      • Bonnie Half Elven

        @Joe Strummer FYI, Randy Jackson was the bassist on Journey’s 1986 album, “Raised On Radio.” I mean, if you’re going to insult someone, at least get your facts right.

      • LMNOP

        Haley has come the farthest since the beginning. Not sure why the judges are being harder on her than the other contestants, but it’s obvious they are. Lauren is good, will do good, but she has a bit of growing to do–not a bad thing to say about a 16 year old. I wish her nothing but the best.

        Scotty has done hardly any growing over the course of the season. Same since day one. He’s going to win because of all the teenybopper girls who get on their cell phones & text his votes until voting closes–probably thousands of votes per girl get through. Scotty does not deserve to win, but he will.

        The good news: historically on AI, there’s very little correlation between winning the show & more than fleeting success after the show. All of the final 5 or 6 contestants will be given shots at careers. Good for them!

      • Monster

        I wont watch Idol now that James Durbin and another fave stefano were eliminated. Im disgusted lauren still with the competition. i wont watch nor buy her album too.

      • Ravie

        @Joe Strummer, you don’t know squat about Jacob. How dare you say that Jacob thought he’d have a record contract waiting. Did he tell you that? Are you in his head? And for your information he had one of the best voices on this season’s Idol. Everybody thought that James was so great, probably better, and he’s gone just like Jacob. And he cried like a baby too (not that I don’t like him, but if you say Jacob is a screamer, then so is James). And Jacob took his loss like a man. He sang his whole song, in tune. James was blubbering and his vote-off song was all off-key. I’m sure Jacob will get to work with someone who can help him to curb what you all call “screaming” and when he gets that contract, hope you have enough juice to help you swallow and eat your words.

      • Joe Strummer

        @ Bonnie Half Elven

        Randy was never the real bassist for Journey. He was a SESSION musician on the album which means he was never really part of the band. It was also way way past Journey’s prime in the late 70’s and early 80’s when they had their hits. Randy never played the bass on Don’t Stop Believin’. Ask Neal Schon if he thinks Jouney ever had Randy as a Bassist. I bet the answer will be no.

        He also said Journey was the best rock band next to Aerosmith. Hello, have you ever heard a band called The Beatles, or The Rolling Stones? How about Led Zeppelin? I think even Steven Tyler would agree that those bands are better than Aerosmith. Randy — Shut up!!

        You may be a good bass player but stop acting like you’re the mastermind behind Journey.

      • Cat Domain

        @Joe Strummer

        Randy Jackson played bass for Journey on the tour for Raised on Radio in 1986/87. I was there – saw him and his flat top with my own two eyes. I love it when people speak like such experts and don’t even take the time to fact check.

      • ali

        Are you tone deaf????

      • WooHoo94

        wow. Hater? :/

    • I think it is fake also

      I think it is fake. No one is that mean. I think that Idol wanted to get a girl into the top 2 because no girls no make it. So if you “play up” that the judges are mean to her IDIOTS AND DOPES will start to vote for her out of pity and anger. That is how it works on sheep. It is called Reverse Psychology

      • Squishmar

        And someone who posts the same thing over and over and over again ad nauseum is called obsessive-compulsive.

      • fairness

        Randy and Jennifer treat her like she is dumb. The way they treat her could get her eliminated. Shame on the judges.

      • RK

        No one is that mean? Simon?

      • catdaddy

        Simon could be mean, but he was that way with everybody.. He didn’t pick on a good singer and give a bad singer a free pass.
        Simon would have ragged haley a bit over the first song, but he would have acknowledged that it was an “inspirational” pick. He would not have let Scotty get away with that stupid rendition of the 911 song or whatever that goofy crap he threw out there for his second song! No Way he would have let that pass!

      • shawnuel

        “He (Simon) didn’t pick on a good singer and give a bad singer a free pass.”

        Catdaddy, meet Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox.

      • Zakry

        Sorry conspiracy theorists, but I completely understood what Randy and Jennifer said to Haley. “The Earth Song” is a great song, but was it the kind of thing that is going to inspire people to vote for you? Maybe a better known song would help with that. And, yes, she was kind of screamy at the end.

        And remember when some of you were complaining that the judges weren’t being harsh enough (don’t you feel silly for that now)?

      • Kirsten

        @Zakry, you miss the point. The complaint is not about the Judges beign harsh or that their word weren’t true. Rather it’s that the judges and not constistant and only judging the performace of one contestant and praising the rest despite the fact that the other contestants performances left allot to be criticized.

        So if you gonna delivery criticism at least do the same level of critique to everyone. That is why no one is complaining about Steven’s comments because they are always consistent even if he may not always be right. And I believe Steven noticed the bias in the other judges and was forced to jump in and defend her.

      • mitaak

        @Kirsten, I think you nailed it. Steven’s criticisms have been fair, but all these judges wear their hearts on their sleeves. I think that when (as much as I love Jennifer Lopez) Randy and Jennifer felt intimidated to an extent and didn’t know what to say. Jimmy Iovine and others see the potential in Haley. She’s just a different kind of artist than they (Jennifer and Randy) are.

    • haley fan

      in your dreams, LOSER!

    • vbdrsd

      Sorry, Randy? What was that again?

    • P

      Haley is winner. I love her. The best voice left on the show. GO GET ‘EM HALEY!!

    • Davida

      Haley has a sensational voice! Totally SIK. The sexest contestant to EVER step on to the Idol stage. Haley Rules

  • Dave

    I wasn’t a huge fan of her first performance (mainly because I think her distinctive growl, which I love, isn’t suited to that song), but she didn’t deserve the beatdown the judges (minus Steven) gave her. I’m so sick of Randy.
    Last week, it was worse. They tore into her for picking an unknown song even though she sang it perfectly. It was ridiculous, especially since they had just called Jacob one of the best AI singers ever after he butchered that Jordin Sparks song.

    • Paisley

      ditto that

    • me

      Agreed. But to be honest, no one did a good first song so at least spread it around.

    • Leahei

      Just imagine standing there being critisized like that by JLo-someone who would have never even made it to Hollywood week! We have watched her “perform” -lip-snyc- twice now.
      The problem is the judges only critisize Haley-everyone else gets a pass and are praised for doing the same thing Haley does. A girl can only take so much. I hope she is strong enough to not be broken by what those judges say. I love that Steven has the stones to call them out.

      • may

        maybe because she was a wildcard and she made it to this part of the competition. steven would really stand for picking her from the wildcard.well, she really fought her way up – she’s been in the bottoms many times too consider – but she’s still surviving! what else will the judges do?

      • Squishmar

        I don’t understand, May… Haley was not a wildcard. Ashthon, Naima and Stefano were the three wildcards.

    • Amie

      Did anyone find it weird that he said “I don’t think that is a good song” when talking about a Gaga song…does he want to be killed by little monsters. And then critiquing a Michael Jackson song, again does he want to be killed by MJ fans?

      • Davida

        HAHAHAHAHA thats fricking awesome.. I got a great visual on that one

    • CandaceTX

      yeah, they razz her about singing an unknown song (by the most popular singer on the planet, mind you) but slobber all over James when he does things like 30 seconds to Mars and Heavy Metal (Sammy Hagar).

      I’m cool if they criticize Hailey, but when that seems to be all that they do, it is not fair.

      Good to see that the other contestants can see it too.

    • BruceMpls

      If you re-watch Haley singing the song, you will see Randy swaying and bobbing his head to the music like it’s great. Then, Jennifer spoke and Randy, as he always does, followed the lead of someone else. The last time Randy had an original thought his mother spanked him and he was given quiet time in the corner.

      • Ravie

        Bruce, so funny, that Randy comment. Hill-lay-rius! hahaha

        But I so agree. Randy seems like he’s afraid of JLo and afraid to voice his own thoughts. I think those judges need to be replaced (well with the exception of Tyler, he’s cool, although he can be a bit too nice sometimes, but he’s still better than JLo and Randy any day). I thought Randy was going to step up after Simon left, but he just found someone else to lead him by his you know what.

    • Troy Soldier

      @Dave. Exactly. Also, the judges’ criticism of Haley would be acceptable if they spread it all around. I liked James, but “Don’t Stop Believing” was pure karaoke. Scotty’s first song was long and boring (not to mention shamelessly pandering), and his second was just plain stupid. Lauren is good, but she runs out of breath quite often. If the judges gave everyone the equal amount of appropriate criticism, no one would complain.

    • Davida

      I have watch her performance over and over on that song (all of her songs actually )and she was amazing. I really dont care what the judges say I make up my own mind and she was passionate and sexy and she is so level headed… that Jackson song rendition was beautiful

  • Esther

    Wow Lauren that was a very sweet thing to say. She didn’t have to. Love both girls. I hope they both make it

    • me

      Lauren, stop with the aw shucks poor me.

      • haley fan


    • DC

      Yes….never a big Lauren fan but that was really nice. Good for her!

    • GS

      But so many people trash her for being young and emotional. I’ve loved her from the start but that only makes me love her more! She’s got a good career ahead of her. Taylor Swift better watch out. There’s a new teen on the loose in country who can sing circles around her.

      • Joe Strummer

        Taylor Swift has nothing to worry about. Lauren has trouble getting a story across in song. It always seems disconnected. Where as Swift can not only write her own songs, but she sings them in a way that the listener can relate.

      • Jasmine

        Yeah, Taylor Swift cannot sing live at all.

      • Leslie

        Have you seen Taylor Swift live or are you just a lemming repeating what the haters say about her. I have seen her live, when she was one of the openers for Brad Paisley and she was awesome—the whole “she can’t sing live” bs is just that—BS!

    • Patrice

      I love Lauren. I hope she makes it. She is a good person, whereas Haley is a spoiled arrogant little twit who thinks she is better than she is. Bye bye Haley!

      • Sara

        Yeah, Haley should have just started crying like a two-year old instead of defending herself respectfully. That’s what perfect Lauren would have done. Lauren’s the twit. She picked a song in which one of the main words is evil, and then said she didn’t want to say it. It’s a character honey, why would you pick it in the first place? Are you stupid? Yep, Lauren’s fake-innocent ignorance is the definition of a good person. Idiot.

      • someone

        @Sara – well agree that Patrice is being ridiculous but don’t get on Lauren just because of those like Patrice and the judges, Lauren actually stuck her neck wayyyy out for Haley last night and said the judges actions towards Haley maker her ill and that Haley has the best voice and she loves all her itunes! Gotta respect Lauren, I don’t she is phony nice or so fake as some say.

  • jim

    Haley put your hands up and scream “I’m Mad as Hell and I Won’t Take It Anymore!!!”

    • I think it is fake also

      I have always suspect that it was a ploy to get a girl into the top 2 because girls were not winning on Idol. All you have to do is “act mean” to someone and the dopes will vote for them.

      THAT IS HOW IT WORKED WHEN SIMON WAS MEAN TO SOMEONE…the voters would start voting in mass AGAINST the judges….it is ploy you dopes.

      • Haley

        I’m Mad as Hell and I Won’t Take It Anymore!!!

      • matt

        You were supposed to do it with your hands raised. If you’re typing it this is clearly not working.

    • Sharon

      The deal with Haley is that she needs a good flogging before delivering killer performances! If she isn’t “mad as hell,” her delivery is ineffectual.

      • Miguel

        What made her mad before Bennie & the Jets? The judges praising the bad performances of the other contestants?

        There was nothing wrong with her delivery of You and I. And how do you explain her great rendition of What is and Should Never Be for the Top 3?

        It was insulting when J-Lo spouted “Haley, Haley, Haley, this is why we can’t take it easy on you.” They were just trying to cover their own butts because they had been too blatant earlier.

  • adam

    Randy was such a d*ck. When Ryan asked who the judges thought won round 1, it was completely unnecessary for Randy to claim it was a 3 way tie between James, Scotty, and Lauren. He easily could have picked the one he liked best, but it was obvious his motivation was to throw a huge criticism at Haley and single her out. So uncalled for. Constructive criticism is fine, but that was just nasty in my opinion.

    • Michelle

      I completely agree! He could have just picked one person, especially when she commanded the stage, sang with passion and whether you like her voice or not, it was not “sharp”, robotic or phoned in…

      • Caitie F

        Actually….it was horrible. She missed about 70% of the notes and picked a horrible song for this stage..and now is being a little *itch about it.

      • Aaron

        OK, I understand not liking the performance (it wasn’t my favorite, either), but to say she picked a horrible song and “missed about 70% of the notes” is beyond ignorant. Whether or not you like her voice, she sang the song on pitch and with conviction, albeit a bit shouty at times…and the theme was “songs that inspire you”…how can you criticize her for picking such an emotional song that means a lot to her?

      • @ Caitie F

        Don’t even get started on who missed the most notes. James Durbin misses about half the notes in EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE and then just screams the rest in an attempt to hide this fact. I’m proud of Haley for standing up for herself instead of letting Randy and J Lo walk all over her – it’s not called being a *itch, it’s called having courage and a brain.

      • vbdrsd

        Thank You!!! I’m not the only one that thinks James sings out of tune a lot. I think it’s great that you can pick a favorite early and stick to it. But you don’t do them any favors but giving them lame feedback…you’d hope he has a career after this!

    • KiKi

      It was also unnecessary to slam Hailey by pimping James — especially since his performance of DTB was so karaoke.

    • Sally

      I did not like how Randy called out Haley as well, however I found it more offensive that the question was asked in the first place. It would have been one thing if Idol asks that question often, but they rarely if ever do. It was asked for one thing – to drum up drama. Shame on whoever had the idea to ask the question – may be Ryan may be Nigel.

      • Troy Soldier

        The question didn’t bother me as much of the answer. If Randy had answered by saying “____ won round 1,” it ouwl have been fine. By saying, everyone won except Haley, he was a jerk — especially when she was the best singer in round 1.

    • Dee Dee

      Exactly my sentiments! Randy was very cruel when he made that staement.

      • Dee Dee


    • shawnuel

      Haley’s reaction to that was awesome…..

    • Q

      So true, Adam. Randy may as well have gotten up and punched Haley right in the face.

    • joyce

      That was the problem I had with it too. Not that he shouldn’t have criticized but that he had to rub salt in the wound with that statement.

  • john

    Kurt Cobain once said “I’m Not Gonna Crack” look where it got him

    • Shannon

      He also said it very sarcastically through song.

      • jezzie

        What song? Can I butcher it next season?

      • Miguel

        “What song? Can I butcher it next season?”

        If you do, you’ll be praised for being “emotionally perfect.”

    • Jon

      People who commit suicide have cracked, so that wasn’t true…Actually I think Cobain said,”I’m not gonna DO crack.” And that wasn’t true either, was it?

    • jaslene


  • KimoRosen

    Haley! your my idol…..

    hahahaley and the judges….

  • Haley aint sh*t

    Haley ain’t that great. She also has a stank beotch face.

    • “Aint” is not the best way to present yourself

      If I got thrown under the bus week after week, I would have a stank beotch face as well.

      • Tina

        Oh snap!!!

    • ThunderMug

      You are a tool.

    • Robert

      I guess that you thought that Lady Gaga was beautiful last night.

      • Tori

        Actually, they’re both ugly. Gaga is physically ugly, and her unique style doesn’t help. Haley is actually quite beautiful, but her personally and the way it reflects on her face makes me want to punch her. That, I believe, is true ugliness.

      • Miguel

        You are correct. Judging someone’s personality that you don’t know based on a look on their face, and wanting to punch them for it, is true ugliness.

    • tommy ted

      Hey “Haley Ain’t Sh*t…You are not worthy to carry Haley’s bags. Let’s see your face, big shot! Ow, sorry I asked. So stank! So beotch! Who “ain’t that great” now?

  • AK

    Is something in the red cups at “Idol” this season? Either that, or something REAL fishy is going on. Because the treatment of Haley these past couple of weeks has been beyond bizarre.

    • Jon

      Not really – she basically sucks, but puts on some soulful eyes and plays for sympathy, and it’s working for her.

      • Aaron

        And James screams and does karaoke and Scotty sings songs about Jesus and Lauren giggles after every performance…yeah, they’re all perfect.

      • Jess

        Yeah just like how Lauren starts crying the minute people stop gushing all over her and tries to get sympathy votes that way. Or the way James complains about technical difficulties or ALSO turns on the waterworks in order to make excuses for the fact that he can’t hit the right notes.

      • Miguel

        “she was just screaming at the end” because that is the way Michael Jackson performed it. Hence, her calm reply (not “hissy fit”) that she thought it was beautiful the way it was written. She also corrected him when he said it was out of her range and he acknowledged that it wasn’t. BTW, what you wrote was more of a hissy fit than anything she said.

  • em

    I thought she was horrible! I used to be a fan of her, but they were right, she was just screaming at the end. They filled her head so much saying she sounds like Janis Joplin, when in fact she could never fill the shoes of such an inspirational woman. And for her to throw the little hissy fit was ridiculous. If you can’t take the criticism, don’t dish out a lousy performance.

    • Squishmar

      Okay… I love me some Janis Joplin, but “inspirational woman”? Did you mean influential? Because I don’t think many people are looking to OD on heroin at the age of 27.

      • em

        Inspirational to women in rock. Thank you for nit- picking on something so pointless as word choice. KUDOS!

      • Squishmar

        Word choice is important if you’re expressing yourself via the written word. It’s also important if you’re trying to express yourself verbally. I wasn’t nit-picking… I was trying to clarify what you were (I thought) trying to say… she is hugely INFLUENTIAL on any and all female rock singers.

      • Chris

        I am with Squishmar. Word choice is very important in this context. She is influential and I love me some Janis, but she was not inspirational. Her life was tragic because she chose to see it that way.

    • alxrss

      Are you really that unfamiliar with the song??! The words at the end of the song are supposed to be screamed literally and figuratively as Michael Jackson did and Haley did–with that growl that Randy keeps criticizing her for not doing enough–“We ant to hear you do Janis…”. The girl is stuck in a minefield. Wherever she steps she’s blown away buy Randy and JLo.

    • Miguel

      “Thank you for nit- picking on something so pointless as word choice. KUDOS!”

      You don’t take criticism very well. Instead of throwing a hissy fit, you ought to look to Haley for inspiration.

  • Haley always has tude

    Haley has some terrible attitude. I have seen other contestants criticized and they didn’t have those UGLY looks she gave last night. I hope she goes home tomorrow

    • ellie

      well her attitude is easier to bear than Lauren’s bursting into tears at the slightest criticism.

      • K

        She’s a sixteen year old girl, so very close to winning the contest that a lot of girls like her dream about. I would do the same thing

      • Sg54

        @K So she gets the past since she’s younger? Thats no fair! This is a singing competition, and Haley wants to win it too. She shouldn’t be at a disadvantage because she spent her time preparing for this and waited until she was over. Lauren chose to do this earlier. So did Alison and Jordin, and neither of them got the sweet treatment. As a matter of fact, Alison was slammed week after week. But thats why she became such an amazing performer that lasted so long. If the judges don’t want to hurt her feelings, then how r they supposed to judge? They don’t care about hurting Haley’s feelings, so they just go for it, week after week, whether she deserves it or not. She must watch the shows back every week and realize that she is the only one being critized, which is why she talked back. And the only point she was trying to make was the she wanted to go the Jackson song justice, so she didn’t change it. And it was inspirational to her, which is why she picked it. She wasn’t being nasty, she was just trying to tell them why she picked the song since they obviously thought it was a horrible choice. And I think its truly awful that randy critiqued Haley’s vocals but didn’t say a word about James’ off key, karaoke disaster.

    • Ear ache

      She is not A.I. Material spoiled Brat!!!

      • Davida

        Ear Ache … I totally agree about Laurn. When she got to finally talk to her family all she kept talking about was them voting for her. She is so completely self centered and NOT AI material… I like Haley I hope it comes down to Haley and Scotty …NOT LAURN THE BRAT… she has already comment on difficult she been about her costumes… she is going to be a nightmare to work with… Especially if by some horrible mistake she becomes season 10’s oh I cannot even say it… Haley , Haley , Haley I love how cool and easy going she is but does what she believes in and does it with passion

      • Matt

        @Sg64 they actually watch the perfomances live on a tv back stage while their waiting to go on or if they have finished.

    • Sally

      Haley has been getting the comments week after week after week. Some comments blatantly ridiculous – being bashed last week for doing an unknown song? What is with that?

      Haley has handled the judges stupidity extremely well. Last night was the last straw.

      • John C

        Haley, a attractive rock singer, in my opinion a pleasant voice to listen to. How many ‘pro’ singers record their live songs as their best without studio time ‘few to none’

    • Claire

      She might take the criticism better if she weren’t hammered week after week while watching Randy and J Lo blow kisses to all the others (including Jacob when he was there!) after they performed not as well as she did, to put it kindly. If she DIDN’T react at some point after that much abuse, she’d just look like a patsy who couldn’t stand up for herself. Clearly nobody else will (except Steven during his brief visits to Earth).

    • Shonna

      Hayley reacted far better than most people would after consistently being torn apart by the judges. It’s like she’s in an abusive relationship with Randy and J.Lo. She also looked like she was on the verge of tears more than anything – I don’t blame her.

      • lenscrafter

        Perfectly said!!!! Kuddo’s!!! Whatever . . . I voted my head off like never before for Haley.

    • redcelt32

      So Haley gets bashed for singing a song the judges thought wasnt spectacular, but Scotty can sing that lame hamming it up song, and Lauren can do a half-baked Haley impression and they are praised????
      Double standards are ugly no matter the reason, and there is definitely a double standard. Think siobhan Magnus and Simon last year.

      • Katie

        HALEY IMPRESSION?!?! LOFreakingL. You gotta be kidding me. Those two chicks have absolutely zero in common and Lauren never tries to sound like Haley. She doesn’t need to.

    • CandaceTX

      I’m sorry…. you’ve actually SEEN other contestants (besides Hailey) criticized this season? When? Where?

      • izzy

        This is the worst season for idol they remove the real winner and im hoping and waiting for Hailey to be outtttttttttttt since week 1 now she is still standing there she is so full of herself ……….pls america vote for the best …………why and why james is out…………james suppose to be there not Hailey pkls remove her as soon as possible it suppose to be Lauren and Scotty……..

      • mm

        @izzy you’re missing the keyboard keys like james not hitting the notes

    • Patrice

      Haley was ridiculous last night. How arrogant can you get. Whatever. I will vote for anyone but her. I doubt you’ll even hear of her after AI. Except if you happen to catch her singing karoake in a bar somewhere.

      • suzy

        nope! i think Hailey is awesome…she has clearly been the underdog and know she is at the top!…she is so strong and i admire her even more now for finally standing up for herself. Go Hailey you are sooo awesome!

      • caty

        With our luck, some idiotic record label will probably want her on it, and all her mindless fans will back her and she’ll never get out of our lives -_-

      • Miguel

        You’re more likely to find someone singing Haley tunes in karaoke bar somewhere as she is talented and you sound like you have as much class as an aging bar slut.

    • michele

      haley has been brutalized so unfailry by the judges.. it truly makes me think its rigged….hands down she is the best!!! something is going on the way they constantly put her down.noone compares to haley

    • alxrss

      Actually I admire her attitude. If it was me I would have told those judges off months ago. Usually she looks down to the right (maybe at her family) then smiles or seems unfazed. Sometimes you cab see her hurt in the eyes. Usually she winds up smiling and brushing it off because she probably has lost respect for Randy and JLo’s opinions. She’s one tough, classy young girl.

      • 6185jp

        I agree completely, she does not deserve all the negative critiques when the other contestants are always praised, I’m impressed with the way she lets it all go right over her head, good for her. Take it all in stride Haley! Kick A** Haley!!!!!

  • kate middleton

    That is really sweet what Lauren said.

    Haley definitely doesn’t deserve the harsh criticism they’re giving her. If they were criticizing everyone, that’d be one thing. But it’s clear they don’t like her. It was ridiculous when Randy said it was a three way tie between James, Scotty and Lauren – come on, that’s just mean.

  • Squishmar

    This all could have been calculated by the judges… they did exactly what they did last week… criticized her (and her alone) for her first song, then a standing o for her second. And Haley wasn’t in the bottom two last week. I sure hope she makes it again.

    • I think it is fake also

      I think it is fake. I thought this is the best way to get DOPES and Idiots to vote for a girl this season was to make it look like the judges are being mean to her and IDIOTS will vote for her instead of the guys.

      • lesfull

        Or, I don’t know, maybe some people vote for her cause they like her voice and people who can’t stand being disgreed with insult them as stupid. Sounds about like the usual ew message board.

      • I think it is fake also

        Pia had one of the best voices on the show, and the judges would praise them and SHE WENT HOME. Now there is a big movement to vote for Haley…BECAUSE THE JUDGES ARE MEAN to her, not because they like her.

      • Squishmar

        Absolutely nobody is going to vote for Haley if they can’t stand her (and, as you can see, there a lot of them) no matter what the judges say. Their possible ploy would definitely work, however, to spur on those who rarely vote and happen to like her voice to pick up the phone.

      • Truscott

        I agree with Steven, she was fantastic in her second song last night. Lauren had a great first song. Scotty played it not to lose, and James just gets a free pass every week…its not that he’s bad it’s just that the judges gush over him and don’t call his mistakes out. I voted for the first time ever and it was for HALEY!

      • Mary Ann

        I like her – a lot. She has much more charisma than Pia, and in fact I picked her for the top two (along with James) from the beginning. I don’t consider myself dumb either, so sorry.

  • frank

    I think they are only hard on her because they KNOW she’s amazing, however, they shouldn’t single her out like that, that’s plain stupid, and my respect for Randy is gone. And those talking crap to Haley on here are only jealous because of her hot body, admit it, because no one else has that blues voice.

    • I think it is fake also

      Another dope. It is a set up. The show knows when the judges are mean to someone the sheep and idiots will vote for that person…and Idol was losing all the girl singers so to give the show some girls they made like they are mean to her so dopes will vote for her.

      • Pam

        You are obviously missing the point, or as Squishmar suggested, you have OCD. The judges could give Haley (and the rest of the contestants HONEST critique and it would be acceptable. But bullying Haley is not acceptable, and that’s exactly what they are doing. The internet-savvy AI viewer may think that the judges are being mean to get her more votes, but the casual viewer is wondering what is so wrong with Haley that the judges are being downright mean to her. That could cause her to lose votes among those who don’t read anything online.

      • kim

        Dude watch all of haley’s performancees- SHE ROCKS! The judges are hating her because she is Great…It makes no sense to knowingly critize a girl who really can sing and command a stage–that makes them look less credible.

    • cake

      If she was hot or not I could really care less. I hate her because of who she is.

      • pie

        And how well do you know her to be able to say you hate her?

      • 6185jp

        You probably don’t even know who she is really, you just watch her on tv.

  • Paisley

    where is annie’s recap?

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