ABC cancels 'Brothers & Sisters,' 'V,' 'Off the Map,' more


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ABC cancelled a number of dramas today to make way for new ones. Gone are Brothers & SistersV, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7 and Off the Map. The latter three aren’t necessarily a surprise; all three freshman dramas had disappointing ratings this season.

Genre fans were hoping V would make the cut for another season, but the ratings just weren’t up to snuff. As for the Walker family, the actors were even ready to say goodbye to their show that first launched in 2006. Matthew Rhys told EW in January that ”we’ve run a lot of extreme stories and big stories, so I personally wouldn’t want to be a writer if I had to stretch it another season.” Brothers and Sisters already aired its finale a week ago.

And now, some sad news for Matthew Perry, who announced Thursday that he would return to rehabilitation: The alphabet axed Mr. Sunshine, the single-camera comedy that starred Perry as a lonely San Diego sports arena manager who just turned 40. His boss was played by Allison Janney.

Perry released the statement Thursday about his return to rehab: “I’m making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery,” adding, “Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.”

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  • Daniel

    Noooooooo! /cry

    • HD

      Brothers and Sisters was never a great show and dissolved into an even more jumbled mess over the years. The show was NEVER as good as its actors (especially Griffiths and Fields) and hopefully they can all move onto projects more befitting of their talent. Having said that, I would love seeing a Kevin and Scotty spinoff!

      • GENRE FANS

        were pretty much hoping V would get cancelled because it was so hilariously, disgustingly terrible that it managed to insult a) the original V and b) every other series that the wonderful cast worked on, ranging from divine (Firefly) to solid (Lost, Smallville) to pretty bad (The Nine). Lol the actor who played the son… wtf

      • Ur crazy

        Definetly Divine LOST, and ok firefly.
        NO show is as interesting as Fringe and Lost.

      • Solange

        Agreed. I didn’t think Bro & Sis was a great show. I still love Sally Field but the show wasn’t good.

      • Ruby

        @Ur crazy

        Completely agree. NO show is as interesting as Fringe and Lost.

      • rightwinger

        Genre fans you wouldn’t know a good show if kicked your progressive butt. You probably didn’t like V because it had a conservative message and Smallville’s last season was a liberal trainwreck.

      • tom


      • Caren

        Loved B & S for years, but the writers had two things to overcome and could not do it: losing LOWE and selling Ojai Foods. it was never the same after those two things happened. I liked the way it ended with Sarah marrying LUKE.

      • suki

        Kevin and Scotty were the best couple on that show. For that reason, I’m sorry to see the show canceled. At least the final episode tied things up fairly well.

      • M

        I’d love a Kevin and Scotty spinoff, too!

      • Firefly SUCKED

        Firefly was very NOT devine. You meant to say “drek, garbage, tired, pathetic, and yawn inducing. Except for Summer. V was good for a good laugh. IT was one of those shows that was so bad in a good way. At least it went out on a high note with the blood bath.

      • octopus

        “Firefly sucked” Eff you. So do you.

      • Danny

        What are you talking about??!! It was “Brothers and Sisters” BEST SEASON, especially the last 6 or 7 epiosodes!

      • Meli

        @Danny–yes, but after halfway through Season One you got the formula for every episode:

        1. Set up dilemma in first 15 minutes. Make sure at least one character says ‘don’t tell the rest of the family’.
        2. Family finds out in next 15 minute segment after the one sibling who wasn’t supposed to tell ends up telling.
        3. Squabbles among siblings, occasionally with Mom. Mama has to step in and smooth some feathers in 3rd segment. Somewhere in here some ‘wisdom’ is imparted.
        4. Everyone settles down and is happy again in final segment. Or at least not fighting.

    • joblo

      TVLine says BETTER WITH YOU was also cancelled. What the heck!?! What is wrong with you ABC!! It was the funniest show of the season and was getting much better ratings than Happy Endings (which I like enough too, but not as much). Horrible move – I am seriously mad at you idiots right now!!

      • Jay

        BETTER WITH YOU was the worst show on Tuesday night. It was so bad, I would stop watching TV when it was on, except certain Wednesdays when I checked it out again to see if it was really as bad as I remembered. And it always was. Its forced humor was as bad as that thing with Jonathan Silverman on NBC in the ’90s, THE SINGLE GUY.

        My nickname for it was WORSE THAN ANYTHING.

      • ET

        ABC really sucks if they cancelled Better with You. My daughter will be disappointed that Off The Map will be gone next season and we both enjoyed and didn’t miss and episode of Mr. Sunshine. Again, ABC sucks!

      • joblo

        @Jay, that’s weird, since it was on Wednesdays not Tuesdays. To each his own but I thought it was brilliantly funny. Especially the openings and closings when they’d contrast the 3 couples’ reactions to the same situation. STUPID ABC!

      • Caren

        Better With You was soooooooooooooo funny! Please tell me that’s wrong, I even had my husband watch it with me and he doesn’t like much TV.

      • Carol

        Better With You is the show that I would watch just because it came on between The Middle and Modern Family. If I had something else I needed to do though, I always did it during those 30 minutes because I would rather not miss the other shows. I would say it was mildly amusing and a very likeable cast but come Fall, I won’t remember it. I liked the contrast of the three couples at the beginning and end too. It was the stuff in the middle that needed help.

        I liked Mr. Sunshine and thought if it had some retooling, much like Parks and Recreation and The Office had after their first seasons, it could be a bigger hit. Matthew Perry and Allison Janney both belong on TV.

      • DDubSolider

        Me 2! I lovvvee better with u! So stupid. I loved brothers and sisters so much. It had everything a tv show could have. It’s 1 of the good tv shows that either I wasn’t born 2 c or was 2 young (namely friends) or I didn’t take interest in till now! Ps I’m 11

    • Cindy

      Glad to hear B&S is gone. That show was a ratings loser for some time now. Too bad Private Practice didn’t go with it to the trash bin. Time for ABC to try something new

      • Pengstitch

        Why try anything new, they would just cancel it anyway (Off the Map??)

      • Zach

        What was so new about Off the Map? It was just an exotic Grey’s Anatomy, wasn’t it? As for B&S, I’ll surely miss it, especially after the renewed hope for one more season. It definitely declined in value over the years, but it WAS great at times thanks to its great cast.

      • lls

        i wouldn’t call off the map new. it took me forever to learn the name so i just kept calling it “grey’s anatomy in the jungle”. everyone knew what show i meant.

      • Obvious Man Says

        You’re “Glad to hear it??” – do you have a vested interest in ABC or are you just happpy to see talented actors out of work?

        Do you pull the wings off of flies too?

      • Lisa

        “Private Practice is an awesome show…as is “Brothers and Sister”! Too bad you and ABC don’t recognize good TV when you see it. ABC you just lost a loyal viewer!

      • Poppy Ulrich

        @Carol–totally agree with you! did laundry or cooking between “Middle” or “Modern” and if I happen to catch some of it, ok. but otherwise, eh?

      • Ken

        I never liked Scotty and Kevin.I don’t approve of gay relationships, not then, not now!

    • tutwahine

      Keeping Body of Proof and dumping Detroit…r they all nuts!!

      • Duncan

        Detroit 187 was a great show. ABC screwed this show by airing it one week, taking it off for two, one for one, off for three etc. They even showed the final episode on a different night than it was normally shown. I will personally be boycotting this crappy network due to its lousy reality crap and the cancellation of ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

      • octopus

        I agree Detroit 1-8-7 was excellent. Looked forward to that show every week.

      • Otis

        I’ll miss Detroit 1-8-7. One of the few watchable dramas on TV. Never got a fair shake from ABC. At least we have USA and a few other good shows on cable networks.

      • steph2*6*3*1

        I’m so mad ABC always cancels my new favorite shows! Loved Detroit 1-8-7!! Loved Better With You!! And if they really cancel Castle after how it just ended ill never watch the network again!

      • bknsty

        Detroit 1-8-7 started off slow, but once it got established, it got good. They couldn’t give it one more year to progress some more? Bad decision, as there are really no good cop dramas left and this one had a NYPD Blue vibe starting to go. Though that show was fantastic and it never would have been that, it could have been successful.

      • mday

        please put V back on the air if abc dont want the show find another network that can like scfy channel give the fans back the new V series


      A revamp of Thirtysomething would be gr8t! That show was classic and the actors and characters so likeable. Never could get n2 Brothers n Sisters so that’s no lost to me. Altho I don’t watch it, I’m sad I will no longer catch glimpses of the mesmerizing Elizabeth Mitchell on V. Poor Christopha (from Sopranos)– this is his 2nd shot that hasn’t worked out.

      • ABC=AwfulBroadcastingCompany

        Actually, it’s his third–he was on one of the Law & Order shows for a season (different network, but still). He should focus on writing, his screenplay for “Summer of Sam” was great (even Spike Lee couldn’t quite ruin the movie with his *directing*).

      • Simm Fan

        Well, the American Life on Mars couldn’t hold a candle to the original Brit version, so he really didn’t stand a chance.

      • Meli

        Actually they DID a revamp of ‘Thritysomething’. It was called ‘Brothers and Sisters’. Instead of three couples whining for an hour, we got one entire family whining for an entire hour.

      • shoozeyque

        Oh, I never want to see Thirty Something again! I hated that show.

        Just a bunch of whiney crybaby yuppies on that show. All they ever did was whiney and moan about everything.

    • ann shaffer

      I don’t agree Brothers & Sisters was still a good show with lots of story lines and excuse me but they get rid of the good ones for the NEW ones that the don’t even show for 6 months…..turning my TV to CBS because tired of ABC taking off everything good.

      • roseanne

        I loved brothers & sisters the acting was great the best cast on tv they should dump private practice that is a real stinker from day 1

      • Marva

        I liked B & S, and so did my mom. She’s older, and there’s not many shows that she likes. Be nice if they left on some shows that were not crime drama, or silly sit coms, or reality shows, etc.

      • Roz

        I liked brothers an sisters I was surprised and disappointed when it didn’t come on now to hear that V was also canceled I’m a littled peeved

    • Bobbie Hurt

      I loved brother and sisters and did not realize it was cancelled. I also loved off the map

  • Cray

    It’s really sad that that was the last episode. Such a formerly great show going out with such a whimper, a true tragedy on television. I do think the show had ran it’s course, and I’m glad that all of the Walkers (but not really Tommy) ended up happy, just having that weak finale be the last episode? Sad. RIP Brothers and Sisters, we’ll miss your glory days.

    • Hermione

      Well said. ITA.

    • Tony

      At least V went out with a bang! The Vistors Win!

      • c

        Thanks for the spoiler!

    • lls

      b&s was great for the first couple of seasons but it was way past its prime. i stuck with it because the actors are all so fantastic i kept hoping it would turn around but it never did. the stories just kept getting more and more ridiculous. i disagree about the ending though. seeing all of the walkers at the wedding just dancing and being happy and enjoying eachother despite the craziness in their lives seems like a pretty good ending to me.

    • al

      I agree that B&S was a great show. I am so disappointed as this was the only series I watched. It had a story line and was true to life in so many ways. Always drama, there usually is in a busy life, but it always ended with an unconditional love from Sally Fields, who was the most incredible actress on the show. She has what it takes to make a show – unfortunately, it wasn’t a go. It did seem to start going down hill but I sure was looking for it this fall and totally bummed.

  • Elaine

    ABC has cancelled my two favorite soap operas…AMC and OLTL….and now they are removing Brothers & Sisters without so much as a series finale. I have no interest in watching any new shows on this network. I’m done

    • louise

      elaine, you re so right.I was not going to watch any daytime on abc since the soaps and Oprah are gone,no this!!I loved B&S and also watched V and Off the Map ABC is dead to me with the ONLY exception being Greys Anatomy.I will not ever watch another new series on ABC they get you hooked on a show and pull the plug without giving most of these shows a chance

      • gato

        I hear you Louise OLTL being cancelled is so wrong! Just watch Greys online or buy a used copy of the season dvd…the hell with ABC

      • sonia

        I agree I loved Off The Map..Didn’t miss an episode…auugh…ABC sucks…

      • Annette

        I loved off the map. sorry to see it go.

    • louise

      ever watch another new series on ABC they get you hooked on a show and pull the plug without giving most of these shows a chance

      • Emma

        Like Pushing Daisies :'(

      • kim in kentucky

        I still miss Ned, Itty Bitty and Digby !

      • Firefly SUCKED

        Pushing Daisies was AWESOME. And so was last years Happy Town. But these network execs will never learn. Sometimes its better to keep low rated shows around that are actually original and worth watching for critical, fan, and buzz factor. And Blu Ray sales. That’s why most network execs only keep their offices for a couple of years before THEY get cancelled…

      • Liz

        Like Invasion, I loved Invasion. I honestly will no longer watch any new show, it’s just easier to wait a couple of years and start watching a show when it goes into syndication.

      • Hannah

        ABC is a joke – I don’t waste my time with them any longer

    • JimC

      Does anyone actually watch anything on ABC anymore? I mean if your looking for crap Reality Shows, maybe…but anything scripted and acted is really an embarrassment.

      • Jeff

        Castle is an ABC show and it’s great. It’s the only saving grace for ABC as far as I’m concerned.

      • asher

        They have Modern Family & The Middle. Other than that, I am fine without it.

      • psychoanalyzer

        I can’t deny it — I’m a Dancing With the Stars fan. That show actually pulls in ratings. People act like the network just cuts shows off at the knees without giving them a chance to fight… this is business, and it’s quite simple: good ratings = money. If the ratings for B&S and V et al were actually good, they’d keep it on.

      • TheW4

        Yea…people watch shows on ABC! Castle, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Grey’s Anatomy! That’s just me.

      • Eva

        Um Cougar Town. Occasionally I’ll watch an episode of Modern Family (it’s gotten kind of predictable which makes it boring). I think that might be it… Oh every once in a while I check into Grey’s Anatomy, old habits die hard.

      • Michael

        Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, and Cougar Town are all great, and I watch them every week! Also, I’ll miss Brothers and Sisters; I never missed an episode!

      • Mday

        what should do for the new v series is have 6 episodes or more to find who wins or move v to another net work like scify scyfy already show the old v series why not give this v series a fighting chance to see what happens with another season if they can boost their ratings and to give something back to the fans who like this new v series I liked it because the had new characters and old characters coming in and maybe anna didn,t kill diana it could have been a double of diana

    • Anastasia

      Amen Louise! ABC has lost me as a viewer as well after canceling AMC. I already didn’t watch much of anything on ABC and that sealed it for me. Cannot stand any of the reality shows they have, their dramas are weak and their comedies are not funny. I hung in with Desperate Housewives, but this Sunday’s season finale will be it for me with that show, since when it comes back in the fall AMC will already be dark and I’ll have removed all ABC channels from my lineup.

      • mrbilliam

        Unless you have a Nielsen box, that hurts them not at all.

      • @Eva

        “Modern Family” is predictable and boring? “Cougar Town” is the most predictable sitcom on TV. Every episode will have the “gang” sitting around in Jules’ house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY drinking wine and talking to each other in some crypto-shorthand-slang dialogue that is barely understandable (unless, I suppose, you’re a “hip” young viewer). Talk about boring.

    • Cerelon

      I felt that the voice over by Sally Field at the end of Brothers & Sisters
      indicated the close of the series. However, I still have a catch in my throat.

      • suki

        I agree. In fact I had to look it up online to see if it was actually a series finale and not just a season finale. Even so, I feel satisfied with the way the series ended.

    • cyndi

      i’m with you -no more abc

  • justaguy

    Oh c’mon, we don’t get a proper ending to B&S? I thought a 5th season was a go. It’s not as good as Season 1/2, but it didn’t deserve to go out like this. Bummer.

    • rightwinger

      B & S was progressive BS. Good riddance.

      • Futurama

        they showed 2 Republican characters who were sympathetic to the audience in Kitty and Robert. You probably just don’t like the gay stuff.

      • Leftwinger

        Right-winger is a whiner. Go watch Sarah friggen Palindrome. Now that’s entertainment.

      • jacknernie

        You mean Sarah Palin? and I wish they would cancel republicans.

      • JFK

        I wish someone would kill all the liberals and democrats.

    • Danny

      You mean Season 6. We just watched Season 5 of “Brothers and Sisters”.

  • AN

    Bye Bye V! I will kinda miss you.

    • Annette

      Really started liking V this past season – I’m bummed!

      • Rick

        I know, I really got into V. The original series was on in the 1980s (?). That’s why I don’t like ABC..they cancel everything that is good. Next they will be going after Castle…watch and see

      • xynthai

        I liked it also. ABC=All the Best shows Cancelled. Sorry I had a Gary Bussy moment.

    • Growler

      “V” was fun to watch in the way that “Showgirls” is fun to watch (I mean that as a compliment, actually!). It was so whack and the hoke-factor was so high, it was enjoyable. I have to say: I’ll always wonder what would’ve happened. The cliffhanger season finale will remain just that….

      • Mike

        Growler…. Earth wins.

    • Heather P

      I would have followed V this season if ABC had posted its episodes online. I watched it the first season, but when I would miss the occasional episode, I’d watch it online. I missed the season premiere and couldn’t catch up, so I just didn’t tune in.

      • Steve Foerster

        The networks aren’t adapting quickly enough to the idea that we no longer want to watch their shows on their schedule. I’m willing to watch a few ads, but let me see the show when it’s a good time for me! If you don’t, I’ll just catch up on other shows that I can stream on NetFlix, etc.

      • Beauty

        Same here I missed the first couple epi and couldn’t watch online so I was like screw it not gonna get into the rest of season.

      • Bren

        I don’t think it was the network that decided not to show it online. I want to say I remember the executive producer saying he didn’t want to allow it, so more people would have to watch it when it aired. Guess that kind of backfired, huh? ABC has all their other shows, including soaps, on Hulu.

      • Qj201

        Yo network suits. We all watch on DVR or online these days. Get with the program and start counting this type of viewing in your ratings.

    • Heidi


      • Reba

        I’m with you. I really liked “Off the Map”. It started a little slowly, but by the end it was great. The cast was just so appealing. Sigh.

      • Me

        I agree about off the map. I loved that show

  • Mark

    Sooo many things would have happened if the writers of Brothers & Sisters had known they were getting cancelled (Rebecca would have returned for Justin, etc. etc.). This is disgusting.

    • baj24

      I think the writers are just as much to blame if the show ended without resolution. They had to know the show was reaching the end of its run and that cancellation was a possibility.

  • Erin

    I’m bummed about B&S. I wanted it to get a proper send off.

    • LAguy

      It had a decent send off. Rebecca got married. Momma finally returned to the true love her life. Scotty and Jason got their baby and now have a happy two child household. Saul is finally going to find happiness as a gay man and get married. All in all it was a pretty happy ending.

      • Sue

        Actually, it was Sarah that got married. Rebecca ran off to take a job elsewhere, divorcing Justin.

      • Caren

        It sure left Kitty up in the air….but not a big deal. The show was done. They tied a lot of loose ends and the show ran it’s course.

  • Emily

    Never watched Brothers and Sisters, but am bummed out about V cancellation. Not surprised at all, but still sad anyway.

    • gato

      Really? V had a lot of promise at first, but they NEVER delivered anything! 2 seasons and we never even saw the aliens real reptile look. I wanted to love it, but the writers/producers just didnt get what it should have been to build an audience. Oh well….

      • Mikey M

        I agree. They didn’t have good enough writers to really make this compelling much watch TV. I tuned into the 2nd season upon hearing that Diana was coming back but they only brought her back to kill her so I wasn’t going to watch even if it had been renewed.
        About Brothers and Sisters, I watched it regularly until about 5 episodes into this season. You could clearly see they were running out of ideas and cast members.

  • Angela

    I am completely heartbroken! I work at an ABC station and this has always been my favorite show. It deserved a proper send of that obviously is not going to happen now. Too sad. There are not any shows out there that have a family dynamic so close to actual families. Gone one season too soon.

    • Michele

      Sad that Brothers & Sisters didn’t get the wrap-up it deserved, but it was definitely past its prime and time to go. And Angela, there is a show out there that has a “family dynamic so close to actual families.” It’s called Parenthood, and it’s been renewed for a 3rd season, so check it out! I think it’s as good or better than the best B&S seasons. I feel Parenthood is a lot more realistic and entertaining.

      • Al

        Really? I think Parenthood is unrealistic, slow, and boring. Most the acting is good but the characters are so unlikeable.

      • K

        I completely agree Michele! Parenthood is to me what B&S used to be when it was good. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m not that sad about the cancellation, I know I have a replacement. I just wish more people would watch Parenthood, it’s such a good family drama! Anyone who is upset about B&S being cancelled should at least try to check out Parenthood, you won’t be disappointed!

      • Danny

        Michelle, you apparently didn’t watch Season 5 of Brothers and Sisters. This was the best season ever, especially the last 5 or 6 epiosodes. Truly excellent!

  • AC

    You pay the 4 hags on Desperate Housewives (which nobody watches anymore) 1 million per, but you cancel two pretty good shows? ABC is getting as bad as NBC.

    • Buffy Freak

      I understand if you don’t like DH but to say nobody watches as a rationale for keeping two shows with much lower ratings is kind of silly. DH is still a top 20ish show in the weekly ratings.

      • c

        I was a DH (die hard) DH (Desperate Housewives) devotee for years, but after they did the stupid 5-years later thing & added Gaby’s stupid fat kids, I lost interest in favor of Dexter, The Big C & True Blood. Quit watching B&S & Private Practice, too—nobody has that much sex—no one has that much time!!

  • Mark

    Can we at least get a 2-hour movie event, or SOMETHING for a wrap-up??

    • ABC


      • UPN

        Do I still exist?

      • CW

        Pipe down and get back into your grave.

  • Patty

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That was one of my FAVORITE shows! Will Kitty have the baby?! Will Olivia adapt to Daniel, will Justin Finally find love again!!!!! and Nora, Nora, was just getting happy with the love of her life, and Sarah, jsut marreid and with 4 hal-siblings! There was SO much more to write about. I am SO upset!

  • Richard

    the problem with brothers and sisters was the writing. the plots were inane. there were at least three family paternity stories. i quit watching this year with the sarah paternity wackness. the actors were great and the characters were good. it could have been a terrific show.

    • Buffy Freak

      Yeah the show just became a parody of itself. And with Tommy rarely on and Kitty around for half the season, the show just wasn’t the same.

    • Jay

      BROTHERS & SISTERS began its long crawl into insignificance when ABC fired Jon Robin Baitz. It was fun to have the Olin family come back to life, though (I always liked Patty Wettig). If ABC were to start a new thirtysomething, with Roxy Olin playing Janey Stedman, I would absolutely watch.

    • Al

      There were a lot more than three paternity stories. There was Rebecca, Ryan, Tommy’s son (fathered by Kevin), Kevin and Scotty’s son by the surrogate and Sarah.

  • Christopher

    I’m sad about V. It was really getting good and the ratings improved by the finale. I wish another network like SyFy would pick it up.

    • LadySiren

      Dear lord, don’t wish Syfy on “V” – the boneheads over there would give it half a season, then call it quits. Just look what they did to BSG and Stargate.

      • Mikey M

        And Farscape.

      • timbit_queen

        And The 4400.

    • Daryl

      ABC makes boneheaded decisions. The divided seasons up and take too long between fall and spring to keep people interesting. They make some of the dumbest decisions of any network. I would like to have seen at least one more season of V and Brothers and Sisters. To tie up loose ends.

      • Danny

        I agree that ABC makes terrible programming decisions. They take a series like “Brothers and Sisters” off for too long at a time and then try to find another audience for it again 6 months later …..and then take it over for a month or two in December and January and somehow think they can maintain an audience. It’s so ridiculous! And yes, fans deserved a wrap-up on “Brothers and Sisters”. We should flood ABC with hate-mail.

      • Pat

        I’d rather they give time for Brothers and Sisters to wrap up and cancel the “Old & Tired” Desperate Housewives. If they are looking to save $. That seems like a great place to start.

  • Chris

    So I guess the V ending is “And the aliens took control of our minds and made us shiny happy slaves. The End.”

    • Amen to what you said

      I totally agree Chris. The season finale had some promise for the future and I’m sad V won’t get another season. Some shows aren’t getting a chance to build momentum and networks are rolling out too many new shows and expecting a lot early. Wasn’t Seinfeld disappointing in its first season? Give V a chance, SyFy. All these procedurals and famdrams are getting exhausting.

      • baj24

        You can’t really fault the network for cancelling “V”. They gave the show two seasons to find an audience and it didn’t happen.

      • Chris

        To be fair, the showrunners had to know there was a chance they weren’t coming back. They should have planned for the possibility, even before Season 2 started.

    • Maria

      I am so disgusted, that V is cancelled.
      I will not watch another new series, simply b/c they pull it out from under your feet.

      • Jen40

        What you just said is exactly why I refuse to watch any series show on HBO. I’ve never forgiven them for Carnivale and have never watched any of their series shows since then. Maybe “V” can do a tv movie like what happened with “Alien Nation”. The movies weren’t great but at least there was kind of a wrap up.

      • AT

        Jen40. That is exactly why I watch HBO and Showtime. With the exception of Deadwood and Carnivale, they rarely cancel great shows. Big C, True Blood, US of Tara, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, Weeds, Game of Thrones, and other shows all have had or will have multiple seasons to fulfill story arcs. Basically I’ll give anything on these channels a chance because they deliver a better product no matter what the ratings are.

      • @AT

        R.I.P. Deadwood. Still sad about that one.

      • Fabiano

        Great ideia Maria, I will do the same thing !

    • MJM

      I am bummed about V it was getting good again and I wanted to know what happened after the V blissed us all! Maybe SyFy will pick it up…

      • Mikey M

        AT that point, I knew I wouldn’t be coming back if they renewed. Everyone blessed? Diana gone and a lot of boring characters.
        This showrunner knew they probably wouldn’t be coming back but decided to leave it on a cliffhanger.
        Blame him not ABC.

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