Ashton Kutcher: The one million dollar man?


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It’s not close to Charlie Sheen money but it’s still not a bad payday to take over as a replacement: Ashton Kutcher is reportedly in line to earn nearly $1 million an episode to join Two and a Half Men. It’s not clear whether the salary includes any backend profits from reruns but it’s still hundreds of thousands more than what any A-list star would earn to join a show.

The news, which was reported today in the Wall Street Journal, comes only days after it was revealed that Hugh Grant passed up the chance to take over for Sheen on TV’s No. 1 comedy. It’s unlikely that Warner Bros. TV, which produces the comedy for CBS, will announce the hiring of Kutcher before Wednesday when the network announces its fall lineup to advertisers in New York.

On Thursday, Kutcher playfully seemed to confirm reports on Twitter, giving fans asking him about the reports a wink and tweeting “what’s the square root of 6.25?”

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  • emma bovary

    WTF seriously the guy still has not proved he can give them solid ratings so if and i mean IF AND WHEN he will give them very good ratings ok he will deserve this paycheck but right now they don’t know how the show will work with Ashton as the lead.
    Charlie waited 7/8 years while giving killer ratings to have his 1,8 million paycheck, when he came on the show he was not paid 1 is ridiculous.

    • Royce

      Apparently, you know the business better than the studio execs. Dumbass.

      • emma bovary

        Yeah i know better, dumbass yourself, i return the compliment.

      • ian

        Sorry, Emma, but you no clue about the business of sitcoms. Particularly sitcoms with reruns in HEAVY syndication. They could pay Kutcher and Cryer both $5 million an episode for one season and it would be extremely profitable. With the huge syndication deals already in place for this turd of a show, it is absolutely a good business deal for them to replace him for a million an episode. Each episode will be added into the syndication deal, and will be worth 10 times more than the whole cast makes. Exactly the same reason it was worth it for NBC to give all 6 castmembers of Friends massive deals for just one more season, or for Ray Romano to get a huge raise for one more season. They get huge returns on those investments for YEARS to come. Even if it’s one of the episodes without Sheen, the deal is still the same.

      • Lori

        I love him and his amazing wife and SwedishFriendFinder was amazing

    • HaHA

      you all need to get married……..

    • LC

      I still don’t understand who watches this show?! It looks so lame!

      • Ashleigh

        Everybody but you apparently.

      • ian

        I’ve watched it, and it is lame. If hearing the same tired cliche sex jokes over and over for a decade is something you’d enjoy this show is for you (and everyone Ashleigh knows, apparently), but if you want actual good comedy, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

      • Cailean

        I use to think it was lame too. Then I started watching it and was proven wrong.

      • denise

        it really is a good show.

    • mc

      I agree and this guy is not that funny. This is the end of the show.

  • ST

    I might be surprised by Ashton but I think Hugh is better fit for this show.

    • LD

      I am not a fan of Charlie, but trying to replace him with anyone will kill the show (then Charlie can gloat, and the stupid media will give Charlie the credit for the shows past success) The show would probably have a better chance with only the cast it has. We are fans b’c of the other characters NOT Charlie. Make Ryan Stiles the other “man” and it will have a better chance.

      • HaHA

        Au contraire, Ashton is going to make CS be a forgotten scap in no time. Sorry but CS is old, ugly, a blowheart and just not funny. It’s gonna be Char…Char… who was that dude? real soon!

      • LD

        Maybe I wasn’t clear, I will be glad when everyone forgets CS. Our story line is that CS is washed up on the beach from an overdose, and the nephew gets all his money and home. That way Jake & Alan can still live there, (with NO chance of CS coming back) Then have Judith & Herb split up and Herb moves in with Jake & Alan. More TV time for them & Berta. The real funny ones on the show anyway. No need for anyone new to come in.

      • ian

        What the hell is a blowheart?

    • Norissima

      I hope U mean Hugh Grant and not Hugh Hefner LOL

    • Sailor

      @ST… Hugh would have been Perfect for the role. Hey, if you can’t get Neil Patrick Harris…

      • JustJim

        Why would you think NPH would make such a great replacement? Isn’t he on another show?

    • deedee

      hugh grant CAN NOT act! he sucks in every movie i’ve ever seen him in. THE MAN SHOULD GIVE UP ACTING AND STAY IN BRITIAN! HE IS TOTALLY BOOOOORRRRRING!!!

      • Lois

        You must not have seen him in anything if you think Hugh Grant sucks. Or maybe you have him confused with Ashton Kutcher, who does suck as an actor.

      • LP

        @Lois- I think deedee represents your average “Two and a Half Men” viewer. When Grant was brought up I was surprised since a)Grant is an outside the box choice and b) he doesn’t fit within Middle America’s sensibilities. Grant is too good for this show (and quite frankly, most of the movies he chooses to do). Kutcher on the other hand is right up their alley. His comedy is dumb and broad and that material will fit him like a glove.

  • Hombre

    Ashton Kutcher??? Ashton Kutcher?? My God, what has the world come to. This is ridiculous. How does this no-talent hack have a career? Mind-boggling to say the least.

    • Royce

      Aah…the ‘no talent’ comment connoisseurs of EW message boards are famed for.

      • Royceisdumb

        Is that you Ashton ?

      • @Royce

        There are times when the “no talent” comment fits the person mentioned. It fits Ashton Kutcher perfectly.

      • DiMi

        But in this case it’s true. He really has no talent. And this is from somebody who WANTED to like him. He’s just an awful actor.

    • HTC

      Kutcher is a low-rent film actor, but if you watch reruns of “That ’70s Show,” it’s clear that he works well in the sitcom format. The writers for “Two & a Half Men” are quite good, so it could work. Still, with or without Sheen, an 8-year-old sitcom has probably already run its course — especially when the “half” man is no longer a little kid.

      • Lois

        On “That 70’s Show” Ashton was a supporting character. It appears that he would be the lead character on this show, since he’s replacing CS. Ashton has proved he can’t carry a film as the lead. To pay someone so much when they don’t know if he will bring in viewers is insane.

    • Lois

      Blame Twitter for Ashton still having a career.

    • mc

      Agree 100%

  • Josh Wilson

    First here! Chuck Sheen is a nerd and pays for intercourse. HAHA what a loser. i wish hugh grant had been selected he’s like ashton but straighter.

  • Robert O’Huntington

    Is this a joke? Is Kutcher paying Sheen’s character or a younger forgotten brother who is also a wealthy womanizing drunk. Time for Demi’s husband to get into character with some method acting.

  • jan


    • Jim

      Ashton sucks, could arley act in That 70’s SHow, no real moviecredit, and Punked blew dog. This show will tank within a year.

      • Lois

        The show will tank with Ashton.

      • HaHA

        Your suck worse. You are just jealous – he’s good looking, rich and has a hot wife where as you’re fat, bald, broke, divorced and with stinky kids. Get out of your mommy’s basement, get your GED, do something more productive than mowing the lawn and THEN you can critize my boy.

      • @HaHA

        Your boy? Demi, don’t you have better things to do?

    • Jim

      Ashton sucks, could barely act in That 70’s SHow, no real movie credit, and Punked blew dog. This show will tank within a year.

      • HaHA

        And you have no memory… Get off the crank, mang!

      • @HaHA

        Demi, it’s time for your Boniva.

  • Fridge

    I seem to be in the minority, but I enjoyed Kutcher on That 70’s Show. Then again Kelso was a womanizing idiot…wait, isn’t that the same character he’s going to be playing on this show?

  • The Real $1million Man

    Ashton Kutcher is not the best actor to replace Charlie Sheen. Sheen is the only man who can represent his own lifestyle. Get the real Charlie back or just pack up the show for good.

  • Oli

    I was hoping for Hugh Grant. That would have made the show great. Hugh is so funny. Ashton…seriouly! What a bad choice they made. Can’t stand him and he’s a bad actor. What were the executive of 2-1/2 thinking? Bad choice, big time!

    • deedee

      hate to burst your British bubble, but hugh grant CAN NOT Act!!

      • Lois

        Hugh Grant is a very good actor. Watch “Sense and Sensibility” or “American Dreamz” or “Notting Hill.”

  • Joanie

    I don’t know a single person who has ever chosen to watch this show. Even when stuck on a plane.

    • Lucy

      so then why are you posting here?

    • D

      Joanie I’ve watched it lots of times. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but it’s fun, mindless entertainment after a busy and crappy day at work. I’ve also watched that ’70s Show and I honestly thought Ashton was the worst part of the show-that he was a one note pretty boy who brought no depth to his character. Men will be worse for his presence. They should have gone with the story line others suggested-i.e. Herb leaves Judith and moves in with Alan while Charlie lives with Rose in France

  • Eve

    Ashton is not a good actor and there is no way he should be earning $1 million an episode. With that kind of money I would think they could have landed someone better! Such a let down to let news out that it could have been Hugh Grant only to follow it up with Ashton.

  • Pat

    Way to go, now they completely ruined this series. I can’t stand Ashton Kutcher (or however it’s spelled), so I won’t be watching this series unless in reruns. Who was the idiot who signed Ashton????

  • Ra

    Hugh Grant would’ve been a decent fit but would rather see Charlie Sheen back on the show.

  • seda

    I have to decide now if I care less or if I don’t care at all. We are fighting 2 wars and soldiers die on the front lines almost every week. What you need to be appalled about is how the hell any of these role players (aka actors) gets paid more than a soldier on the front line. I guess that tells something about our society.

  • wow

    We are talking about CHARLIE SHEENS replacement…Not a real actor. Ashton will do.

    • D

      Actually Charlie, for all his flaws, has impeccable comic timing. Ashton doesn’t

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