NBC cancels 'The Event' and 'Law & Order: L.A.'

I’ll tell you what The Event is not: A second season renewal.

NBC is passing on picking up its sci-fi action-drama for another round.

Though the series about aliens covertly living among us started strongly for the network, it faded gradually in the ratings and, after its winter hiatus, fell below the line. Event averaged 7.4 million viewers and a 2.5 adults 18-49 rating once you add in DVR use, which just wasn’t enough for a costly and serialized show. On the other hand, Chuck just got a pickup.

Meanwhile, Dick Wolf’s attempt to move his franchise to the City of Angels failed, too: NBC has dropped Law & Order: Los Angeles. The show was hastily reworked midseason but the ratings continued to fall. 

Also: India-set comedy Outsourced is getting the ax. The show has been trying to prop up NBC’s 10 p.m. hour on Thursday nights.

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  • Adam S.

    I’ve actually been enjoying the show after a slow start…I hate investing so much time in something only to not even get a conclusion episode.

    • Loree

      OMG Adam you are so right. I was just getting into The Event. Same thing happen to me with Flashforward. Maybe the best thing to do is check these shows out when they make it in the second season.

      • Too many flashbacks

        This show lost me on its premiere, with one flashback after another, it became a sick joke. I applaud network tv for trying to make interesting tv and hope they continue – currently FRINGE is the spiritual successor to LOST, but probably only has 1-2 more seasons left, so a new successor needs to be made post-haste

      • Event Fan

        They all died.


      • Lori

        Amazing show and disappointed and SwedishFriendFinder was amazing

      • JimC

        Since The Event came back from its break, its been outstanding with good story lines and action. Same thing happened with Flashforward. A quick note to the writers, dont take weeks off with these shows..you need to be consistantly strong your first season or you WILL NOT have a second season.

        To the morons who are constantly saying The Event is trying to be like Lost or Fringe is like Lost or FasyForward is Lost…WAKE UP, idiots!! None of these shows are like Lost..that show cannot be duplicated and not even TV execs are stupid enough to try.

      • ty

        Loree, the problem with that is if no one watches it until it makes it to a 2nd season, how can it possibly have the ratings to get to a second season.

      • Heather P

        @Too Many Flashbacks,
        I agree. After about the fourth flashback during the premire we were groaning and reaching for the remote. Enough already.

      • tom

        YESSS!!! THANK GOD!!!

      • Jack Death



      • jonnk

        oh well. most american’s have quite a low IQ/attention span. these networks cancel all the good shows and replace it with more sleazy shows. might as well just screen some porn to up the ratings. the event was one of the best shows of 2010/2011. farewell my friends, hope netflix picks you up

      • homer baldman

        You guys are so right.Things were really starting to happen,the President is just coming out of his coma to rip the VP a new one,Simon and Sterling are teaming up,look out,and I can’t get enough of that Taylor Cole she is a stone cold fox who could kill you with a wink of her eye.

      • AltDave

        Amen to the Taylor Cole love, my lord she is hotter than the sun! I too agree that THE EVENT came back from its break very strong, and it’s too bad no one noticed or cared. I watched all 3 of these shows, and while L&O:LA was a disappointment, I thought OUTSOURCED and THE EVENT were very entertaining and I’ll miss them.

      • AB

        F- U Jonnk. It has nothing to do with “American’s attention spans” it has to do with dumb @ss execs taking weeks/months off in the middle of the season, and then expecting ratings to still be up after they come back. Look at all the freshman shows that have been canceled and you’ll see they all did that: LOLA, FlashForward & The Event, and then the sophmore V.
        Don’t start saying crap about how Americans have low IQs, @sshole. If that were the case, Lost, Fringe, and a bunch of other great shows would not have made it past their 2nd episode.

    • e4ia

      Totally agree. Since the winter hiatus, the show really picked up steam and I have been surprised how quickly they have move the plot. Just Flashforward, it got really good too late. I hope this will be a lesson that networks can’t draw out the storyline too slow when it’s just getting it’s footing.

      • Caitie F

        Yeah agree. It got REALLY good in the second half, but it was after two or three slow episodes. Disappointed that it is cancelled. It has gotten great

      • Jack Death


      • lisa

        I’m going to miss watching the event because it was starting to get good. I also don’t get the correlation between the event and lost (maybe with V);they are totally different. I wonder if the event would have had more viewers if it aired at a different day/time. It’s in competition with dancing/w the stars, which I thought was crazy. Why have a new show compete with an already highly popularized show? I’m tired of all these pointless reality shows taking over. If fans form a revolt, maybe another network will pick up the series. It happened for “the Game”

    • rerun

      Lost me with the episode where the girl went to the police station and the chief of police or whatever was really a bad guy. Just became way too “24”.

      • RCB

        Said goodbye probably at about the same time. The girl just got annoying, then boyfriend got annoying too, then Sofia, so on and so forth.

    • Anon

      There was never anything of this show to conclude in the first place.

    • Cygnus

      The Event was every bit a non-event. It wanted to be LOST so badly, that it was painfully obvious at how it was trying to be mysterious and tease you. Same with that ABC albatross FLASH FORWARD.

    • pie thrower

      About friggin’ time they cancelled The Event. It was terrible beyond belief. I don’t know what was worse. The acting or the writing.

      I am bummed about Law & Order: LA. It’s Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard for criss sakes. The show was terrific.

      All of my shows are going off the air this year:

      Smallville, Greek, L&O: LA, Human Target, and most likely V.

      Oh well. I guess I’ll read.

      • cattyfan

        L&O:LA was finally getting good. What the hell?

      • librarygal

        I, too, am bummed about L&O. I ‘m really enjoying Alfred “Morales” Molina partnered with Corey “TJ” Stoll. I thought they might keep the show and bring it back next spring or this fall if a new show failed.

      • AC

        Law and Order:LA was the same recycled crap that they keep spewing out every year, but just changing cities. Alfred Molina and Terrance Howard were both too good for that tired, worn out show.

        The Event was at least original in its terribleness.

      • melc

        I agree. Most shows really don’t hit their stride until the second season. With the re-boot this should have counted as the first season. Meanwhile NBC keeps Chuck? WTF?! I hope that TNT or USA pick up the show so I,ll have something decent to watch. I wish nothing but failure on NBC.

      • Solange

        @cattyfan same here! What the hell?! I was starting to really get into LOLA. I even liked the slow, dramatic opener of the song! lol. But seriously, I liked LOLA.
        Outsourced was not funny and thank goodness it’s gone. The Event didn’t catch my interest.

      • not a fan

        I bet NBC is kicking itself for cancelling the original now. It was still going strong and LA never even got off the floor. Stupid network execs.

      • polki

        I agree. I will miss LO:LA. I loved Corey Stoll. He reminded me of Brisco on the original Law and Order. And getting rid of Det. Winter and all of his and his wife’s baggage was a relief. It is a shame the new partners on the Law and the Order sides are not going to get a chance to gain fans. I am also sad about the cancellation of Human Target.

    • Ma’at

      Typical BS television these days. But thank god we’ve got Jersey Shore *eye roll*.

    • steve

      Does anyone know what “The Event” actually was???

      • René De Beaumarchais

        Lady Gaga concert.

      • Heywood Jablome’

        Simon explained that it was some type of mutation or evolution his people would go through that would probably wipe out mankind.

    • Sandy

      Yes Adam, I agree, I’m curious about what will happen too ! We are trying to get this show back to at least give the show a chance for a conclusion. Anyone who wants this too please join us at iwantmyshowback dot com THANKS to all on the board for this conversation …

  • Jacob

    I’m actually kinda sorta invested in it now, but mostly because I knew the show was doomed, and I always enjoy seeing shows sprint to the finish line, as this one is. Killing off so many characters…

  • robert gallop

    Oh no! Although a patchy show it’s gradually been getting better and was really hoping for a second season – even if just a mini season (like Jericho) so things could be tied up nicely. I think if the event had a shorter season – say 14 episodes (Lost’s 4th season was this length cos of writers strike and easily it’s best season), it would have had less “filler” to bog it down – it had too many slow moving and needless subplots. Tis a shame – like I said, would’ve liked to have seen where it was going to go.

    • davey

      funny….Lost’s fourth season was my LEAST favorite – to each their own!

      • AT

        Kinda thought that about season 6.

    • Ianjosef

      My thoughts 1) I can take vaictaon between June 29th and July 26th. So if the decision is to go then, I won’t be able to join you 2) I’ve sent out feelers about getting bloggers into various events. If you want to take on the task of scheduling the WPBT live event and everything, perhaps someone else (maybe me) could take on the task of setting up tourneys to get bloggers into the WSOP.3) If we have these WSOP satellites, I don’t think we need to schedule our trip around the events. For example, if you guys go in the middle of July and I win a satellite, I’ll probably just go out on my own in August. The player who wins the satellite can choose whatever event they want.Not sure I’ve helped at all but that’s all I got right now.

  • tomm

    Biggest problem was saying “It’s just like Lost”! Networks have to stop copying and saying “Latest verson of X show!”

    • Dave

      I agree. That whole “Lost meets 24″ campaign ruined it. If you’re going to compare your show to two of the most revolutionary shows of the past decade, it better deliver. And The Event didn’t.

      • Heywood Jablome’

        I never saw an episode of “Lost”. I never missed an episode of “24”.

  • Alice

    completely unexpected :O

  • Mikey M

    This years Fast Forward. A big concept with the writers not know where they are going with it and it shows. Same with “V.”

    • RK

      Yep. Sci-fi is incredibly hard to do for large audiences.

      • Heywood Jablome’

        I was curious how they were going to get around the fact that a large planet resting between the earth and moon would totally throw off the tides and rip the earth apart due to gravitational pull.

      • doodlebob

        hey jablome, the planet was so big that it just appeared close. The planet was the size of a supernova–bigger than the sun so its kindof really far away.

  • Dee Jones

    Blair Underwood is another good actor who can`t seem to get a break,bhopefully one day he`ll get another great and long lasting show like LA law.

    • TLZ

      Completely agree.

      • Dira

        Hopefully the costumes will start to go back to being craeitve. Sexy has been done TO DEATH andhas become pretty boring. ANYBODY can wear a tiny skirt with fishnets. But what about coming up with a kikazz Queen of Hearts? Or Glinda the good witch, these types of ideas you can get fancy and really accessorize them.

    • RK

      Casting him as Cuban was ridiculous.

      • Tyesha

        You do know there are black Cubans so it is not that ridiculous

      • Cubanita

        Yeah it was since he does not speak Spanish. It is not a black thing!!!!

      • WatchesEverything

        It would be, if he had been. His wife was Cuban, he wasn’t. He’s President. You need to see his birth certificate or something?

      • Ladyli1

        Not all Cuban-Americans speak Spanish!

      • Jack Death

        @WatchesEverything Martinez was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US with his mom. He said so in the show, and thought it was the same deal with his wife, who ends up claiming she’s an illegal Dominican to throw Martinez off from the alien scent.

        So technically, Martinez wouldn’t meet the requirement of ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as mandated by the Constitution. At least he’s better than Obama and seriously wanted government transparency though. Prob a little bit of gov. propaganda to make the sheeple think ppl can be born outside the US to non-American parents and still become president.

  • g w

    Why do all these shows take months long breaks. Of course you’re going to lose your audience. What if Idol did that or the NFL. Stupid studio execs don’t know jack.

    • Kirsten

      Here’s a hint – if a show that was originally supposed to just take a normal break has that break lengthened, the show is going to be cancelled.

    • CCC

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the NFL is off seven months of the year!

      • Eric

        So is Idol!

      • Diane

        But both the NFL and Idol start at the beginning and get to the conclusion (Superbowl, Finals) without huge breaks. It’s annoying to watch a show and then just as the arc is getting good, go on a month’s long hiatus.

      • Gerri

        You got to push it—this esestinal info that is!

  • ari

    I started watching the show but stopped because I knew it wouldn’t be renewed….network tv is mostly interested in doctor..cop..lawyer shows or Friends type comedy.

    • Vince from NYC

      I started watching and it lost my interest. I was hoping I’d hear it turned out great so I’ve been recording them and they’re sitting unwatched on my DVR.. I will delete them tonight. Glad I haven’t been waisting my time.. Well I have been on Idol, but I’m glad I didn’t double waist my time.

      • Jack Death

        DONT DELETE THEM!! The Event is AWESOME!!!

    • Anisa

      Mike, I’ve written my own reievw of the event which will go up on the blog shortly. I just wanted to make one comment about the format: Osney Media organise a number of conferences here in the UK and they have session presentations (kept very short), followed by a 20 minute session in which each table of (typically 10) delegates discuss the issues, and then table their conclusions back to the entire forum via a nominated spokesperson. This way you get genuine debate among a small group but then it is shared with all. When I’ve been to these events it’s worked really well. Better IMO than splitting into smaller rooms with splinter groups addressing individual topics.Paddy

  • Smallville

    and will probably be replaced with another cop/lawyer/doctor show. NBC fails @ sci-fi always.

    • Terry

      Yeah, remember that awful show they had on once called Star Trek?

      • Casey

        Which was 50 years ago?

  • Diane Hubber

    Eventually who will want to watch a continuing drama because it may never have an ending. I think this is it for me. This has happened too many time…left hanging in the wind.

    • Jack Death

      Seriously. Can’t we just have 1 awesome sci-fi continuing drama? The Event is AWESOME

  • TLZ

    I’m sorry, but for the quality level of actors involved with this show, the scriptwriting should have been much better. The set-up brought me to the show but the execution just failed. i remember watching a scene where the young couple (cannot remember their names) were running away from an exploding building and they are going dowen an alleyway and behind them you see one of the bad guys climb/drop/fall out of a 2nd story window and then shoot Ritter’s character from 100 feet away. i actually laughed at how bizzare that whole scene looked.

    • kinley

      @TLZ Agreed! I cancelled The Event about a week ago from my DVR. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The stories were not good and some didn’t make sense. I so wanted this to work because I’m a big fan of Sci-fi. You almost hate to invest any time into these shows because you know they will be cancelled. At least V went out with a bang if they don’t come back.

      • TLZ

        i wasn’t able to catch the 2nd season of V for various reasons. I was following season 1 on iTunes and was ready to pickup season 2, but they never had it. ABC didn’t rebroadcast it on their website either. They wanted to see if it could bring an audience just from it’s time slot. After I heard that i nvested in a DVR from my cabble company. I’m hoping to see it on DVD soon.

    • dan

      There were also continuity problems from the first episode. They couldn’t get night and day correctly edited (they’d flip from one to another and back to the first, and this had nothing to do with time zone changes), and there was no explanation how characters could travel from one state to another in the same time it took to go to the grocery store. Very sloppy production work, even though it was a high concept show with decent actors. It had potential that it couldn’t live up to.

      • ROB

        I totally agree! its like they took a taxi to NY and then another to washington in 10mins, and i also hate that the next episode goes all over again for like the half off the past episode, they repeat to many scenes.

  • parkR

    As a person who only watched it until the winter break… so what was the actual event?????

    • ALM

      Still not quite sure…

      • Cleiton

        OK, been trying to imnpemelt this code for a few hours now. And got it sort of working.But I’m imnpemelting it in another class and therefore cannot (will not) acces things like the stage width etc. Not a problem, yet, just placing it direct. But I’m having a conflict with internal definition of TextField.1151: A conflict exists with definition progress_txt in namespace internal.I’ve pasted all assets into my own Flash-file and referencing your classes. But it seems that it clashes with my own class in which it is imnpemelted. It all works in terms of upload and all, it just never show the progress. And that’s only when I comment out the lines:26: public var progress_txt:TextField;27: public var progress_bar:ProgressBar;28:public var bg_mc:MovieClip;in FileUploader.as, otherwise it won’t compile, giving me the error above.Now, would you have any idea how to imnpemelt it in other classes and not just flat on the timeline/stage?

    • dharma swan

      Good question! I only watched till the winter break too…I want to say it had something to do with the Washington Monument??? Unsure.

      • MC

        I believe the “event” is/was going to be killing off half of the planet so that Sophia could bring the rest of her people to Earth because their planet is dying.

  • jared

    I’d like to echo what gw said: If they had a fall season for shows that ran from August thru November and a Winter Season that ran January thru April they could put twice as many different shows on and stop with this nonsense of hiatus in late November through December, which just frustrates viewers.

    • ari


      • Ania

        meunoapse books What a time? I’m sure there’ll be a point in the future when I can make light of meunoapse books but I haven’t got there yet. Thanks for your comments though, they’re thought provoking at least .

  • it always happens

    sadly it will probably be replaced by some mindless reality show…..which I will NOT watch

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