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SPOILERS AHEAD: Ryan Cartwright was in Toronto when he called EW, almost 16 hours after his character Vincent Nigel Murray took a bullet intended for Booth on Bones. And he was quite cheery for a man who’d just died.

He has every reason to be, though. Not only did his character manage to capture the hearts of fans in just a few spotty episodes, but his Syfy channel pilot, Alphas, ensures that Cartwright (pictured, right) has a place to call home post-Bones. Not to mention, he gets the satisfaction of possibly being the man who is responsible for finally getting Booth and Brennan together. In our exclusive chat, we cover this and more with our dearly departed squintern. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So last night, you had me bawling. I was inconsolable.
RYAN CARTWRIGHT: [Laughs] That’s great. Or, wait, I’m sorry, I guess.

Don’t be! It was great. Have you seen the episode yet?
No, I’m going to watch it tonight. But I saw my death scene because I had to go in and do some ADR [i.e. dialogue replacement], which was weird. I had to go in and do my terminal breath and record my final gasps. It’s a weird thing to go do on a Sunday afternoon. But I have yet to see the full episode.

When you were on scene filming it, what was the environment among the cast?
It was just miserable. It was what you’d think. And it was so well written, it would have been easier if I was shot and died straight away. But to have to do a death bed scene where you’re begging to stay alive — it’s a bit uncomfortable. I think the rest of the cast and crew were happy to get off the train and get back to the giggles.

But I can’t imagine there weren’t some real tears on set during that.
I think there were a couple of lip-quiverings. And the editor came up to me the next day and gave me a hug because she said she’d been crying all day piecing it together.

In terms of Vincent himself, he was such a randomly beloved character. When you first came on as him, did you ever anticipate the squinterns getting a following?
Oh, no. Not at all. Originally, he was in one episode, and I was like, “Oh, that’s a great character.” And since it’s been a fantastic little Christmas gift every time he came back. I had no idea that it would blow up the way it did. It’s been fantastic for me.

Well, speaking of Vincent’s rotating schedule, a few fans noticed that he’d been on for a few episodes, and then he made his “peace” with the confessions. So some saw it coming, I think. Were you expecting it?
Something had been mentioned in passing. And people had said one of the squinterns were going to go. So I felt it in the wind.

Well, if you were going to die, at least you died for a reason. You could be the reason Brennan and Booth finally got together!
[Laughs] Yeah, however I can help. If that’s what it takes.

Do you know whether or not they went through with it?
Oh, no! I only get the scripts of my episode.

So you’re on the ride with the rest of us.
Yeah, I’m with the rest of you.

So in sum, how would you characterize your time on the show?
It’s kind of summed up on the blooper reels. It’s a lot of laughs. Everyone there loves doing the show. It’s a lot of giggles.

Favorite Vincent scene?
Oh, I saw the one the other day where I was confessing to Emily that I had told people we were in a relationship. That made me giggle. And any scene I had with John Francis Daly, because we sat there giggling like little school boys all day.

So I know you’re working on a show now for Syfy, Alphas. What can you tell me about it and about your character?
It’s going to be a real treat for Syfy fans. And hopefully some Nigel Murray fans will have a look, too. I play a guy called Gary Bell who’s an American and he’s a functioning autistic fella. And he has the ability to see any electromagnetic wavelengths, so he can read what’s on your cellphone, tell where people are, look through security cameras, and whatnot. It’s basically a group of us, the Alphas, who have these special abilities beyond the edges. And this [character] Doctor Rosen [played by David Strathairn] and us are a therapy group. And what’s happening now is that the government is having to use us to track down other Alphas. And some people with these abilities are the bad guys. We have to help track them down.

That sounds much more action-packed that Nigel Murray is accustomed to. Do you get to do fighting and stunts?
Yeah. I was just biting a guy’s neck the other day. And my bony, British body is covered in bruises. There’s quite a bit of action.

Well, we can’t wait to see it. But we are going to miss you.
There’s always re-runs.

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  • Gonzalo

    Are you kidding me, Sandra? I haven’t watched the episode yet and was avoiding any spoilers all day (because I knew a death was coming), only for you to block the most obvious word in the title. If you were sincerely trying to help people like me avoid spoilers, you did a terrible job.

    • Monty

      This is totally on you. Don’t blame a blogger, who POSTED SPOILER ALERT, on an entertainment website that has a crush on this particular show!

      Spoiler alert
      You’re an idiot.

      • JOsh

        Yeah…there was a spoiler alert…

      • cj

        Umm, I don’t care if there is a spoiler alert, just glancing at the home page it was obvious what this meant! Some OTHER sites were at least careful enough not to make it completely obvious from the byline on the main page!

      • CSS

        I’m with Gonzalo and cj. Any reference on the homepage link – no matter how “veiled” – is a spoiler.

      • T

        No—- come on avoid the site if you are worried about seeing something. It’s an entertainment website they report on last night shows.

    • Margie Clark

      What spoiler? It was an old episode that has been shown many times since the original viewing. Besides, the words SPOILER was in very prominent.
      Yes, it was probably the saddest episode ever. Loved Nigel.

  • Cheery

    You were “avoiding spoilers all day” and yet you come to InsideTV on EW???
    It’s your own damn fault, what do you think this site does??

    • Eva

      I will never understand why people who want to avoid spoilers come to EW.com. WHY? That’s like me saying I want to avoid Mickey Mouse and then going to Disney Land. Just grow up and take responsibility for your own stupidity.

  • sabrina

    What’s up with no tv recap of bones today??? One of the best, jaw dropping episodes and it’s like “cricket, cricket” from ew???

    Just a random interview with the fallen squintern??

    I need a recap, preferably with some good guesses and theories about the finale.

    • T

      I agree I miss the recaps the most

  • Bella

    Yes, Sabrina, I was wondering the same thing! There wasn’t one on Watch With Kristin, either, which I would have expected. Maybe they’re waiting for the season finale?

  • jmcg

    I wasn’t expecting mr. Nigel murray to bite the dust. I will surely him and his random factoids. I just did not like bones reaction to it-first, she made it about booth when nigel murrays body wasn’t even cold yet; then later, she made it about her when he said don’t make me leave as he lay dying. It was tragic! Why weren’t the other squinterns there?

    • Sue1

      As she’s grown as a empathetic person, Bones she realizes Booth might feel guilty and she tries to make him feel better. She is also surprised to think that Vincent would die heartbroken, thinking she would send him away…she reassured him that he was her favorite. In both cases she reached out, not in.

  • JV

    Gotta give Ryan mad props on the death scene – just about the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve seen on TV in a while… and eerily reminiscent of Sam Kinison’s final words before he died.

    • Katie

      I haven’t cried this much since Brennan told booth she missed her shot. He was my favorite squint and am pissed he went. But I’m so glad they gave him a great final scene and quirky goodbye. I will never listen to lime in the coconut the same again.

  • Xena

    Brilliant episode, perfectly played by Ryan Cartwright. I will miss Mr. Nigel-Murray.

  • Lene

    I cried my way through that episode. My mother called me in a commercial and said “I’m so sad!” and then we cried some more together. Love all the squinterns, but absolutely adored Vincent. Damn you, Bones writers! I mean, excellent episode, fantastic writing, great acting, but did you have to kill him? It’s just mean…

    • modea

      ,,your mother ??!!?? – I’mn Ryans mother and I CAN’T watch it !!

      • LHand

        It is well worth watching, although heart-wrenching, it will make a Mother proud.

  • Sue1

    Very surprised no discussion of THE question–did they or didn’t they?

  • Liz

    Damn, he was my fave…

  • Patricia

    I know it’s only a show, but all of these characters seem so real, and Vincent was too wonderful to lose. It feels like it WAS a real death. I can’t imagine how the writers can possibly come up with a new character as endearing as this one.

  • Kellie

    I can’t believe they killed my favourite squintern. He was just so adorable, I cried so much when he died. I’m going to post a useless fact on my tumblr every day for a month in honour of Vincent Nigel-Murray.

  • sherimoonzombie

    Loved LOVED his character. Bawled shamelessly though much of the rest of the epi. He was my fave squintern. Those quirkly little mannerisms were so darn adorable. Guess I’ll have to check out his new show. I wish they’d have let him keep his British accent though *sigh*.

  • m

    Vincent will be VERY much missed by my husband and I — ALWAYS looked forward to his trivia. Will have to check him out in the new show – good luck!!

  • Donna Devlin

    Am a newcomer to Bones-been watching re-runs. Saw Mr. Nigel Murray come and go but didn’t see his death coming (no offense-glad it wasn’t Booth-LOL). Cried all night. (Saw R/C first on Alphas-love the show – so all is well!!)

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