Syfy defends canceling 'Stargate Universe'


A Syfy executive has penned an lengthy open letter to Stargate Universe fans defending cancelling the show, whose series finale aired last Friday.

“There is literally no one other than MGM who supported it more than we did,” writes Syfy senior vp Craig Engler. “We were the only network who gave the show a try and the only ones who committed to making and airing 40 episodes before a script had been written. We invested tens of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work over many years making and supporting the show.”

Engler noted the ratings peaked around 3 million viewers (including DVR) shortly after its series premiere, then sagged to hover near 2 million viewers during season 2, when the show moved to Tuesday and then to Monday nights. Fans slammed the network for “erratic” scheduling and accused Syfy of not promoting the show and cancelling it to make room for wrestling.

“We moved the final 10 episodes of SGU to Monday nights where we’d just had success with a new show called Being Human, but the ratings remained flat,” he continued. “SGU did finish out its run with a nice spike for the finale, which is something else you also typically see with TV shows … We would have happily kept making SGU regardless of anything else on our schedule if the ratings were sustainable. We don’t discontinue successful shows to make room for other shows … no network does because no network has a full roster of successful series. SGU was judged solely on its own ratings.” (Full letter here).

A confession: I was a fan of SGU. It was the only Stargate show I ever watched. I found the series uneven, the scenes back on Earth bored me to tears and I wish Lou Diamond Phillips had never been cast. That said, I liked the show — the relationship between Rush, Eli and Young worked for me, as did the mood of the series and its often smarter-than-you’d-expect storylines.

A couple months back Syfy told EW that the finale would give fans “closure.” Those who watched last week’s episode know that, if anything, the ending more resembled a cliffhanger, with the entire crew put into cryogenic suspension, save Eli, who either has to fix the one last remaining cryo pod or he will perish in two weeks. That is so not closure. And yet, the last 15 minutes were beautifully done and the ending fully worked for me: there’s something quite romantic about the idea of them just coasting out there asleep toward an unknown fate.

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  • Sean Bryant

    Defend it all your want SyFy, it was a great show and millions of users should be plenty, you should defending science fiction not making room for wrestling. It was the only showed I watched on SyFy and now it seems its going to be the last.

    • Ben

      If it is loosing money, it doesn’t matter how much it costs or doesn’t cost or how many viewers it has or doesn’t have. Bottom line – it was too expensive for the amount of viewers it attracted. Thus – cancelled.

      • Adam

        It was losing money because of Syfy’s ineptitude. Who the hell airs a very niche cable show during the fall and then splits the season in half? And why, when the show was struggling, would they then ignore the massive wrestling lead-in it was about to gain and stick it on a Tuesday against all the toughest broadcast competition? They were trying to kill the show in that timeslot and save Sanctuary. Caprica paid the price for their crappy decisions too.

      • Lori

        I love the show, it was brilliant, and SwedishFriendFinder was amazing

      • Tania

        Blame the cable companies first; Comcast dumped Standard priced cable, then moved all of the “free” cablers like USA, FX and Syfy to the more expensive Digital tier. Less than a third of homes pay for Digital cable; that means Syfy, USA and other cablers lost two thirds of the viewers thanks to greedy cable companies. The cable companies want to viewers to pay more cablers in the midst of an economic downturn. More viewers are dumping cable in favor of streaming services. NBCU withholds shows from Hulu and Netflix instead of embracing the new streaming business model. Now that Comcast owns NBCU they will fight tooth and nail to keep that old broken model going.

      • jd

        i’ll be honest. i’m a huge sci fi fan but i never got into the stargate world. this particular version of stargate, i barely knew it was on until they were advertising the series finale. i watched an episode during a day when they were showing a marathon and ended up watching every episode i could find on demand. i agree with the writer’s assessment of the show. uneven, but enjoyable because of the relationship of a few characters (and i really loved Rush). There was no real ad push for this show (i never knew what night it was on even if i had been interested at the time) and syfy would be smart to do more marathons of shows that they want people to pick up if they missed. I have no idea why wrestling is on the channel (well, yes i do- money, but it doesn’t fit the brand). I also don’t know anyone who watches all those stupid fact or faked shows. And some of those cheesy movies are funny, but most are just plain unwatchable. I tried watching being human for a couple of eps but just couldn’t get into it (although i’ve heard the british version is better so maybe i will check that out). I’m rambling, but I’ll end with the fact that it’s sad that i get more of a sci fi fix off of bbc than a channel that calls itself syfy.

      • Snsetblaze

        I have to agree with you JD – the BBC is becoming more sci-fi than the sci-fi network. I find myself watching the sci-fy network (I refuse to call it that stupid new name) less and less. I enjoyed both Caprica and SGU immensely. I like the darker sci-fi though I do enjoy Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary (though if I had to drop one, Sanctuary would be first). I never really got into the original Stargage or Atlantis (the acting on SGU was just far superior to the other two series – there wasn’t one weak cast member and I could not say that about the other two series.) I did find some of the first season uneven but found the show found its stride in the second season (like many other sci-fi series). The sci-fi network itself is to blame for many of the reasons listed in prior postings.

      • Ames

        I agree with JD as well. Big scifi fan, but barely knew about this show. In fact, barely watch SyFy anymore. By the time I knew about it, there was talk of cancellation, so why bother? We have really busy lives. You can’t expect people to seek out your shows anymore.

      • kurtis

        Don’t blame SyFy for “Splitting the season in half”. All shows go through this to carry a small amount of episodes over a nearly one year span.

      • Gary S

        I have never understood why shows are moved but I have always followed the ones I like and is there anyone who says oh whats this lets give it a try. In have every episodedvd dvr and movies so when do we get more of this story? Oh as always never.

      • D. G.

        I agree with you all except “”Tania”” who has no clue how the game works, neither cable or sat. decide what tier the channel is on, it is a something that the network decided, such as Syfy and NBC and so on, also the networks decide how much a channel costs, not the cable companies, not the sat. companies…place blame where it belongs and use some education, or at least look up the information, I have worked in both areas, and over the air broadcast. I have also helped negotiate some of the costs and tiers. Overall, no matter what, still a shame that SGU was cancelled.

      • ricky

        I understand the economics of good business but a poor business model does lead to poor results even if you have a good product. I think the practices of pushing products like megashark vs gatorman and wrestling through the a venue such as the Syfy channel is a faulty management decision process. Furthermore many niche product producers who have found overwhelming business success have gone into the business because a true belief in the value to thier customers of their products and it was a commitment to being the best that won their customer base. Ex if more people bought shirts with the Nike logo should they stop making good shoes? I thought that SGU had the look, feel, cinematography, acting and writing of an already successful and nearly polished product. I feel that it someday had the potential to become the definition of what people meant when referring to entire Stargate brand. Its too bad that short term Corporate stockholder returns have more to do with ‘sound business’ decisions than the vision, expertise, drive and artistry of the executive running the business. Our society has been loosing a lot to that lately. So long SGU,Caprica,Serenity,etc.

      • willy wonka

        @jd the “British” version or as we call it, the “original” version is excellent enjoy :)

      • miniman

        thank you willy wonka the ORIGINALS not the British. i don’t know why you Americans have to spend money on remakes. all your doing is spending money on making a show that does not stand up the the originals expectations. “Being human”, “Life on mars”, “Shameless” and they are only the ones i can think of right now, and none of them are as good and the originals. we didn’t make an English version of “Stargate” or “Lost” we just watched yours and if money was not spent on making a yank version of “Being human” we might of had a SGU series 3

      • Jerome

        I have to agree with JD as well.

        I am a HUGE SG fan. Have been ever since I saw the original movie in the theater. Fell in love with it again when they started SG 1 and though I didn’t care much for Atlantis at first it grew on me.

        SGU I loved as well, However I never knew it was on until it was almost done with the first season, then the only reason I even heard about it was I was watching SG1 again on Hulu before they lost it and saw the SGU in the related videos section.

      • Tom

        I liked SGU and all of the other Stargate shows. Stargate Atlantis was an awesome show too, and was cancelled prematurely to make way for SGU. This was a betrayal to loyal fans. The bigwigs wanted to make a darker Stargate show with more human drama, similar to Battle Star Galactica. Watching SGU, it is obvious that they were trying to copy the style of the other show. Still, even with the betrayal and lack of faithfulness to the original stargate feel, SGU was a good show.

        The IDIOTS who run Syfy really need to be flogged. THESE MORONS PROGRAM WRESTLING…ON SYFY?!!!! It’s called the Syfy channel, have you forgotten what you are all about? IDIOTS!!! I used to watch your channel religiously, back when you actually had good shows. I stopped watching your channel over a year ago.

        One more point, a previous post also blamed the cable companies and the fact that networks are not allowing their shows to air on streaming services.

        BIG MISTAKE…wake up and smell the coffee you morons (talking to the cable companies and networks). I cancelled ALL of my cable TV service two months ago. I’m tired of being abused by the cable company, and tired of shelling out a hundred dollars a month for TV that should (and used to be) free. I am done paying you for the right to show me your advertisements, lame content, and put up with your very poor service.

        Streaming is the future, and it will need to stay cheap or near free. THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL. Many average Americans had to get used to making less money, now you cable companies need to get used to making less money too.

      • Crobins

        the dragon was about to awake on this one. SyFy really
        drop the baby over the cliff, if you ask me. I think jd
        had it right, piss-poor advertisement. I mean, I’d never would have found the show, had it not been for Google,
        I mean come on.

      • Alejandro Jaen

        I watched the series on Netflix not knowing it was cancelled. When I found this out I was utterly disappointed.For me it was one of the best shows I’ve every seen. I think that it would of done better with more advertising. As an independent filmmaker I understand the basics of how this all works. You need to hook the audience with commercials. There are so many series I began to watch for their intriguing commercials. I for one never saw a Stargate Universe commericial. Hopefully in a couple of years it will make a comeback. Mean while my desire to see this show will be cryogenically frozen and a drift with the crew of Destiny. Maybe in 3 years we’ll see.

    • Matt Kirk

      I agree! I love Stargate. In my opinion Syfy did not give me closure. I want to know what happens next. Stargate was the best Syfy show that you had. I do not want to watch some wrestling or some cooking show. Please bring it back.

      • Wayne Burger

        I watched the series from the beginning and it took a little while to get into the relationships and storyline. But it developed into a great show which I hope will be brought back somehow. The story possibilities are infinite and it was the best of the stargate series.

      • tom reh

        I loved the series and I agree the way it was ended wasn’t an ending. I would love to see at least a 2 hour DVD or renew the series for at least on more season.

      • anibalpagan

        It was a very good show, and I’m baffeld, as to why to chose to end it.

      • chris

        It’s sad that SGU sucked the life out of the entire Stargate franchise. I loved SG-1 and SG Atlantis. They were awesome. But SGU was soooo incredibly boring, week after week. I’m surpised the actors didn’t put themselves to sleep on set.

      • chris

        To Anibalpagan, who is baffled at why the show was canceled. This show was so boring and slow moving, with the cast whispering through most of the episode in an almost near-dark set, that it truly sucked all life from the universe. blame it on timeslots if you want, it was the directing or production that did this in, whatever made it so slow and boring compared to SG-1 and SG Atlantis.

        Bring SG Atlantis back, SyFY. And SG-1! They are your best shows ever!.

      • Antoni

        I’m not surprised the show failed. Sad to say but most SyFy fans can’t deal with anything other then the usual SF cliches. I never watched Universe but I did watch a bit of the older Stargate shows and if that’s the quality to strive for, then it only confirms my belief that most SYFY fans are 12 year olds of all ages. Based on this and the failure of Caprica(and remember that despite the critical praise BSG never did that well) I guess there is no room for anything other then the sometimes pleasant but always vapid shows SyFy loves……

      • debi

        Please bring back SGU…

      • Jeroen P.

        Please bring back stargate universe, also what about atlantis movies, also cancelled or what???? shame on you!

      • william

        that was the best and most consistant
        acting iv’e seen from relative newcomers in years and thanks to pizza and cable i rarely leave the couch

      • Chris

        I agree.. Stargate and Caprica were the only true Science Fiction shows on “SyFy” and they cancelled them both. No one wants to watch some CLEARLY faked ghost hunting crap or wrestling. I haven’t even turned on SyFy since they cancelled the show.

      • matt

        i think its a joke iv been a fan of stargate since the begining and the so called finally made no sense at all. why make these programs if u have no intention of seeing it until the end. why call urself syfy if u dont back the syfy programs!!!!!!!!!

      • SGU FAN

        ya i agree with jd they really dropped the ball on this 1 it was just starting to get really good after season 2 and even better in season 3 and they had to stop it at a freaken cliff hanger does eli live or does he die damn it sci-fi i hate you getting rid of all the tv shows i liked like eureka and now stargate universe

      • garett

        i agree i was watching it on netflix and i diddnt know it was cancelled i was very disapoited!!!!!!i wanted to know if eli survived and after the three years i diddnt want to watch westling on syfy an uyou kidding me its syfy not usa

      • Alex

        There was no closure. Not for me, at any rate.
        I could only think that Eli managed to survive somehow, maybe discovering that Rush had tampered with the last cryotube to trap Young – and failed – or maybe the Langarans discovered the key to opening a stable 9 chevron wormhole without blowing up their planet, and sent in waves of experts.

        Maybe Eli used the stones to call in an expert to help; but I think he’d have solved his problem by himself.

        As it is, my heart sank when I saw this finale. It was a Voyage of Death, like Space: 1999, like Ashes to Ashes – the truth was, really, that all the crew were indeed proper dead, and they were just ghosts in the afterlife waiting to fade – the cryo tubes were the residual self-image of their coffins.

        Poor Eli. I will miss that guy. Of all the characters in that show, I will miss him most of all, and I’ll never know if he lived or died.

    • Bryan

      This was the last show I was regularly watching on the Syfy Channel. They dropped several shows, then there was the rumor they would drop this one, and I pretty much lost faith. I cancelled my cable TV around that time. I hulu and netflix now because there really isn’t anything worth watching on TV anymore in my opinion.

      • Tania

        Exactly; Comcast bought NBC Univ and Syfy, meanwhile people are dumping expensive cable. NBCU isn’t streaming shows on Hulu anymore, instead forcing 30 day delays on the shows they do offer. Comcast/NBCU is trying to bring back the stone ages, and they will be left behind as people embrace streaming.

      • benlinus

        If it were not for the fact that I have been watching Game of Thrones and the Borgias I’d drop Cable as well. Personally though I stopped watching SciFi after they cancelled Farscape by disintegrating their 2 main characters; cancelling Lexx was a real blow too. Is there a way to subscribe to HBO, Showtime, Starz in a streaming format if so I’ll drop cable in favor of keeping the highspeed internet. I despise commercials so much I make it a point of never buying anything I see a commercial for.

      • Pieter

        Lexx was awful. A show focused on emphasizing how sex-starved and nerdy the audience is? You know that Stanley Tweedle is a send-up of the viewer right?

      • Chaan

        SyFi execs needs some reality checks. Idiotic decisions like moving to monday and splitting a season have to be the two most bizarre scheduling changes I have ever seen. I can arrange for the BBC to pick this one up as they are now the real Sci Fi channel globally. SyFy is about stupid wrestling and truly bizarre programming. I wondered who had whacked my 20 kilo brick of Acid last year…..Now i know….

      • Matt

        Dropping the show was bull, They say they ended the series well. It’s not ended There is such a large possibility of another season but they are not willing to go through with it. I only got the Sci-Fi channel so I could watch the damn stargate series both Atlantis and Universe. Now I’m canceling my subscription because there is nothing worthwhile to watch on the channel

      • rob

        @ antoni, really 12yr olds, how about people with imagination ,not compelled 2watch jersey shore.syfi channel was built by farscape, stargate sg1,atlantis, bsg, sgu , andromida. with these all gone syfy just another mtv ( & wrestling is for retards, yeh its fake, but is it syfy i think not

      • Harry

        It’s just the tail end of what they started when they canned SG1.they annoyed the fans of their highest rating show,so half of them cancelled-hence the drop in ratings,and so on it goes till they have their last 2 million subscribers watching their last Sci-fi show.Good luck with your new Country & Western format-Syfy….

      • Sarge

        As an ex long time Sci-Fi viewer, the final step was ending SGU. SyFy is NOT science fiction in any way.

      • Josiah Sowell

        I would just like to say that them cancelling SGU. Has really pissed me off. I have always been a fan of Stargate. But SGU was my favorite of the Series.


        The best show ever made and it get canceled.
        this is straight bull. bring it back.

    • Jerry

      Whether they realize it or not Syfy is shooting themselves in the foot. Ratings are only important if it brings viewers who are part of the target market that embraces science fiction. They will be the ones who tend to buy from the advertisers (the folks truly paying for television, not Syfy). People who watch Syfy just because wrestling moved there are not going to be as influenced by advertisers as people who watch SGU or Caprica. While their ratings might be higher for wrestling, they are pissing off and alienating their true target market each time they cancel a quality true science fiction show. Working the numbers and looking at the bottom line is fatal when you don’t remember who your fans are and I think Syfy will have a rude awakening as their temporary ratings gimmicks begin to kill their business.

      • Jax

        Working the numbers and looking at the bottom line is not fatal…it’s good business. I think you people forget that TV is not a god given right. It is a business and people are in it to make money. If something isn’t making money then they need to try something else. SyFy tried making shows for their fans and all they did is get low ratings. End of story.

      • Jerry

        Forgetting your target market is always fatal, which syfy will soon discover. Although ratings may be lower than they would like, they are from true syfy fans, who tend to be more committed to the genre creating a perfect niche market for the right products. If syfy isn’t making money they should look at scheduling and availability. Making the syfy channel free on the web for instance, and keeping it part of basic cable, even making apps to stream the channel. Instead of pandering to ratings by caving in to non sci-fi garbage, they should work on meeting the needs of their fanbase to bring around ratings, that’s good business.

      • jr

        I agree. Imagine if Home Depot replaced thier indoor lumber yard and tool section with a deli, produce and dairy section. HAHAHA. Sounds rediculous huh? It is the same thing.

      • Michelle

        ROFL totally agree Jr.

      • Arne

        i Strongly Disagree… in the early 90s syfy was called for a reason; it was only syfy being broadcasted and it was a good channel…

        up unntil 2005 syfy was world wide then suddenly were Not…
        (they forgot the overseas customers) SGU was not known up until reasont events in most of European market for example,
        in norway we didnt know there was an sgu release unntil later

        so think before you say anything. it is syfy’s his own fault that is causing the bad economy …

        but to blame the TV viewers is a big mistake

        they will only lose customers if they continue down the road they are on … so please Never tell me it’s television viewers who are guilty

        Sincerely, Arne from norway

      • Bryan

        I work in marketing and I gotta say I don’t understand syfy’s dilemma with the ratings.

        Sure shows that appeal to casual average people will get more viewers…but viewers don’t equal money…advertisers do. And I don’t know of a single advertiser that doesn’t understand the value of niche. I have ad campaigns that get seen by 1 million people and do far better than other campaigns seen by 20-30 million people…because the 1 mil targets better. And syfy’s true claim to advertising dollars is that they are the ONLY channel catering specifically to the niche they cater to (or at least…used to cater to).

        I doubt local hunting shows actually have large viewing numbers compared to say…the local news. So why not cancel them all and just show the news on repeat all day? Because the hunting show has an extremely targeted audience…and that’s worth it’s weight in gold to advertisers.

        If I had a product/event to advertise with any sci-fi flavor to it I’d pay double to advertise to half as many people if it was niche audience. If the advertising slots get priced solely on numbers without regard to how targetable the audience is then of course you’ll lose money…if that’s the case then no niche programming could ever exist because it would always not do as well as shows for the masses.

        Is that truly what we think though? That niche targeting has no intrinsic value, only the overall number of viewers of the ad matters? I have interns that know better than that…so I am a bit confused as to why syfy execs don’t see that they have a near monopoly over an entire niche (if they go back to properly programming for them again that is) …and the money you can make when you have a monopoly and use it properly is huge…

    • Gordon

      I have enjoyed SciFI in the past. I used to come home and watch 3 hours Friday night (Battlestar, Atlantis and SG1). Right now Universe is the only show I watch on SciFi. Now there is none.

      • Tim

        I own every stargate episode…SG1 and Atlantis and some of the universe soon as they were released. I loved these movies since the day my dad and I started watching them. Now I can’t stop watching them I have probably watched the SG1 series probably at least 14 times for each episode

    • Rusty

      actually i think that its way higher than a million viewers.

      • Arne

        I AGREE FULLY… Most people download in countries that don’t get the SGU on TV so that is correct …

        there are many who are will have to do it the illegal way
        and the reason is, what they have done until now are limiting Access to others and themselves

    • Debbie

      I didn’t discover Stargate Universe until last year. I could never find listings for the show. When this season returned for a series of shows up to the finale, it was never aired when I thought it would be. It certaintly wasn’t promoted except during episodes, which you had to have ESP to find. It was the best thing since X-Files.

    • John A Smith

      I thought Stargate Universe was one of the best produced Sci-Fi’s ever. I am surprised though how many Sci-Fi fans had never seen it. It needed to be on Fox, UPN or CW. I agree the “ScyFy” thing was stupid and probably hurt the network along with their Sci-Fi offerings. Think “New Coke” for just a moment. How about producing a 2 hour special reintroducing Stargate Universe on a network that actually shows up in TV Guide?

    • Rusty

      SyFy, you should change your name to something else because programing sucks, junk like wrestling and yahoo’s that speak to the dead, come on SGU fit your model and the ratings were subtainable, firefly would be a great series but when you had a chance to pick it up you turned it down but instead you want crappy ghost crap!!!!!! just change your name so someone else can get it right!!!!!!!!

    • Brandon

      Yes I very much agree, it was the best and only show worth watching on SyFy, they have made a monumental blunder by canceling it! Bring it back! Show a little backbone and drop the wrestling crap!

    • kelley

      Well they killed it so i guess i will quit watching syfy @ all good luck to all who try and watch a syfy turned to wrestling (i mean what sort of syfy is in wrestling)

    • Greg Panos

      I agree

      • Greg Panos

        Finish the series so our hearts can be rich with a better destiny than what’s occuring in the world around us :)

    • Mike D

      I love that no one commented on the fact that the original commenter has little to no grasp of the English language

    • John

      Wrestling? Are you serious? I used to love this channel. Who’s stupid idea is it anyway. Well if you are no longer a science fiction channel, I hope one comes along because I do not, did not and never will want a wrestling channel. I enjoyed Stargate Universe immensely, but if you would rather be a non brainier wrestling channel instead, perhaps there is someone out there with the balls to be a real science fiction channel
      It’s sad to see you turn your back on your origins, I used to think you were better then that. Guess I was sadly wrong

      • Robert

        I love Wrestling, and never miss it but if wrestling was on one channel and Stargate Universe was on at the same time, guess what! I missed wrestling to see Stargate Universe. No I do not have a DVR and the VCR no longer works but it was worth missing wrestling to see Stargate Universe.
        Also the way they ended the show made me expect and look forward for the next season. My 2 cents..

    • Ryan

      yes definately i agree with u completely it is my fav show that has ever been on tv

    • bob

      heres an thought those episodes were explaining the show / way of life when fans started watching the show we the fans thought the show would be different but similar in a way to continue the stargate chapter per-say such as sg1 being based off the movie stargate then stargate alantis and now sgu but fans felt the show was and is a drama but those episodes were explaining the show in a new light / vision so the numbers decrease for those episodes but when the show just got going off by season 2 so
      in all fairness based on what happens now the episodes numbers of veiws will stay the same if the show doesn’t continue but lets they continue making more episodes where just as the show just started to climb in action like it was then so would the fan base so give the show a chance its like a drug. you havent even allowed a climax in the show to really happen so i think your excuse is bs!

    • bob

      i agree the show in the fans eyes just started even though its the second season. stargate sg1 episodes weren’t a drama show so it took the fans by surprise and lost its rating but like i said the show just started in the fans eyes where we were becoming hooked like the others star gates if you wanted ratings then y didn’t you continue because of when the show just got going off by season two the show really had lost its fan support because they hadn’t seen the up coming dangers action but if the show was continued adds off the action similar too what we just started to see then you might surprise your self the fan base would grow to a sustainable level ( higher hopefully) if you brought a fan to re-watch this show from the begin to the the so called end i m pretty sure they would say pretty much the same thing as your current viewers sgu should continue

    • jared

      I just found this show on netflix and loved it. Why put a show out there for new fans to find if you have no intention of bringing it back, just makes me not want to support syfy!

    • Trystan Schrader

      I completely agree with sean that it was the only show i did watch on that channel. i actually took that chanel out of my satalite bundle. no point wasting money on a chanel that leaves a person haning like that wondering what happened. not an ending but a way of saying wait till next season to find out….. like WTF

    • Shawn

      Stargate was better then Stargate Universe. You replaced a great show with a horrible one, what do you think was going happen. SyFy you cancel all the great shows. And put horrible ones in its place. Ask the real sci-fi fans what they want, dont ask someone that dosnt love sci-fi what they want.

    • brad

      everyone should stop watching Syfy for this see how they feel about ratings then

    • Roger

      You would think that its very lowest ratings , 1.5 million , it would be more than enough to keep it on the air . You see this all the time and its a combination of poor managerial decisions , one of which is time slot changes . Some slots you simply can not compete against on other networks . So needless to say us 1.5 million loyal fans just don’t matter .

    • chris

      shows are only as good as the schedule, very rarely do shows make it on their own say if they aire at 1 am in the mornign. there are so many shows that the networks need to air them at the right times to make them work. so yes, mainly the show was canceled because of airing time, i don’t care what people say.

    • john chandler

      i cant believe it. i have been waiting forever for the next season and now to find out it was cancelled…i miss it, i think it was one of the greatest shows ive seen. i want it back. with all the garbage that comes from syfy you cancelled my favorite one and i hated the stargate series. and it was because of sgu that i decided to check out atlantis. and of that i have to say the biggest problem with the filming is just that the camera or the lens… take note of what was used for sgu and continue from there.

    • Sgu

      Can’t believe they canceled it……awful.
      Whoever plugged the plug should drift out themselves.
      I will never watch any syfy. Or anything that is connected. Bummed.

    • Paul

      Oh c’mon , you can’t beat a bit of sci fi wrestling.

      Seriously though I just marathoned through the whole series and thoroughly enjoyed it. I never even knew they made a STU.

      Fantastic advertising.

      • sbrain

        there are so many bad (visually) movies / shows on the syfy channel.. why did they have to destroy the stargate series?! there are 2 shows i enjoy. stargate (series including sg1, atlantis and sgu) and eureka. i better not mention eureka though or its going to get the kabash put to it next.. also, screw whoever decided to leave sgu season 2 on a cliff hanger for eternity. that was just a poor decision to not give the viewers (your source of income for the last 15 years) a sense of closure. your advertising for the sgu portion of the series was totally lacking. i never saw one episode wile it was on the air, and only found out it existed when it came on netflix. the stargate sg1 series however, was to the point where i almost lost interest due to it seeming like all they cared about was people buying the trinkets and novelty items labeled stargate.. for sgu, the visual effects were light years more advanced then the stargate sg1 series’ and yet so little was done to play it up. shame on you for letting it die like that and then blaming the viewers. thats just plain greed when you refuse to advertise a good product and then blame the consumer. syfy has lost another cable viewer. then again all cable is like that, so all cable has lost another viewer. i no longer give my money to cable companies to provide me with a means to rot my brain.

    • Michael

      Yeah this is a gr8 show and how they ended it makes me mad but happy at the same time..but they left it open for syfy to come back to if they want to

    • mike

      There are about 8 billion people on earth, a million is a joke and on top of that it had bad ratings. it was way to much talking and way too little action. Stargate sg-1 with its cheesy effects entertained me more than this. Try Stargate atlantis. This annoying embarrassment to the stargate series needed to be cancled

    • Justin Goodrich

      I agree with us fans we want more wrestling is over rated and

    • Justin Goodrich

      I agree with us fans we want more wrestling is over rated and Out dated it’s a waist of air time and that should be canceled or moved to a time where they put the old shows that no one watches anymore or are still in black and white put sgu back on the air my words may not mean much to you over powered celebs and people with hundreds of thousands in there bank accounts but for us normal people it is a science fiction fantasy come true for the real world a place where we can all run to when we wish to escape our lives for an hour a day. It had higher rating then lost but lost has 4+ seasons and this ended in a horrible hanger if anything it just proved to me that the people in charge of continuing air time for specific shows and making new episodes are the largest group of idiotic individuals I have ever seen and you defend ending the series and yet you allow shows like leveled up ( dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life) to continue to contaminate the minds of our children instead of giving them a show that say reach for the stars literally and accomplish your dreams and make your life worth something. I for one am insulted and apauled that you guys canceled a show that was so well made and scripted. either way the odds of anyone in there thousand dollar suit will ever read this but it don’t matter because I know there are plenty of people who will agree with me! Now get started on making new ones because we your fans say so! We are right your pockets are not important your fans are.

    • jody

      i started watching sg-1 and discovered stargate universe and fell in love with it. i record every show on dvr. i have ben looking for back shows and only can find 4 and i have more than that recorded. now i find out that they have ben cancled and i dont understand how this can be. there is no ending nothing is explained, its just done and i guess there can be no one more madabout this than me. the only reason the show was not more secessful is because its on at a real late time for anyoneto watch and there is no “NO” advertising on the show at all. we need this show back on the air and the story needs to be tols or at least a proper ending with all the questions that where brought up in the show answered. lets take a real vote and get this show back on the air where it belongs. this show is the startrack of our age!!!

    • Bob

      As was the last thing on scifi I ever watched. They forced it down the drain, Robert Carlyle kept me watching the re-airings until they were no more. Today, the channel is nothing more but one to skip past during surfing times. As far as I am concerned it’s just a third rate channel.

      • Joe

        I just watched the last episode last week. I know that may sound sad if I’m a fan of the whole Stargate franchise.I started watching the 1st season on Syfy. I just haven’t had cable in years an had the 2 seasons in storage. The ending was good but only as a cliffhanger to me. It sucks that it ended this way. Great shows rarely go all the way. If they reaired the show with a 3rd season I would find a way to get my cable on. lol.

  • DJ

    I AGREE. Syfy lost more than letters when it changed it’s name, it forgot what sci-fi was all about.

    • MystX

      When Sci-Fi changed their name to Syfy, I thought it sounded more like syphilis.

    • Dr Mc

      Amen to that!! A cliff-hanger like this for a show ending is a slap in the face to viewers….. Why should I invest in another series?

    • done with this

      Syfy change your name! You no longer represent the science fiction genre that viewers want to see. Another network could step in and provide real science fiction television. But you have completely failed. We do not want wrestling or cooking shows on a science fiction channel. That is not what we tune in for. And while you’re at it, update your lousy ratings system to account for all the people who don’t watch live. The reality is that a lot of people watch thru On Demand, DVR, Hulu, Netflix, the network website, etc. Stop living in the 90’s!

      • Max

        You’re blaming the wrong people. It’s not SyFy’s ratings system or even TV’s rating system. The advertisers are the ones who use the Nielson numbers to set their prices. Get your facts straight and stop blaming the wrong people.

      • steven

        l dont have anything smart to say‚ i did like all the sg. shows though. ?what i want to know is if there isgoing to be a spin off or movie made. because i didnt get closure.

      • bob

        there is suppose to be a movie called stargate extinction but haven’t heard anything new such as if the movie is being done or just stop with it all

  • darclyte

    It’s SyFy…what kind of ratings do they expect? Like Fringe and most other sci-fi type shows, it has a much more limited audience. The whole point of Syfy (before they changed their name) was to give sci-fi shows a place to air. It wasn’t perfect, but it made much more sense than wrestling or cooking shows. I did like the ending, and perhaps they’ll be able to revisit the series somehow with that open ending. But come on, wrestling should be on Spike or Versus, and Cooking shows should be on Food Network, the Cooking Channel, or “generic” channels like Bravo, A&E, and Discovery. And Sci-Fi shows should be on Syfy.

    • allie

      yay, darclyte!

    • Ari

      I do agree…
      Yay darclye

      • Logan


    • ann

      Here, here. I have beens saying all along, at least since they cancelled my still favorite, Farscape, that sy-fy should only have true science fiction/fantasy. There are plenty of other channels with wrestling, reality shows and cooking shows. I miss sci-fi Fridays – somehow scifi Monday or Tuesday just seems wrong. While SGU had its flaws, it was still interesting enoungh to watch. It seems there is less and less good sci-fi left on SYFY.

      • MarshmallomAn

        Actually more like less and less sci fi on syfy

      • jmcg

        I’m still bitter about farscape, and that show was awesome!

      • deedeedragons

        At least Farscape got to tie up all it’s loose ends.

      • Arne

        hey ann Farscape was not canceled directly but was made in a 2 part ending film and is called (the peacekeeper wars.)

    • Dusty

      Time for a new sci-fi channel. Huge market is missed out on here. they wana sell advertizing here is your chance. syfy has allbut left its core fans. MILLIONS of fans looking for a new home!!!! who’s going to jump in and make the billions?… when its done right!@

      • Snsetblaze

        Yes, the powers that be seem to feel that there is not a big audience for sci fi – but who do you think goes to those superhero movies (which falls under scifi imo).

    • Darrell

      i agree 100%

    • Jasonx

      Yeah Darclyte, that’s what I thought SciFi Channel was about also a niche channel for all things SciFi. Truthfully, SG1 was getting good again its final season, SGA, BSG, Caprica got boring. SGU was a pleasant surprise and the final season episodes were its best. IMO, a network should have a flagship show and SGU was that show. Now if you’re not a Wrestling fan there’s no reason to watch SyFy for sci-fi. I’ve only watched 1 or 2 episodes of the “Fact or Faked” and none of the other SyFy reality shows. Yes, some really bad Original SyFy movies (Almighty Thor?) but SGU would have been another 10yr flagship for the network. I don’t think SGU cost any more to produce than SG1 or SGA. The stones and errant gates allowing for additions and subtractions to the crew. SyFy really needs SGU as its premiere show otherwise it will never attract the audience it needs to sustain itself. Being Human, Haven and Sanctuary aren’t enough.

      • Odinn

        Jasonx, i whole heartedly agree with you on this!!!

    • Tania

      Syfy and USA are huge moneymakers for NBC Universal; NBC has been in the red while Syfy USA and Bravo have been raking in the bucks for NBC-Universal. They rely too heavily on cheesy reality shows and wrestling; if they can cobble together a network from that, and if they don’t care that they’re losing viewers then Syfy will end up the ragman of cable,content to pick through trash heaps to resell old refuse for a few pennies.

    • Cheri

      darclyte I agree completely! Sci-fi was the only channel I watched on regular TV, but with the changes, my TV is off, and besides the occasional DVD, will stay off. Could someone with sense please pick up SGU?

  • CHeech Vs The Monster

    I do think the show got cancelled due to its own poor ratings, but at the same time there is some merit to the argument that SyFy is making room for wrestling. They started with EWC and now it dominates two night a week. I think the channel is trying to find more mainstream appeal, but that’s gonna be hard when they aren’t doing the best job of just keeping their sci-fi fans happy.

    • Ben

      What two nights a week? It’s on on Fridays for 2 hours.

    • Jasonx

      And no SciFi did not start with wrestling it started with old sci-fi and anime. Cartoon Network started with weekend night adult anime which eventually got fazed out.

  • Rob

    Let me get this straight…SyFy is making room for wrestling???? Craig Engler should be writing a lengthy letter defending THIS asinine decision. What a minute…now I know why Engler and his network are adding wrestling…a new wrestling character named Mr. Saturn will be arriving. Gotcha Mr. Engler…now it makes PERFECT sense. My bad.

    • TomKo44

      They already announced a former WWE Wrestler is joining the cast of Haven, which will air right after WWE wrestling!

    • Chriss

      Wresltling?wrestling?where’s the imagination in that???Nothing interseting in that either except for those who like to see brute force for high pay..and phony as hell at that..just my opinion,but I won’t be watching!

      • dimorphine

        we can always imagine they are hurting each other or that there is a single brain cell in the ring?

      • MarshmallomAn

        @dimorphine, or in the audience for that matter

    • cristianc

      hello syfy wwf can go f*** it’s self your network is call SYFY not usa get a clue stargate=SYFY WWF=Bad tv

      • Scanicus

        I’ll second that.

      • danny

        wrestling has been fake since Big Daddy and Giant Haystack in the 80’s.
        I loved watching SGU as much as SG1, ATLANTIS, BSG and FARSCAPE, however, these shows were on SKY1 in the UK, I have sent a letter to the BBC suggesting that they should purchase the rights to SGU, ATLANTIS and FIREFLY, if they got them they could re-introduce them, at least then the shows would continue until the stories end because the BBC doesn’t care about ratings as they don’t have adverts, well at least they don’t in the UK! I wonder… have many were watching SGU in the UK? What were SKY1’S ratings for the show?

  • TomKo44

    It show how bright they are. They moved Sanctuary to that very same time slot and saw an immediate 60% ratings drop from when it was on Friday night. The “cancelled” SGU was getting better ratings than the “renewed” Sanctuary. They really made some poor assumptions on what ratings to expect based purely upon Being Human’s success. Does this mean they should now cancel Sanctuary because of their mistake?

    • ks

      Yep! I enjoyed SGU! They moved the show times of the show and I KNEW it was going to be cancelled. They did the same to Caprica.
      I still love my Eureka and Warehouse 13 but SyFy needs to do their homework!!

      • SR

        I like warehouse 13….haven’t really sat down and watched Eureka… and yes..i enjoyed both SGU and Caprica! What a waste!!!

    • Snsetblaze

      They also don’t realize that Being Human, although sci fi fans like myself do watch it, it generally appeals to a different audience … teenage girls who like the Twilight series since vampires are the hot thing right now … so its ratings will be better. The sci fi fans like their shows on Friday nights… I generally DVR Sanctuary if I’m not home but watch it on Friday night if I am. But I don’t watch it even if I’m home on Monday (I DVR it and don’t get to it for several days). The thing is – they should leave all of those shows on Friday nights since they run at different times during the year and get people used to one night of programming and then expand into other nights. (Perhaps they could even do repeat airings like the networks do on Saturday night (but do it on Sunday).

    • Mike

      Well, Sanctuary IS pretty bad and has been from its beginning. Time for Amanda Crapping to retire quietly,I think …

      • debi

        Loved all Stargate series SGU was the best of all. Hate syfy for cancelling and hate sanctuary. It should have been the one cancelled.

  • Ben

    It was a really bad follow up to what had been a terrific franchise up to that point. Fans of SG1 and SGA just didn’t like the new direction the show took, and new viewers did not tune in. Syfy did right to cancel the darned thing and make way for better shows in the future.

    • david courington

      You gotta admit the ending was great- I would like to know what happens next but will never find out due to other “better” programs.

    • Lanta

      Correction: *some* fans of SG-1 and SGA didn’t like the new direction. Personally I loved it and I know plenty of others who did too.

      I also know a few people who watched SGU who never watched SG-1 or SGA.

      • Alicia

        We’re hardcore Stargate fans in my house, and the show was really horrible. The only character I cared about was Eli. The whole show pretended to be Lost and failed miserably. We stopped watching somewhere in Season 2 and have never once cared what happened after we stopped watching.

      • Daryl

        Well here’s my three cents. I am an avid Stargate fan and I’m trying not to let that influence me here. I think what SGU did whas create a much more mature story line for an older audiance. I was a teenager when SG-1 aired. Seven years later, SGA and a much darker ememy in the Wraith combined with the light heartedness in McKay kept me a fan of the franchise. And now six days from my 29th birthday I was glad to see a more mature show. Yes at first it seemed to drag on a bit, but no more than any other network show. It takes time to develope the relationship between characters and tell such a different, new story. Remember, Atlantis had all the back story of the Ancients to pull from in SG-1 so the writers did not have to rehash all of that. One last point, SGA did not have the same run as SG-1, half actually, and while I did hope for the same with this I really only figured half again. So 2.5. And as any elementary school student will tell you that rounds to three, a trilogy, three blind mice, three’s company, three of a kind, trips, three acts of any play. Syfy just canceled the show at intermission. It’s just too bad we can’t ask for our maney back!

      • Snsetblaze

        I have to agree with Lanta. I have only wanted a few of the first series (mostly the Ben Browder seasons because of him and Claudia Black.) I could never get into the second series at all but I loved SGU. I thought it was a lot like BSG and although I find Eureka charming, and Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary fun, I generally like my sci-fi a little darker. And of the three series, the acting was far better on SGU.

      • jr

        I have watched every episode of sg1,sga and sgu and I thought sgu was by far superior in acting and story line. The thing about it that I liked most was that it wasn’t a “Villian of the day” series. There was actually an ongoing and intelligent plot.

      • MIke

        @alica, not much of a hardcore Stargate fan if you didnt like SGU, You might be a hardcore SG1 or SGA fan, but a Hardcore Stargate fan would like the whole line. I personally liked all 3, SG1 was my Favorite though. I did like the interesting twist the other 2 offered, This is a horrible Idea, if you move a show that was doing well on one night to a night that most SCIFI people are busy doing other things. of course it is going to fail.

        ps. Seriously wrestling? WTF!

    • Audi

      Whoa, Ben speak for yourself. This was the best and most gritty and real Stargate to date for myself and my nerd household. We absolutely loved it.

      • Larry Miller

        SGU was my favorite by far! I have seen every episode of SG-1 and SGA and SGU had an edge that the other shows lacked. Lou Diamond Phillips was a poor casting decision, but it was not bad enough to cancel a whole show. SyFy has done the Sci-fi community wrong by not targeting the niche market that made it a popular network. This may be the end of Syfy.

    • Chriss

      What BETTER shows???Wrestling,cooking let me guess…knitting and apple peeling next??Come on!!!!!

      • Trojan Warfare

        Naw. They’re trying to “re-brand” themselves. In other words, they want more money, and they are tired of paying for expensive shows for a limited audience. The point is that, do these shows make money? Yes, it’s just not as much as other network’s make. Given their recent programming, it looks like they’ve started to do what everyone else is doing, mimicking the other networks. First there was MMA on Spike; now there’s wrestling on Sy-Fy. Then there was cooking on Food; now there’s Marcel’s Kitchen. Next will probably be a show like Mythbusters, Rescue Me, or any other show that could be ripped off. The reality, though, is that cable is not keeping up with the times. The format is dying, not the interest in science fiction. It’s the same thing that’s happening with radio. Actually, starting up an internet franchise for science fiction is ripe for the picking.

    • dimorphine

      i recall someone saying exactly the same about star trek’s DS9.

    • Damon

      Other than the original Stargate movie, I did not watch any of the series until SGU and I loved it. Most of the complaints I have seen from people are those that watched the other series as well and did not like SGU because it was so different. On its own I think it is an excellent show.

      I also liked the open-ended finale as it gives me hope that someone else may pick it up and continue it.

      • jr

        You are totally right Damon. While watching I never really found myself reffering back to the other SG’s like I used to while watching SGA. It was kind of stand alone.

    • Perry

      Loved SG1 and SGA. I liked that SGU went in a different direction and didn’t rehash everything that had already been discovered in the first two series.

      • ANT


    • asdf@asdf.tld

      stargate sg1 & atlantis were horrible.

    • David

      You are wrong many fans of the other stargate series LOVED SGU!!! I am SO sad it is cancelled! I would read books of this story line if movies don’t get produced…

    • Markus

      you´re an ass…

  • david courington

    Its all about money now–sci-fi can not compete with everybody and be on top with every show. But just so you know, The sat, night movies are mostly not as good as what they just canceled. They have gone from trying to satisfy sci-fi fans ( of which there is a smaller # and they knew it) to trying to attract larger groups- get ready for nascar/soaps/westerns and such.

  • RJ

    SGU was uneven and took awhile to get it’s footing. The biggest problem is that it took too much time to find a purpose beyond it being ST:Voyager or a dark Sci-Fi version of Gilligan’s Island. Once they discovered the control room and found out Destiny’s mission, it became a lot better. I also think that adding more touches that made it more like a Stargate show helped (ie, more humor, less musical montages, and less drama for the sake of just wanting some drama even if it’s not called for). Oh well, I’m sure someone will write an unofficial-yet-official-by-virtue-of-there-being-nothing-else novel that serves as a wrap up like those DS:9 novels that came out that more or less continued the storyline.

    • asdf@asdf.tld

      you are right about the fixes. they made a slightly awkward show with potential, truly great.

      the slow start had some moments,and built character

      but season 2, from episode 7 forward started to hit it out of the park regularly

      • richard

        can you bo sum moor stargate universe to bo a season 3 and 4

  • RB

    Thanks for the spoiler alert…or lack thereof.

    Cable television just got a little more bland. SGU really picked up in the second season which makes the cancellation all that more frustratating.

  • Michelle

    Syfy canceled one of the best shows they ever had in Farscape.
    So nothing they do surprises me

    • Olivia

      I loved Farscape! My computer’s name is Moya!

  • ATK

    Dear Mr. Engler, As a long time Stargate fan I am sad to see SGU be cancelled, but I understand the decision you’ve made. You run a business and it simply wasn’t pulling the numbers. Understandable. However what I find disturbing is that you messed with the formula for success to begin with. You moved the show around when Stargate had been on Fridays for years, do I blame you for trying, no, I blame you for not moving it back when the experiment obviously failed. Not every show can be early week friendly. Some shows are for those of us lounging around on Fridays with nothing better to do. So you changed the formula and then failed to correct it and it killed the show. Were their problems with the series, yes, but nothing that wasn’t fixable or was in fact fixed by the time the finale aired. We no longer had episodes ending with yesterdays sub-pop hit for one thing. All I am saying is that this is yet one more example of your networks short sightedness and that all you care about is pandering to this emo-sci-fi fad and your desperate to make money. If you want to know the truth, please watch SG-1 episode 200 and listen closely as they are talking to you, obviously the message wasn’t heard then and probably not now.

    • Markus

      A good show like this doesn´t get killed by this and that…it is what it is. It´s good or it is not, period. Now #$%ck the politics and the money d´rules, it´s entertainment and you watch when you can…”oh it´s made for the friday something watchers”..give a break”…damm!
      Finish the damm thing!!!

  • Tim

    So sad! It seems like every SyFy show I get into ends after a couple seasons. I definately don’t want wrestling on my Sci-fi channel. I guess Santuary will be next. Cruel cruel world.

    • cv

      Easy, Tim. Sanctuary’s coming back for a 4th season. It’s one of the few things SyFy’s doing right.

      • Ari

        Well, I wish they would make a prequel series… like Stargate Origins, where they do a story line o how the ancients became the ancients and how the stargate came about… I don’t im talking out my ass.

        But i did love SGU

      • Mike

        Sanctuary’s the worst of the lot! LOL!

  • Rob

    Maybe it’s me…when a network changes its name to SyFy, I come to expect ALL Science Fiction/Fantasy type series, movies, talk shows, etc. What I don’t expect is wrestling of all things. Wrestling is just a very cheap way of eating up airtime. How much do speedo’s cost nowadays??? If SyFy wanted to expand their line-up roster, they should have named themselves a more generic name like Spike. Science Fiction/Fantasy material is expensive to produce and these networks are NOT shown in all households nor do they get a lot of mainstream press. Witness the problems Oprah’s having with OWN. SyFy just needs to budget better, factor in people who don’t own Nielsen boxes, and re-read their network mission statement.

    • Olivia

      Just had to say that you said it better than most. I so agree!

    • Andy

      Rob well said, Syfy is another Mtv who broadcasts shows that have nothing to do with their namesake. Wrestling? Reality Shows? what in the world? I’ve lost all faith in the TV industry especially specialized channels that don’t live up to their namesake. SGU was another victim of greed and inability of the network to commit to the true sci-fi community.

    • CJ

      Like MTV, I remember when Sci-fi was Sci-fi. You never saw anything that wasnt scifi on the network. MTV went the wayside and doing nothing but retarded shows and no music videos. SyFy is doing the same thing and probably could give a rats behind about us Scifi geeks. cause the all might dollar prevales once again. I just wish that they would listen to us and not let that monkey on their back called money influence their programming.

      • Judy

        Thank you CJ, I think you just gave us a very good description of all our bad politicians….once they get started there’s no controling them! I bet they’re (Syfy) glad we can’t vote for or against their programing!!

  • JC

    All I can say is that I am so disappointed in the network. To me SGU is the only reason to watch the SYFY channel. SYFY you lost a fan now I have no reason to watch your channel.

    • anonymous

      Syfy went downhill after SG1, SGA, and BSG ended. They still have Warehouse 13, but seem to move it around or can’t really tell when it will air. So because of that, I won’t watch Syfy anymore either. Let us know when you get some decent shows again – and air them at the same time so we can find them.

      • Jasonx

        There’s no sci-fi except old TV reruns on SyFy but SyFy expects wrestling fans to stay tuned for SGU? I thought SyFy put on the reality and wrestling shows to support shows like SGU. Being Human sucks big time, Haven and Eureka don’t have new tales to tell. WH 13 can pull trinkets but the SS agents aren’t entertaining. How many times can a person watch a rerun of Enterprise?

      • TheSGC

        Heresy, I’m going to get Patrick Stewart to show you what’s up.

        In all seriousness, though, you’re right. Do they want us to memorize each and every line of STE? Come on.

      • Mike

        I concur… SYFY see you later.. I’ve had it!

      • Roslyn

        I loved SG1 and SGA. What I loved about thoes two series were that they visited other planets.I watch SGU for one season but I found it boring and I didn’t really care for any of the characters. The lack of information about the ship and what the hell they were doing drove me crazy. Santuary was good in the begining before they had to deal with the big bosses. If I want to see watch someone dealing with an A$$hole boss, I could just go to work. I thought SGA was really good and I feel they could have did a few more seasons. SGU just was never like SG1 or SGA and I could never get into it. I am sorry for the fans that love the show because that the way I felt when they got rid of SGA.

    • madeyex

      @JC (my initials also!!!)

      I feel exactly the same. Although, I do not (or will ever) have cable TV. I watch the show online. It *was* my one of my favorites. The only other show I will watch now is Fringe. American sci-fi is going down the tubes. After Firefly, I no longer try to figure out what TV channels are thinking when they cancel a show. TV no longer has room for niche sci-fi programs.

      • William

        I am a college student and love all the Star Gate shows. They say that there was only a few million that watched the show but what a bout those like me who watch it online??? there are more people who like this show then they know

    • C.C. Owens

      I agree with the writer and some other fans about SyFy and what they have been presenting as programing. even though wrestling is a type of fantisy the fans want some better fantisy. Presumably thats why they named it the SyFy Channel not the Wrestling Channel.

      • jetsfan99

        ok realy? you are going to cancell one of the best shows i have evr watched regularly. the storline made it so it was never boring! also if u do bring it back it could be very good for buisness, beacuse thats all syfi cares about. not even the people watching…

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