'Smallville' ratings leap for finale

Image Credit: The CW

The series finale of Smallville spiked impressively in the ratings Friday night.

The two-hour telecast was seen by 3 million viewers and captured a 1.3 preliminary rating in the adult demo — leaping 63 percent in a single bound from last week. That’s not quite a season high, but it’s the most-watched and highest-rated episode since last fall.

And the night had other finale ratings drama too.

CBS’ Flashpoint (5.7 million, 1.3) jumped 18 percent from last week’s premiere (some viewers probably took a week to realize the low-profile show had returned). The season finale of CSI: NY (10.2 million, 1.5) was steady while Blue Bloods (11.4 million, 1.7) climbed a bit. Though nothing is official yet, Bloods is expected to get a renewal for next season.

ABC’s Shark Tank (5 million, 1.3) climbed for its finale too, sporting its second-largest Friday audience ever.

But NBC’s Friday Night Lights (2.8 million, 0.7) continued to struggle, ranking as the lowest-rated show on broadcast last night and dipping from last week.

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  • Jimmy Olsen

    Best show ever. Smallville rules.

    • ACaseofGeo

      As much as this series was bashed, I wish Wonder Woman had been taken on by the CW before David E. Kelley got to it. Smallville wasn’t perfect, but it was always entertaining, and it was accessible to mainstream audiences, while still being chock full of nice little easter eggs and thrills for the fanboys. And look how long it lasted on the air.

      Heck, even Smallville had a better “Wonder Woman” in that episode in which Lois dressed up as the Amazing Amazon, than anything that Kelley came up for the new WW series that NBC just passed on.


        wonder woman sucks in general

      • dave

        I can’t believe it’s over

      • tom

        comicbooks are a sure thing man

      • KarlHall

        True that, about the Erica Durance bit.

    • GHOST

      I agree that it was a good, but it had it’s flaws. It was too talky, for one. For another, I was disappointed that the studio did not show a clear and close-up shot of Tom in full uniform. Also, with the world in such peril where was the JLA? Thumbs up for the return of Lex and especially Pa Kent. His works of wisdom to Clark were right on the money. But what really knocked my socks off was Clark racy to the roof and ripping open his shirt to John Williams’ theme from SUPERMAN THE MOVIE.
      Hey, let’s start a cry to bring BATMAN back to the small screen.

      • frank

        I completely agree. The only part worth watching was the last 5 minutes, when we get to see what we have been waiting for 10 years, to see Clark as superman. The first hour and a half was just talk, being sad, talking to pa kent, then Jor-el, then more talking, and no big show down with Darkseid, just a big punch and he blows up?? The whole thing was really boring to me, a big letdown. I thought the nods to the best superman movie, number one, was really cool. Like how he rescued the president, that was cool but again, that happened in the last 5 minutes. I agree about the JLA, where was everyone else’s cameos? I was really disappointed, but i kind of quit watching when Lois started to know who he was. Speaking of that, wont any of his friends from smallville know who he is since he will be the most photographed person on the planet. I kind of expected Jor-el to the put the memory whammy on everyone so they would not know it was clark who was superman. There were just alot of loop holes and overall, i give the finale a thumbs down.


      BLUE BLOODS rules!!! So sad for those who aren’t on to this show. CBS please don’t mess with the format of the show; it’s fine the way it is and it gets decent #s especially 4 Friday night! LONG LIVES BLUE BLOODS!!!

    • diesel

      I agree Smallville was fantastic. Smallville and Stargate SG1 are prime examples of how SciFi shows should be made. The CW needs to do a Spin off of Legion of Superheroes, Justice League, Metropolis or Martian Manhunter. Also a Hawkman movie with Michael Shanks. Who do I have to speak to to make it happen?

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    slow news day?

    most series finales get a bump — but for this one not to even get a SEASON high is NOT news.

    • Lois STINKS!!!!

      You can pretty much chalk up the downward spiarl of the show when they brought on Lois. Instad of it being about Clark and superman, it became all about Lois and romance. If I wanted to see this, I would watch Lois and Clark. This show was supposed to be about superman, not about the woman who was always holding him back and dragging him down.

      • Beauty

        I stopped watching when Lois came on, didn’t make sense.

      • Elle

        I’ve watched since the pilot and I love Lois. Everything in the timeline on Smallville was changed. The JLA, the villians, Lex etc. Continuing to try and paint Lois as the only change to the timeline is frankly pathetic. Good to see though that the Lois bashing will continue all the way to the end. I don’t expect anything different. Great finale. Glad to see it went well.

      • Really???

        That’s just so sad. I guess your life is going to be empty now that Lois won’t be around to blame everything on. Maybe now you can move on and find yourself a happy place, or not.

      • Ray

        What! I started watching Smallville when Lois came on the show.. Yes its about superman but its also about the people around him that helped him to become who he is. Lois NEVER hold him back, she encourage him when he ALWAYS felt discourage of himself. Without her, Clarks family and friends, he would have never become who he is now. I havent watch Smallville from day 1 but I do understand the process of it and I truely love it.. Looks like you need watch it over and over to make it actually sink in your brain to understand it.

      • erikjestrada

        As much as I agree with you that the show is about Clark Kent’s journey towards becoming the Man of Steel, you cannot deny that fact that Lois Lans is every part the life of Superman. If you feel that Lois Lane draged Clark down, then I am afraid you have no sense of balance. Lois is the rock in Superman’s life. She is the Ying to his Yang. Every hero has the right to love and Lois will forever be the love of Superman’s life…end of story. At the end of the day, and regardless of how stupid you may feel about the the show was with Lois Lane, and in your opinion, the character of Lois Lane isn’t going away anytime soon. I have been reading DC comice since I was a child and today I am 42 years of age. There has never been a storyline of Superman that did not ever include Lois Lane. Thats just a DC universe fact that she is here to stay and I for one am glad that they introduced her to the Smallville series. In my opinion, she is very much an important symbol in Superman’s life otherwise they wouldn’t have married in the Comics so many years back in the early 1990’s.

        I really enjoyed the series very much and am very glad that they brought as many charactewrs to the series as they did. I always love Kara aka, Supergirl and I hope the the WB can work on bring more of its heroes to the televison or the silver screens. There are endless possibilities and as Hollywood has already witnessed, all blockbuster hits.

      • JOsh

        You do know before Lois came on it was all about Lana right?

      • Zoe

        i agree, i HATED Lois with a passion.. and this was called smallville.. lois didnt make clark superman, he was already supposed to be superman when he met her.. they just ruined the whole thing when they brought her on.. i think lois should’ve entered on the last episode of smallville, when he started working at daily planet.. smallville was supposed to be clark’s life before he became superman therefore no lois.. and i think they could’ve gotten a better person to play lois.. they had no chemistry watsoever.. even tess and clark had more chemistry

      • Rorsharch

        You sure it wasn’t because of the cut budget and lack of good story telling and a compelling story like the first 7 seasons had?

      • dave

        Sorry but Lois was hot… I get where you’re coming from but it’s supposed to be Superman before he’s Superman … you know Superboy… but yeah I guess they should introduced Lois on the last season only… but then again I don’t see why they ended it. I love this freakin show!!!

      • mgb

        I never liked this Lois either. The show’s quality suffered with her introduction, and the focus shifted from Clark to her, which wasn’t right. I never stopped watching though, because I love Clark/Tom. The finale was great and I feel as if I lost a family member with it gone now.

      • Steve

        Wow, she was awesome. I actually didn’t start watching until her first main season and am only watching the earlier seasons now on DVD (too bad not on blu-ray).

        And you think it didn’t have any romance when it was just Lana there??

        The show had to move onto Lois eventually that is the story. Not that I minded Lana.

        Lois was great on this series.

        I’ve never been a comic book fan though so I’m certainly not a comic fanboy type watcher so my take may be very different.

      • wow

        Really? Thank God for Lois. I hated how the show was all about Lana and Chloe, before Lois came on. Clark just couldn’t get over her, already. And then the storyline really dragged when she got with Lex in season 6…which brings me to Supergirl! Another female that stole screen time away from Lois and Clark. You must remember that Lois really didn’t get to be in all 22 episodes until the last season. Before then, she was only in a handful. Damn Oliver Queen received more screentime and don’t get me started on freaking Chloe….even though I liked her…she should have died years ago. The writers new this and continue to play around with her potential death every finale. It almost became humorous. But At last, her last moment was touching. The last 5 minutes gave me more then I expected. From season one, I knew and wanted the last image to be the S shield on Superman’s shirt. I didn’t expect him to fly and save Air force 1! Welling did this better then Routh! I too wish they could have shown a full view, but understand that they were not allowed to due with legal issues. It’s also the reason why they never called him Superman. I loved how every character came back, especially Pa Kent and the .Luthers. Tess grew on me. Very good show and I will miss it

      • Jen

        I have to agree to the FULLEST! Having Lois brought on the show is when the rating starting to go downhill and I became more and more annoyed watching the show, but I kept watching. I found myself cringing every time she walked on to a scene. And yes, the series made it seem like Lois helped him become Superman which real fans know is false. I really just wasnt into the romantic aspect she added.

  • will g alvira

    Even though Smallville wasn’t always great, it was an overall good show with characters who were good rolemodels for both boys and girls. I think that was the best thing the show had to offer. I look forward to seeing more shows like Smallville.

    • pete

      well said will g alvira i agree 100%

  • Warren Deitch

    I was very impressed over the finale of Smallville, I have been a fan for 10 years since day one and a Superman fan for 63 years. All I can say is that I got everything I wanted in the finale, the suit, the flying, Lex’s return, the almost marriage of Lois and clark. Now, why can’t the creators of smallville and the producers have a new show on PIX (CW, WB) called “Metropolis” starring Tom Welling and the entire staff and crew. Don’t let TV be without the Man of Steel. Its been a while since “Lois and clark: the New Adventures of Superman…..Think about it, I don’t think I have to tell you what the show “Metropolis would be about?????

    • Just sayin’

      I agree, Warren, and think “Metropolis” would be a great idea. Or build something around the Justice League.

      • Mell

        I would rather have a Smallville-type show about an amazon princess sent to our shores to learn of the ways of humankind and to get ready for the time in which she has to become the champion that the gods appoint to battle a great evil that is prophesied. Call it “Paradise Falls” or “Paradise Park” or “Paradise”. Of course we all know this is about the Amazing Amazon…Wonder Woman

    • Ana

      Ojala tengas razon , en cuanto al espectaculo de Metropolis , pero tambien tengo que dejar constar que Lois ha sido el pilar de Clark, apoyandolo y siempre siendo ella misma , sin ostentaciones de ser mas de lo que es, como le paso a Lana , que queroia aspirar a lo que no era , Lois con sus armas , siempre sin ostentaciones de poderes , esto es lo mejor que le ha podido ofrecer a Clark . Y me encanta Lois.

      • Mell

        Yo solo quisiera que los mismos productores de Smallville tomasen las riendas de un programa similar pero enfocado en la princesa de Themyscira, mejor conocida como la mujer maravilla.

  • Ben Queensley

    It is an enormous relief that this series is finally over. It had some positive qualities but they really dragged it on. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended it a few years earlier.
    I hope Tom Welling does more mainstream movies from now on. He is an underrated actor. He should have joined the A-list years ago. So, I hope that he does more movies, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    • Tabre3

      Very well said….

  • Ashford

    At least when Man of Steel (2012) comes out, people won’t be sick of Superman because of Smallville still continuing after a decade. A movie series alone is adequate.
    Man of Steel is one of the films that I am looking forward to next year even though I am disappointed that they are using General Zod as the villain again. As General Zod and Faora will be in Man of Steel, they have to include Non, Ursa, Quex-Ul, Nam-Ek and Aethyr-Ka.
    Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr or Evan Rachel Wood will probably play Ursa.
    One of the following actors will probably play Perry White:
    Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Cleese, John Goodman, Steve Martin, William Shatner, Robin Williams
    We should expect one of the following rising young actors to play Jimmy Olsen:
    Thomas Dekker, Anton Yelchin, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Adam Brody, Emile Hirsch, Michael Cera

    • A Life

      Holy crap, you have a lot of free time. I’m sure the producers of the film are searching EW.com for who you think should be cast in the film.
      Bottom line, the fact that they’re not taking the easy road and using Lex as the main villian means it won’t be worse than Superman Returns. That is of course as long as we don’t continue with the Superman/Lois child crap from that movie.

      • wow

        He’s just having fun…your post wasn’t any shorter…anyway, I hope Metello or Brainiac makes it in the movies someday.

  • maria coriano

    smallville was and is best show ever.the final show was as I expected to be. I hope they come out with the movie of superman with tom welling as the one and only superman so please give him the part, HE DESERVES IT LOVE YOU CLARK.

    • cbelle

      They already cast Henry Cavill for the part of Superman…..

  • JHarnes

    Smallville was fun. Do you know how few fun series are on television? I tried Camelot and after four episodes I was rooting for mad Morgana to kill that insipid Arthur. That series has become painful to watch.

    I would love a year off and then Metropolis but only if Tom Welling was the Man of Steel and the lovely, and funny Erica Durance his Lois Lane. The Networks are so willing to waste millions of shows that have no interest and no following, like the new Wonderwoman – which seems to be getting canceled before its first episode, but a potential fun show like Metropolis, with a built in fan base will probably never be given a shot.

    Well, thank you for 10 years of fun! Smallville had high and lows but was always fun entertainment and such always attracts loyal fans.

  • Troy

    I enjoyed the series and I hope they do something to continue it with the cast the viewers deserve it. Please listen to us

  • Derrick

    Smallville has inspired me in so many ways

  • Stephanie

    I am thrilled the show ended- although I was sad throughout the episode. I don’t think they should continue it, they ended it perfectly.

    I’m sure the actors don’t want to spend the rest of their lives attached to one role, so it’s time for them to move on. But they did such a wonderful job tying it all up. I’ll really miss this show that I loved and hated it, but mostly loved. It’s great that they got to write the series how they wanted- they didn’t get cancel and have to quickly put together the final act. they took their time and it paid off.
    I’ll always hold on to Smallville. No doubt about it, but I’m glad it’s over. It deserved a worthy ending.

  • Terra Man

    I’ve loved this show for years. There have been dozens and dozens of excellent episodes. That being said, I found the finale to be weird and needlessly filled with flashbacks, as well as inexplicable plot points that were never readdressed.

    Hey though, we finally got to see some tights and some flights!

  • Smallville

    It was epicly awesome. Not the greatest show of all time but definitely my favorite show of all time. Box set will be bought this fall even though i have 1-8 on dvd. ”I can be their hero.” Oh yeah thanks for giving Smallville the cover story they deserved….oh wait…

  • João Paulo

    The best final eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  • Smallville Fan

    I just want to say THANK YOU to the cast and writers of smallville for 10 years of fun. Thank you:

    Tom Welling
    Allison Mack
    Erica Durance
    Kristin Kreuk
    Annette O’toole
    John Schneider
    Michael Rosenbaum
    Laura Vandervoort
    Justin Hartley
    John Glover
    Callum Blue
    Sam Jones III
    Aaron Ashmore
    and again, THX to the amazing writers and producers. I LOVE YOU GUYS/GIRLS!!!!!!

    • Lo-chan

      You forgot Sam Witwer and Cassidy Freeman.

      • bill

        and if we’re naming people for just one season
        Eric Johnson
        Jensen Ackles

      • Smallville Fan

        I was naming the most significant actors/actresses, the ones that were the most important in shaping the heart of the show. And, the heart of the show would have been Clark.

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