'Desperate Housewives' actor Doug Savant on Lynette and Tom: 'He's done jumping'


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Doug Savant was surprised when we shared with him the fact that readers overwhelmingly sided with Tom in last week’s recap of Desperate Housewives. “Get that information to our writers,” he exclaimed. Not surprisingly, Savant’s loyalty is in line with the majority.

“This is a character who loves his wife,” Savant says. “He adores her and after the last 7 years of television — and 19 to 20 years of marriage — he’s done everything he can do, jumped through every hoop she’s asked him to jump through. In [most recently] she shamed him and manipulated him into taking this new job because she wanted him to be more successful. She said to him ‘You’re 46 years old and you’re nowhere.’ And she didnt take it back. The irony is he’s become everyting she asked him to be, and it’s not what she expected. It’s not making her happy, but he’s not going to back down. There’s not going to be a new hoop. It’s time for her to adjust.”

The only difference? Unlike many of EWers, he’s still rooting for them. 

“He’s still desperately fighting for the marraige. I think the great thing about the character and why I, too, want to see this couple survive is that I think it says a great thing about marriage: It can work,” he says. “People — throgh enormous conflict and cancer and child birth, all the things they’ve been through — at the end of the day, if they have a respct and love for one another, that gets them through it. So I’m rooting depserately for them. Lynette’s going to have to snap out of it and adjust.”

But can she? Time (and season finales) will tell. What about you readers? Would you be okay with a Lynette/Tom break?

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  • ryna13

    **Sandra darling.
    correction: “didn’t take it back.”
    “everytHing she asked him to be.”
    “throUgh enormous conflict.”
    respEct, deSperately
    You’re welcome. I’ll send you the bill.

    • helena handbasket

      geez, is there no spellcheck available to EW writers?
      ps – i’m one of those on tom’s side. Lynette has been horrible. hope so comes around

      • Samina

        are there seriously people left on Lynette’s side? She deserves it she is never happy for Tom. She always tears him down and truly seems to look down oh him and his opinions. i say good riddance to this couple

      • me

        I wish they both would die in a season ending catastrophe. And take Susan and Mike with them.

    • Squishmar

      Thank you, ryna13! (That’s not supposed to be Ryan, is it? LOL) Seriously, it was a short article! I know the writers here always have trouble proofreading their stuff, but this one took the cake! I am a former proofreader for several magazines and this just drives me crazy!

      Now, on topic: Lynette and Tom must stay together…but Lynette needs to finally compromise a little. She’s becoming very shrewish and Tom is always bending over backwards to please her. But I’m definitely rooting for the marriage!

    • Kate

      also “marraige” is wrong…. Wow.

    • Michael

      Is that really necessary?

      • Luigi

        Yeah, chippie, it is necessary if one actually cares about the English language.

  • Jay

    Honestly, I can barely stand Lynette anymore. They’ve made her so unlikeable (the same level of dislike I felt for Edie when she started blackmailing Carlos into staying with her).

    On a side note, it still bothers me how Tom (who’s whole career is in marketing) somehow got this high powered Chief Financial Officer role. What does someone in marketing know about being a CFO (managing the financial direction of the company)? It makes absolutely no sense…lol.

  • ryan

    Lynnette needs to move on and find someone who isn’t a total loser….

  • Donna

    No! it wouldn’t be OKAY!

  • jordan

    That finale was soooooo bad, they’ve completely run out of ideas.

  • Evan

    Lynette definitely needs to realize this is what she asked for and she needs to deal with it. She is no longer the one with the good job, its Tom’s turn and she needs to support him and grow up and admit she does like being the one in charge and him the subservient one.

    They were in conseling earlier in the season, why’d they stop? They should still be in sessions with all of this going on.

  • Terrance

    The second hour of the finale didn’t transittion well with the first hour at all…..except seeing Carlos and Bree reconnecting. As far as Lynette goes, screw her. I hate the way she belittles Tom, especially when he asked her to remake his office and she disapproved of it. She’s getting what she deserves. But I’m sure the story writers will find a way to bring them back.

  • Just sayin

    I need to figure out how to get this awful show off my DVR. zzzzzzzz

    • DGH

      I am pretty sure there is a delete button.

  • jared

    Did ANYONE at EW.com take the time to spell-check? Jesus, this was bad.

  • Greg

    The way I’ve seen it over the years is this is the career Lynette wants but she settled to be a stay at home mom with a husband who if not pushed by her had really no goals, just a bunch of half thought out dreams.

    • Sue

      Totally agree. Lynette hates staying at home, she likes working. But Tom is always “oh Lynette you never support my dreams.” So, for instance, they open the restaurant –Tom’s dream — and Lynette quits her job to support him. I’m sick & tired of Tom’s whining. Quit blaming Lynette for your lack of success & then when you do get success … aaargh. Shut up, Tom.

  • joe

    Give Vanessa Williams A story line she was wasted last night, wasnt a good ender at all

  • JLC7930

    I agree Lynette is being unfair since she pushed him to take this job. But you have to admit that Tom is also acting like an ass now that he’s making the “big bucks”. He’s changed and I think Lynette wants him to be the old Tom making the new Tom’s money. I can understand that.

  • lmb

    Tom and Lynette have the most realistic story line out of the group. I understand Lynette’s pain and can totally see Tom in mid life crisis mode next year. I wont be surprised when he has a 20 year old girlfriend. I just know Lynette is going to give him total heck when it comes to child/spousal support.

    • Caren

      Yeah but she said to him once, when you make the money you can make the decisions! She can’t have it both ways!!! She is being horrible….how many women would not jump up and down with first class tickets to Hawaii for vacation?? I am on his side here….and she pushed him to take the JOB!

  • Sue

    Horrible Horrible writers!!!! I finally thought there was a good, happily married couple on TV that could survive life’s dramas . . . then they had them break up over . . . what???? Stupid! I was so anxious watching this, I couldn’t sleep! Blah I think I’m through with this show. I don’t even want to think about either kissing, etc. other people!

    • Mike

      Sue dear you obviously have one hell of a boring life if the ffate of two TV characters kept you up last night. What a mess. It’s a TV show.

  • LoveDesHswvs

    Lynette needs to know that Tom is no longer a puppet whose strings she can pull. I’ve had enough of Lynette. Even on the season finale she said “i felt relieved you were gone”. I say Tom, hook up with Vanessa Wms

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