NBC unveils 2011-12 fall schedule

NBC unveiled its 2011-12 primetime schedule today, which includes six new dramas and six new comedies from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Lorne Michaels, Brian Grazer, John Grisham and Peter Berg. Returning roster should please fans: Parenthood is back, as is Chuck and Community. And Mondays are for music: The Sing-Off will bow on the night this fall, followed by a second year of The Voice in the timeslot come winter.

The Peacock abandoned this season’s strategy of running six comedies on Thursday. Instead, it will air a reboot of the U.K. drama Prime Suspect at 10 p.m. (30 Rock, as usual, will be held back for a later premiere). And somewhere, The Donald is patting himself on the back for making a big stink about (possibly) running for president: His Celebrity Apprentice earned another pickup.

Headed to the trash heap? Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced and The Event. Debut dates will be announced later this summer. Here’s the sked:

NBC Fall Primetime Schedule

***New shows in red

Day 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
Mon The Sing-Off The Playboy Club
Tue The Biggest Loser Parenthood
Wed Up All Night Free Agents Harry’s Law Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Thu Community Parks and Recreation The Office Whitney Prime Suspect
Fri Chuck Grimm Dateline
Sun Football Night in America (Airs 7 – 8:15) NBC Sunday Night Football (Airs 8:15 – 11:30)

Mid Season Highlights

***New shows in red

Day 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
Sun Dateline NBC / The Celebrity Apprentice (Airs 8 – 10) The Firm
Mon The Voice Smash

Show descriptions:

The Playboy Club: The drama is set in the early ‘60s, and focuses on the famed Playboy Club in Chicago.

Smash: The musical drama centers on a desire to create a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. From Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

Grimm: Inspired by the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the drama follows a homicide detective who learns he’s a descendant of an elite group of hunters known as “Grimms” who “fight to keep the balance of humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world.”

Awake: When Detective Michael Britten regains consciousness following his family’s car accident, he is told that his wife Hannah perished but that his teen son, Rex has survived. As he tries to put the pieces of his life back together, he awakens again in a parallel reality in which his wife is very much alive — but his son Rex died in the accident.

The Firm: Based on the feature film and best-selling novel by author John Grisham. It continues the story of attorney Mitchell McDeere and his family 10 years after the events of the film and novel.

Whitney: A multi-camera comedy series about a happily unmarried couple. Together for five years, the duo is in no rush to get hitched.

Up all Night: A modern take on parenthood that shows the challenges of balancing a career, marriage and a new baby.

Free Agents: Based on the cult U.K. series of the same name that explores the trials and tribulations of two public relations executives on the rebound.

Are you there Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea: Inspired by the best-selling book from comedienne/talk show host Chelsea Handler, the new comedy follows the exploits of twentysomething bartender, a strong-willed force of nature who is determined to live life to the fullest and make no apologies.

Best Friends Forever: A single-camera comedy that takes a look at what happens when best friends promise to support each other — no matter what the cost or circumstances.

Bent: A new romantic comedy about two people who suddenly find themselves attracted to the qualities that typically repel them.

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  • Kyle. S

    I hope they move Community to a better timeslot.

    • JC

      Not likely. I think it’s fine the place it is. Odd they’re announcing today. Can’t wait for up fronts this week!

      • Kyle. S

        Yeah but recent ratings haven’t been that good so if it is moved to a better time slot it may go back to the 2.0s and have a better chance at a fourth season.

      • hey pretty cool

        i don’t have to worry about missing anything on NBC until Thursday!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Where’s 30 Rock?!?!

      • JenBen

        Ditto! 30 Rock is hilarious and it’s not cancelled and it’s not on the sked. What gives?

      • James

        30 Rock usually premieres late fall. It is weird they’ve decided not to list it though.

      • 30 ROck should end this season

        30 Rock has run out of steam and should be calling this season its last, but where is it on the schedule. Also, all of these new shows sound terrible

      • adam

        I believe 30 Rock is being held til mid-season to accommodate Tina Fey’s pregnancy.

      • Buster

        OMG! Somebody actually had sex with Tina Fey? I guess she could have had invitro!!!

      • Andrew

        It’s like what happened with “Parks & Recreation” last fall. Amy Poehler, who was the star and a producer of the show, was pregnant and they show did not return until midseason.

      • jason.

        That’s pretty damn harsh coming from a guy named Buster. Or one who decided it was a good pseudonym. Yeah, Fey is married, has already had a kid, and is considered attractive to a fair number of people.

        I’m guessing from your comment, though, that you’re obviously more “chooser” than “beggar”, right? Thanks for keeping it relevant.

      • Uggo?

        Yes, Buster, Tina Fey “could have” had in vitro, but you definitely had a lobotomy. Too bad it couldn’t fix your ugly face or your fat -ss. Go crawl back in your cave.

      • LAJackie

        “(30 Rock, as usual, will be held back for a later premiere).”

      • Tania

        This list must be old; NBC already passed on Awake.

      • katie

        Wrong, Tania. They picked it up for midseason. As of today, currently, right now. Not passed on.

      • kate middleton

        Yep, Awake’s promo is up on NBC’s site. Definitely NOT passed on.

    • Maddie

      It’s time slot is terrible. It has no lead in which I’m pretty sure The Office doesn’t need, I think they should switch it with The Office. Maybe then it would get better ratings.

    • Futurama

      Didn’t Community originally debut at 9:30/8:30 after The Office? How did it do there?

    • MRinLA

      I really have no idea what the relevance of timeslot is in the DVR era. Most support recording two or more shows simultaneously and Community is the best show on Thursdays at 8 so anyone who’s not watching it…it’s not because of timeslot, just their overwhelming bad taste.

  • Junior G.

    Is there any possibility that The Voice could already come back this Fall?

    • Andrew

      Don’t you think that’s a bit soon though?

      I think NBC is being very strategic not to run it into the ground.

      • Chantika

        I’ve wanted to bemcoe a visor wearer but I have black hair which absorbs all the sun so I resort to wearing caps. Also, with my crazy bangs, I find myself having to pin my bangs down in order to wear visors whereas with a cap I just throw my hair into a ponytail. But yes, they do look cooler than caps. Keep wearing them.

  • Hermione

    Just please tell me Outsourced was canceled. Get rid of that and let P&R be an hour long.

    • Lisa

      Outsourced has already been canceled. YAY.

      • Chris

        I enjoyed “Outsourced” more than stupid “Parks & Rec” … so BOOO!

      • commentor

        Chris – you must have a terrible sense of humor if you pick Outsourced over P&R.

      • Deb

        Just because he liked it and you didn’t doesn’t mean he has a bad sense of humor and should be ridiculed. I don’t think p&r is a barometer for ones sense of humor. And for the record I watch neither I just hate negativity.

      • j

        If you can’t find Parks and Rec funny then…I just don’t know what to say to that. Obviously everyone has their opinions but come on, it’s pretty genius.

      • Cas

        If I was on a date with a guy and he told me parks and rec wasn’t funny, I’d consider a good barometer of whether or not he understood humor.

      • Ravie

        Commentor, you and Lisa are the ones with the bad sense of humour. I loved Outsourced. You must be live in a box and anything that is outside the norm is scorned by you, or maybe because it’s people with a different accent (Indian), that you don’t like it. But it is very hilarious and it didn’t get the love from people like yourself who only want to see versions of yourself on television and in sitcoms. That’s why the Alien in America show with the boy from India did not last long either. You all don’t give anything else a chance.

      • AB

        Ravie: you have a very good point. Aliens in America was hilarious.

    • Sal

      The Office isn’t an hour long, why should Park and Rec be?

      • Cas

        Because Parks and Rec is actually still funny and in it’s prime?

    • MARK

      WHERE IS 30 ROCK?

      • Ryan

        Tina Fey got pregnant. It’ll come back in the winter like P&R did this year

    • Trish

      Help, I\’ve been ifnoremd and I can\’t become ignorant.

  • Sam

    Okay, so I’ve been refreshing for 30 minutes. The word “breaking” just lost all meaning.

    • Kyle. S

      It’s at 2pm in New York.

    • California

      ^ this

  • bob

    outsourced has already been officialy canceled which is great because it was awful

    • Chris

      Funny, I rather liked it.

      • sara

        sad for you.

      • Chris

        No, sad for NBC’s diversity points.

      • Eva

        I liked it too. It got much better as the year got on. I’m not happy that Parks & Rec is moving to 8:30. I’m not sure how the censorship system works but I feel like bumping them an hour earlier could cause some problems. Also now it’s conflicting with Vampire Diaries! I hope the CW moves TVD to 9PM. Also does NBC hate pregnant women? Last year Parks & Rec got bumped because Amy was pregnant even though she had no scheduling issues because the baby was born during hiatus and they filmed some eps in advance and now 30 Rock is getting the same treatment.

      • adam

        @Eva…The only reason Parks and Rec was bumped last fall was so NBC could launch Outsourced. It had nothing to do with Amy’s pregnancy. I don’t know if the same can be said for Tina’s pregnancy. As far as I know, they did not already start filming episodes for 30 Rock’s next season like they did with Parks and Rec last year.

  • Lisa

    CHUCK on friday night?!??!?!!??! DEAR GOD NO. WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    • sofia


      • DJ

        Why not Friday? Let’s face it, we Chuck fans don’t have anything better to do on Friday night.

      • S.

        Agree DJ – at least it gives us something to watch before Fringe, although Grimm sounds interesting. Great, Friday night is now the only night that NBC offers anything I might want to watch now (not that I was watching much before lol)

    • Chris

      Because it’s the last season anyway? When the death warrant is signed, why not put it in the “death slot”?

      • Lisa

        from the article i just read this is what I got from the decision: “it won’t ever get millions of viewers so friday’s work” kind of thing. still bummed!

      • MRinLA

        @Lisa – anyone who likes Chuck knows how to operate a DVR? Thus timeslot is irrelevant? Kinda makes sense…frankly a little too much sense for a network exec.

    • ar

      It only got a 13 episode renewal for 1 last season. Since this is the last season does it really matter when it airs? It is not going to be renewed again so the ratings can plummet and it won’t matter, especially on

    • colin

      Makes sense…it’s the last season and the ratings are low. I love it, and fans will follow it to Friday, but NBC has no need to try to pick up new fans for the last season of a show by putting it on a “better” night. Really, we should just be happy it got renewed.

      • Lisa

        i am very happy about that, don’t get me wrong. but monday’s have just been Chuck days for so long! friday’s are the death slot on TV. guess we’ll see what happens!

      • Chris

        But the show is a dead man walking anyway – over after this season.

      • PJM

        True, but is it a smart idea to put The Voice head-on against DWTS? The ratings did fine this season, but without a good set of singers as mentors next season (you can’t use the same ones again, I assume, as that’s part of the surprise), the show could tank badly.

      • adam

        @Lisa, it doesn’t matter if Friday is the death shot anyway. Chuck is having its final season, nothing will change that. It will finish its run. You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s not like NBC will cancel it midway through the season and not show us the finale.

    • Charley

      As long as NBC shows all 13 episodes, even if the “Fri night death slot” drops the ratings BIG TIME, then this is okay…especially with a DVR.

      • ar

        I don’t see NBC not airing all 13 episodes and while ratings will certainly drop, Chuck does have a very dedicated fan base that will watch no matter where it is.

        Look on the bright side, the good this about Fridays is no pressure. Lower expectations means lower ratings are ok! Just look at Fringe on Fox, horrible ratings, but got renewed anyway.

    • Marty

      It’s too bad, all I was gonna watch on NBC was Chuck and now I will record it to watch Fringe on Fox, if that is where it stays.

      • S.

        ?? But Chuck is on at 8PM and Fringe is at 9, so why not watch both?

    • Akane

      Not sure how much I like Chuck on Friday’s, but considering it is the last season they know fans will be watching, I will, unless the CW decides to make a crazy move with Supernatural, then I might have a problem.

    • Elizabeth

      Hey – Chuck at 8, Fringe over on Fox at 9. Soup at 10. #SpinstersNightIn Whoo Hoo!

    • Mel G.

      This is Chuck’s last season and it has only been ordered for 13 episodes. I am guessing with the Friday night time slot they do not want a chance it will be picked up for more episodes. Love me some Chuck.

  • Tvaddict

    Yay for community and parks and rec being back to back…..but where is 30 rock?

  • Michelle Escobar


    • Chris

      Maybe it’s a midseason replacement?

    • colin

      It’s coming back at midseason, don’t worry.

    • California

      I just saw that and was about to post the same thing!! Woah!! I’m glad to hear it’s at leat coming back midseason. I guess they are doing to it what they did this yeah to Parks & Rec.

      • Mike

        I’m guessing, but maybe Tina Fey’s pregnacy has something to do with it. She will have her baby around August or September. So I guess a nice hold over would be nice for her.

      • Pope Carmelita I

        And how will The Office deal with Jenna Fischer’s just announced pregnancy?

      • Zoe

        Well, either 1) Pam will have another baby, or 2) They will hide it. Take your pick–not hard to figure out that it will be one or the other. I’m guessing they may not have decided yet.

      • Eva

        I’m guessing the Office will hide the pregnancy. I am picturing a HIMYM type situation where Pam will be used slightly less and sit behind her desk a lot.

      • Mike

        Yeah, the can hide Jenna Fisher’s pregnancy or work around it.

        Tina Fey’s is a bit harder seeing how she is the lead, a writer, and executive producer. So I guess the mid season thing is for the better.

    • mangotango

      On NYMag’s Vulture they got a quote from a network exec saying that they moved it to mid-season because of Tina Fey’s pregnancy.

    • LAJackie

      (30 Rock, as usual, will be held back for a later premiere).

  • Megan

    When’s 30 Rock going to be on?

  • ar

    This schedule confirms what I already suspected…NBC and I are not going to be well acquainted this season!

  • Chris

    My question is: If Trump runs for president, he won’t be able to do “Celebrity Apprentice” anyway … right?

  • Jose

    Wait, where’s 30 Rock?

    • Chris

      Read through the comments above, please.

  • chris

    no wonder woman =(

    • robb shell

      I wanted to see what they would have done with this show as well

    • MRinLA

      It was mis-cast and mis-costumed…probably would have continued to disappoint had it made it to the air.

  • California

    I’m a little sad to see Law and Order LA go. But not overly surprised since the rebooted it in the middle of its season. Alana De La Garza just joined the cast!!

    I also have mixed feelings about Oubsourced. I didn’t particularly like it but I still watched it every week. And it was better than Running Wilde……. lol

  • Liz lemon

    30 rock has been cancelled. It had a good ride. Thanks for the support

    • Darlene

      It hasn’t been canceled. It’s been pushed to mid-season cause Tina Fey is pregnant.

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