NBC: If Donald Trump runs for office, we'll replace him on 'Celebrity Apprentice'


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Though NBC picked up another edition of Celebrity Apprentice, the network is prepared for the possibility (however remote) that Donald Trump will follow through with his threats to run for president.

“If he decides to run and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and someone else will be sitting at the head of the board table,” NBC programming topper Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday.

NBC is not prepared for now, however, to say who would replace him. “We are still hoping to have Donald back.”

Does that mean that the Peacock hopes Trump won’t run? Greenblatt says he’s not interested in crushing anyone’s (crazy) dream. “I’ve said I don’t want him to be unavailable,” the exec said. “It’s the right and privilege of anyone to run for the highest office of the land. Nothing would make me happier than for someone to reach that.

“If we had to address the issue of who would be replacing him, we would have to feel confident that we have another galvanizing presence,” Greenblatt continued. “I’m hopeful we don’t have to go there. If we do, it’s too strong a franchise for us, not to consider [a replacement].”

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  • Julie B

    He’ll be on The Apprentice. He never intended to run.

    • LKay

      I sure hope you’re right, Julie.

      • etm

        Julie is right.

      • Add

        The laws don’t have to be changed for Trump to VOLUNTARILY sprpout American workers. He could do a lot, right now, by NOT acting as a middleman and selling Chinese-made goods. Or buying Chinese-made products for his projects. But, as he points out, he’s forced to in order to make money. After all, how can he accept a profit of only $4 million on a bulding project by buying American windows, instead of $5 million profit buying Chinese windows. He’s FORCED to buy Chinese.

    • wakeforce

      I hope he DOES run. Then all the people running against him (both parties) can ruin him. Financial records, his failed marriages, the bankruptcies, all fodder to TAKE HIM DOWN!

      • Rose

        I don’t see how they can keep portraying a business failure like Trump as a business genius. He is only rich because he inherited money & a company. Everything he does on his own fails.

    • SallyinChicago

      @Julie: I agree. However, I would like to see Trump replaced anyway, run or no run. Whenever they go to the board room, I turn it off, because Trump’s personality is a turnoff. I like the show, but at the end, he comes off as stern and unfair.

      • Marcia

        Or a case of bad branding?The tuolbre is global warming which all evidence by any peer-reviewed scientist indicates is happening at an alarming rate sounds like everything (all seasons) should be getting warmer. And while they are. It also means that there will be extreme weather, horrible storms that dump massive amounts of snow on areas unused to it. Global climate change is a term that aligns more with our experience of living in a warmer planet better. (And by our I mean those in North America, ask drought and heat plagued Southern Hemisphere about the heat thing. Australia may be uninhabitable the situation is getting so dire there they are running out of water and suffering under massive wildfires.)The issue is not whether global warming or global climate change is real, but how are we going to deal with the extreme weather, the pressures it puts on fragile international networks of people: more war, starvation, island nations and coastal cities lost to rising sea levels, and yes massive snow storms.But we can spend time arguing about word choice too. As long as we make some hard choices about our consumption patterns and how our ecological choices reverberate around the globe.

    • A

      I actually hope he does run. He’ll lose miserably and we’ll get a lot of great comedy out of it. Plus, it would be great to see his ego deflate a little bit.

  • sam

    Why is his running considered a “threat”.

  • 867-5309

    His “running” is considered a joke.

    • Barbara Cathcart

      The people that say “Trump” running is a joke — the only joke is the President that is in the White House now!

      • not a fan

        come up with a reason why you think the President is a joke. A well thought out reasoned one that isn’t full of soundbytes you picked up from propaganda media and i’ll listen to ya babs. there are a lot of people who throw stones and have no reason for it other than “i was told he was bad…”

      • Fog cue

        Let me guess – you’ve been waiting 3 years to tell that joke.

      • Trigg Palin

        Hey @Barbara Cathcart – OSAMA BIN LADEN. Yeah your joke is hilarious

      • really?!

        Obama is a joke!!!! Obamacare sucks and the only thing he has done right is find osama. everything else he has done is crap.

      • Michael

        I’d just like to chime in and let you know that putting “quotes” around a word for emphasis is stupid.

      • @really?!

        Obamacare doesn’t take full effect until 2014, so how do you know it sucks? Do you have a crystal ball telling you what will happen in the future?
        Obama stopped the country from falling into a full Depression. Since you say everything Obama has done sucks, I guess you would love it if the economy tanked and we were living like the 1930’s.

  • Soon to outnumber you

    Not Lord Sugar one hopes…

    • My son is also named Bort

      No! Americans would probably choose Branson.

  • johna

    Replace him? With what exactly? Dog turds are easy enough to find but how with they find one that ugly, stupid, AND arrogant?

    • @

      He doesn’t have to look any further than one of his own horrific offspring.

      • Eva

        I could see Ivanka taking over. She’s smoking hot and seems to be the only one of the Trump children that has a killer instinct.

      • Plus One

        +1 to the smoking hot

      • Rose

        Ivanka has had so much plastic surgery that she might melt if she gets too close to a heat source.

    • David

      Joan River’s would do it. With her, you get ugly, stupid, arrogant along with a decent sized helping of the crazy.

      • Rose

        At least Joan became rich on her own, and runs a successful business. Unlike Trump who inherited everything.

  • vice pres

    Who cares just as long as he does and im his running mate

    • Lari

      Sarah, is that you?

  • Philip

    I say Charlie Sheen, wouldn’t that be great? Instead of saying “you’re fired” — he can say “you’re winning” Seriously, it could work.

    • Rich

      You’re absolutely right. If there’s one person with the oversized ego and delusions of grandeur to replace Trump, it’s Mr. “Winning” Himself.

    • Eva

      I was thinking Flava FLAV would be an awesome replacement. Lol.

  • vice pres

    You people are scared of a strong white man getting this country in order

    • @

      Yeah, that must be what it is since ALL the other ones we’ve had have done such steller jobs.

    • Rich

      BAHAHAHAHA… “Strong white men” are exactly the reason we’re in this mess. You think poor minorities were the ones who deregulated the markets, short-changed their own investors, and gave themselves millions in bonuses after crashing the economy??

      • kahuna

        Not to mention, caused a collapse of the economy putting up on the edge of another great depression which Obama saved us from. For me, his too greatest accomplishments are saving us from a depression, and destroying bin laden.

      • kahuna

        Oopsie. I mean “two” greatest accomplishments…

    • Lari

      Try running a strong white man and we’ll see. The best Republicans had to offer as a strong white male was Sarah Palin… and I think the sanity thing would get her disqualified.

      • Deb

        Lari just said all that needs to be said….thread over.

      • jodipo

        on the contrary, the sanity thing seems to be an automatic qualifier for the Republican party this time. The less sense you make, the bigger platform they give

      • Samet

        Hi there. I have heard of the Trump Network. I was in a similar buesnsis and to be completely honest with you, when times are tough, the first thing people cut out of their budget is autoship of a product. I have a couple people who joined Trump way before the launch, however, I have not heard back from them about their success or lack of. The key to being successful in ANY MLM is to have the right mindset and to be trained. If you would like to know more, send me a message.References :

  • vice pres

    Charlie couldnt keep from passing out long enough i say rush limbaugh or sean hannity

    • @vice pres

      Chuck Lorre has no problem saying “You’re Fired”. lol

  • Rocketmare

    Replace Trump with Ted Turner on Celebrity Apprentice. Then, Trump will lose Presidency and have nothing left but more bankruptcies.

  • Strepsi

    TO NBC: It’s super easy to replace the part on Celebrity Apprentice: Richard Branson of VIRGIN.

    He’s telegenic, billionaire, and British to boot! New energy would actually be good for the show. Other options: Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, James Dyson.

    It is also super easy to replace Donald Trump the media personality — just get a large balloon filled with hot air in a bad toupee… and you’re done.

    • alek

      Marc Cuban was my first thought, but Branson’d be amazing.

    • Brenda

      @Strepsi, you just made my morning more fun.Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.

    • Al

      Cuban and Branson already had Apprentice knockoff shows. Branson’s was called The Rebel Billionaire and Cuban’s was called The Benefactor. You don’t remember them because they were awful and were cancelled.

  • jay

    So, it’s put up or shut up?

    • SHivani

      so should the US adapt itlsef to Chinese standarts, throw union leaders into jail and brutally beat down any possible protest by middle class people if they get ripped off by their employees and poisoned by lax environmental standarts?Or are you for taxes on imported goods that are made under lesser standarts then yours, forcing China to improve the conditions for most of their citizens and the environment?

  • Javadude54

    Trump will never run for office because then he would have to make his tax records public. That is something he will never do.

    • joe


  • Buffy Freak

    Have Sarah Palin replace Trump….that way she can get even with all thos so-called “Hollywood Elites” she is so fond of railing against. And instead of firing them, she can shoot them with a paintball gun from a helicopter or something….

  • tgb

    “NBC is not prepared for now, however, to say who would replace him. ‘We are still hoping to have Donald back.'”

    I originally read that as “Donald Duck”, and when I thought about it realized how awesome that would be.

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