NBC: Why we didn't want 'Wonder Woman'

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Though he picked up plenty of high-profile projects like Playboy, The Firm and Prime Suspect, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt knew he’d have to answer for the one project he didn’t greenlight: What the heck was wrong with Wonder Woman and why didn’t it make the schedule?
Not surprisingly, Greenblatt was diplomatic about the reboot from Warner Bros. TV and David E. Kelley (after all, the uber-producer is also the man behind Harry’s Law, which earned a second season pickup). “I hate to disappoint anybody. I know there are legions of fans of the original show,” Greenblatt told EW. “I don’t know if it’s cursed or what. I just have this one experience. They made a really fine pilot and Adrianne Palicki did a fantastic job. You look at what you have, what you need,  and it just didn’t seem to fit in with what we were doing.
“We did what was best for the schedule,” Greenblatt continued. “It does give one pause. You’re almost damned if you and damned if you don’t. It’s tricky.”
Did Warner Bros. TV make a mistake by releasing early pictures of Palicki in the costume? Greenblatt isn’t so sure. “I was surprised there was such an uproar. But that didn’t have anything to do with whether the show got picked up. I love that it got so much attention. All that engagment from people whether it was positive or negative was good. And she did ultimately have these little hot pants…”
Alas, we’ll never get to see them. Or will we? Greenblatt says Warner Bros. TV may shop the pilot elsewhere. So maybe Wonder Woman will live to fight another day on the small screen (assuming you want to see it). Are you holding out hope?
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  • Dean

    They did release the AQUAMAN pilot with Justin Hartley on iTunes and as a Smallville extra. I wonder if they will do that with Wonder Woman. Furthermore, they spend so much money on these pilots why not release them on iTunes and recoup some of the money back. After Pilot Season we all do wonder what could have been when pilots aren’t picked up.

    • KIKI

      When did wonder woman get cancelled? I watched at least 2 episodes.

      • Murk

        Get back on stage, “Kiki”… those Junior College loans aren’t going to pay for themselves!

      • tom


      • Jamaaliver

        This show seems destined for LOGO playing alongside reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

      • Lafonda

        What kind of lame reporting and writing is this?
        What a joke.
        This show was cancelled because nobody cared about it and the chick they cast for it isn’t hot enough and has a giant she-male head.

      • Scott

        Says the idiot with the ad in their post …

    • Obama

      Wow, first heroes gets cancelled and now this? Adrien panetierrie isn’t having a good year!

      • Matt

        LoL, I haven’t spent enough time perusing comment boards to know if you’re employing some sort of hipster humor, or if you’re really that confused.

        There’s gotta be a funnier angle than what you went with, though.

      • THOOM

        She’s having a bad “year”?

        1) “Heroes” was canceled years ago and

        2) you wrote “adrien panettiere”. The actress here is adrianne palicki (Friday Night Lights). The actress from “Heroes” is hayden panettiere. Hayden has nothing to do with this show. (She was in Scream 4)

      • Matt

        Damn it, Thoom, you nerd, you fell for his trap! He’s just trying to inflame nerds who take tv too seriously – you fell for it, you jackanape!

      • travisdogg


      • aj

        I liked Hayden in Scream 4. She needs to be in more movies.

      • Lem

        I cannot stop laughing at that post and all the comments. hahahahaha

      • Summer

        Though, to be fair, between Lone Star and this, Palicki HAS had a bad year.

      • Bob


    • Frank Enstein

      Arrrggghhh, y they cancel this show, it good, arrrrggghhh

    • Blorp

      You’re not calling yourself Dean because of Supernatural, are you? I think the rules give you the leeway to adopt the name of a science fiction character, true, but doesn’t it have to be a science fiction show of (at least) some nominal impact? Otherwise you’re just giving fanboys a bad name.

      • Dean

        no my name is actually Dean

      • Wouldn’t it be funny

        If 2:28 PM’s name was actually Blorp? Only a Blorp would get so flamed over someone daring to call themselves a rare name like Dean.LOL.

      • JoMarch

        What a geek! Monitoring people’s names.

      • Matt

        Someone needs to stand up and defend the masses against people with names like “JoMarch”.

    • DM

      The least NBC can do is air the WW pilot as a 2-hr special event movie. C’mon, NBC! You’ve already spent the money! Some of the test viewers loved it, some didn’t. That’s to be expected. I want to see the first live-action WW in over 35 yrs and make up my own mind!!!

      • RL

        I concur!

        Let the rest of the population decide.

    • wws1fan

      I want to see it. I hate just hearing other peoples reviews of it. I would like to judge for myself. As a fan I’ve waiting a long time to see a new version. Even if it’s now a good version…I’d still like to see it!

  • Nathan

    Why not just be honest? They didn’t want the show because it looked like s**t.

    • Miley Cyprus

      Like what, shot? Spit? Spat? Stut? Srat? What? And yes, it’s Cyprus people, deal with it!

      • But what I REALLY meant to say is…

        This is one of the funniest comments I’ve read in a long time.

      • Lafonda

        That’s because you are a pathetic tard.

    • Anna

      More like she looks constipated.

  • Leroy Grey

    If they’d had twenty seconds of her in costume convincingly beating down a couple of thugs, they could have sold the show.

    • cajo

      in the off chance of a nip-slip?

  • Wilmer V

    Isn’t it obvious that it looked horrible and that she was terribly cast? No producer/director/co-star ever says that the lead was bad but that is almost always the case (i.e. Lindsay Lohan in anything)

  • Derek

    i dont know if you were being funny or not. but its hayden pannettier and adrien palicki. Either way Adrien needs to stay way from comics, she was also in the aquaman pilot that didnt get picked up.

  • PaulH

    We, the fans, are just as liable and responsible by our over-the-top lambasting of this version of Wonder Woman as NBC is. You know who you are. Nice going; now there won’t be any TV (and maybe not even a movie) revival anytime soon.

    • psychoanalyzer

      Wonder Woman as a movie I can get behind. Wonder Woman as a TV show, I think I’ll pass.

    • Jason

      Exactly, PaulH. Fans don’t realize the horrible backlash of their criticism. In this case, they killed a show they were probably interested in.

      Seems like this generation just doesn’t know when (or want to) keep their big mouths shut. They’ve just got to be militant about their idiotic opinions, and TV studios aren’t going forward with projects because of poor feedback. So….if you get more of The Biggest Loser, just know that YOU, fans, brought it on yourselves…because YOU, are truly the Biggest Losers.

  • Jason

    I have to assume Greenblatt is being diplomatic here. The show sounded horrible. How much would you bet Ben Silverman or Zucker would’ve put it on anyway hyping it as the future of television?

    • Blorp

      Oh wow…you think you’re big-time because you know the names of Big-Wig TV executives? You may want to reassess your life, or at least get a job as a snotty barista at borders, if you really wanna stay committed to character.

      • Jason

        Really? When did I say I was big-time? And obviously you go to Borders, that den of douche bags, to know the kind of stuff that goes on there. And thanks for the tip, times are tough and a job is a job. Though I doubt you know much about that considering you take comments made on internet messages boards out of context just so you can be an ass. Anyway, I’m sure I’m keeping you and your soul-patch-having, hipster-glasses-wearing, art school graduate self from a wine tasting.

    • Bob

      Well, Jason, you may have been a bit pretentious with the name dropping. Besides, you left out Fred Silverman, Grant Tinker and Brandon Tartikoff!

      • Jason

        It wasn’t pretentious name dropping. Maybe when you use names you’re just showing off, but don’t project your way of being on me. Not everyone is a know-it-all like yourself. Some people just like to actually know what they’re talking about. Never said I was special for knowing their names (which are fairly household especially Zucker’s). And just using the names themselves doesn’t make one pretentious.

      • Matt

        You’re pretty emotional dude, and your argument that you didn’t explicitly say something sucks, and you keep on accusing people of the crap you’re pulling. They’re talking about your behavior, which is toolish, and it is know-it-all-ish. So relax. You’re wrong. You’re so wrong, my face is beet-red from laughing. I’ve never met anyone more wrong about anything in my entire life.

      • Jaime

        If you have never met anyone more wrong about anything in your entire life, then you’ve probably lived in a cave. Either that or you are one of those Japanese dudes that locks themselves in their rooms and faps to their virutal girlfriend and shuns the world to play Final Fantasy 24.

        Either way, I feel bad for you bro. Here’s hoping you manage to lose your virginity someday, Matt.

  • jimmy

    im pretty sure is she was wearing panties like the actual wonder woman it would have gotten picked up

    • Anna

      I wonder if the fact that she looked constipated in just about every picture had anything to do with the show not being picked up.

  • koalialoalo

    what exactly is nbc doing? don’t half their new shows fail?

    oh well, i’m glad chuck got renewed =)

    • Murk

      Oh yeah, me too, Chuck is so… um, well, it’s really…geez, it’s, uh, got this…hmm…give me a second…

      • Anna

        It’s headed for the Friday Night Death Slot?

    • Eva

      A lot of NBCs shows are on their way out and in their final seasons. REally how long can they continue having two hours of the Biggest Loser and two hours of Celebrity Apprentice and now how many hours a week The Voice is on. They need to figure out the future of their scripted shows. Their Thursday comedy block is the only strong thing they have and half of those shows are over 5 years old (30 Rock the Office) and need to be put down due to age. I would never let my dog suffer the way NBC if making the Office suffer. Just call it guys.

      • psychoanalyzer

        Thank you! Now this is an educated comment!

      • Blorp

        Psychoanalyzer: “educated comment”; you peruse ew.com comment boards to look for and praise “educated comments”, and then THIS is what you pick – maybe you’re from Idaho? I don’t know. Enroll in some college courses if you crave intellectual discourse. This is an article about why NBC axed a show with a chick wearing plastic blue pants and a tiara.

  • Done

    A concept best left in the 70s.

  • Katty

    Why doesn’t CBS pick up WM. Run it after Big Bang and watch the ratings and profits sore. Premiere it with a tie in episode where the boys anticipate its debut. After all it has to be better than Babylon5 right? Just think of the new t-shirts that can be designed for Sheldon.

    • Stevex

      “Watch the ratings and profits sore.” Sometimes, all you need to brighten your day is a good spelling error.

      • fish eye no miko

        That made me laugh so hard, my ratings are sore…

  • sam

    the cw needs a hit

    • Eva

      The CW has The Vampire Diaries, it’s a huge hit for a network that size. I’m hoping they will continue to find shows that have niche markets like Supernatural. This is the network (kind of) that gave birth to Buffy, I know they can do better than Gossip Girl and 90210.

      • Lola

        It’s a hit that is going down in ratings. It’s not a drastic drop but the decline is slowly happening. One moderate hit does not save a network. CW needs to have more diverse programming.

  • greg

    Someone cast Jaime Alexander from THOR as Wonder Woman. She’d be perfect.

    • Blorp

      Weird, Thor, just came out, and I’ve never heard of Jaime Alexander, perhaps you can describe her a little mo- oh wait, I get it!!! You’re a hipster, showing off your breathtaking knowledge of actors who aren’t yet famous!!! Oh, ok. My fault.

      • cajo

        I normally don’t like snotty comebacks to random strangers, but in this case…..Thank you.

      • Blorp

        Haha, no problem Cajo.

  • David D

    Networks used to air failed pilots as “Movies Of The Week.” Do they still do that? Will we ever see this, or “17th Precinct,” as a one-shot deal?

    • Dr. No


  • Brady

    Forget Wonder Woman. What about 17th Precinct? That show sounded awesome! Created by Ronald D. Moore, and starring James Callis, Jamie Bamber, Stockard Channing, and Tricia Helfer? Why on Earth didn’t NBC pick that up?

    • Anna

      A good concept starring good actors? Why indeed?

    • murley

      james callis almost came back to my television on a weekly basis? this makes me exponentially more bummed out that 17th precinct didn’t get picked up!

    • jenjen

      I too was bummed that 17th Precinct didn’t get picked up. I would love it if they would farm that to TNT or FX.

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