Donald Trump: I will not run for President


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The wait is over, Apprentice fans: The Donald has revealed what his plans are for the 2012 presidential election.

He won’t be one of the candidates!

“This will be the 12th season,” Donald Trump told advertisers at NBC’s presentation Monday. “I love Celebrity Apprentice. We’ve raised tens of millions. I’ve decided we are going to continue on with the Celebrity Apprentice. I will not be running for president.”

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters on Sunday that he would replace Trump should he seek office. “It’s the right and privilege of anyone to run for the highest office of the land,” Greenblatt said. “Nothing would make me happier than for someone to reach that.

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  • Erin

    Thank God. Best news ever. Now hopefully he just disappears…

    • kim

      i agree best news ever

      • Jason

        Why is anybody surprised? Anyone with half a brain knew he was doing this stunt to boost the sagging ratings of the Apprentice.

    • kremzeek!

      well said,erin.

      • tom

        yeah his speech in las vegas about the saudis was perfect thought

    • ag

      The “TRUMP”?
      What an i@#$

    • Roger

      Trump is a grifter as is Palin. The media are complicit with allowing this con to go on.

    • johnc

      I can’t believe I say this–Thank God for Celebrity Apprentice!!

      • GEO MACNA


    • gazmo

      Kimmell, Leno, Letterman, and all the other late night hosts are shedding BIG OLD TEARS today!!

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      No way, I wanted Trump to run and win. I need a daily laugh and nobody brings a smile to my face like fat Donald Trump the CLOWN. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Boo, I was hoping he would run. It would have been hilarious when he would certainly lose miserably. We would have gotten a lot of great comedy out of it. Plus, it probably would have deflated his huge ego a bit.

    • gus

      Well thank God for that. Most Americans would be stupid enough to vote for him. This is great news.

  • Elyse

    This is the least surprising news, ever.

    • Karate Pants

      Right. Sadly, I think his advertising stunt was successful.

      • allie

        I think it worked for awhile but, at least for us, we became so disgusted with him that we stopped watching Apprentice.

    • nick


  • Ali

    Maybe he should run for president of the hairclub for men!

    • Cy Sperling

      Hey, hey, hey now. I’m not only a client, I’M the president. Don’t get it twisted!!

  • peggy

    Well, thank you god for that. I guess he figured he would have to give up his lucrative T.V. show.

    • TQB

      Do you think someone just pointed out what the POTUS’s salary is, as compared to cycle 12 of the Apprentice? I sorta feel like The Donald didn’t really do the math before – or didn’t realize he’d have to get off the tube!

    • maggie

      And the TV show is one of his main sources of income.

  • kar

    I’m strangely disappointed. It would be a fun train wreck to watch and the man does need a(nother) drubbing of humiliation.

    • Amy

      Our country can’t handle another circus like we had during the 2008 presidential election. America would have lost what little respect we have left in the world’s eye. All I can hope is that the actual candidates in the next election are able to act like adults. I know, slim chance of that…

      • Rep

        Well put Amy. Lets get a viable republican candidate out there who can represent what conservative values truely are.

      • Alex

        What little respect..HA! The States started with none and still have none. No matter what America does it will still be the most hated/targeted country in the world.

      • Rachel

        @ Alex, you must be British because no one in the USA says “the States”. If you are guess what. In the past few weeks what has England brought the world??? A wedding (ooh ahh, let’s drool over people who are supposedly more divine than normal humans and bow at their feet), we brought a mass murderer to justice. If we don’t have respect we at least have influence and power.

      • Alex

        Yes Rachel, I am British. Your silly country would not exist if it weren’t for us. Our monarchy does more for the world than any of your corrupt Presidents have ever done.

      • trekker111

        Yes Alex and w/o us in the 1940″s your country would not exist either.

  • Phil Esteen

    I’m shocked! America is shocked!
    How are we going to survive without this “man” who could have raised tens, maybe even hundreds, of dollars for our government? He could have made $10 to $15 on the sale of his hairpiece alone.

  • Trump is a pathetic liar and coward

    So much for Trump refuting naysayers that he was never serious about running in the 1st What a pathetic loser.

    • kremzeek!

      again,well said.

  • Phil Esteen

    I forgot to ask.

    Did that thing on his head agree with his decision?

    • TQB


      • CandaceTX


    • Rose


    • sassyfras

      No–it’s started its own PAC.

  • Diane

    Ha! He’s a manipulative bully who couldn’t possibly take the heat that he has so gleefully doled out. @sswipe.

  • Brett

    Trump looks like he colored all over his face with orange crayon. Crayola should sue, he’s giving orange a bad name.

    • maggie

      Trump is giving Oompa Loompas a bad name.

  • char


  • Elizabeth

    $$$ and attention vs. being held accountable…. yeah completely shocked by this.

  • dan

    Thank goodness.

  • evie martin

    He got what he wanted—publicity for his crappy Appentice show. We have a bunch of Cidada’s here just hatching—-they would love to romp through his ugly hair!!!!

    • Esox

      It’s not crappy! It ROCKS! But I’m glad he’s not running. I’ve heard too many people say they’d vote for him.

    • Rose

      The Cidada’s heard an loud annoying sound and thought it meant it was time for them to come out from underground. Little did they know it was Trump.

  • Rep

    Wow… Such hateful stuff coming from you left wingers.

    • MultiPass

      Idiot. Left wingers WANTED him to run. Most of these comments are just from sideliners.

      • Karate Pants

        It would have been a gift. I, for one, am disappointed.

    • Bob

      Come on. As a non-left winger, Mr. Trump deserves little sympathy. He was unwelcome an distraction to the Republican party’s search for a viable candiate. You may not hear it said aloud, but I can assure you there is no small number of right-wingers who are also breathing a (tactful and dignified) sigh of relief.

      • Rep

        I do agree that he was an unwelcome distraction. Just kind of confused why as to why the hateful stuff.

      • TQB

        Because regardless of your “wing” of choice, the idea that this man would run makes a mockery of our political process and the presidential race. It’s an embarrassment, and quite frankly a bigger embarrassment to the right than to the left.

      • Buffy Freak

        Perhaps we might have taken him more seriously if his platform consisted of anything other than questioning President Obama’s citizenship and education. Not once did I hear him say anything about foreign policy (other than let’s just go and take all the oil…yeah that’ll work) or anything about jobs or education or health care except that Obama’s positions are wrong. You can’t just bash the opposition without having some credible ideas of your own.

    • Sara

      Surely right-wingers saw him as a joke…right? If not, I’m genuinely scared for this country.

    • wakeforce

      Typical. Right-wingers NEVER say anything hateful about the Obamas. MORON!

    • Alyssa

      The right has no viable candidate and that is scary enough-for them. BUT TRUMP please as people have said hes an @sswipe and coward , who cant take the heat and President Obama already wiped the floor with him at the correspondents dinner.

    • maggie

      You have no idea if people writing about him are right-wing, left-wing or moderates. If you read the comments about Trump, they aren’t about politics they’re about his personality and his lies about his supposed success.
      Trump lies about being a successful businessman. He’s rich because he inherited money. He in the real estate development business because his father started a hugely successful real estate development business and gave his son a job. Whenever they tried to give Donald projects of his own he failed.
      Donald lies that his show is #1. He lies that Macys doesn’t want to sell other brands of suits, ties, cufflinks, etc. because his sell so well. Macys sells lots of other brands, and the Trump brand clothing line isn’t actually owned by Donald. The companies who make the suits, ties, etc. just license out the Trump name. (Seeing how sick people are of Trump I wouldn’t be surprised if these companies don’t renew their contracts when they expire.)

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