Fox will reboot 'The Flintstones'


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Yabba dabba do, Seth MacFarlane will finally achieve his dream! The mastermind behind Family Guy will reboot the classic animated series The Flintstones for Fox.

Fox execs made the announcement at the network’s presentation today in New York. The show will go in production this fall for a 2013 launch. “One of the first things I ever drew was Fred Flintstone,” MacFarlane told advertisers. As for his re-imagination, he said the show has to keep up with the times but some things will remain familiar for old fans. “The characters will look the same but the only thing that will change is the stories,” he said. “What’s the [prehistoric] version of an iPod?”

Dan Palladino (Gilmore Girls) and Kara Vallow (Family Guy) will also serve as exec producers.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (d’oh!), The Flintstones follows two hard-working middle-class families living with the “contemporary conveniences” in the dinosaur-era town of Bedrock. The series centers on Fred Flintstone and his best friend and sidekick Barney.

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  • Dan McCormick

    This will be AWESOME!!!

    • Mell

      Absolutely not. I have always said this: I don’t mind remakes, reboots, reimagnings, etc…but please, remake shows/films/properties that were crappy to mediocre to begin with. The Flintstones is the Holy Grail of cartoon shows, it worked and it became an iconic show. Nothing they can do could improve on the original, and I certainly don’t want to hear cynical, jaded, “modern” humor coming from the mouths of these characters.

      • tom

        it would be better to reboot Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc

      • walter

        The holy grail of cartoon shows? How deep did you have to dig in your rear to find that one?

      • JE

        The Flintstones was a remake of the Honeymooners…

      • Huh?

        JE: Your comment suggests your Believe Everything Someone Else Told You philosophy. If you ever watched either show, you’d know that THE FLINTSTONES was “inspired” by THE HONEYMOONERS. Not a remake. Besides, Jackie’s show nearly half as long as Fred’s. I’d say the result of the inspiration was more significant than the inspiration itself.

      • Huh?

        Hey, Walter, what’s an arrogant little twerp’s idea of the holy grail of episodic, long-running television animation series? Go ahead, let’s hear it? It’s got to be an animated series from way back. Waddaya got?

        And to all you negative complainers: how about any of you create something better and submit it to Fox. When your show gets picked-up, then you’ll have a right to complain about something BEFORE a single animation cell has been created. Are any of you complainers artists of any kind? Probably not.

      • FatSean

        Are you kidding? Flintstones was a rip-off of already established live action characters. It wasn’t iconic! Lots of the jokes don’t even age well.

      • tom

        to be accurate the honeymooner’s were a ripoff of the bickersons which started on radio. gleason was sued for plagarism and lost. that why it ended after one season.

      • Solange

        I agree Mell, I dont’ want Seth MacFarlane to ruin the Flinstones with his idea of humour and ruin the classic show that it was. Family Guy is funny in a different way then the Flinstones. I just don’t want the Flinstones to be another Family Guy, American Dad, Clevland Show.

      • xynthai

        He’ll turn a classic into crap.

      • demonfeed

        How about this opinion… I won’t be watching anything affiliated with Fox or any of its’ subsidiaries thanks to their media machine over at Fox News. Well, not that I watch any TV at all anyway now. Except the Science Channel and sometimes the History Channel… but only on days where there isn’t crap on about Nostradoomus or Aliens.

      • deedeedragons

        The Simpsons long passed The Flintstones as the holy grail.

      • Csr


      • steve

        Please no rock puns. Oh god please no rock puns.

      • Barack

        Sounds like Huh? has a major case of Seth envy. Cleveland Show is embarrassing, American Dad is lame and Family Guy stopped being funny years ago when they bought a new computer with Seth’s new money and decided to focus more on trying to make their backgrounds look pretty. Lame lame lame.

      • Anderson

        Cleveland = not so much. The others are hysterical for the most part, especially “American Dad.” But every show has it’s ups and downs—point in question, the royal wedding episode of “South Park,” which SUCKED. I think Seth will probably make some major missteps for the first season or so and then get into his groove. He’s not much on subtlety—I’m wondering who the gay character will be. I’m thinking Kazoo will be a major part of the new show.

      • caroline

        This tells me that Hollywood is losing creativity – that and the number of reality shows.

      • Jen

        I agree that I don’t want to hear any adult talk from the characters. It’s supposed to be a kids show!

      • Vin

        @Jen: You do you know the The Flinstones was originally broadcast for primetime TV, right?
        Not necessarily a ‘kids show’

    • Dave Ferrara

      I think it is great news ever since High School that is the only cartoon I could ever draw

    • Dave

      Oh lord, this is a terrible idea. Seth MacFarlane is going to ruin one of the greatest animated series of all time.

      • Clark Nova

        Oh lord, this is a terrible idea. Seth MacFarlane is going to revive one of the most worn-out animated series of all time.

      • Wha’ever

        I don’t think so ; the Flintstones’ concept is not something that people would get tired of. You can always find new stories about a family. What bothers me is that I don’t see Seth MacFarlane’s humour in the Flintstones. I love his shows but I hope he will keep this one family-friendly because that’s how they are meant to be.

      • L

        Exactly, Wha’ever. I think there are parts of Family Guy that are really smart; what ruins it for me is all the lowest common denominator humor. That’s why I can’t watch it. Smart pop culture references ruined with bathroom humor. I’m not a huge fan of Fred and the gang, but I certainly don’t want Bedrock Family Guy.

      • vince

        No he won’t. Trust me, he won’t.

      • Daniel Scroggin

        I so agree. Its a clean, but awesome cartoon. he is just gonna mess up a good cartoon to make a bunch of fart and sex jokes. If seth wants to have flintstone humor and stuff do it on your own three primtime shows. leave the classics alone

    • Matt

      Let’s see what happens; he either spontaneously develops talent as a writer, or America turns on him when he brings his *special* brand of humor (wife-beating, making fun of deaf people, jokes about men watching women in bathroom stalls, etc.) to an American institution. Win-win.

    • pickle t1ts

      Yuck… This is a tragedy. Fuhking Seth MacFarlane is easily the most over rated kuhnt to ever work in animation. Ask any real animation expert or anyone who works in the animation industry and he and family guy are regarded with disdain. Family guy is weak comedy. It’s lazy cut aways, using extreme shock to elitist shame laughs and softball jokes for white frat bros. It’s garbage. And now this jag-off is now going to drag down one of the most highly respected cartoons ever. Fuhk him and fuhk you if you support him and his tripe cartoons.

      • FatSean

        No accounting for taste. I like the Three Stooges.

        Flintstones is nothing but rip-offs of well known (at the time, kids today don’t know them) actors and their schticks. Just set in prehistoric times with technology sight gags. The plots were equally old-time weak.

        Get a grip.

      • Robert

        Do you think swearing repeatedly makes you cool or tough or something? Grow up buddy. IF you are going to say these things then post your full name. Somehow I think that when you aren’t hiding behind a pseudonym you will be more respectful of what you say.

      • pickle t1ts

        @robert. Awwwww, did I scare you using my big people words? Next time I’ll use nice words so I don’t scare little boys like you, ok pumpkin? No go make me a fuhking sandwich.

      • UrAnIdiot

        Big people words? Check your spelling, last time I looked, they didn’t qualify as words. And what in the world are tripe cartoons?

      • pickle t1ts

        I love getting spell check suggestions from kuhnts who abbreviate “you’re” with “UR”… Moron.

      • UrAnIdiot

        You really got me there t1ts.

        You really ELITISTed a reaction from me, didn’t you?

      • pickle t1ts

        the best part was how long it took you to bring it up. mustard please.

      • JAM

        I love trolling idiots who have to resolve to spelling with numbers. oh and they think theyre funny but dont have their own shows(s). oh and they try to come off as the central tome for geek lore. Oh and they think mustard is funny. Well Mustard isn’t funny mister. It’s a condiment that should be taken seriously. Pickle that fried egg water balloons.

      • pickle t1ts

        wow… way to chime in a fuhking day later… here’s some advice, if you’re going to drop in on a day old post and attempt to inject it with some form of humor, don’t bring that weak shiht you just did… at least try next time, ok?

      • billy-jo

        Im with pickle t1ts. MacFarlane is an over-rated douche nozzel who stopped being funny or edgy after season one of Family Guy.

      • JAM

        Here’s some advice, don’t troll your own posts. you took my bait. I post like that just to see if egotistical trolls like you recheck their comments for response. you did. yes you did. you douche. you sad, sad, sad pathetic douche. gfy

      • USA

        Chiming in late, yes, but I agree w/pickle. McFarland ruined Sunday night for me. Now I’m stuck watching Celebrity Apprentice. Sad for me; never thought I’d watch such drivel but there you go, it’s less offensive than Family Guy, et al & pickles can cuss if he wants, that’s all they do on McFarland’s lame ass cartoons.

        Can’t wait to see Thelma and Fred having sex as you know they’ll throw in. Not. Because I won’t be watching.

    • Ryan

      More like Yabba Dabba POO!

      • CPB

        Yabba Dabba Don’t Bother

    • CandaceTX

      uh, no.

    • Immature

      Will Dino talk? That’s all I wanna know.

    • Ryan

      Absolutely!! Just found out about this. Made my day.

  • Generation Gossip

    This will either be really good or captastic, I haven’t decided yet

  • Dave


    • Voodoo

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Quirky

      Yabba Dabba Don’t

      • VKC

        LOL, I’m with you Quirky.

      • George

        LMAO…. Creativity is gone and they can only recycle. It is our fault for watching these crappy remakes. I ,for one, will not watch any of this crap.

      • SueN

        Sounds like a really bad idea. I’m so used to the original voices, I doubt I can adjust to new voices, much less “updated” jokes. Thank goodness for Boomerang!

    • Jay

      Why oh, why?!?!?!?!
      Leave the Flintstones alone! The cartoon is a classic, and Seth MacFarlane’s shows are just not funny anymore.
      Hey, at least we will get less of those “It’s gonna be worse than that time when…” jokes.

      • Tori

        lol hose jokes are so old

      • Tori

        *those sorry

    • Ian

      I’ll add an “UGH!” and a “Why God? Why?!” to your “NOOOOOOOOO!”

  • Lydia Roberts

    They will probably cast two of the following recognisable actors with comedic experience as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble:

    Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Rob Schneider, Jeremy Piven, Steve Coogan

    • Rachel

      Some of those names I hear in my head and say NO FREAKIN WAY!

    • jk

      All of your suggestions are terrible, so I can only assume you’re kidding. Besides, it isn’t a movie; sounds like another animated TV show.

    • Buffy Freak

      Do you work for the agent for these guys? You throw their names out all over this board whenever casting comes up. And if not, are you really dumb enough to think that most of these guys who, for better or worse, are movie stars would do voiceover work on a TV cartoon?

    • Grubi


      I”m with Buffy. With the possible exception of theo last three, those names are way to big to want to do weekly voiceover work.

    • GarryVC

      Lydia Roberts-How about this for a novel idea.. How about we use people who have voices that are similar to original?????
      I really dont get why Hollywood has to constantly use well known actors for voices in movies. To me it really doesnt matter. And would hold down production cost too.

  • lost

    No, Just No

    • Michael

      HEY!!! No one’s askin’ ya to smell it.

  • Chad

    As long as he doesn’t turn it into another Family Guy (as much as I love FG, I’m not in love with either American Dad or Cleveland Show) If he stays true to the original, I’ll play ball

    • Superstarseven

      American Dad can be a much better show than Family Guy at times.

      • melman

        not in a thousand years…family guy rules!

      • rossage

        I have to agree with Superstarseven. American Dad has some great episodes.

      • Channing Taintum

        American Dad is funnier than Family Guy every single week. Family Guy stopped being funny a few years ago, and is nothing but 22 minutes of preaching and drawwwwn out “jokes”

  • AuntieMM

    No…..a thousand plus times NO!

    • Michael

      HEY!!! No one’s askin’ ya to smell it.

  • Liz

    The guy behind Family Guy doing The Flintstones. I will be sure to keep my expectations low as this guy is too crass for The Flintstones.

    • Sith Lord J

      Makes you wonder how he will use the animal Appliances.

  • Kevin

    If there is one thing the world does NOT need, it’s another Seth MacFarlane cartoon… especially one that is a remake of a “classic” (I put that in quotes because I’ve actually always hated the Flintstones).

  • Pete

    There isn’t anything that people aren’t willing to crap on in the name of making a buck.

  • Bob

    I saw the headline and said “Nooo” then I saw it was Macfarlene and said “WTF” this could be really good or awful. Family guy is my favorite show so I hope flinstones finds an even balance between the original and FG

  • Buffy Freak

    Yabba dabba don’t….

  • Thrillhouse

    Seth MacFarlane may be a nice guy but, his shows are horrible. Family Guy was mediocre at the beginning but as time went by it became worse and worse. I like my shows with jokes the pertain to the story and creative. As for American Dad & Cleveland show, I’ve not successfully been able to finish an entire episode (I’ve tried). But, I hope Mr. MacFarlane proves me wrong with “Ted”.

    • Grant_X

      Jokes that pertain to the story and are creative is what you like? so you like your fake stories to be more truthful to their fake storylines. Get real!!

      • bbmcrae

        Errr, that’s not what he wrote. He likes jokes that actually relate to the story rather the constant randomness of FG. Not really sure what your point is, besides just trolling.

    • David B.

      Different strokes for different folks. I think Seth and his writers are hilarious. The shows make me laugh out loud. But a cartoon show that really sucks is “Bob’s Burgers.” It stinks on ice.

      • Ms. Dipesto

        Agreed. Bob’s Burgers is just painful to watch. I tried to like it but, just, no…..

      • todd

        bobs burgers is great. Im not surprised at all that someone who likes family guy, would not get bobs burgers.

      • Friday

        Bob’s Burgers is hilarious, plus it has actual character development and storylines, unlike FG’s absurd, endless non sequiters.

      • knightman


      • vince

        Nah. They’re both very good shows, just different styles.

  • Walter Correa III

    awesome! bam bam.

  • LogopolisMike

    Fat guy – check, hot wife – check, just turn Barney into talking Dino and Pebbles into a psycopath and you’ve got the Macfarlene formula down pat.

    • Lem


    • Bob

      Well, just goes to show how unoriginal current cartoons are, since The Flintstones premiered 50 years ago, and that was based on The Honeymooners from 60 years ago.

      • Matt

        I don’t think it shows that cartoons are unoriginal now because…uh…to be honest, I’m kind of surprised this didn’t dawn on you…it’s ONE cartoon show – in fact, not even that, it’s a show in developemnt stages – ONE instance of a cartoon show among hundreds, perhaps thousands, in the past 10-20 years.

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