First Look: NBC's amazing new 'The Office' poster -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Image Credit: Courtesy of NBC

NBC showed this new art of the cast of The Office at their upfront presentation, and we do mean art. Here’s the cast re-interpreting the classic Georges Seurat painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” No, we’re not kidding. You must check this out:

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  • M

    Haha, that’s an amazing promo shot

    • Lafonda

      NBC showed it at their “upfront”?

      What the effff is that?

      Horrible EW writing (as usual from this clown).

      • WmAdams

        What’s your effing problem? If you don’t know what an upfront is in industry parlance, then Google it rather than show your ignorance, clown.

      • Grammar Patrol

        “upfront” is a noun and was used correctly in the sentence. Perhaps you should not be so quick to point out errors, especially when you are the one making the error. There’s no reason for the insulting comment at all. We’re all just here to look at a clever poster.

      • Dan

        Hey, LaFonda: Do some research. Do you even know what an “upfront” is? Dear god. Some of these message boards should require an entrance exam.

    • Michael

      That is SO awesome! What a great use of classic art for a TV promo. I love it!

      • Alfino

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    • onefreefish10

      does anyone know where i can find a full sized poster of this promo art??? i just found a small poster in the dvd’s for season 7 but i wanted something bigger.

    • Ilya

      Je n’ai absolument pas inatslle9 cette application et j’ai mis en place la proce9dure en deux e9tapes sans me soucier de rien. Mes te9le9phones ont re2le9 en disant que le mot de passe du compte n’e9tait plus valide, j’ai juste entre9 les codes uniques avec la me9thode que j’ai indique9 au dessus et e7a a fonctionne9.Ces codes sont fait expresse9ment pour les outils Google qui ne peuvent pas demander un code SMS comme les te9le9phones, la synchro de Chrome, etc.

  • Dan Daoust

    Should have included Michael Scott in some way. As a tribute, if nothing else.

    Who’s standing next to the tree, with the maroon umbrella? Is that someone?

    • Hayley

      That looks like the new hot assistant.

    • Anonymous

      That new assistant that Deangelo hired..

      • Dan Daoust

        Ah. I’ve got the last two episodes waiting on DVR…

      • Mr. Holloway

        “Hotness” aside (she’s just ok as far as I can tell) I’m still trying to figure out why that character was added to the show.

      • kate middleton

        I agree with Mr. Holloway. I don’t think that girl is hot at all – just looks like a normal girl to me. And what is she going to add to the show?

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ kate

        I’m guessing she’s supposed to be “Scranton-hot.”

      • ST

        The new girl reminds me a lot of Kristen Stewart for some reason. Which is fitting b/c I think she shows little emotion and doesn’t really add anything to the show.

      • alan of montreal

        well we really didn’t know what Erin was going to add to the show at the beginning, then she turned out to be a sweet, dimwitted, naive hoot. So maybe they’ve got an arc in mind with Jordan

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ alan of montreal

        But at least there was a reason for Erin to be there: she replaced Pam as Dunder Mifflin’s receptionist when Pam quit to join the Michael Scott Paper Co.

        Jordan, on the other hand, comes into an office that already has a receptionist AND an office manager. (Or whatever the heck it is that Pam does these days.)

      • kate middleton

        Yeah, she really seems pointless. Erin at least made sense bc they needed a new receptionist. This girl doesn’t seem funny or necessary. I would rather they do more with Creed, Stanley, Phyllis, Toby, Meredith than add pointless new ones.

      • MM

        From what I read in an earlier post, she(Jordan) is the daughter of a high ranking honcho at Warner Bros.–which might just explain her(unnecessary) presence on the show.

      • kate middleton

        MM – Thanks. That makes SO much more sense why her boring character is unnecessarily on this show.

      • emjay

        @ST HA! Totally agree about Kristin Stewart.

      • Jeff

        If she’s the daughter of someone high ranking at Warner Bros, why would there be pressure to include her in a cast of a show produced by NBC/Universal? Not sure I by that theory. I think she’s pointless too but I doubt a dad or mom at WB would have that big of an effect on her casting.

    • Jpo

      I took me a while to figure out but I *THINK that’s DeAngelo’s CLUELESS secretary. And Gabe the farthest. LMAO

      • ryan

        Who is jumping into the water next to the hot assistant who’s job is up in the air thanks to ferrel?

      • Trish

        OMG, I totally missed Gabe in this shot, which is so fitting.

    • kaylee

      it looks like it may be erin’s ex HnR bf

    • Peg

      that’s the asst. that was hired by DeAngelo…..can’t remember her name.

    • Austin

      I’m pretty sure that’s Jordan. lol

    • Doug

      They did… He’s in the back left looking into the pond!

      • anna

        @ doug – I believe that is Gabe

    • jk


  • Mr. Holloway

    Poor Toby. Even with Michael gone, he’s off by himself.

    • Mr. Holloway

      …also, Angela and Meredith sharing a picnic blanket?! Hilarious! (And “Yeah, right”)

  • Mike

    Is that Gabe in the way way way back left? If not, then I guess he is out?

  • chuck

    Who is the guy behind the new assistant? Looks to short to be gabe. BTW where’s gabe, hopefully he leaves soon.

  • Erin

    Is that Gabe way in the background? LMAO

  • Andy G.

    Andy to follow up his turn in Sweeney Todd with a stint in the Scranton production of Sunday in the Park with George?

    • DocRules

      That would be pretty spectacular…

      • alainna

        we do not belond togather!
        there both sondhiem, too.

  • Jeff in Brooklyn

    Jordan Garfield (Cody Horn) – new Executive Assistant

    • AJ

      Because that’s what the office needs, another secretary.

    • KJK

      Her dad is COO at Warner Bros.(or something like that.)

  • ajay C

    Jenna Fischer’s legs and ass are spectacular. Her real life husband is a very very lucky man.

    • Chris just called, your application for their new position of looking at art and making creepy comments about female anatomy has been approved…

      • Fog cue

        Hope it stays that way after she pops a baby out!

    • Heather

      yeah, whoever AIRBRUSHED them did a spectacular job.

      • Alison

        Yeah, those are airbrushed for sure. I love Jenna Fischer, but that isn’t her real booty.

      • katie

        Yeah, her boobs are super airbrushed too. Not that big or pointy in real life. Still a cool pic though.

  • Fernando

    There are worse things.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Not to be a nitpicker, but the painting is actually called, “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte.”

    • Bob

      Too late, you are a nitpicker…

    • Sarah

      here, here! I agree…if the writer of this article took the time to spell out the title of this painting, they at least could have gotten it right. It is not that hard.

    • James Hibberd

      Yes, you’re right. I wrote this post on my bberry while in the audience watching the Fox upfront presentation and my art history was a tad fuzzy. Fixed.

      • Armando

        They do exist friend. This ad was not an acciednt and there are tons more like it. In any case a rose by any other name . The name is irrelevant . are there a group/cabal/occultists of powerful individuals who dictate world events? Most definitely. Contrary to what you stated, there’s much evidence to prove it does exist.Keep trusting the people who govern you youll see the truth sooner or later.

    • Sschocker

      Here here? Do u mean hear? The author did write the full name of the painting correctly. Read on.

  • Ruben

    They should’ve had Cece as the little girl from the real painting.

  • Cat

    I love the original painting (as well as the musical), but yes, the little girl is missing. All I can think of is “I want my glasses!”

  • Flyer

    Jenna Fischer should be holding a monkey on a leash. If only they had borrowed Annie’s Boobs from “Community”!

    • MsSuniDaze

      Ha… I was wondering where the monkey was.

    • WmAdams

      Or the could have had CeCe on one of those baby leashes.

  • Pamm

    who’s bents knees are behind Jims leg, to the picnic basket. some one is behind Jim.

    • Katie J

      I think that’s just a basket of bread–not an actual person.

      • Austin

        i was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure that’s just bread sticking out of the basket. lol

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