ABC's fall video clip bonanza: 'Charlie's Angels,' 'The River,' 'Pan Am,' more


Here’s your first-look at video from ABC’s new fall shows, including Annie Ilonzeh kicking butt in Charlie’s Angels, the Paranormal Activity-meets-Lost adventure The River, the retro glam of Pan Am (“Are you wearing your girdle?) and more. (Also: ABC’s new fall schedule here, Angels pics here, Pan Am pics here). Without further ado…

Pan Am

Charlie’s Angels


Apartment 23

Last Man Standing

Once Upon A Time


Man Up

The River

Work It


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  • Marten

    Charlie’s Angels looks like crap. Can’t wait till that gets cancelled as fast as Undercovers did.

    • korri

      “we’re not cops, we’re angels” Puh-leese

    • Well….

      seriously, after a minute and 22 second clip?

      • Gina

        @Well ….

    • gazmo

      I spent 12 minutes and saved 10 hours of sitting through premiers of this cesspool of floating turds!!

    • Mosasa

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  • MB

    So where’s “Missing”?

    • Joboots

      Not till midseason,I’ve heard!!!

  • Eli

    o.O these are all…yeah. I guess i’ll be watching NBC

    • Well….

      hey look, NBC got one!!!

      • Fernanda

        Rebekah05 Posted on I am opening up a dog trnniaig business this summer. The name will be Happy Tails. I think catchy names are always best. They are much easier to remember than human names.

    • Kmb

      I agree. NBC’s new shows definitely look more promising. So I guess NBC got another one.

      • Fabe

        I’m for NBC too! Fox and CBS look even weaker than ABC and NBC.

      • Bambie

        I loved Defying Gravity. There are too many medical, poilce, and lawyer shows on the air. We need more sifi space shows like Defying Gravity. This is like Star Trek in the late 60’s when NBC pulled the show, because of Poor ratings , now look at the Star Trek franchise. It is clear that TV executives don’t know a good show when they see one. TV executives don’t understand the cerebral shows the ones that make people think about possibilities and the future. ABC executives did the same thing to the show called Jericho, they pulled it in the middle of a good story. I am surprise that they have let Lost continue to the end. I think it is time we canceled some of the TV executives and replace them with more imaginative people.

  • Sparky

    Apartment 23 looks really good!!!

    • bruno

      it does?

    • Mady


    • soz

      Agreed. James Van Der Beek is proving to be far most awesome than Dawson would have lead me to believe.

  • Marten

    The River’s the only one that looks interesting, though it also looks like a Lost wanna be. Once Upon a Time could go either way but that clip doesn’t speak well of it. Pan Am looks promising, maybe. Kinda looks like it wants to be ABC’s The Playboy Club. Revenge looks like yet another Desperate Housewives knock off. And if that’s the funniest clip of Last Man Standing they could find, Tim Allen’s not returning to tv. All in all I’ll be watching old favs on ABC, not their new stuff.

  • Marten

    Oh god. I hadn’t watched Scandal yet. It’s got Henry Ian Cusick so I WANT to like it, but Shonda doesn’t know how to make a show that’s not Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure this one will go the same way as Off the Map. It’s just Grey’s with PR reps.

  • Raksha

    Ummmm….it kinda sucks…only my opinion.

  • I Miss LOST

    Are we getting trailers for these shows or did ABC cheap out?

  • Patti jjackson

    i will not be watching anything on Abc if they take my soaps.i have been a loyal fan of the soaps over 40yrs.Abc is being rediculas .Bananza was on when i was very young.and is already on another channel i can repeat every word 4 word on that show,Charlies angles i watch a very short time as a kid.are u trying to bankrupT Abc?

    • Well….

      Patti, if a network is losing money on a show? Why would they keep it on the air? Less than 2 million people watch those shows anymore. If that was primetime ratings, they wouldn’t last more than one episode. And I say this a a One Life to Live fan. TV is a business.

    • Joboots

      Given your writing did you had too much
      last night,eh Patti???

      • Princess

        Me 3! Lol. Seriously though, TV execs are tolltay ruining the television experience for most viewers. But I guess there’s nothing to do other than fliick on the tv and watch americas got talent, oh look there’s a dude who picked a penny out of his ass! Wait! American idols on? Oh yay let’s watch as another couple thousand people who can’t sing make tits of themselves on national TV and what about big brother? Day 679 in the BB house and the latest group of social retards now try to count past 10 with their shoes on ‘ I’m so done with TV, no wonder ratings for shows slip when every show worth watching gets cancelled before its over, I mean its not like these are bedtime stories that you don’t have to finish telling cause the kidfell asleep, cause I’m still here, waiting. pretty soon tv will be nothing but infomercials and rednecks and retards hoping to get their 15 min of fame. At least we can count on quality programming like jersey shore to stay on the air, I don’t know what I would do if I never got to see another jacked up italian wanker grease his hair up for the 1 millionth time or see some fake boobed degenerate get drunk and prove yet again that she can fit 6 pool balls into her mouth (tbh never watched jersey shore cause I would rather drink bleach). Guess i’m back to reading books where at least I know the conflicts brought forth will get resolved but then again most of american probably don’t know what one of those is anymore either, now do you snookie wtf

    • Walid

      Well I don’t know about the good teacher part, but we are both dleniitfey learning so much, about each other and teaching/learning. It’s a fun and challenging process but I love it!

  • cate

    This is seriously disappointing. The comedies all look awful. The River and Scandal look pretty good, but aren’t on til mid-season. I’ll give PanAm a chance since Tommy Schlamme is directing and I really hope Apt. 23 gets better, but other than that, I’ll be spending most of my time with FOX next year.

    • Saskia

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  • bruno

    oww…kaaaayyy….looks like i will be watching anything but ABC this fall. wow. those are…BAD. like, really bad. THAT’S what they presented for upfronts? holy yikes.

    • Craig

      Could not agree more. I can only imagine the crap that did not make the schedule…..scary

    • Nelly

      Defying ABC Gravity: Perhaps, abc doesn’t want to Loose on ratings, but it’s lioosng on followers. Since I saw an episode of D-G, by accident, the next few Sundays I opted to see the show without running to my PC in search of alternative entertainment. The plot is very interesting, the back/forward; past/present; the rearview development was gestating. And, it’s a shame that, executives who only see (understand) ratings play the role of aborting doctors on shows exploring human spirit.Furthermore, the show is/was on the development stage and of course, in need of an additional season to solve the glitches.Thus, apealing to more viewers who need more time to become familiar with the characters. To me, using the full screen only, was a little boring, and I felt that people fliping channels would get confused enough no to keep seeing it. I would use full screen, instead or pale colors, when explaining scenes from the past only, and panoramic view in the present, especially for the present in space. ABC’s decision with not even allowing to pass the baby (Defying Gravity) to a sister station or to a different time, it is a blockade to new genarations and a new ideas.

  • Joshua

    wow… I expected a bit more from ABC. I only like the look of Apartment 23 and The River.

    The Pan Am clip was really boring. Some of the comedies ‘Work It’for example, look terrible too.

  • Zeke

    Abc’s sched was a bust, let’s face it. Lookin forward to CBS and cw, which better keep Nikita

    • Yllka

      Im looking frwoard to the new show look i had the chance to see her twice while i was in vegas and its flawless but all good things sometimes need a vamp for anyone who gets the chance to see her its just amazing and she looks like she is in her earlie 30 s it will make u scream and yell like a child in santas lampVA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  • Solane

    ABC doesn’t look good. It kinda sucks. I’ll check out Suburgatory, Apartment 23 and Scandal but I doubt they will last.

  • The Rock

    Cancelled cancelled & cancelled. But ya never know loL jk, these look lame.

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