Lisa Edelstein leaves 'House'


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Huddy no more: EW has confirmed that Lisa Edelstein will not be returning to season 8 of House. The actress, whose contract was set to expire at the end of season 7, has decided to not sign on for the season ahead. (Colleagues Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps, however, have.) Edelstein released the following statement about her move: “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

Sad news for Edelstein fans, but even more for Huddy fans: Those hoping Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and Edelstein’s Dr. Cuddy would finally keep their on-and-off-again relationship on might be forced to let go. Here’s hoping there’s a treatment for post-Cuddy depression. (Additional reporting by James Hibberd)

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  • Jackles

    Who even watches House anymore? That show went downhill like 2 seasons ago. I guess Lisa saw that the show sucks now so she left early. Smart woman.

    • UGH

      Agreed. They should’ve ended the series a couple of seasons ago.

      • Cheery

        Well they’ve just ensured I won’t watch the final season.

      • JJ

        I agree. Season 5 was rough enough and definitely hit-or-miss, but I think him checking into rehab during the finale was a great place to end it from a dramatic/character stand point.

      • ???

        Honestly, I just hope either Stephen Fry makes an appearance…or, when this is done, Hugh Laurie becomes the Twelfth Doctor.

      • elizabeth

        ROFLMAO! I am done with House, but do still think Hugh Laurie is awesome. He would be an EXCELLENT Twelve!

    • abadstroller

      I still watch House because even when it’s not perfect, it’s still better acted and written than some of the other stuff out there. I enjoy scripted series–“reality” shows make my eyes roll up in my head and ever so steadily erode the thinking part of my brain.

      • abadstroller

        Oh…and good luck, Lisa Edelstein! You’ll be missed!

      • Gazza

        at least we still have Hilson, though Arlin has some awesome ho yay going on too

      • bklyngirl

        Thank you. House is one of the few solid writen shows ( House and Criminal Minds) on broadcast TV, and the cast has chemistry with each other. The rest is crap fake comedy or reality shows.

      • Shiv

        Thank you! As long as us fans of House are still here, I doubt this show will have an end. To be honest, I can’t imagine life without House. It’s only TV show I watch beside Criminal Minds and True Blood. They should keep this show running for as long as possible. And considering they still have the prime time spot on FOX (9pm), I think they are doing pretty good as far as fan/viewer base goes.

    • jackass

      you should shut your mouth and keep it shut. dumb-arse. that show is damn popular and the guys that write the series are damn geniuses. this show is number one so shut your jealous mouth.

      • jodipo

        wow dude, take it personally why dontcha?

      • B

        It’s so popular that it’s ratings are down 50 percent from when it was a Top Ten show.

      • Jenn

        I take it you’re a writer’s assistant?

      • Xarias

        The show hit the wall 3 seasons ago.It was mildly amusing the year he gathered a new team. Since then, it’s gotten worse and worse.Taub should never have been a recurring character and although Olivia Wilde is very hot, she’s a terrible actress. This season will be the second one I don’t buy.

      • No

        I’d hardly call the writers genius. House is basically a TV mad lib now. You just change the nouns and adjectives, and bam, script written.

      • Russell

        I much agree they can all shut there mouths house is written perfectly and If your not a dedicated fan get off the site

      • Amaranthann

        HOUSE is one of the best shows ever written. I enjoy each and every season. The characters are awesome and I love how they interact with each other. Keep it coming!

    • Jay

      I still watch it, but I alse agree that the past 2 seasons have been a bit weak.
      House in the mental institution was the last really outstanding episode they have made. (IMO)
      Its been “meh” ever since

      • TQB

        Agree. I basically watch because even in its decline, it’s better than most everything else on TV.

      • UncleWalty

        Andre Braugher as a recurring character (or better yet a series regular) would have been a welcome development. Great actor, and under-appreciated.

      • Maggie D

        Last night’s episode was really outstanding.

      • Monie

        I definitely enjoyed the mental institution ep and the season following. But it did become a bit ridiculous quickly after. I think the writers had to make some bad decisions due to actors’ schedules and things like that…i still love house, i just dont know what it will be like without Cuddy…she wasnt that good at her jod; she let house get away with too much

    • Maddi

      Yeah, the last actively good episode was the one with James Earl Jones as the African dictator, and that was what, two seasons ago? The show is dying a long, slow, painful death. It’s too bad– it used to be so good.

      • Happy Ending

        The James Earl Jones epi was fantastic. Sadly, it was very shortly after that the show jumped the shark. The storyline with Cameron leaving Chase never quite added up, and the plotlines just declined.

      • Jill

        Not a coincidence that they dropped Cameron after that and the quality went down.

        The original cast, with Cuddy in an administrative role, was perfect. When they got rid of Chase and Cameron and made Cuddy House’s love interest was when it started going down.

      • Maggie D

        Chase is still on the show and still on the team.
        You must not watch anymore. Last night’s episode was brilliant.

      • Sarah

        @Maggie D – I think Jill means they got rid of Chase and Cameron as a couple, i.e. broke them up.

      • Shiv

        I think it was a bad decision to let Cuddy go and Olivia Wilde is gone as well. Unless they bring Cameron back and have a House-Cameron relationship, I doubt this show will last that long. House is too good but the supporting actors still play a HUGE part.

    • Luddite

      My thoughts exactly.

    • BFD

      You must care about the show enough to open the artictle and respond to it. I was disappointed at the downward spiral their relationship took and how fast it happened.

    • Jill

      House killed itself. Huddy sucked up screetime in the most dysfunctional relationship on TV, the new characters were downers, Wilson, Chase and Cameron wasted and House himself just got more and more ridiculous.

      • lifeafterlost

        i totally agree man. i was thinking the other day on how house could be a lot better. i think i have an idea.
        shorten the amount of episodes per season from 24 to something like 14 or 15 like mad men or stuff like those tv shows.
        also rather than having a case every week have like one overarching case for the whole season or maybe a couple overarching cases it works in dexter where like its 1 bad guy per season and only 12 episodes.
        i think this might be better because in the case per week ordeal we dont really grow ‘attached’ to the patients as we do to the characters. yes for some we do but most of the time its just like open on them then wrap em up and move on.
        also a back up to the less episodes per season: this might leave us actually wanting to see more of the character. im pretty sure that all through this a lot of people have grown a little tired from watching around 130 episodes of house.
        i still watch house almost religously because i love hugh laurie and his friendship with wilson but some days i wish the show were over already…

      • di

        I might start watching again now that huddy is no more

    • Cheery

      Plenty of people still watch and last night’s episode was amazing, which makes this blow even harder to take.
      This is the worst situation. The show’s final season will be fractured because the execs want to save some coin on an actress’ contract.
      They seriously couldn’t make it work, for one more season–for the last season? They can waste money on expensive film but not compensate an actress fairly?
      I can’t believe she won’t be around for season 8–won’t even get a proper send off. Way to tarnish the show’s legacy, but I guess it’s become increasingly apparent that they don’t care about the show’s ending. SAD and SHAMEFUL.

      • TQB

        I guess I feel similarly to you – except I think if they aren’t going to invest the money and the energy, they should end the show. It is sad and shameful!

      • Jedi T

        Agree. Without Cuddy it will not be nearly as good of a show and I still like it. Last’s night episode was really good. All those who didn’t watch should simply not comment about what they don’t understand!

    • Gwen

      Just because you don’t watch it doesn’t mean there aren’t still millions of people who do watch it. Even when it’s not as good as the first few seasons, it’s still better than most of the other dreck on television.

    • 666Vicodin69

      Your life went downhill a lot longer than 2 years ago.

    • solange

      Agreed @Jackles and @UGH, they should have cancelled House a couple of seasons ago.

    • Maggie D

      I still watch House. It may not be as good as it used to be, but it’s still better than most stuff on TV.

    • Erin

      Actually the show started going downhill more then 2 season ago – when they changed it up and brought on the new team. After that season it went down hill at a sharp speed and although it picked up here and there and improved in some part, it turned more and more into a soap opera-ish farce, having nothing on it’s golden hey day.

      Even though I’ve pretty much stopped watching, it’s a shame for her to leave before the last season.

    • marc

      The season 7 premier was the highest rated show in that time slot. Plus it’s syndicated on FOX, MY9, channel 10, BRAVO, and USA NETWORK; AND it’s the 3rd most watched show in the world. So lots of people are “still watching House.”

    • Only_Time

      I can’t believe they would be this insane to drop her. The show has weakened over the seasons and its numbers are mediocre already. Do they really see themselves winning in this situation? Way to cut costs Fox. I’m done with this show.

    • Monster

      Im a fan of House and even without Cuddy, i will continue on watching this series. I like Hugh Laurie, he is awesome.

    • desireer

      im a huge fan of House. i have seasons 1-6.

  • McProphet

    I think this is the beginning of the end for House. Without Cuddy to keep him in check and act as his foil, this show is probably looking at it’s final season.

    • mickey

      Hugh Laurie has already pretty much said next season will be the last. Too bad Lisa hadn’t stayed for the final season.

  • Lily

    OMG!! If there’s one rule of thumb for an actor/actress it’s never leave a hit show!!!

    • Dash

      Unless that show is past its prime, which House is. House is definitely in the late years of its run.

      • racefan111

        Who cares if it is past it’s prime? It is a steady paycheck, and the market for middle-aged actresses is weak.

      • Bartman

        I’m sure she’s made enough money from the show that she won’t be hurting.

    • fede

      exactly! name two or more actors that were in succesful TV shows and became Hollywood stars

      • Courtney

        Seriously?! George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Anniston, Michelle Williams, Will Smith and Katherine Heigl to name a few.

      • Mike

        John Travolta?

      • Chris

        David Caruso?

      • Geezer

        Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Denzel Washington…

      • Helena o ke kai

        A long time ago, Steve McQueen starred in the TV show “Wanted Dead of Alive”…then maybe some of you may remember “Bullet.”

      • mrbilliam

        Perhaps that was a joke? Not actually sure.

      • teekay

        Michael J. Fox; Meg Ryan; Marissa Tomei; Eddie Murphy; Jim Carrey; Steve Carrell…

  • MiaS

    Was hoping the gang would be together for the final season.

    • KC

      She was no Scooby to House’s Shaggy.

  • AT

    Resign is a really poor word choice. Renew would have been better. I read resign as in resignation.

    • Me

      Me too! Was really confused for a second.

    • M

      I totally thought that too.

    • Joanie 22

      I found the statement confusing. I understand that she is leaving which is sad, but as far as the other guys mentioned, are they staying?
      They should have never gotten the Huddy thing going as a lot of people were not in favor. Love Lisa, am sorry that she is going. Hope it is not some bullet to the head thing.

    • Kara

      context people, context

    • fede

      when you leave a job, you resign. It’s not that hard to understand…

      • Me

        Yes, but the original article said she chose NOT to resign. (with “resign” meaning “re-sign.”)

  • MWeyer

    Well, that’s no more House for me.

  • Larry Potter

    Why Olivia Wilde has still not left this television series?
    The series has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended by now. Hopefully they will conclude the series with the eighth season.

  • alex

    there are tons of actors who are ex tv stars trying their best to be on tv show even half as successful as house n lisa decides to leave? watch her in d rated lifetime movies if she is lucky

    • fede


    • Kara

      She has been successfully employed for years including projects that overlapped her time on House. I don’t think she’ll have any problems.

  • Sally

    Finally good news about House! All the best to Lisa Edelstein, but Cuddy had to leave. Can’t stand her anymore, Huddy (what an awful “relationship”) completely ruined her.

    • caroline

      Now we can have the only relationship that works on the show in the spot light! House and Wilson.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    Good, no more sappy love stuff for the show. It should go back to being an actual medical drama dealing with patients.

    • di

      Yes. I don’t need house to be a romance.

  • Liz

    WHAT THE HELL?? Nooo! I love her character, Cuddy! And her & House are meant to be, come on!

  • Yola

    Good luck to Lisa! Hilson fans may ultimately rejoice.

    • ebowers

      who is this hilson that you speak of ? Never heard of it.
      I did hear RSL had his episodes reduced to play in a musical on broadway.
      OH WELL Who cares I won’t be watching House anyway

      • sly

        that’s House and Wilson … they have been having a pretty intense bromance for the past 7 years!

    • Michelle

      I’ve always said that Hilsons would win the ship wars! LOL

  • Dicazi

    I never “got” Huddy, and after the show did pair them up, I hated it. Now House will have to give up another fantasy and hopefully learn to be content on his own.

  • Bob

    Took you long enough, EW, other sites (TVLine and Deadline) had this an hour before you. Anyway, good for her not accepting Fox’s reduced episode AND pay offer. With RSL also seeing limited action due to his Broadway commitment, it should be a “winner” of a final season next year. Oh, boy.

    • Kara

      Who gives a rats arse when the news of an actress not signing on for the last season of a show is broken? So what if it took them an hour longer? If it’s on EW, it’s really not that important.

    • elizabeth

      Sounds like everyone but the showrunners understand that the show is over and it’s time to move on. Too bad they didn’t do at a high dramatic point (e.g., the wedding juxtaposed with House going into the hospital). I’ve only checked in periodically for the last couple of seasons, and I’m checking out completely now. Here’s to new and better opportunities to everyone on the show, maybe they’ll end it next year (perhaps they can blow the hospital up in the series finale, to fulfill all that metaphorical and Freudian foreshadowing), and all those great actors can get out of their contracts. Good Luck, Lisa, I look forward to seeing you in something new and fresh and good in the future.

  • Anne

    I stopped watching House when Lisa and House broke up. Even sick, drug addicted people need love. She was good for him.

    • Grifter

      Yes, Anne. She was indeed good for him.

      However he isn’t. And wasn’t. Nor will he be. House never treated Cuddy as an equal throughout 6 seasons…then magically she’s supposed to forget all the abuse of years and magically fall for him? That was the beggining of the end.

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