The CW renews 'Nikita,' 'One Tree Hill'


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Freshman series Nikita is the femme of the hour. EW has learned that the series, which stars Maggie Q, has scored a second season pickup on The CW, less than one week after it enjoyed its first season finale.

As for the series that will somehow find a way to outlive nuclear war, One Tree Hill will also be returning to the network. As EW predicted, the long-running series has been given the greenlight for its ninth season.

Hellcats, however, has nothing to cheer about: Word is the series about college cheerleading was canceled.

Earlier today, the network announced that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be returning TV on The CW’s Ringer. Previously, Gellar had starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer on The CW’s previous incarnation, WB. (Reporting by James Hibberd)

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  • bob


    • Mix

      Odd… Both LUX and Hellcats were cancelled, when both were hangin on the Tuesday dead slot!

      • T

        What’s lux?

      • Eric P

        …And that’s why it was canceled T.

      • @T

        LUX is the Los Ungeles airport call letters

      • Catherine

        thats LAX. I know cause I live in lA i have no idea what LUX is tho.

      • JC

        Lux is Life Unexpected, which I think got the boot around mid-season.

      • Derek

        theres an atrocious club called LUX here in Orlando, Fl

      • gina

        “Word is the series about college cheerleading was canceled.”
        Anything officiel? Can’t you guys update the scorecard and put a link to it on the homepage? That’d be much simpler…

    • Chris

      I’m so glad The O.C. left when it did. I would have hated to see it dragged out 9 seasons like One Tree Hill. Television shows should never pass 5 seasons.

      • third season of the OC was some of the worst television imaginable tho

        3rd season of the OC = just as bad as OTH post-Peyton

  • Crystin

    So happy Nikita is coming back!

  • S

    who watches one tree hill?

    • kate middleton

      I do. It gets better ratings than 90210 and about on par with Gossip Girl.

      • Faze Craze


    • solange

      No one I know! It’s like ghosts are giving this show ratings!

      • AliB

        Lol …I watch it, but that was funny.

    • Mike

      I watch it and have watched it from the beginning. It kind of reminds me of the soaps of yesteryear – the kind that people complain aren’t on anymore. If you pay attention, almost every episode (outside of the occasional psycho killer episodes) focuses on family and friends and their relationships – and reaffirms them.

      That being said, I do feel as though the show has pretty much run out of things to say. This last half season has seen so little story development because I think they were all thinking it was ending so why start major stories.

      • kate middleton

        Yeah, you’re definitely right. I also like OTH because the characters have grown so much over the show – they were like 16 and now they’re 27 or so. I’m 29, so it’s about right for me. I doubt it appeals a lot to teens. But I’m glad it’s going to be around for another season!

      • Eric P

        The “psycho killer” plotlines IS why i watched…

      • @ Eric

        Yeah – the Nanny Carrie episodes were AWESOME.

    • mandy

      I watch it. I actually think this season was betther then some of the first seasons…. It’s fun to watch the cast get older. Plus the new characters are a little more entertaining then Lucas and Peyton.

  • Sarah El

    Yeah Nikita!

  • Larry Potter

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They should have cancelled One Tree Hill! I’m so tired of that show!
    The series had some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now without any direction and no stories left to tell. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended by now.

    • kate middleton

      I am a OTH fan, but I agree with you to some extent. This season was relatively drama free, which I think was by design. OTH is at its best when it brings the drama. I think Dan makes an appearance tonight, which may get them back on the right track for next season.

      If it wasn’t getting viewers, it would have ended a long time ago.

      • Dan

        Isn’t he dead? I caught an old Soapnet rerun where the dog ate his heart that hell out of that cooler in the hospital (hilarious :>). He went to the cemetery and I saw a giant headstone with his name on it so I thought he’d be dying like really soon. He hasn’t yet?

      • kate middleton

        Nah, he miraculously survived. The dog eating the heart was the best scene ever.
        Last season he was married to Rachel (the redhead friend of theirs from high school) and working as a sort of televangelist, self-help tv guru.
        He appeared one time this season where Quinn (Haley’s sister) went to him for advice on how to kill someone (LOL). He was working as a short order cook at some random middle of nowhere diner.

  • bropo

    hellcats is about college cheerleaders, not high school. dur.

    • rush

      wierd that the ew writers dont know that…..
      i can remember several articles about the show, wierd….

      • cal

        If Hellcats wasn’t such a non-entity with viewers, the EW writer would probably have a better handle on the premise. Still, I’d rather watch Hellcats season 2 than yet another year of One Tree Hill. Time to let those guys go gracefully into the sunset.

  • Liz

    I watched Hellcats, but I won’t really miss it. I happy to see One Tree Hill is getting one last shot to try and get Chad Micheal Murray and Hilarie Burton to return. I hope The CW picks up Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie.

    • Captian

      They have already picked up both. I agree, SO happy One Tree Hill is returning (although I think it will be a Peyton-less Lucas returning) and I, too watched Hellcats. It was a good show but I can’t say I’m devestated or anything. It’s sad but not heartbreaking.

    • cal

      They did pick up both shows. But I don’t think it’s likely CMM and HB will return.

    • kate middleton

      Yeah, I agree with you. I watched Hellcats at first, but then I got tired of it. I am surprised it didn’t do better though, it seems right in CW’s target demo.

    • kate middleton

      Also, I don’t really miss CMM or Hilarie on OTH. I always felt like Haley was the show’s center, so the transition to Haley and Nathan as the focal point was seamless for me.

  • MWeyer

    A shame about Hellcats but that had lost some of the charm that made it fun to watch when it started. We wanted fun stuff of clashing cheerleading and serious student worlds, not multi-episode arcs on conspiracies by the college or an innocent man in jail or such. It could have gone further but just took itself too seriously to be as fun as it could have been.

    • Alice

      Spot on description of what went wrong with this series. It had a promising start, so sad.

    • kate middleton

      You’re exactly right. I watched it at first when it was fun about the drama with the cheerleaders. When it started focusing more on the conspiracy and the guy being in jail, I tuned out.

    • Tom

      Totally agree. Watching some of the later shows of its first season, it took itself way too seriously. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure I was watching the right show.

  • Matt C.

    So happy for OTH! It’ll be refreshing to watch the season finale tonight knowing we still get one more season.

  • Teresa

    Love Nikita. So happy its returning.

  • kel

    so happy that Nikita will be back! However OTH is another story – i’ve been a watcher over the years but think it should have been cancelled a few seasons ago – they had the perfect chance to do it again this year…makes you wonder how these decisions are made..

    • MWeyer

      Yeah like OTH too as goofy fun but was rewatching the season six finale and that seemed so perfect for a series finale, amazed they renewed it afterward.

      • J

        I think they film every season finale thinking it could be their last because they never get the same attention or assurances as the other shows on the network. That’s why every season finale feels like it could also be a perfect ending to the show. I’m glad they’ve been told it’s the last season so they can end it absolutely perfectly and with a clear direction throughout the whole season.

      • Valley Girl

        ITA – 6th season finale was fine as a series finale, even 7th season finale. I stopped watching the past few seasons – couldn’t get into the storylines with all the newer characters. Am stunned it’s still going… Would love to see Sophia Bush onto bigger and better things…

    • kate middleton

      Well, the decisions are made based on ratings. OTH has always performed on that front for CW, so that’s why it keeps coming back.

      I am a OTH fan, and I’m glad it will be back for another season. I hope it brings back the drama and they wrap it up nicely next season. There had been rumors this year that the cast wanted to call it quits after this season, but I guess not.

  • Devin

    OTH Season 9!!!!!!!


    SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

  • Leslie

    How the heck did One Tree Hill get renewed and not Hellcats?! Now there is officially only one show on the CW worth watching. Bleh.

    • Captian

      Because Hellcats had god awful ratings. Seriously, how can anyone be surprised it was cancelled when it barely had one million viewers?

      • kate middleton

        Yeah….it’s all about ratings. I am surprised that Hellcats didn’t do better.

  • Brian

    Nikita is an awesome show, happy the big wigs at the CW realized they had the best new show of last season. Even if the ratings didn’t reflect it.

  • dropper

    I am so happy about Nikita’s renewal. It truly was the best new show of the year, and the best “spy” show since Alias.

    • Jamie

      Agreed wholeheartedly.

    • Steve

      Yeah so glad they picked it up! Maybe the best spy show on TV ever.

    • Brandi

      Haha. I woke up down today. You\’ve chereed me up!

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