'DWTS' eliminated contestant: 'I was ready for it'


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After spending time on the bottom of the leader board for two weeks in a row and getting ripped by the judges, Ralph Macchio knew his time on Dancing with the Stars had come to an end. On Monday, he and partner Karina Smirnoff became the latest couple to leave the dance floor.

“With the extra 15 points that Chelsea and Mark gained, between Hines’ and Kirstie’s fan bases and the deficit we were put at with the judges’ scores and comments, I wasn’t quite sure even the biggest fan base out there could have overcome that deficit,” Macchio told reporters after the show. “So I was ready for it.”

Macchio and Smirnoff earned 48 out of 60 points on Monday and only 46 out of 60 last week. Adding insult to the scoring injury were comments by the judges, like Bruno Tonioli’s quip that Macchio was “too rough with your pussy, darling.” (The p-word was ultimately bleeped out of the telecast.)

“They said everything besides the actual words, ‘we don’t want you in the finale,'” Smirnoff said.

What most annoys the pair is how they included tougher, more advanced elements into their routines that never earned kudos from the judges. “I even said to the executive producers, some of the turns we implemented in our dances from day one, the double turns we would synchronize and nail, I never had a comment any of those,” Macchio said. “I was frustrated.”

Macchio and Smirnoff won’t be gone from the dance floor for long: They plan to reprise one of their favorite dances in next week’s finale. As for life after DWTS, Macchio said he’s open to staying on the small screen. “It’s an exciting time now that all the network upfronts are happening and new shows are being picked up and recast,” he said. “Coming off of this could be a very big opportunity. ABC has always been a friendly network. Maybe there’s a nice easy fit to step right in.”

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  • Willy Zabka

    Looks like the judges swept the leg, Daniel-son.

    • lol

      Carrie Ann: Chelsea, I want him out of commission.

      Chelsea: But Sensei, I can beat this guy!

      Carrie Ann: I don’t want him beat.

      Chelsea: But I’ll be disqualified!

      Carrie Ann: [icily] Out of commission.

      • CleverShrew


      • dt

        lol! This is greatness!!!!

    • PIMB

      Yes, the judges has favorites, but let’s be real Ralph. You were the worst dancer remaining. You could be a little more gracious and a little less whiny.

      • dt

        oh please…there is no way he was worse than Kirsty…she can barely keep up with Maks…so yes, lets be real…Kirsty had a bigger fan base than Ralph, and the judges fall all over themselves for her. I like her too and I think she’s done fab, but I think it was pretty even between her and Ralph and the judges suck

      • Katja

        I have to agree, PIMB. I still love him, but I was a bit disappointed to read some of his whining. I’m sure it sucks to have some aspects of your hard work go unrecognized, but the judges can’t comment on every move. Just because you can do double turns doesn’t mean they need to mention it when the idea is to judge the performance as a whole. I really enjoyed watching Ralph and I liked his dances Monday night, but I do think Kirstie is a better dancer. Not by much, but she’s definitely a bit better.

      • Sue1

        I have to disagree with PIMB. He wasn’t whining, he was being honest. The judges fell all over themselves heaping praise on the other three and had nothing positive to say to him. If Kirsty was only a little better than him, it wasn’t reflected in their words. I loved Hines, but his dancing wasn’t as technically challenging as Ralph’s.

  • Garynlynda

    Love Kirstie Alley, but Ralph Macchio out danced Kirstie, and was robbed tonight.

    • Sue

      Ralph didn’t outdance Kirstie this week. I like Ralph, but Kirstie danced much better this week. I’m sorry to see Ralph leave. It should have been Chelsea or Hines.

      • Arthur

        Are you sure you were watching the right show?

      • tlc

        Chelsea or Hines….are you nuts?

    • gibela

      which show were you watching.

    • Zach

      Yeah, start watching what Kirstie is actually doing and tell me she isn’t dancing well enough to be where she is in the finals.

    • Carla

      Ralph did not outdance anyone in the final 3, especially not Kirstie, who has been performing very well! NONE of the Argentine Tangos from Monday night were as good as the one Makstie performed the week before!

  • Jen

    He doesn’t seem to understand that he was the weakest dancer still left. It’s not the judges fault.

    • auntiemo

      Are you kidding? Kirstie looks like an over-the-hill stripper- she can barely remember her dances and it’s all Max can do to support her. Ralph is much better

      • gibela

        I really like Ralph but Kristie had a great night. I wish Chelsea would have gone home, this is suppose who to be a show who gets better, she knew how to dance from the beginning.

      • LauraLee

        I don’t know if I’d agree with the stripper comment. I haven’t liked Kirstie from the beginning. She looks like an old frump. Her hair? Ya can’t do anything with that hun? And their choice of outfits makes her look like an down and out starlet. She can’t dance…..not really. She may have improved but on what? Maks certainly doesn’t help with his arrogant attitude either. Watch. The judges will have them in the finals.

    • KCohere

      I think he understands perfectly that he wasnt the weakest dancer at all. Weaker than Kirstie (who I like)? I dont think so.

    • Upinraysass

      Ralph Machio isn’t for T.V. he aint a your little scam artist husband’s bothter, Girl. LOL

  • KD

    I NOTICED YOUR TURNS, RALPH!!!!! Yes, you were doing multiple revolutions in sync and I couldn’t understand WHY the judges weren’t raving about you both. They were way too hard on you all season, and the Winner Takes All Cha-Cha was a contrived way to manipulate you out of the final. It’s so wrong. I loved watching you and Karina and I hope you’ll stay in the public eye a bit more now after this. We’ve missed you!

    • ST

      I agree KD, the winner take all cha-cha was a ridiculous way for the judges to help push their faves through. I don’t understand all the love for Hines when he clearly doesn’t have the same level of talent as the other dancers. Bruno called Ralph out on not connecting to the music but Hines consistenly looks as if he’s counting out the beats in his head. With Ralph gone, I’m pulling for Chelsea to win.

      • Carla

        The 60’s were more for Kym and her commitment, more than for Hines, who frankly did not perform as well as he normally does. Wish I knew how to vote for the pros. I’d give Maks points for those 3 perfectly executed lifts with Kirstie in their Argentine Tango. And just to make it clear, I’d give Kirstie double points for the strength and stamina to hold herself in those positions!!

    • dt

      I agree..I thought that whole thing was so stupid..The highest scoring team against the lowest scoring team??? uh…what did you think would happen….I like Chelsea, and I used to like Mark but now he’s such a Douche I can’t stand watching him…

      • Karen B.

        Uh – they thought the best dancers would advance. Seriously – I don’t get this aspect of the criticism. This is how ALL sporting playoff matching goes. Top seed against bottom, 2nd top against 2nd from bottom, etc. This is to help ensure that better teams advance so matches become progressively harder. I hated the WTACC, but the pairings were fair.

    • Up the Academy first fan of Ralph

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      Up the Academy first fan of Ralph Wed 05/18/11 3:50 PMHis leg jump at the beginning of the quick step and all the turns did not go unnoticed by me. I thought his ballroom was beautiful. Yes, he wasn’t as natural at the Latin dances, but I would have loved to have seen his Freestyle. I bet it would have been wonderful…like Donnie Osmonds. I love you Ralph

  • katie

    Sad to see Ralph go, but it makes sense that he could see it coming.

    I really don’t want Chelsea to win. I don’t think she’s that great and she and Mark come across as really cocky. I am all for Hines and Kym.

    The Winner Takes All Cha Cha stunk. It was definitely a way to keep Chelsea and Mark around, because I’m guessing they have the least viewer votes of the four.

    • Megslin

      HINES AND KYM:) youre so right about chelsea and mark

    • Francie

      And if they have the least votes, they should be going home! If the fans want Hines, Ralph and Kirstie in the finals, then Hines, Ralph and Kirstie should be in the finals, judges scores be damned!

  • douglas

    He’s always been ‘gawky’. Still is.

    He’s not graceful in the least. ever.

    The judges were overly nice to him early on.

  • Mr. Cairo

    Ralph wasn’t awful, but he was pretty stiff and had no natural rhythm. Fourth place sounds about right.

  • Player87

    Ralph was much better than Kirstie. She is so annoying, too. Romeo was better than both Ralph and Kirstie, too. Hate Mark these days.

  • JLH

    It upset me, week after week, to see those gorgeous spins and turns and have them ignored constantly. And, Ralph was right: I’ve seen other dancers get 10s for the same kind of salsa they did. Shame on you, judges.

  • Lorie

    I’m sad that my sentimental favorite got eliminated last night. While I didn’t think he’d win, I thought he was better than Kirstie.
    I hope he now gets a new TV gig. I would love to see more of him.
    Oh, and Ralph, I alway snoticed the synchronized spins. Excellent job!

  • Leah

    Loved Ralph in the 80s and still do. He did an amazing job on DWTS and he worked the hardest, even with an injury. I agree the WTACC was designed to keep Mark and Chelsea in the competition, where is democracy. I voted for Ralph and he still the Mirror Ball Winner for me. Ralph is truly an honourable man.

  • Ralph

    Well it looks like we have another Bristol Palin in the final three with Kirstie Alley. I won’t be voting for anyone who professes to have used cocaine even if it was years ago. She’s not the right role model for family viewing.

    • CleverShrew

      But Karina, in Playboy, is? Don’t get me wrong, I love Karina, but if you’re going to pull out the family viewing card, be consistent.

      • Ralph

        I don’t believe that Karina mentioned anything Monday in her bio about being in Playboy but Kirstie blurted out about her drug use. Somethings you just keep to yourself.

    • Alix

      She’s not snorting it on TV, for heaven’s sake. And she’s publicly expressed how much she knew her addiction was destroying her and how hard she worked to overcome it. Sheesh.

    • Caroline

      She talked about how cocaine almost destroyed her life and how she overcame it. And that’s not fit for family viewing? Yes, let’s never talk to our kids about things like that and assume they’ll be better off for it. Moron.

      • amanda

        A+ comment Caroline. “Think of the children!!!” people are so dumb.

      • Alix

        Brava, Caroline!

      • gibela

        Excellent comment

      • Ralph

        Why would you even want to bring up the subject at all with young viewers tuning it. I myself would be ashamed if I had taken drugs and wouldn’t publicly come out about it, Carolina.

    • GS

      Enough with the Bristol stuff already! Kirstie has been consistently getting better and deserves to be there. As for her cocaine use, she battled it and won. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And your kid won’t know she did coke if you don’t tell them. I sure didn’t point her out to my son and say that chick did coke. With the costumes on this show, it’s not for prepubecent boys anyway. Too much to look at.

  • SueS

    I actually stopped watching after Ralph’s second dance Monday night. He WAS better than Kristie and the idiot judges were so biased even a 2 year old could see it. I have no desire to watch the finals.

    • Kathy

      I agree. Don’t the judges watch themselves afterwards and aren’t they embarrassed by the way they gush over Hines? Quess not.

  • TOM

    Alll…..while i truly think ralph was wondeful….remember the major demografic watching this show….60 + year old women….Kirstie is good….Ralph was and is good….but the old women at home want kirstie to win! Now…..the disney chick needs to go….I could kick my stuff like you too at 19! You all kill me by never thinking on this sound off blog….THINK or better yet VOTE instead of crying!

  • claudie

    Hey i love machio, no matter, i think overall, he is agood dancer , but not as great as Hines Ward, i want Hines to win the whole thing, but you never know what popularity does, dont be surprised if Kirstie wins, noooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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