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ABC announced today that Garin Wolf was named the head writer of General Hospital, effective immediately. “Garin is a talented writer and storyteller who has been a part of the General Hospital family for nearly 15 years,” said Brian Frons, ABC’s daytime president. “His in-depth knowledge and adoration for the show’s legacy will help make a smooth transition and an immediate impact on story. I’m sure he will succeed in taking General Hospital to new heights as he develops characters and storylines that will engage and thrill our viewers.”

Wolf replaces Robert Guza, Jr., who had been with the ABC soap on and off since the ’80s. Wolf has been on GH since 1997.

GH is currently up for 21 Daytime Emmys — the most of any sudser this year.

Not a fan of a shirtless Victor Newman. @EWLynette

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  • Kim


    • gi

      Bones is pregnant after a comfort sex one night stand with Booth. What a FU after 6 years.

  • reecee

    Praise the Lord!! Guza should of been gone years ago. Let’s get rid of the Sonny and Jason show and back to character driven storylines that made me fall in love with GH.

    • xynthai

      I haven’t watched this soap in years because I can’t stand the Sonny show.

      • Sina

        Did you watch during the writer’s strike? Garin Wolf wrote everything during the strike and there was NO Sonny or carly. We barely seen them. So I feel confident we won’t have the Sonny/Carly show anymore.

      • ger

        Yes Sina, he wrote throughout the writers’ strike. In other words, SCAB.

      • Frons is a Smuck


        Wolf can be crab for all I care…as long as Guza is GONE, I’m finally seeing the light. Now, that light might be the cancellation light OR a bright new future for GH.

      • gigi

        The writer’s strike had some of the best storylines. Go scabby!!

    • J

      With AMC and OLTL going off, I’d be happy to hop back to GH (my first love, back in the Robert Scorpio days,) but only if they ditch the mob.

      • Joe Jackson

        Not much difference from WSB days and the Mob story line today

    • Yes

      I agree. I hate Jason and sonny. I think they should kill those two characters or send them to jail.

      • Abe Froman

        I’m thinking a St. Valentine’s Day massacre and kill them all!!

  • Nicole


  • Erika

    Since Mr. Frond has shown he is no friend to the soap genre. I can’t help but wonder about this move. I doubt it’s to ensure ABC’s last remaining soap stays on the air.

    • Nicole

      I am also worried by anything Brian Frons does at this point. He has been running ABC daytime into the ground from his first day. Disney needs to wake up and fire this guy.

  • Alex


  • Max

    OMG YES!

  • sam

    Finally, now that it is probably too late. Can we stop trying to do The Sopranos now and get back to what this soap used to be?

  • Nancy Lee Grahn

    Maybe I will finally get a storyline now!

    • Duncan

      We hope so too Nancy. You are so under utilized!

    • Steve Burton

      Ladies ladies ladies, we all know this is my show.

      • Michael “Sonny” Corinthos

        No, this is my show. I need to be able to do my Al Pacino impressions and call it acting!

      • Frons is a Smuck

        And don’t forget you absolutely HATE to take off your shirt. You’ve truly let yourself go (notice sarcasm).

  • Zo

    I am agnostic and I’m praising His Holy Name right now.

    GH could be the best sudser ever, due to its magnificent cast and historic characters… but it hasn’t been due to Guza’s abominable writing. YAY! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

  • stacie

    I’m sick of the Sonny/Carly/Jason show. Maybe now other characters will get a chance to shine. I hope so anyway.

    • jules

      unlikely since Guza killed all of them off.

  • CW

    Death nell for GH.

    • SpellitRight

      KNELL. Death knell. Not “nell”. This is what happens when people spend too much time texting. English is not spelled phonetically!

  • Yes

    If they kill off Sonny and jason I’ll start watching again.

  • jb real

    Oh my soul – GH saved in the 11th hour. Good riddance, Guza, you dolt! Let’s clean house, shall we?
    – GOODBYE SAM! Jason doesn’t love you (so there!)
    – goodbye Lisa! (Mr. Wolf – need some help killing her off? I have so many ideas!)
    – goodbye Anthony
    – goodbye Michael’s bimbo girlfriend (See? I can’t even think of her name)
    – Give Jax something else to do besides fight with Carly
    – Sonny/Brenda/Carly – bring it! He loves them both. Awesome!
    – Give Elizabeth a spine and let her and Jason figure it out – finally. Jason has always loved Liz (and Steve Burton would agree)
    – Jason: Dude, get some counseling, loosen up, smile and let the dark, brooding side recess to the edges.
    – Lucky, we need to invest in you anew. Siobhan doesn’t do it.
    – Dante and Sonny: let’s keep peeling back the layers on that
    – Luke and Tracy: Luke, grow up and start guiding the next generation. Your flaws are old and tired. You’re not edgy – you’re redundant at this point.
    – Steve Webber: Olivia is too old for you. Send her Jax’s way…
    As for Maxi, Matt, LuLu, Spinelli, Kristina, Ethan…all need character development. Good luck, Mr. Wolf!

    • Yes

      get rid of jason. Send him to Prison. Elizabeth and Lucky should be together. They really messed up original Lucky’s comeback. Liz and Lucky = Supercouple. jason = show killer.

      • Frons is a Smuck

        Don’t forget to send the leprehaun back to Ireland. Please put Johnny and Olivia back together. Create an island that Helena has kept Alan, AJ, Georgie, Emily, Zander, Justus, Rick Webber and Jake hostage. Bring back Bobbie to slap some sense into Carly. Bring back Felicia and recast Frisco with former Baywatch star David Chokachi. Send Michael and his stripper girlfriend to Ireland with Lucky’s Charm forever. Give us back the ‘old’ Jax. No mention of the word ‘mob’ for lets say a month. Give Robin & Patrick a storyline that doesn’t involve a psycho. Make us love Luke again. Make Elizabeth a strong character again. You’ve got your work cut out for you Mr. Wolf. Good Riddance Guza…there’s a boat leaving for Ireland…be on it!

      • Kristina

        WRONG! These are only your personal opinions. In my opinion, Jason is a fantastic character. GH has always been based on the mob! What do you think Luke and Laura were running from back in the 80’s?

        Liz is the bimbo! Get the bimbo facts straight. Michael’s girlfriend is a huge help to Michael. She is golden. It sounds like you do not pay attention to the charcters.

    • mari

      If Jason were not in the mob then I would be fine if he gets paired with Liz. But even if he leaves the mob that doesn’t mean his enemies would leave him alone. Liz has 2 other children to worry about so hooking up with Jason (again) would merit her a spot on the “Worst Mothers’ List.” I would love for Liz to get back together with Lucky if only to get rid of Shamrock. I’m sad & glad that Nik is off the show. I’m sad because Cassadines are always fun but glad that he is off to pave the way for a Liz/Lucky reunion. They should focus more on the hospital people since the show is entitled “General Hospital.”

    • Bob

      They could always have Jason smack his head into something REAL HARD again and have his kinder, gentler side return.

    • ArmTanz

      Yes, the show has gotten too much about the mob and Sonny’s million kids instead of the hospital, but Anthony is by far the funniest and most entertaining character to watch. The actor is great! A good writer will be able to find a balance and keep great characters on.

  • Lisa

    Awesome news! Now maybe Stephen Nichols will consider coming back. I still mss Stefan.

  • Beauty


    Thank you Lord! This man was driving the show into the ground. He’s all wrapped up into his fav characters. Killing babies for no reason. Boring us constantly with Jason & Sam garbage. Thank you Lord!

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