Fall 2011-12 primetime TV schedule chart

Desperate Housewives vs. The Good Wife! CSI vs. SVU!  With CBS having announced its schedule this morning, here’s how the Big Four broadcasters are stacking up their new shows for fall with a chart that adds a whole new dimension to the individual network schedule announcements we’ve been reporting this week (The CW will be unveiled Thursday and, let’s face it, they’re not about to challenge The X Factor for time period dominance).

ALSO, NEW SHOW TRAILERS: ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS (CW not released yet).

Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2 Broke Girls Two and a Half Men Mike & Molly Hawaii Five-O
NBC The Sing-Off The Playboy Club
FOX Terra Nova House
ABC Dancing with the Stars Castle
CW Gossip Girl (NT) Hart of Dixie  
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS NCIS NCIS: Los Angeles Unforgettable
NBC The Biggest Loser Parenthood
FOX Glee New Girl Raising Hope (NT)
ABC Last Man Standing Man Up Dancing with the Stars (Results Show) Body of Proof
CW 90210 (NT) Ringer  
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS Survivor: South Pacific Criminal Minds CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (NT)
NBC Up All Night Free Agents Harry’s Law (NT) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
FOX The X-Factor
(Performance Show)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter
ABC The Middle Suburgatory Modern Family Happy Endings Revenge
CW H8R America’s Next Top Model  
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS The Big Bang Theory How to Be a Gentleman Person of Interest The Mentalist
NBC Community Parks and Recreation (NT) The Office Whitney Prime Suspect
FOX The X-Factor (Results Show) Bones
ABC Charlies Angels Grey’s Anatomy Private Practice
CW The Vampire Diaries The Secret Circle
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS A Gifted Man CSI: NY Blue Bloods
NBC Chuck (NT) Grimm Dateline
FOX Kitchen Nightmares Fringe
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (NT) Shark Tank (NT) 20/20
CW Nikita (NT) Supernatural
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS Rules of Engagement (NT) Comedytime Saturday Crimetime Saturday 48 Hours Mystery
NBC Encore Programming
FOX Cops America’s Most Wanted / Encore Programming
ABC Saturday Night Football
Time 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS 60 Minutes (at 7) / The Amazing Race The Good Wife (NT) CSI: Miami
NBC Football Night in America (Airs 7 – 8:15) NBC Sunday Night Football (Airs 8:15 – 11:30)
FOX The Simpsons Allen Gregory Family Guy American Dad
ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos (at 7) / Once Upon a Time Desperate Housewives Pan Am
Note: New shows highlighted in red | NT: New Time Slot

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  • kevin

    Desperate Housewives vs The Good Wife. Trashy, sex-obsessed soap opera vs trashy, sex-obsessed soap opera. The viewers are the losers

    • Jake

      If you think TGW is a “trashy, sex-obsessed soap opera” then you haven’t seen the show. Fact.

      • Dicazi

        I STOPPED watching The Good Wife because it was becoming trashy sex-obessed soap opera.

    • Cristiano

      LOL, you haven’t watched a single episode of The Good Wife.. haven’t you?

      • davey

        …actually it’s “have you”…but I get your point!

    • ShellyBee

      If you don’t like them, don’t watch them!

      • bianca

        thank u shelly

    • oioi

      He has watched The Good Wife and he aint liking it. Hes just pissed cause he loves Family Guy/American Dad

    • Anita

      Well they just lost me for The Good Wife by moving it to Sundays because they will be airing it directly opposite of True Blood, won’t be skipping that show to continue watching The Good Wife and won’t bother DVR’ing it either…it wasn’t that important to me to watch as it was.

      • LostMom

        I’m guessing True Blood’s season will be mainly wrapped up by the time TGF kicks off in the fall, since True Blood starts at the end of June.

      • MB

        Isn’t True Blood on during the summer?

      • LostMom

        Sorry, that was supposed to be “TGW” for The Good Wife!

      • Ej

        Think it’s June 25 or so and only 13 eps. So it won’t overlap.

      • me

        True blood will start in June, and with 12 episodes only, it should be finished by September.

      • jackm1249

        Ya it’s not like True Blood doesn’t repeat 10x during the week.

      • katie

        Yep, True Blood will be over by mid-September so there shouldn’t be any overlap.

      • lisa

        True Blood aires during the summer, you obviously don’t watch, it just ended!

    • mac


      • jill

        is that you ausiello?

    • Anne

      Desperate Housewife’s is a soap opera. But The Good Wife in not even close to being a soap. Just because a show is serialized, does not make it a soap. Jeez, learn your terms.

  • Jake

    That’s a really confusingly designed chart.

    • Scott

      No UPN lineup? Total weaksauce!

      • Liv

        My thought as well although it’s not UPN it’s the CW. I like a couple of shows on CW and would have liked to see what they are up against. Still disappointed there is no Cougar Town til midseason!

      • Just Me

        WTF??? Why is Cougar Town getting a midseason start?

      • ST

        He said in the article that the CW releases their schedule Thursday so it’s not on here yet.

      • robinepowell

        UPN? You mean CW.

    • Lee

      It is confusing. And they duplicated CBS’s Tuesday and Wednesday schedule. It’s either that or I didn’t realize Survivor was going to be shown two times per week.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for this!

    • gina

      Thanks guys for listening when we said we wanted a chart! Awesome!


        It’s been updated now— Thx EW!

  • scorpo

    Where are the days of the week? I don’t understand this chart.

    • Lil Jo

      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

      Everyone learns that when they are young. You must be a slow learner.

      Oh you meant on the chart… well that’s the same as above.

      The channels are
      CBS, then NBC, then ABC, then Fox the open space after Fox is the break for the next day.

      • RK

        I learned mine from Happy Days.

      • Davi

        Except everyone learns when they’re young that it’s Sunday,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday… Which this chart is not in.

        But hey, who am I to point out simple facts to you when you’re getting me to give your trolling post a comment?

        Bottom line: the chart isn’t very good and needs some revamping. Charts (as we learn in middle school) should always be labeled on both the vertical and horizontal axes (which as you should’ve learned in school is the plural of axis.)

        I won’t call you slow though I will suggest your memory is poor.


        @ Lil Jo- knock it off! That chart was confusing and annoying and some ppl start the week off w/ Sundays on spreadsheets so THERE!

      • Ej

        Actually they pretty much always start with Monday on these kinds of charts. Not very confusing at all.

      • Emily S

        Today’s kids are learning the days of the week from Rebecca Black. Well, the days that come after “Friday”, anyway.

      • Lil Jo

        @ lisa G

        It was a JOKE!!! lighten up. I knew what the scorpo was saying. I agreed, hence why I added in the info on what the OLD chart meant (they’ve since changed it)

      • silkee

        Sunday is the 7th day. God rested.

      • bianca


  • Just Christine

    It would be nice if this chart included the network names, or a key for the colors, or some indication of where the days are separated…

    • kip

      right! If only . . .

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    you’re missing days on side; plus file name reads “CBS” when you click on image.

    BUTTON UP! ha

  • meliot

    This chart is incomplete.

  • Jason

    Nice chart – but you forgot Chartmaking 101 – there is no legend to identify which line is which network

    • James Hibberd

      Replaced, you picky chart critics, you …

    • Vince from NYC

      Yea, god forbid someone should think a little and figure it out. What night is Sunday night football? What network has Simpsons been on for 20 years, OH theyre in order of how the channels appear!

  • Derba54

    moving ‘The Good Wife’ to Sunday night is the stupidest move!!! you go screwing around with the TV schedules, then they wonder why they loss viewers!!! Dah!!

    • ShellyBee


      • mjay

        Also, do not forget all those football over-runs so TGW will probably start closer to ten est.

    • Alexis

      Agreed moving TGW to Sunday is got to be one of the stupidest moves CBS has done. It will definetley loose viewers. I really hope it dosen’t bhecause it really is a good show.

    • Fishpaw

      Put The Good Wife back on Tuesday where it belongs! Does CBS think that their shows are so good that it doesn’t matter WHERE they put them people will watch? When the Good Wife’s rating fall below 5 million, then maybe they will get a clue.

    • Ace

      I like the move to Sundays. I haven’t been watching TGW because Tuesdays are too crowded, but there’s nothing else to watch on Sundays. Welcome to my to-watch list, Alicia and Will.

      • tvlover44

        Ace – highly recommend you check out seasons 1 & 2 before next fall’s premiere of TGW season 3. best show on network tv, in my opinion, and so layered – really worth watching from the beginning.

  • Brittany

    Dear EW – please make your own chart that is more user friendly. ALSO – please find out what the HELL is going on with 30 Rock and Cougar Town. WHERE ARE THEY?

    • Cristiano

      Cougar Town will air on Tuesdays with Apt. 23 when Dancing with the stars ends.

      30 Rock is coming back as midseason since Tina Fey is pregnant.

    • Flyer

      EW ALREADY reported on the status of 30 Rock and Cougar Town in the individual articles about NBC’s and ABC’s new schedules. They’re both coming back as mid-season replacements. 30 Rock was delayed because of Tina Fey’s pregnancy, and Cougar Town was delayed because the heads of ABC are idiots.

      • Shannon

        LOL! They’re all idiots.


      @Brittany- I agree! What a horrible chart. EW, get on Excel and make/post ur own. This one gives me a headache!

  • nichole

    The CW may not get time period dominance via the ratings but I will be watching more shows from that network than any other network.

    • Jenny

      That just means you have bad taste!

  • Traffic Light Canceled!

    good god are you people morons. I mean seriously, if you are unable to figure this chart out then you shouldnt own a computer.
    Beyond that, its so sad to see what TV has become. Yes there are some decent shows, but overall its a bunch of crap. While good shows continue to get canceled,crappy mind melting B.S. like American Idol , Dancing with the stars and X-Factor dominate. The decline of civilization. Just like the fall of the Roman empire.


      it’s not that ppl cant figure it out; you shouldnt have to study a chart to make sense of it about a freakin tv schedule! it was horrible and everyone (incl EW) knows it! Get off ur hi horse partna.

      • Darvy

        Um, I agree with traffic light Lisa. though it sounds like EW made some changes so it looked a lot worse before. I’ll excuse everyone’s ignorance at not being able to read the chart because I don’t know what it looked like before all the complaints. Love your name BTW lol.

    • T

      OMG! a hint of intelligence. Chart, readable. TV has been a drag, agreed. Taking it as a sign to get up off the couch and do some daily required exercise.

  • jen

    I’m excited about fall TV for a change. Lots of good shows to sample. The competition is fierce; that’s why they invented dvr’s and online viewing. Can’t wait!

  • Leigh

    Agree their should be a legend but if you know what stations ur favorite show is on it not hard to figure out
    Red: is ABC
    Orange: is Fox
    Blue: is NBC
    Yellow: is CBS
    So I’m guessing by the chart football is moving to NBC and won’t interfere with CBS shows on sundays anymore? Or will football still be show on CBS but at an earlier time?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Sunday Night Football is different than late afternoon games that run long. CBS and FOX will both still have occasional run-overs.

    • Monty

      NBC will air Sunday Night Football (as usual) from the start of the season (september 11th) until around the beginning of January… assuming of course that there IS a season this year…

    • RK

      Definitely a woman.


      @ Leigh- wow at ur question about football and you had the NERVE to get all elitist about figuring the chart out. smh….

  • HW

    I’m not getting too excited about the new shows. I think that I will wait until they actually get renewed for a second season (or are allowed to complete their first season), and then I can just watch season 1 on DVD. I am really sick of putting my time into new shows that get cancelled right away.

    • duude

      Agree- Off The Map was interesting and is gone once they just started to scratch the surface. Happy Endings was mind boggling

    • julie

      this is the reason why they get canceled. because people are finding others ways to watch. i’m guilty as charged, depending on my TiVo and all, but don’t complain about a problem where you’re part of the cause.

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