First photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar in 'Ringer'


What’s better than one Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV? Two of them. Twins. One is good and poor and the other is rich and… evil? Here are the first images of Gellar in The CW’s new show Ringer (video clips here and The CW’s new schedule here):


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  • Brett

    The CW, at least, tends to let series play out over a season before deciding whether or not to cancel them (unlike the other networks).

    • Monty

      …weren’t hellcats and terriers both one season wonders this year? And what about that modeling show? their track record has been pretty bad lately.

      • mia

        Terriers wasn’t on the CW.

      • pitt

        @ Monty: Brett’s point was that CW lets a show go at least a whole season, as opposed to other networks who will yank a show after a few episodes/middle of a season and leave fans and story lines hanging.

      • Tricia

        Brett’s point was that they keep them on for the whole season before they decide to axe them, unlike other networks that will cut a show after just 5 episodes.

      • Tricia

        Jinx, Pitt!

      • CC

        That’s usually the truth with the CW but even they couldn’t let the Melrose Place reboot last an entire season.

      • Fatima

        They did let the Melrose Place reboot go a full season. Or least well into the spring.

      • kate middleton

        Melrose did go a full season. The only one I can think of that CW pulled early was The Beautiful Life w/ Mischa Barton. AWFUL. They pulled that one after like 2 episodes.

        I think Ringer will do well on CW. SMG is a draw, and it can last a long time even on modest ratings. CBS wasn’t a good fit. Plus they are the #1 network and it would need much higher ratings to survive there than at CW.

      • Shellibelli

        sniffle I miss Terriers but it was on FX

      • Mell

        “SMG is a draw” ????

        Is that why her last few films have tanked,and this show in itself could only get interest from a crappy netlet? Heck, isn’t the whole reason she’s going back to TV in the first place the fact that she is not a draw anymore,and her film career died?

      • @Mell

        uhoh, sounds like SMG peed in someones cereal. She is more of a draw than you so zip it you wanna be

      • KEVIN

        A lot of actresses are much more successful on TV than they are in movies. She has made some bad decisions, yes, but Julianne Moore isn’t exactly blowing up the box office either; so it is unfair to equate her box office to her ability.

      • John

        DId you just compare Julianne Moore, a four-time Academy Award nominee and major movie presence (if not box office star) with a TV bimbo whose claim to fame is playing a ghoul-hunting teenager in a crappy CW teen show? Seriously? SMG has had some box office hits, but they are all terrible movies that didn’t require much of her (Scooby Doo, The Grudge), and now she’s running back to the CW, the only network who would have her new crapfest…

      • JD

        @ UM did you just call Buffy a “crappy CW show?” A) It wasn’t on the CW moron. B) It’s one of the best series of all time. Embarrassing.

      • JD

        That was to John btw…

      • Peggy

        Buffy one o the best series of all time?? A genre show about a cheerleader who kills vampires? Is that you, Joss? LMAO!!!!!!

      • @PEGGY

        Your comment just proves you didn’t watch it, Buffy wasn’t a cheerleader.

    • tom

      flash + pan = you

    • j

      All I can think is: “She’s a dead ringer for Katherine…” played over and over again in season 1 of TVD’s previouslies lol. Omg I do not care about this show but I would DIE if SMG guested on TVD!

      • Erin

        No way. I love TVD but it has nothing on Buffy and considering SMG was over Buffy by the end I’d say she wouldnt go back there (vamp tv show) for any amount of money in the world. And I wouldn’t blame her, would be a step backwards.

  • ziggy

    LOVE the first photo; very intriguing

    • Dave

      If I could bang any actress, she would be it…

  • Mason

    I hope Sarah Michelle Gellar does more mainstream movies from now on. She is an underrated actress and should have joined the A-list years ago. So, I hope she does more mainstream movies, tries to reach her full potential as an actress and tries to win an Oscar.

    • Monty

      don’t you say this about every actor/actress on EW? how many oscars do you think they hand out for acting every year?

  • henninggirl

    I think she looks very beautiful and Ioan Gruffudd isn’t hard to look at.

    • Meredith

      He’s really not. My first thought was, “Horatio Hornblower is in this??? Double reason to watch!”

      • Anne

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Liz

        Sweet. Someone else who knows him from Hornblower and not that awful Fantastic Four. Or worse, Titanic. Cheers to you Meredith!

    • Jane

      Completely agree!!!

      • Doris

        Actually I was thinking King Arthur!

    • jodipo

      Hear Hear!! I am also looking forward to seeing Nestor Carbonell in this one. What a good looking and talented cast!

      • Doris

        A picture of Nestor would have been nice. . .

      • amanda

        Ricardus is on this?? I might have to watch this one.

  • Sooze

    I love Sarah and I’m glad she’s back for another series. I hope it’s a good one.

  • Ru

    I just have to say, Sarah Michelle Gellar is smokin hot, so did they really have to photoshop the hell out of her upper arms in that first picture? Whose biceps are skinnier than their forearms?

    • Anthony

      Popeye’s. So there you go…

      • Naja haje

        Good one, Anthony!

    • Anya

      Now that I look at it those arms do look freakishly photoshopped in that top picture…

      • jodipo

        i agree, after looking at it a minute the arms seem totally unnatural

  • Lydia Atsma

    So…we don’t get to see the “poor” good twin? They both look pretty wealthy to me. LOL

    • pitt

      That’s exactly what I though!

  • Nat

    YAY Welcome back to TV Sarah!!

  • Buffyjunkie

    Love these pictures! I have a new photo for my desktop! (sorry Harry Potter) I am not totally jazzed having seen the videos but I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be great. Will watch regardless of course.

  • Spike


  • ChrisV

    She will always be Buffy to me.

  • *V*

    Yea! Reminds me of her character from Cruel Intentions. Will definitely check it out!

  • harry

    is that Ioan Gruffudd in that last Picture? I LOve that Man!!!

  • AuntieMM

    Sorry but no thanks! I absolutely loved Buffy and still watch the reruns but this smacks as a bad movie of the week.

    • tabith


  • tabith

    She looks like Bristol Palin in the middle picture – maybe it’s the hair.

    The evil twin scenario is cliche. I don’t have high hopes for this series. I was a huge Buffy fan in the day, but to be honest, I’m not sure that SMG has done enough to impress me in her acting in any other role.

    • Eric P

      Bristol Palin?? That’s grasping at straws…

    • daisy

      JUST like Bristol Palin… well, except she is blond. And pretty. And hasn’t had plastic surgery on her jaw to look more like Kim Kardashian. And is not a stupid redneck. And is not a fashion reject. Other than that though, yeah. Spot on

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