The CW unveils 2011-12 fall schedule

And finally, we have The CW. Today, the fifth broadcast network unveiled a fall schedule that includes pairing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new drama Ringer with the sudsy 90210 on Tuesdays (the same night Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on during much of its run) and shoving Nikita to Fridays with Supernatural.

The lineup also introduces Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s new medical drama Hart of Dixie on Mondays, pairing the show with their other CW program Gossip Girl. Reality show H8R, where celebrities try to win over their harshest non-fans, is on Wednesdays. And supernatural series The Witch Diaries The Secret Circle airs on Thursdays. One Tree Hill returns midseason. What’s a strong trend in this schedule is that all the new scripted shows are getting supported time periods, with the veterans having to do the heavy lifting to launch the nights.

Here’s your schedule, below (and here’s the schedule for the other four broadcast networks).

CW Fall Primetime Schedule

***New shows in red

Day 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
Mon Gossip Girl (NT) Hart of Dixie
Tue 90210 (NT) Ringer
Wed H8R America’s Next Top Model
Thu The Vampire Diaries The Secret Circle
Fri Nikita (NT) Supernatural

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  • Justin

    A little concerned about that Friday night Nikita time slot.

    • TolDavid

      So am I! Friday night is usually the kiss of death for TV series. That’s where they go to die.

      • connor

        well considering both smallville and supernatural did just fine in their new friday time slots, you two really need to pay attention and stop jumping to conclusions.

      • Jenz

        I think Friday nights used to be where networks sent shows to die, but I think that is changing. With the economy, more people are staying home and watching TV Friday and Saturday nights. Some networks are trying to bring back Friday nights especially as must-see tv.

      • Captain

        I think you need to consider the fact this is the CW. Moving Nikita to Friday’s made the most sense. It’s a male-skewing show like Supernatural and TVD has its own companion piece.

      • kate middleton

        Friday is definitely not the kiss of death anymore! CW only has 5 nights of programming, so they make Friday work. Supernatural and Smallville have done well there.
        Friday used to be bad on network tv, but they’re trying to get away from that. CBS has always had a successful Friday lineup, Fox moved Fringe there and defied the odds. It looks like NBC will have good Fridays this season.

      • melissa

        dont joke like that man i love Nikita. but i am worried too. am never home friday. and i dont want to dvr it but if cw doestn move it that seems like the only option for me if i can anyway, my mom watches her novelas at that time.

      • ViaMurka

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    • Eric P

      While im not a Nikita fan, i dont think the CW’s trying to kill it they only have 2 hours on five nights to fill. Plus SPN has been there for awhile now and it seems ok.

      • Ashley

        Actually, Supernatural has only been there for a year. And they were moved there because it was supposed to be their final season, but they decided last minute to make another one, so..

  • ST

    I figured Hellcats would go. I actually enjoyed that show.

  • DW

    I am very upset about Hellcats!!!

    • Dannah

      I know I really wish they could have at least ended it..

  • tim

    Nikita should have been paired with Ringer.

    • S.


    • kate middleton

      I agree. 90210 and Ringer seem like a terrible pair. But CW’s options are limited.

    • Rocky

      I think they should have left Nikita right where it was.

  • kevin

    I like the schedule. Looking forward to “Ringer” and new seasons of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries

    • Liv

      I wish TVD had been pushed to 9 PM. It’s now conflicting with Parks & Rec (which NBC moved to 8:30). I’m sad. The choice between the two is like Elena’s choice between Stefan and Damon. On the one hand I have my true love P&R and on the other my guilty pleasure, TVD. Decisions decisions.

      • connor

        stop being cheap and get a dvr. or you can watch online.

      • tigger851

        watching online is better cuz of no commercials!!

      • Cari

        That’s what DVR’s are for?!!

    • Lynn

      I’m also very happy with the line up I was so affraid rumors I heard about loseing SUPERNATURAL might be true. My mom is 76 and I am 54 and we never miss a show of Supernatural or Vampire Diaries. thank you for the chance to voice my concerns.

  • Meg

    It’s sad that they’re still beating the dead horse that is Supernatural.

    • Matt

      Uh oh, I always catch up on DVD, so I’m one season behind; I feel that the show would be better (and could even last longer) if they focused on individual, once-and-done episodes, instead of long arcs. That’s what first appealed to me about Supernatural; in a TV world with Lost, Battlestar, Desperate Housewives, and 24, this show brought back smaller storytelling, which they’ve gone away from in recent years. I just find the idea behind Supernatural so compelling, about brothers who travel lonely highways, exploring American folklore and legends (albeit, as deep as a teeny-bopper network will allow them).

    • killMeg

      Supernatural is the best show on the CW BY FAR. It has the 2 best leads, great writing and a mythology growing as depp as Buffy’s.

      • Matt

        I don’t know, the “mythology” makes it like every other sci-fi show in the past five years. And it’s kind of become a Buffy clone – no more fighting local legends, but “demons” (a trope used now to denote a supernatural being who can have any sort of superpower to suit the story), who, despite being 1000s of years old, are always up on the young, hip sardonic lingo. And, just like Buffy, there’s always an apocalypse to thwart. As I said, good show, but it does have its problems. So I say, Meg should definitely live. I think sometimes us Sci Fi fans hunger for our shows so badly that we forgive all of a show’s flaws just to keep it around.

      • Flip

        I agree! The sixth season started out rocky, but Supernatural is STILL my favorite TV show and is STILL the best show on the CW. I would love to see it go for ten seasons like Smallville. The more, the better!

      • Zee

        I wasn’t a viewer of Supernatural when it first began but got hooked later on. What did it was the great writing, including humor, fast-paced-humor that just rolled with the lines, but most of all the terrific music. It turned out to be a better program than I thought it would be.

    • cam

      Because the other shows on the CW are so compelling? The show definitely hit some weird points this season, but after how last season ended, it’s kinda hard to come back with the same stuff. Maybe that’s a sorry excuse, but the show is still solid and I’m glad they have another season to finish what they started this season. But next season should probably be the last, sadly.

    • mredith

      Supernatural is still a very strong show. Do you actually watch it?

      • Healer

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    • Courtney

      Your dead horse is actually One Tree Hill. Supernatural is still going strong. My favorite show. <3

    • Jjn

      I have a feeling you don’t watch and are just saying that because it’s been around for a long time.

  • Christina

    Nikita vs. Chuck. Thank you DVR.
    I really like where Ringer and Hart of Dixie were placed

  • mejaki

    Gah! They should have left Nikita right where it was with Vampire Diaries. I have absolutely no interest in this secret circle show.

    • Zoe

      If you like VD, give it a chance. The Secret Circle books are actually pretty good–better than the VD books, IMO–and with the same folks in charge, the series definitely has promise.

      • Vivi

        I remember reading the Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle books in Junior High. While I loved the Vampire Diaries, the Secret Circle books were kind of just decent decent. I’m not sure if their plot can hold up as a weekly TV show. I’ll definitely tune in and give it a try though.

      • Courtney

        I’ve read the Vampire Diaries books, but not Secret Circle yet. For people saying the SC books are decent, maybe they’ll go a different direction like they did TVD? You have to admit, the series is a lot better then the books and a lot different!

      • Dianne

        I agree with Zoe, source material for Secret Circle is much better than The Vampire Diaries. I read them both for the first time 15 years ago, and TSC is the one I keep still re-read once in awhile all this time later. I’ve never been tempted to revisit TVD, I thought it was just bad. In fact, I was surprised that it became such a good TV series, but KW did make a ton of changes.

  • Matt W.

    G.G. is moving to 8? or is that a typo?

  • ginny

    where is one tree hill?

    • Flip

      Returns midseason (January 2012).

    • Rocky

      It is returning midseason. It will be the final season. i read they are only bringing it back to give it a proper farewell like Smallville

  • kat

    what about OTH???

  • Dina

    WTF? Do they want Ringer cancelled? Every shows that has aired after 90210, especially on Tuesdays ended up canned. Nikita or Supernatural would’ve been far better matches

    • Dal

      I think they could have matched The Ringer better. From what I’ve heard about it I’m getting more of a Nikita vibe than a 90210 vibe from it. A big problem I’ve always had with the CW is that they don’t seem to be able to match their shows properly, CBS has this problem too. Guess it runs in the family.

      • Captain

        I would say they did a decent job last season but I agree. 90210 and GG are in no position to lead shows. The only thing I can think of is that they didn’t want a night of new shows.

  • Shannon

    OTH has been scheduled to air midseason.

  • Kevin

    mid-season for final thirteen episodes

    • Kevin

      sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to the OTH questions.

  • Miss Talk

    They cancel Hellcats ??? Oh well, college years DON’T work on TV. I wonder how 90210 is gonna do now. Unless the whole cast leaves in Annie’s big house, the series is doomed. We shall see.
    I can’t breathe without TVD but… No to Damon and Elena romance FGS and no to Riper Stefan. Team Broody Stefan!!!
    Gossip Girl got on my very very last nerve with that stupid CHAIR twist they brought in while we were finally enjoying DAIR. Someone in that writing team needs to get fired, I swear.
    See y’all in September!

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