'American Idol' exit Q&A: Haley Reinhart says she's 'feeling at ease' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Haley Reinhart, the 20-year-old jazz lover from Illinois who was eliminated from American Idol Thursday night, wasn’t too bummed about her fate. “I’m feeling at ease,” Reinhart told EW in a backstage interview after the show. “You have to take everything in stride, realize what a great thing [Idol] has been, and keep going.” When asked about her favorite Idol memory, Reinhart mentioned pushing the show’s boundaries by singing Bobby Timmons’ “Moanin” with fellow contestant Casey Abrams. “We’re both huge jazz-heads,” said Reinhart, “and I’m glad America actually took it in and liked it.”

Reinhart also addressed her staircase tumble from this week’s performance of Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be,” pointing out that she had planned to wear platform shoes instead of high heels. “I was nervous about the big stairs, and it ended up being the small stairs,” she laughed.

Check out the full interview below, during which Reinhart discusses why she believes the judges were tough on her and reveals her two favorite musicians:

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  • Fudgy the Pumpkin


    • the real wendy

      LOVE the tiara!

    • legallyblonde

      Haley perfect for the Bada Bing.
      A born poledancer.

    • Lee

      I love Haley. She was definitely the best contestant this season. If Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta can get a record deal after coming in third and fourth place respectively–then so should Haley. I’m sure her album will reflect her artistry a lot more than “still developing” Lauren and “one-trick pony” Scotty. I mean, you gotta love someone who says one of her favorite albums of all time is Abbey Road. Great taste, Haley.

  • Fabe

    She should have won it all!

    • JaneL

      We had her heart inside of our hands, but we played it, we played it to the beat.

    • mark

      haha yeah right

    • Garry

      I agree, Fabe. Instead, Jethro will probably win. Can’t stand him!

    • M.Dodson


    • TJ. Church

      She should’ve never gotten to LA.

      • Louise

        Finally..someone I can agree with!

    • ron

      Get this straight. Two left who can only do country twang. These two were given a pass EVERY week despite doing cookie cutter country songs.

      All the other contestants were told to show us range, we know you can do ballads but show us something different, push yourself, show us versatility.

      NOBODY showed more range, versatility and power than James and Haley. They chose extremely difficult songs to perform.

      The musicians out there know these two country dipsticks should have been gone a long time ago but there is no stupid like country stupid.

      Did ya ever notice that family trees down south have no branches???

      • If You Ask Me

        @Ron: I am from the South, and Haley was my favorite contestant. No need to throw a blanket insult to everyone who is located below the Mason/Dixon line.

    • queenrosered

      Sing it with me! “She shoulda won it alllll-all-alll, rollin in the deee-eee-eeep!”
      Haley rocks and she will do well. I’m sure she’s already been signed to Interscope. Good for her! ;D

  • She’s a Star

    Haley You Rock!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear the music you will make…I think Adam Lambert gave you some of the best advice,
    Not only is it about what you do on the show, but all the contacts you make with the people behind the scenes!! So keep on Rocking
    your fans love you! PEACE

  • Jay

    Love this girl. So talented. The Beatles and Esperanza Spalding. Yep. She won in my book.

  • 3 is the Magic number

    No one can hold back Talent-
    And Haley has “IT” in spades!!!!
    So go Rock out the Idol’s Summer Tour
    Then come back and make the most kick Ass album ever!!!! LOVE U!

  • drew

    she’s beautiful her voice, her mind, I hope she has some writers and musicians lined up to get her started so she can do what she does best, HER.

  • Word Money G

    Too bad that she never showed this “I just don’t care” side on TV. I don’t think she lost because of her talent. America just never connected with her as much as they did with the two kids.

    • Squishmar

      She did. In the beginning weeks when she was repeatedly in the bottom 3, she had exactly this attitude. She’d shrug, like, “what can you do?” and go take her place on the stools of doom with grace and a smile.

      • bobsaccamanna

        that was the first thing that really started making me notice Haley,her laid back attitude about being in the bottom 3,I have to say I didn’t notice the unique quality and style of her voice until later on,and ended up really liking her,and again,just like Crystal last year,ended up being disappointed as usual.

      • Lee

        I think some people (yes–I’m looking at you Haley-haters!) don’t like strong women. Why? Who knows. Guys probably feel threatened of their masculinity by strong women. And girls probably are envious of Haley because they secretly wish they were that way too. There was nothing wrong with Haley. There’s a difference between self-confidence and arrogance. Haley was self-confident.

    • Sarah

      Word Money G – That’s because the producers gave her very little air time compared to Lauren and Scotty.

  • Juan Carlos

    I grew to like this girl. I wasn’t sure at first, but I really liked that she kept switching it up performance after performance. I like to see someone who shows diversity. I hope we hear more from Haley Reinhart.

  • Sasha

    I didn’t like her at first either.

    But seriously she is so awesome…

    Everyone who thinks she has a stank attitude should just shut up!

    I hope she puts out an awesome album!

    I’d buy it!

    Her personality is cool and chill

  • robert

    i didnt like hailey at beginning of the show. however, with time, hailey made me forget about pia. hailey came a long way… almost how kelly clarkson did it. (of course kelly is the much better singer – i’m just comparing the growth)

  • Squishmar

    I love her attitude. She is so laid-back and intelligent. Idol did its job by allowing us to be introduced to her. Now, I know she will do hers and keep going and put out some incredible music. I will be there with her!

    • Shawnuel

      THANK YOU! Haley is fiercely intelligent. She analyzes and breaks down things in a way that muppets, Scotty and Lauren will never be able to do. OK…not muppets…..that’s giving the teen duo WAY too much credit.

      • TxJessie

        Shawnuel, why do you people take it out on Lauren and Scotty just because Haley lost? It’s not their fault. It’s the voters.

      • B.Rich

        Mayor McCheese over Miss Piggy is NOT the way we wanted an otherwise good season to end.

      • Terry

        A pathetic ending to what was a very promissing season.

    • Ktct

      Five bucks says Lauren has no idea who Esperanza Spalding is. Actually, ditto for Randy, who didn’t even know that Falling Slowly had won an academy award! Haley knows her music.

      • Dave

        And you think Scotty does? I bet five bucks Haley couldn’t name any old time country singers. Does that make her a loser?

      • Lee

        We’re talking about diversity, Dave. Sure, Scotty, will know about country music because that’s his thing. But does he know anything else? I doubt it because he sure didn’t show it so far on the show. On the other hand, Haley has shown time and again of her diverse taste in music. Who else has done jazz, rock, country and pop all in one season?

      • Lee

        I forgot to also include R & B and disco.

      • B.Rich

        Actually I know Haley knows her rock history including country. I doubt Scotty or Lauren know their country roots.

      • Cassie

        Scotty forgot the Lyrics to “I hope you Dance” which is one of the most popular country songs.
        If Simon had still been around he would not have gotten past Hollywood week.

        Forget the words to a song and you are out.

  • Ladylou

    What matters is what happens in the real world and as far as I am concerned Haley “Is In It To Win It”

  • DeTa

    She can wipe the floor with the other girl. The other girl is a pretty voice. Haley’s fun, versatile, exciting, unpredictable, and doesn’t put up the with the judge’s hypocrisy. Idol’s over for me this season.

    • RODN

      SO VERY TRUE!!!!!

  • bluemeanie

    Buh-Bye Haley! See you at some nightclub lounge in downtown Vegas.

    • li’ltown girl

      you mean with Celine Dion?

      • CandaceTX


      • ss

        double- zing! Now that was funny!

      • Jasmine

        Tripple Zing!!!!!! Awesome Li’ltown!!!

      • zoe

        Quadruple zing!!!! Awesome!

      • sparkles

        It took me minute or two to get the Supernatural connection. Zing!

    • tonia

      Is that where you hang out in downtown Vegas??

    • little pony Inc.

      Idol deserves their BORING winners!!
      Haley is a Star! She proved herself
      as a Fighter and a true artist!!!
      Keep Rocking Haley!

      • joesolan

        Couldn’t have said it better than you. Comparing to Haley’s : “Blue”,
        “Benny and the Jets”, “Rolling in the Deep” ,for example, all the other singers combined have had less memorable performances.She is in a different league.

    • misti

      another Zing —- or like Viva Elvis

  • li’ltown girl

    why can;t i check out the “interview below”?

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