'Secret Life of the American Teenager': Heartbreak in store for Ben and Adrian -- EXCLUSIVE


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On tonight’s Secret Life of the American Teenager, preparations continue for Adrian and Ben’s coming nuptials (which will play out in a two-hour episode May 30) — and their impending baby. But viewers are in for a serious tearjerker with June 6’s episode. [HUGE SPOILER ALERT] Creator/executive producer Brenda Hampton tells EW exclusively that when Adrian (Francia Raisa) goes to the hospital to have her baby with new husband Ben (Kenny Baumann), the show’s second pregnant teen will experience the excruciating heartbreak of losing her child at full-term, and the couple will be left to face the emotional aftershocks of the loss, as well as their hasty pre-birth marriage, in the upcoming summer episodes. “The possibility is so far outside the realm of what Adrian and Ben are thinking that they won’t see it coming,” Hampton says. “She’s taken good care of herself, she’s done all the right things, but… these things happen. I think even though viewers are going to know what is going to happen, they too will be overwhelmed with emotion.”

Indeed, the emotional episode (which EW has previewed) allows for some above-and-beyond performances from Raisa, Baumann, and Steve Schirripa as Ben’s dad. And the tragedy will have ripple-effect consequences throughout the rest of the season, starting with Amy “choosing this moment to cling to Ricky,” as Hampton says, and bringing the two teen moms closer. Of course, the major impact will be on Adrian, who “will go from depressed to angry to acting as if it never happened to finally allowing herself to accept the loss, as well as deal with her past and why she has made the choices she’s made in her life,” Hampton explains. “Then she’ll have to decide whether or not she wants to continue to make bad choices or learn and grow from the experience. Is the experience going to mean nothing, in other words, or will it transform her?”

Most likely the latter, at least eventually, as producers decided early on to tackle this different side of teen pregnancy specifically to make a point: “Every teen pregnancy does not end in apparent happiness like Amy’s,” Hampton says. “There are problems, lots of problems, physical, emotional, life-changing problems. It’s just one of the possible consequences of unprotected sex.”

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  • Chris Traeger

    This is literally, the worst show I have ever seen.

    • M

      Hey, we haven’t seen that “Switched at Birth” show yet. That seems to be right up there from the promos so far.

    • Pawnee Resident

      Not only do I completely agree with the sentiment but Chris Traeger you are just too funny

      • denise

        I will also have to point out Katie. When I got pregnant at 17 I gained absolutely no weight and didnt even look like i had a baby a week later, teens react to pregnancy differently as do all different women

    • Katie

      I hate this show the acting is soo bad! And it mostly says having sex and getting knocked up at 16 is ok! And the teenagers in this show only talk about having sex and getting marrired. Worst. Show. Ever and that’s beating out pretty little liars

      • Melody

        lol someone is a hater

      • Demetria

        I think you need a reality check! This show expresses what a lot of teens feel every day but don’t openly discuss! If my son was old enough to be watching it, I would be happy if he found it interesting. I’m 27 and I will cry the day they take it off the air! Its not all about sex; its about life.

      • pamela

        what Drugs are you taking.. Getting knocked up at 16 is NOT A GOOD THING…If I got knock up or my sister our butt would have been beaten… Sex is what kids do talk about all the time… They are to young to have Sex and sadly it is happening..

      • Heather

        This show may be nothing about how 16 year olds get knocked up as you say but it also shows the teens that do get knocked up what their options are, that they are capable of being a good mother or father, that it is tough on a teenage parent and even when you do everything right that still things may go completly the opposite direction. I personally am not stating teen sex is a good thing or saying for teens to get knocked up but it does happen. It sounds like you grew up in a good strict home where pregnnacy at 16 was not a good thing, and no parent want their daughter to come home and say, “I’m pregnant” but it happens. This show even shows a positive side of parents and what its about to be a parent. Its really all about your perspective and it does not appear you have a great one…

      • Heather

        Another thing to keep in mind is in many states it is illegal for schools or outside organizations to discuss these topics with teens and I personally feel that it is good for teens to be in the know, so therefore they can make a good educated decision… A parent can’t always be there and if you think you can, you are completely wrong.

      • Katie

        There’s a part in the show where to people have a one night stand and one character is sex crazed, I’m in high school and I don’t know anyone like those characters. I don’t see how it’s about life, the mom is pregnant for about 5 episodes maybe and when Amy gives birth she turns skinny and flawless, that’s not real

      • Kara

        They can’t make the show perfect by making Amy stay chubby unless she gained weight in real life, TV isn’t perfect in ANY show. And it never says that it’s good or okay to be pregnant at 16 but shows that the girls are trying to make the best of their situation and do what they can to not screw up their life more because it will affect their child now too. Everyone makes mistakes, whether it be Amy losing her virginity in the spur of the moment without a condom or Adrian making bad choices because sex in all of her experience had nothing to do with love. Sometimes that’s what you see growing up and if no one talks to you about sex there is no choice but to accept what you see as how things are meant to be. I just graduated last year and I know plenty of people that are just like the characters, and plenty that aren’t. They show one little part of the high school population, and just because you aren’t in that crowd doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist because I have seen it all in my friends and family.

      • Mandi

        Katie, I understand that you are having a difficult time relating to, or accepting, the reality of the show. Unfortunately, if you actually watched all of the episodes you might see more than a sex-crazed teenaged boy that has a lot of one night stands. Actuality Ricky’s behavior stems from childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and is rather common for teens who have suffered from such things and are still working through those issues (and many of them never recover). Similarly, Adrian’s promiscuity is common for teen girls that are raised by single teenaged mothers, especially when they are not home a lot to offer guidance as their children grow. This show discusses and touches on a lot of real life issues that can impact teens, families, and communities (teen sex, teen pregnancy, homeschooling, puppy love/first love vs. real/long term or lasting love, divorce, dating after divorce, cheating, trust in marriage and dating, drugs, college, etc.). The show also offers excellent opportunities for families to have open discussions with their teens about these ‘hot button’ topics/issues because it offers a ‘jumping off point’. With all due respect, I think you are simply too young to know how important, and big, the impact of this show really is.

      • Kara

        That was very well put Mandi and I completly agree with everything you have to say and am greatful there are at least a few people on here that can look at this show in a mature and rational way.

      • me

        katie There’s a part in the show where to people have a one night stand and one character is sex crazed, I’m in high school and I don’t know anyone like those characters. I don’t see how it’s about life, the mom is pregnant for about 5 episodes maybe and when Amy gives birth she turns skinny a- sorry hun but your wrong nd flawless, that’s not real.
        i had a kid and i lost all the weight instantly.i went right back to the weight i was before i got preg.

      • jd

        sure kids talk about sex. but ALL these kids EVER do is talk about sex. And not in the way that kids talk about it, either. Very strange, stilted writing. And the acting is bad, but part of that is the bad writing. Take mediocre to bad writing and add mediocre to bad actors and you get a MESS.

      • jd

        Mandi, I think Katie’s point (I could be wrong), is that it’s not realistic in HOW it portrays these kids. It becomes overly preachy in how they discuss sex and its consequences. Like a really bad afterschool special. Or a show that your cool church youth group would endorse. And it does have preachy christian overtones. Note that they talk about how they wanted to show the different sides of teen pregnancy, but they didn’t show anyone having an abortion. Just talking them OUT of having an abortion. And applauding them for the choice. And applauding them for getting married “for the baby’s sake”. And that’s such an outdated idea that virtually NEVER works out well. Especially in this day and age. And considering the characters who got married didn’t even LIKE each other at first. They just had sex! So the message is, that sex is only about procreation and marriage. And if you have sex with someone, you can learn to love them enough to get married to them. Right… See how ridiculous that is? A for effort, but F for fail.

      • Haley

        lol hatter alerrt!!

      • krystal

        Ya know for someone who supposedly “hates” this show, you seem to know alot about whats going on in it.

      • denise

        I will agree the acting is awful sometimes but what most people don’t realize is that this is really going on with teenagers, sex is part of their daily life and this show portrays it a lot lighter then it actually is but atleast it can show the whole big picture about teen sex(babies, childcare, sleepless nights, abortion, marriage, stillbirth, DRAMA) all the things that teens don’t realize that accompanies sex at 16

      • denise

        I will also have to point out Katie. When I got pregnant at 17 I gained absolutely no weight and didnt even look like i had a baby a week later, teens bodies react to pregnancy differently as do all different women

      • Virginia

        This comment is for Katie and JD. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I understand what you guys are saying but the meaning of this show goes further then sex, pregnancy, and bad acting. This show is not promoting sex and if anything is trying to get teenagers to rethink their decisions about having sex. You may not know of anyone personally that is having the issues that we see in this show but the truth is it’s happening and the rate of teen pregnancy is constantly growing. The decisions to have sex have more consequences then becoming teen parents. It’s just the first of many problems to come but there are things far worse than becoming a parent. The only thing I find very negative about the show portrayal of teen parenting is depicting that the fathers of the babies sticks around. In some cases they do, but not in all cases. It has a good concept but it’s not showing the teenagers what it would actually be like being a real teen mom. It’s not that easy but they make it seem that way. I do like the fact that they didn’t use abortion as a form of handling the situation. Things can be learned from watching this show. Just like one commenter stated this show can be a door opener for some families with teenagers, which can lead to a conversation about the consequences of deciding to have sex at an early age. Let’s not forget the fact of the spread of STD’s which teenagers are leading with the affected rate. Another commenter stated the fact that schools are not allowed to educated teens on sex or the consequences of sex, but that need to change. Some parents look at it as poisoning their children mind but the truth is not educating them is what’s destroying their lives. This show can serve as a positive lesson in any teenager’s life.

      • Taylor

        Who cares about pretty little liars. Learn your facts this show is more than just teen sex and pregnancy.

      • Christina

        Katie.. You think this show is promoting pregnancy .. I don’t think so .. look at the show 16 and pregnant or teen mom.. It’s to show teen’s that having a baby isn’t easy.. In case you haven’t noticed that many teen’s are having baby’s now a days.. and it’s no different then how it was back in the old days.. TEEN’S should know that if they don’t want a baby or a std. Birth control and condoms are a must.. BUT there is such thing called abstinence.. You have sex. birth control and condoms can fail and thats what happens..

      • Tiphani

        Pretty Little Liars sucks thats why!

      • Heather

        Here’s an idea, don’t watch it!!!! For someone who complains about it so much you seem to know a lot about it

      • Kay

        hahahaha Katie I feel youuuuu! My family only watch it for the laughs (: Forreal, the acting COULDN’T be worse. How many high school cliques can we throw in one show? Not one OUNCE of that show is believable. Especially with the acting ability of these people. I mean really, a kid with down syndrome ordering an online hooker and then later having her marry the “Sausage King”? Get real. “This one night…at band camp…”

      • Cady

        whoa, this show can have its good times, although it does say sex every other word,… and DON’T be hatin’ on Pretty Little Liars! That is a good show!!!

      • Myeshia

        ok if you feel that way about then don’t watch it this show explains things that happen to normal teenagers and i can understand it being a teeang girl with 3 friends who are teenage moms and 2 that about 2 be moms not only that but i also have friens who can relate to adrian,madision,ben,grace,jack,ricky,& amy(i would be similar to lauren)so if you can’t relate 2 the show then don’t watch it point blank

      • Hailey

        Ok idk if u listen to the show they r saying the total opposite then saying sex at 16 is ok everything that bad happens is because of sex I mean grace actually thought she killed her father

    • Old Blighty

      I like the gay guy who on for 20 seconds a season & that’s about it.

    • beth

      Then y comment.

    • chick

      If you don’t like the show why are you watching it? They are trying to show that getting pregnant when your a teen can be an emotional disaster and is very hard on your friends and family – even going so far to help destroy a once happy family. Adrian loosing her child is showing the complete opposite end of the spectrum on how important it is to have safe sex. Look past the crappy acting and see the message ABC is trying to get out to teens across the world. Have safe sex and avoid these outcomes.

    • Grey

      I love you Chris. You speak only the truth.

    • Sierra

      I have to admit that I am hooked on this show. Do not ask me why- it is by far the wrost writing on television!

    • Kay

      Amen. And Sierra, same here! We’ve already predicted that Ricky gets in a car accident at some point this season. Some intense forshadowing in tonights episode (:

  • Gina Vera

    Wow this is a big spolier, the show just crossed over from semi-reallity show to soap opera. I will definately watch so far the writting has been amazing. I can tell you of silly fights that happen almost just like the show. But it is TV after all so they had to make her lose the baby it was just all too perfect.

    • Liza

      Um when was this show reality?

    • Wha’ever

      Semi-reality… ? Whuuut ?

    • Bri

      wel… it SAID that it would spoil it… too perfect? dumb*ss

    • BK

      Losing a baby is too Soap Opera? Are you kidding me?! My fiance lost his baby sister at only 8 days old, a family friend’s baby passed away at one day old, and a friend lost her baby at 8 months pregnant and still had to go through labor and childbirth, ALL three were completely sudden and unexpected….Losing a child doesn’t just happen on soap operas it happens everyday and everyone ignores the topic and treats it as a taboo subject while there are parents suffering everywhere…maybe this will actually raise awareness and make people see that someone needs to pay attention to parents that go through this…I give ABC props for touching a taboo topic because it’s too often ignored.

      • Desirae

        i completely agree with you.

      • kimmi clark

        thank you so much for picking up for people like me…sudden infant death syndrome has no cure although they are finding ways to reduce it..i cherished my son for 4 months at 17 and did everything right…im glad i did too because i knew i was blessed.

    • kimmi clark

      um no. this stuff happens. i lost my son and had to deal with the outcome that effected all of my family and it was to sudden infant death syndrome. something that takes a perfect baby away from a loving family. i think you need to look at the big picture and feel blessed and cherish what you have because this stuff DOES HAPPEN and victims need to get the word out!

      • Tanya

        Exactly. My little girl passed away when she was 3 weeks old due to complications during childbirth. I’m not sure if I will be able to watch next week because it’s starting to be all too familiar (I just knew something was wrong before having her, the whole pregnancy, even the doc appt earlier that day, was perfect, but I just got a really bad feeling & couldn’t sleep). I commend the writers for bringing this to light, because the death of an infant is taboo in our society for some reason. I just hope they write the aftermath properly. I hope they have truly researched what it like to bury an infant, and don’t just have her pick up and move on (like society seems to expect us to), like because it was a baby, the loss is less significant.

  • RiverBottomNightmareBand

    It is because the show is so bad that it is so good…COME ON!

    • angela

      I TOTALLY agree!! It can be so corny but so addicting!

      • Briana

        I totally agree. The writing is bad and the acting is the worst I have ever seen in my life, but I can’t stop watching.

    • Anya

      I agree. This is definitely one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, and yet I tune in every now and then just to laugh at it’s silliness. Or to play shot games.

  • s

    Yay, She’s losing the baby. Yeah I know that sounds harsh but I feel like this is one of the best decisions this show has made lmao

    • Imani

      I agree with you 100%. Best thing this show has ever done and I’m happy about it. I never wanted two teen moms on the show.

    • Hmm

      >_> Rumors this would happen early on and that’s why I tapped out this season.

      This is just cruel. I would’ve preferred an empowered Adrian choosing an abortion instead of being bullied into keeping the baby, getting excited for it, and then lose it. Just cruel.

      I mean… Adrian may be catty, but dang if she can’t catch a break! Meanwhile, Amy is just as catty, but the sun is always shining through her window!

      • Jessica

        I agree. i would have much rather seen her opt for abortion (even though im against abortion) or even losing the baby early on instead of making her go full term! Thats terrible.

      • kemdra

        I completely agree. I think a lot of people will quit watching if Adrian loses the baby. That is so cruel. Amy is no better than her. Adrian should be able to have a baby too.

      • Jxoolisgw

        I don’t see where Amy’s life is perfect at all. She is rediculed by Adrian who is extremely NASTY to everyone. The only reason Adrian kept this baby is to make everyone else adore HER.. Always about Adrian. Amy is a teen mother who doesnt get to be a “normal” teen. She not only gets herself ready in the morning but also a baby!! She has homework that has to wait because of a baby not like any normal teen that just doesnt do their homework because they were messing around not so true that the sun is always shining through her window. Her sister is just plain rude and thinks she did it on purpose.. Really what girl WANTS to be 16 and pregnant or what girl at 16 actually knows what it is to become a teen mother..

      • stephine

        i agree its wrong ow they are making her lose the baby in some way the baby is making her turn into a better person and she has finally found true love with ben if they take him away next ill stop watching.

      • Demetria

        This does happen in real life, though. And its not a easy situation to deal with. This just proves that the writers are applying real life situations that hit home!!

      • Liz

        I may be one of the few parents out there who actually watch this show every week with her 14 year old daughter. I have to bite my lip at the corny acting and non stop talk about sex. However, I value the “open door” to my daughter’s world…whether I think it is crazy or not…..it is, in reality, her world.

      • Heather

        its exactly what she needed she jumped into getting married because she was pregnant and ben jumped into marrying her because she was pregnant and as sad as it is for her its really going to change her for the better in the end

  • Mike

    I still cant believe these is the show that got Kyle XY cancel

    • alyss

      ohh heck no!! i hate it now!

    • Demetria

      One show doesn’t get another one canceled. Ratings do.

    • Caliyah

      Kyle XY was cancelled because they couldn’t do anything more with the story…

      • Dan

        Uh no… they had plenty more to do with the story. The entire story for the next season was planned out, the season (Series) ended on a cliffhanger. Totally wrong on this one…

    • Gina Vera

      I loved both shows, just wish that they would have wrapped up Kyle XY or a tv special or something. I don’t like shows that do this like V, Journey Man, Treshold or the Event. .thank goodness Fringe got renewed.

    • krystal

      yuck..kyle xy was a show that plain out just sucked!!!

      • Taylor

        100% AGREED. It sucked

  • Valley Girl

    This show entered the Land of Crazy a long time ago with a second (third, really, if you count Molly Ringwald’s character) pregnancy storyline.

    Oh, and, will the makeup people please tone down Adrian’s lip gloss? It’s BLINDING! I..can’t..see!

    • Sarah

      Lol on Adrains lip gloss!!!

    • Tina

      They actually werent going to put in the pregnancy of Molly Ringwald but because she was pregnant in real life with twins they made her character pregnant to..

    • Heather

      my question is why dont you ever see robbie and why on earth is john who is like what 1 1/2 always being carried and never talks or does anything you would think a show about teen pregnancy would include oh i dont know the baby!

      • AJ

        Heather, I totally agree!

      • Taylor

        I think John is autistic. He is going to the E.R. soon and I think they are going to discover that he is autistic.

    • Anya

      And while they’re toning down Adrien’s ridiculous lip gloss, could they maybe take Ricky’s hair down a notch or two?

  • Cate

    This show IS really bad. Like, horrendously, stupefyingly, makes-me cringe-when-I-watch-it-bad…But I have to respect them for going with a semi-uncommon, relatively daring plot line.

    • Joshua

      If you don’t like the show then why come to this website? and this show doesn’t promote having sex and getting married if you think more deeply it about it , it is actually showing the bad side of being pregnant then after thats over looking at the good . i love this show and I’m glad ABC Family is airing this show and i hope they don’t stop anytime time soon .

      • beth

        I agree with Joshua

      • Char

        I agree with Joshua also. This show is to tell a story of what can happen and what does happen out there in the world. I am very sad that they are having Adrian loose the baby at full term. But it does go to show one of the “what does happen” to the viewers. I hope that the writers will keep Adrian going on the better path and being a better person.

        To those that have negative things to say…. why do you watch the show and why do you post here? You make yourself look so childish and immature.

        I myself was a teenage Mother at 17, a little older than these girls. But never the less this show reflects a lot of what I went through. But happy to say my life turned out fine and my daughters did too “)

        Thank you ABC Family for this great T.V.Show!

      • Taylor

        I completely agree with Joshua. Well said

  • Abigaile

    Why are so many people posting mean things about this show? If you dont like it then dont click the site please because it gets really irritating when every comment is mean.

    For My Opinion- I agree that Adrians baby would be too much for the show. It almost seems too perfect so I think it needs a little sadness that will affect the Series (not the next few episodes). Im really glad that Brenda Hampton decided to reveal this information with us and even us knowing whats coming, were still going to be suprised when it ACTUALLY happens!

    • hayden

      I agree with you..! Their life seemed to perfect & also with the people who are hating on the show!

    • monique

      thank you i feel the same way if you don’t like the show then why take the time to read an article about it and then talk-smack. why do people do this? i seen on every website that allows you to make comments. they hate the show so much yet they make time to sit down and talk about how it sucks. grow up dumbass.

  • Deanna Kay

    I like watching the show. But the conversations are so fake sounding most of the time to the point of being funny.

  • hayden

    OMG, I’ve been a faithful watcher of this show and its not the best but I can’t stop watching it. Wow i can’t believe this is going to happen poor Ben & Adrian but there’s a reason why this happens to them.. It was crazy having two teen moms; not okay… Can’t wait to continue watching this season…

  • Jams

    Its obvious that none of you all are teen parents.Take it from one, this show is pretty much how high schoolers act when they find out they’ll be changing diapers on graduation day. You 16 in high school theres enough drama right there, but try the fear and anxiety of a baby on top of that.

    • Char

      I am there with you! I myself was a teen Mom. But back when teen Moms could not go to school with the others….

  • Ashley

    Honestly watching yesterdays episode for some reson i had a gut feeling that this was going to happen! Im in shock that my prediction is true.My bestfriend just lost her son and I know the pain. Seriously its going to be hard to watch. But it is something that happens even to the best of mothers that take the most precautioned care of themselves.

  • kay

    This is my favorite show i know that it talks alot about sex but one day you are going to hear alot about it.

  • markee

    I can’t believe she’s going to lose the baby. But I love love love this show. IV seen every one and I hope they keep the show going for a long time.

  • secretkife freak

    Adian cant lose her baby she just cant

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