Showtime cans 'United States of Tara,' renews 'Nurse Jackie'


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Showtime has ordered a fourth season of Nurse Jackie and has yanked United States of Tara from its premium lineup. Jackie, which stars the Emmy-winning Edie Falco, is currently averaging 2.8 million viewers.

Tara, which launched in 2009, has been good for Collette when it comes to racking up awards: She’s been nominated three times by the Emmys and won once. She also received a Golden Globe for playing a married mom with multiple personalities.

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  • Melissa

    I can’t say I’m surprised. The focus of Tara has shifted from Tara over the past season or so. I don’t particularly care about Kate and her crazy finding herself garbage, couldn’t care less about Charmaine and her baby. TARA is the interesting character, should have kept the show about her.

    • RT

      So u wanna watch a person with MPD what talking and interacting by themself …that would b a one man show like when u walk b y a bum and their talking to themselves….nonsense

      • nikkigrace

        I think it’s DID not MPD

    • RT

      So u wanna watch a person with MPD what talking and interacting by themself …that would b a one man show like when u walk b y a bum and their talking to themselves….nonsense comment

      • Chet

        Hmm which personality should I respond to. I think the point was there’s so much with the sister, the baby daddy, the son, the daughter, not interacting with Tara but there own storylines that have started to dominate the show.

      • Bum

        We are highly offended by your comment. I think it’s ignorant and so do I.

    • Jethro

      Edie Falco is one of the most-overated actresses on TV today. Was she ever nominated for an Oscar? NOPE, but Toni was!

      • Art

        Yes, but her nomination was for the “I-see-dead-people” movie. Not Toni Collette’s best role. Her 10-15 minutes of screen time on The Hours was Oscar-worthy.

      • Matt

        Huh? What does being nominated for an Oscar have to do with anything? Collette was nominated for an Oscar because she was in a successful movie and was fantastic in it. Falco’s been more successful on television, and has focused on working there more. What does Toni Collette having an Oscar nomination 12 years ago have to do with Edie Falco being an allegedly-overrated actress on TV?

      • Chris

        Jethro, simple equation here:
        Emmys= TV
        Oscars= movies

      • jackm1249

        Jethro ( that name sure fits)
        Ya and rightly so Toni lost that oscar.

        Edie 4 Emmys 5 golden globes
        Toni 1 emmy 1 golden globe.

      • Ethan

        Plenty of mediocre actresses have been nominated for Oscars. No actress has EVER given a performance on television as extraordinary as Falco’s on The Sopranos. If you want to see an hour(ish) the best acting you may ever see, watch The Sopranos’ “Whitecaps” episode… or “Join The Club”… or “Eloise”… or “Second Opinion”… or “Sentimental Education.” Falco is extraordinary.

    • Jason

      I Agree.

    • pepper

      This show was pretentious pap and deserved the axe.

      • Jnorthwood

        exactly my thoughts! I expect nothing less from Diablo Cody, talk about over rated.

    • The Other Boleyn Girl

      I agree with everything you said Melissa. The show should’ve kept the main focus on Tara and her alters. Also, another big problem for me with the show was the lack of chemistry between Toni Colette and John Corbett. I just never felt like Tara and Max were deeply in love with each other. Therefore, it was hard to understand at times why Max would stay with her.

    • Heather

      I completely agree. Another issue is the overuse of the word F%CK. I’m not a purist and I use the word myself, however hearing it included in every sentence uttered by every character seems a little extreme. I also really did not care for the supporting characters at all. Neil-Loser Max-Sad Kate-Obnoxious Marshall-Flat Charmaine-Lazy

  • SAF

    Agree…the show needs to focus on Tara. I thought last week’s episode showed promise in her instructor finding out what caused the condition…we may never know now..

  • donnie

    in what universe is NURSE JACKIE averaging 2.8 million viewers? The 5/16/11 episode attracted 431,000 viewers. Quit printing the network spin without vetting it.

    • Jacob

      Those are weekly numbers from re-airings and such. They should have mentioned that.

  • Mal

    This sucks! I’ve never cared for Nurse Jackie, but straight up LOVED United States of Tara, and this season has been AWESOME, IMO. I can’t wait to see what happens with the (minor spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the last episode) new alter!

    • Daniel

      Same. Such a good show.

    • Heather

      I don’t think its a new alter. I think its an old alter that is now resurfacing due to college. Remember how they said she had these kind of problems in college and needed to drop out?

    • KEVIN

      At least John Corbett is now available to join Parenthood full time!
      The Bright Side

      • mel


    • meg

      I totally agree! I watched nurse jackie and it sucked!!! UST is awesome!!!

  • NJ

    donnie, chill out, did Edie forget to tip you or something?

    • RT

      Zinger nj zinger!!!! LOL

  • Annie B

    I love BOTH “Nurse Jackie” and “United State of Tara!” I am very disappointed that “Tara” is being yanked. Boo, Showtime!

    • Carla

      I agree. I love all the Gregsons, and am disappointed that Tara won’t get a 4th season.

  • Kevin

    I’m not surprised. This season of Tara has been pretty bad. I used to watch faithfully but the last 3-4 weeks I change the channel after Nurse Jackie. It’s to bad because for a moment it was one of my favorite shows…

  • Zo

    Why did EW print “Jackie’s” numbers and not “Tara’s”?

    And I’m bummed! I thought the Jackie/Tara lineup was a perfect match of looney but strong women, great character actors, and a fantastic mix in both of comedy and disturbia. I’m really going to miss “Tara”.

  • Lincoln

    And my Showtime subscription get’s cancelled TODAY.

    • PiratesDaughter

      ooo thanks for the reminder. I will also be cancelling showtime as well. woo! 120$ a year in the pocket.

      • connor

        i’m sure showtime cares. goodbye.

      • DextersKnife

        How can you cancel showtime while it still has Californication and Dexter on it? Tara was their number 3 or number 4 series at best. never got into the Big C so can’t comment on that.

      • AC

        Showtime has great shows. Dexter, Shameless, Californication and Weeds. Tara wasn’t that great anyways.

    • lyricleeone

      As is mine – it was the only decent thing on the air that I cared to watch. And YES Connor, they do care. As a pay service network, of course they do. Goodbye!

    • DUH

      as much as i loved tara, i still can’t give up shameless or weeds

      • DrewinKC

        Shameless is by far one of the most enjoyable hours on television. more people should give it a chance.

      • Melissa

        Agree! Shameless is awesome! Showtime has some really GREAT shows (Dexter, Shameless, The Big C, Californication). I think they should start letting some of their underperforming shows go (ahem… Nancy Botwin, looking at you) to make room for the better shows.

      • Heather

        Hours? The show itself barely ever gets to 54 minutes. But still better than just plain ole cable.

      • mel

        @Melissa – thank goodness Showtime is not listening to you. The TV Guide marathon last October averaged 3 million viewers.

      • mel

        sorry – meant to say “the TV Guide maraton for WEEDS last October”

  • Killer Rob

    I watched both Nurse Jackie & USoT but quit watching Tara this season because the show’s storylines were just too retarded. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Tara won’t be renewed, and now I feel pretty cool about myself being that I quit watching it weeks ago, and now it’s canceled!

    • Ryan

      You really couldn’t up with a better description for your opinion of the storylines than “retarded”? Showtime won’t be sorry to miss you.

  • PiratesDaughter

    I’m quite sad to hear about the demise of Tara. It WAS a good show for 2 seasons. I kinda figured when Eddie showed up that there wasn’t much left of the show…and there wasn’t.

  • Zo

    I’ve quite liked what Eddie Izzard brought to the show. I feel like with his guidance, they could really be onto something with healing Tara. I mean, there’s a reason she and her alters keep seeking him out.

    Ah, but anyway… question to fans who know more than me– I feel like I haven’t seen Diablo Cody’s name as much in the opening credits anymore. She used to write many episodes (and early on, she at least story-boarded the rest). Is she not involved this season? (Other than to be named each week as one of the creators.)

    • Fido

      I came to the show when I heard Eddie was joining the cast. Love it when he’s on the screen but am full of meh when the story looks at the other members of the family. As for Nurse Jackie: used to be a fan during Seasons 1+2, but at the start of 3 she was just so blooming mean that I went right off her and have never returned.

  • Ben

    Can’t understand why this isn’t the other way around. Tried watching Nurse Jackie and the show was awful and boring. I was hoping we’d see some resolution with Tara’s problems before the show ended.

  • RT

    And truthfully c if some other network will pick it up Tara has a great cast and Toni is by far one of the best actresses alive….screw the ratings they always murder the best shows

  • Mike

    I can’t believe this. I love TARA! I love JACKIE as well, but assumed both were safe. I don’t get Showtime so I have been buying both when they come out on DVD. I had thought TARA did good in the ratings. Why are they canceling it?

    • Chet

      It only gets around 250,000 viewers, Jackie gets around 450,000. 2.8 million must be the combined numbers since they air about 50x a week.

    • jane

      I thought both Tara and Jackie were sucking last season. Jackie especially. But I think theyve both really turned it around this season. Im sad to see Tara go.

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