Edward James Olmos joins 'Dexter'


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Battlestar Galactica star Edward James Olmos has signed on to the sixth season of Showtime’s Dexter.

He’s going to play a “brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies.” The former Admiral Adama is added to a cast list that includes previously announced guest stars like Colin Hanks and Mos (formerly Mos Def). Production on the next season starts on May 25 and the show debuts this fall.

Here’s a teaser (no new footage, though):

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  • ZB

    I don’t’ understand why Showtime is listing this as a season 6 teaser since it’s clearly a season 5 teaser (there’s no reference to season 5 and then the scream at the end is clearly Lumen’s).

    • Lou Diamond Phillips

      What is calculus?

    • Seqvere

      That’s because the Lumen character/arc SUCKED. I suppose they could have been like, “in Season 4 the Trinity Killer changed everything and in season 5 Julia Stiles annoyed and bored you to DEATH, mwah hahahahahahaaaaa…”

      • Anthony

        She didn’t bore me to death!! She made me want to jump off a frakkin building though!

    • Clover

      ZB – I disagree with you about the scream at the end. Sounds more like Deb to me.

      • Crystal

        I thought it was Deb too at the end.

      • ZB

        It could be. But why would they omit season 5? I didn’t liked it that much either but I can’t imagine Showtime would just decide to ignore it and, if that is true, by those standards, season 3 should be omitted to, since it wasn’t that better than season 5.

      • MB

        Sounds like Deb to me.

      • Peyton

        its totally Deb, without a doubt

      • jeremy

        Good to see the nerds of the internet arguing & dissecting the smallest things.

        ………….ps it was totally Luman.

      • Van

        it deff sounds like Deb

    • Mary

      I thought the same thing, ZB.

    • soulpole23

      It’s because season 5 has yet to be released on DVD.

    • Sylvia

      Its not Lumen’s scream. Both the voices of Dexter “You made me into what I am.” and Deb “Oh god, oh my god, oh my god” Are both from season one. Dexter said that to the guy that killed his mother and Deb said that at the part when the Ice Truck Killer spilled his tools out onto the boat in front of Deb.

      • Sylvia

        oops, typo. “You made me into what I am” is from season 2 not season 1

  • Lizzie

    fantastic!! I have been missing our Adama lately, so glad he will be on Dexter!! Love that show and Olmos!

  • LW


  • Adama

    So say we all!!

  • pattycupcake

    i’ll never forget mos def on that great hbo film about the heart doctors at john hopkins. he was brilliant. (if in fact i’m thinking of the right actor.) i’m so glad he’s signed on.

    • RMW

      You’re thinking of the right guy.

    • macey

      The name of the HBO movie was “Something the Lord Made.” It starred Mos (Def) and Alan Rickman.

  • pattycupcake

    oh, right, hospital in baltimore with the weird name. johnS hopkins. excusssse me!

  • Shy

    What? That’s not him. That’s Alan Rickman you’re thinking of.

  • STU

    Dexter has just become more passionate and more intense.

    • Liz Lemon

      I love me some Dexter! Can’t wait!

  • tracy bluth

    Are you sure it’s not Edward James Almost, the Edward James Olmos impersonator Tracy Jordan is friends with?

  • HR

    Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks and Mos Def?! Did Showtime run out of money and now all they can afford are D-listers? Someone needs to tell Showtime that Don Jonson has a opening in his schedule. This is their most popular show and this is the best they can do? I predict another sh!tty season.

    • Cathy

      Hmm, that’s weird because I see these same 3 names and have the complete opposite reaction. Last season was a disappointment but I am hoping that this cast can get the show back on track.

    • Roger

      I am a big fan of the show but HR is right on the money! These three actors do not spark my Dexter fuse. Why not hire Jerry Mathers as the murdering Beaver? Or Richard Chamberlain as the murdering Dr. Kildare?

    • rerun

      Are you looking for star power or actors right for the part? If you’re just looking for star power in guest spots, there are lots of other shows to accomodate you.

  • mydove

    That’s from Season 5 so it’s Lumen, since they didn’t show footage from that season.

    • jodipo

      well thank you God for answering the question. Since we know you are infallible we can all rest easy *insert eyeroll here*

      Oh, and it was obviously Deb

      • bob

        well thank you God for answering the question. Since we know you are infallible we can all rest easy. *insert eyeroll here*
        Oh, and it was obviously Rita. Back from the grave, or the bathtub.

      • Rob

        It was Deb.. I’m hoping she findz out this season. In the book she found out with the ice truck killer, dex frees deb and they kill liguerta, wish that would happen. I see her being the next on the chopping block.. all she adds to the show is complaining, which as we seen with rita only leads to getting killed off

  • Grey

    sweeet. Admiral Adama will certanly add some wonderful flavor to the show!

    • Mike

      So say we all!

      • Starstruck

        So say we all.

      • Starstruck

        Dexter is such a great show. Season 4 made up for season 3, but was a hard act to follow for season 5. Here’s hoping season 6 will give EJO a villain worthy of his talents and unmistakable face. I seriously can’t wait–I’ve missed him and my favorite serial killer.

  • nikkigrace

    umm….if production hasn’t even started yet then non of this is from season 6….It says production starts tomorrow the 25th…I think that was Deb saying ‘oh god’….but she does say that a lot….but yeah…

  • DarkPassenger

    Agree that last season was a disappointment. So much of what I love about Dexter was missing, and Lumen was so horrible. I expect better of the show than convenient love interests and cliched, mawkish dialogue, such as (I’m paraphrasing here)”Maybe we were supposed to meet each other” and “I’ll always carry your dark passenger with me.”

  • tickles

    Dang. Edward James Olmos is awesome. Heck, he was the sexiest thing on Miami Vice 30 years ago. His Lt. Castillo was fire and ice. He contains an air of menace that you never know when will erupt into violence. This could top John Lithgow and I never thought I’d see the day.

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