'Glee': Co-creator/exec producer Brad Falchuk discusses last night's finale and what's in store for season 3 -- EXCLUSIVE

SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED GLEE‘s SEASON 2 FINALE, WHICH AIRED LAST NIGHT, STOP READING……… By now, most of you Gleeks know that New Directions didn’t even place in the top ten at Nationals. On the bright side, Finnchel is back together, Quinn got a jaunty new haircut, Kurt and Blaine both said, “I love you,” and Sam and Mercedes are now a couple! “Samcedes?” “Mersam?” That’s gonna be a tough one to combine into a catchy nickname. EW talked exclusively with Glee co-creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk about the New York City-set finale as well as what’s in store for season 3.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you always think New Directions would lose?
BRAD FALCHUK: Yeah. They’re not ready yet. I think there’s something about them winning that deflates things oddly. We knew what was going to happen. It’s not even that they lost but they didn’t even make that top 10. That’s how unprepared they were. That’s how unfocused they were. I kinda liked that. To me, if they make it to the top 10 after they’re so clearly not focused, they’re clearly not invested because they all have other things going on — it would have been a little disingenuous.

Why are Sam and Mercedes hiding their relationship?
We’re gonna have to wait and discover that. They have their reasons. That was something that was born out of the prom episode. We felt the chemistry there.

Quinn seemed so over the Finn break-up by the end of the show. Was that an act?
It was all in her hair, man. It really was. All the bad juju was in her hair and she cut it all off and everything got better. It wasn’t that she got over it all but I think she’s just grown up. Every culture has a ritual like that where you make some sort of physical change and it transforms you inside too.

It seemed like you were planting seeds of Sunshine Corazon returning to McKinley?
Unsure yet. We have some big plans for next year. It’s not worth getting into them because who knows? When we talk in September, everything I say will be different anyway. Don’t even bother. It’s a waste of time. That’s how we work. We have ideas and then we also wanna leave some room for a little discovery.

There was a lot of talk in the finale about graduating and going to New York. Does that mean this is the last season of Rachel, Finn, Kurt, etc.?
Oh, we’ll get into all that later.

Would you ever think of doing a spin-off with Rachel, Kurt, Blaine and Finn living in New York?
I don’t know. Like I said, I am basking in the glow of finishing. Talking about starting is way too soon.

But you all at least have a plan for the issue of most of the characters graduating?
Yes, we have plans definitely. This is not a willy nilly thing. We have plans for stuff and it’s gonna all be great.

It seemed like a lot of people were hoping Santana was going to come out of the closet. Was there any thought of that?
No. When we (co-creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan) talked about doing that story and about her really being gay, it was a big conversation because it’s a big deal. She’s a major character. We knew we were going to get some blowback, frankly. I think we’re all very progressive but the reality is a lot of the country isn’t as progressive yet. But we wanted to take the risk because it was a group of people that weren’t truly identified on the show. We were so respectful on the Kurt story and really have focused so much on that and the character and making the sure the struggle of a gay teen in Ohio was looked at. We wanted to do the same as this one. We knew it was going to take some time. We didn’t wanna rush it. We didn’t have the time to really tell that story. I’m not gonna just have her come out in the last scene of the episode. That’s a big deal. We dedicated two episodes to Kurt coming out and then it went on. We want to give it some time so we’re giving it some time and we’re going to get into it next season.

What did you wanna say to fans who watched the finale?
The episode’s first cut was 20 minutes long so we had to cut it down to really make it work. That episode was really about these kids and seeing them really out of their league and putting them in a big city and really wanting to get that Rachel/Finn thing going. I think a lot of people were let down by like, What happened to Will and Emma? What happened to Brittany and Santana? What happened to Quinn? There was a Will and Emma scene but we had to cut it for time. The Will and Emma people can rest assured that they’re both single now and he’s helped her get better. There will definitely be some hot action there.

You can’t please everyone.
No. But I wanted people to understand that it wasn’t like we forgot everyone: the story of the episode was the Rachel and Finn story. That was the driving story. It was about learning like, Look, you wanna win so badly that you wanna be a Broadway figure so badly that you’ll turn your back on everything. Then the moment you decide not to, you lose the championship because of it. You don’t make the top 10 because you decided to kiss instead. At the end of the day, even Rachel, who was so determined at winning, is good with it. And Kurt is good with it. Everyone understands that being together is more important than anything else.

I heard that you all are hiring new writers. So it will be more than just you, Ryan and Ian?
Yep. We’ll have an actual television writing staff like other places do. We’re trying to get a lot of quirky people and interesting people and people that are not what you’d expect. I think it’s gonna help us to get some fresh voices. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still our show.

So when will you start breaking stories for season 3? Have you even thought about that?
Oh, absolutely. We start at the end of June.

Can you give any kind of tease for season 3?
If  I could, I would. Just know that we have some really great, big ideas. I am under the opinion it will be the best season.

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  • sam

    Maybe he can tell us why this episode was so bad and boring. The clothes and the city were pretty. That’s about it.

    • Flip

      EW, you should have asked if Jessalyn Gilsig is leaving the show or not. FAIL!

      • alan of montreal

        I read a while ago that she was returning (though that may mean only an episode or two, like this past year). They really aren’t doing justice to her as an actress, though. As someone who did some work with her in theatre in Montreal, I can tell you she can do a lot more than what they’re giving her.

      • Tom

        they are going to hire new writers

    • M

      The finale was ok, better than a lot of the season that spent way too much time on the cannonization of Kurt (Ryan Murphy’s obvious agenda), which was an important story, but the lack of character development/storylines of any character who wasn’t Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, or Finn pretty much got the shaft. It seems ridiculous that Mercedes didn’t get anything to do and having Tina’s “performances” always being chopped as a joke is frankly insulting. The most encouraging info I gleaned from the article is that the show will be getting new writers (this is a great thing) just please write better storylines and develop the characters, I mean the other ones…. Sad thing, I’m pretty sure that I submitted a similar comment after the S1 finale this time last year….

      • Captain

        I;m sorry but Tina doesn’t get solos/screentime for three reasons. She’s boring, she’s a weak actress and she’s a weak singer. She’s one of the show’s weak links and fans should be happy she gets the scenes she does.

      • Rain

        Agree with you M, the best thing in the article was the idea that there will be new writers!!

    • Cygnus

      Agree. Bland episode. I just hope that next season isnt another pro-gay after-school special. It was great when Curt was just one of the kids, and the fact that he was gay was moot. I hope we don’t have that same crap with Santana shoved down our throat next season, else I might just finally give up on Glee. Season 2 was almost as bad as Heroes season 2. Grade: D

      • Al

        Wow, you are so right with the Heroes comparison… Glee had great potential but started to drag last spring and IMO has not been consistent since.

      • Michael

        Yeah. I’d rather have all that heterosexual nonsense shoved down my throat. It’s like the gay stuff, only with less style, intelligence and sophistication. Much preferable.

      • Cygnus

        Michael, its much more subtle. Loud and Proud is the problem I have with gays on TV. They can’t be just be characters that happen to be gay, but that they major gist of even having them on the show is to show off their gayness. It’s boring, sidelines the main story, and is a cliche and overdone storyline by 2011. Glee needs to move on the more innovative things, than having a gay storyline like every other show. Since why does a show need 50% gay storylines when 50% of the population, and probably not even 50% of the Glee viewers are gay? It’s overload.

      • Marcus

        Cygnus, it’s a show about high school in which two majors characters and two supporting characters are gay. Forgive them for addressing the culturally relevant theme of queer kids being bullied to the point of suicide in high school. PS: The queer kids having relationshios isn’t “Loud and Proud” – it’s treating them just like the straight kids.

      • Cygnus

        OK, the public service announcement of gays being bullied in schools is complete, now move on. This season got so derailed by Curt leading McKinley, and the introduction of the Warblers. The show didnt need a 15 minute spinoff every week for Curt. Thankfully he came back, and now maybe can go back to being just an evil diva character rather than the poster child for gay bullying. Yawn.

      • Lily

        Hope that Kurt being an more comedic evil diva character will finally earn him an Emmy in the comedy category… At least he was appreciated with a Golden Globe for his dramatic scenes in season 2…

      • A

        Do you really EARN an emmy for playing a gay teen, if you are one? Also, the gay comparisons, half the characters on Nurse Jackie are gay and that is never brought up. Characters on a well-written show like that are they are more than just gay.

      • Lily

        Being gay does not guarantee a good or easy portrayal of a gay character… Seems that Chris Colfer is in real life more a serious and loud nerd , playing a character (Kurt) that is an obnoxious diva who is at the moment way too serious to win an Emmy in a comedy category. He may have to take some lessons from Naya/Santana or Jane Lynch… then he may be able to get an Emmy…

      • Lily

        Hope that the new writers will bring more consistent storylines for Tina, Mercedes and Mike.

      • Lily

        Glee is about a showchoir… Not about a football team…

      • Ryan

        Exactly how is a storyline about a gay character dealing with his relationship with his conventional father and a bully in school about someone “showing off” his “gayness”? Plots about gay characters emphasize their sexual identity for some very obvious reasons–because gay people are still in the process of fighting for very basic rights that straight people have long completely taken for granted and because, with the exception of a few shows like Glee, these struggles (and even just the basic experience of a gay teen dating, etc) have not been depicted frequently in film and on television. Disney, for example, still refuses to feature gay characters in their teen shows/films, claiming they don’t depict sexuality while depicting straight romance in everything. It’s also striking how, the moment a minority group begins to get a shred of something even approaching equal representation, people like you (that is, in the majority which still retains near total dominance–just count how often you see straight characters and romance in shows, ads, etc) complain that they are now being oppressed because they’re having to deal with the occasional representation of characters not directly like them. So basically, gay people can put up with 95% of everything being totally about straight people, but if you find one or two prominent gay storylines (on a show about a show choir, no less!), you complain about all of the “gayness” you’re being forced to watch? Have you thought about how foolish that sounds? If anything, that kind of blindness and lack of empathy are exactly what Glee (and other shows positively portraying gay characters) are supposed to combat. It’s funny, and perhaps sad, that someone who claims to like the show as much as you do isn’t getting that message.

      • kendra

        well id give it an A+. dont be a hater. that show is amazing. unlike jersey shore. that show is the stupidest and gayest show ever known to mankind. but, hopefully the 3rd season will be better and focus on each character throughout the season cuz of the new writing staff coming aboard!(:

    • ash

      what about quick??

      • Quick fan!

        I totally 100% agree with this! Everyone is completely forgetting about the big connection between Quinn and Puck.

  • Liza

    There was no information given in this entire article. Way to go EW.

    • Wha’ever

      It’s not EW’s fault in my opinion. This guy’s really talented at saying absolutely nothing important in long sentences. He could be a politician.

      • Olivia

        It’s EWs fault for posting this rubbish and not hiring reporters that can weasel information out of people.

      • Captain

        The problem lies in the interview in the first place. They interviewed this guy about the future of Glee when he clearly has no idea what the future of Glee is. I’ve learned not to trust anything said by these guys too early on. Remember last May when Ryan was saying “Rachel and Finn are never going to break up, Terri is gonna have a huge role in next season…” they never keep their word.

      • Tom

        it’s an commercial posing as an article, just like every other article.

    • smani

      On the contrary, what I got out of this article is confirmation that the shows writers have no overall plan for their characters or story. It explains a lot about the uneven scripts and plot holes (like why there are 6 genres of songs required at Regionals based on the lessons each week, yet none are actually performed by the winning group).

      • Captain

        Also, they only have 3 writers? Explains a lot.

  • alex

    they didn’t make the top 10 because of the LAME original songs! I watch Glee on Hulu and fast forward through all the originals. GO BACK TO COVERS. THAT’S WHAT GOT PEOPLE INTO THIS SHOW.

    • Kwise1

      Agreed – no more original songs.

      • ?

        I thought “Pretending” was a good end to the episode’s Rachel/Finn arc. I enjoyed the duet thoroughly. My only issue is, I wasn’t able to understand how the loss was placed on their shoulders… that could have been explained better (maybe it was before the edit?). Maybe the club was using it as a scapegoat? That’s what I’m thinking, Jesse’s explanation wasn’t good enough for me. But yeah, I did like ‘Pretending’ and I think if the original songs are few and far between it can be more than a cash cow… I’d like to see them tap into a pool of interesting songwriters in the future… it could be a draw for me personally. Agree to disagree.

      • littlerain


      • Cindy

        Pretending was nice. It could have been better if they had someone else singing it other than Finn. That guy’s voice is not good at all. Any of the other guys would have been a better choice. Maybe not Mike as he claims he cannot sing. I would say they didn’t make top 10 because of Finn.

    • Tina

      Eh, original songs are fine. They were catchy. Covers get old, too, you know.

  • SisterZip

    I was really disappointed by the finale. It seemed rushed and sort of unfocused. They should have let Idol have Wednesday & Thursday and gave Glee 1.5 or 2 hours. Too many songs in such a short time. Everything was good, but just not enough time.

    • SaraS

      Ooh I agree with that – Glee should’ve been 90 minutes; that 90 minute episode was pretty darn good.
      I agree with his thoughts on McKinley winning a spot at Nationals; not ready yet. First trip there? No.
      Pleeeeaaaaase, no Sunshine next season. She’s not a good actor and it’s annoying.

      • Sly

        Yes, please no more Sunshine…there’s no money it for her. Glee sells millions and the cast gets squat. The show did its job as far as her career is concerned and that’s exposure. Other than the Glee stans, viewers are aware of her freakishly insane voice. She doesn’t need Glee anymore..

      • je

        How can you say no more Sunshine & she is annoying, you people don`t know how to appreciate who`s actually have a real talent, and about her acting yes absolutely she is getting better & better as a new comer.

      • Vicky

        Um… sunshine is NOT annoying, she is fantastic. Also, Charice already had a career before glee. Glee was not her first gig. She’s a singer.

    • Sam

      I agree about the show being longer. If there was that much shot I don’t know why they had to force it into one hour. It probably would had given the show a richer context. I hate it when they edit so much out and don’t even add them back in the DVD’s. This episode could had easily had been an hour and a half. It would had made it so much more of a rewarding experience. Glee always seems so rushed as it is. Too much to cover in just one hour.

    • steph

      totally agree. It felt like the beginning dragged but the end was SO rushed. All the good stuff happened in the last 5 minutes!

      • madie

        Sunshine would be a good addition to the show.

      • Doobie

        Kings of Leon gave this show the finger.

      • meg

        I completely agree! My sister asked how the episode was and I was like “You really only need to watch the last 5-10 minutes. The rest of it was just filler…”

      • Katy

        I agree with madie sunshine would be a good addition to the show, since I heard someone that Sunshine can do any genre, so I tough about that Falchuk should include her with the New Direction would had been better for a group.

      • je

        Agree of Madie sunshine would be a good addition of a group New Direction of the show.

  • kate middleton

    What’s in store for Season 3 of Glee? CANCELLATION.

    • Lola

      I believe that is totally uncalled for. Your opinion ticks me off.

      • kate middleton

        LOL – get a life. This article claims to say what’s in store for Season 3, but it actually says nothing about it.

        Glee jumped the shark really early on and it’s gotten more and more absurd as time passes. Definitely deleting it off my DVR. It started out so well…

      • Rick

        As much as it pains me to say it, being a huge gleek and all, Cancellation is very much a possibility. This next season is going to be the pivotal season what with some of the main characters graduating and all. It all depends on how they handle that transition. If they handle it well, I can see Glee lasting another three-four seasons or so. If they handle it poorly, then it could be bye-bye for Glee.

      • kate middleton

        You’re definitely right, Rick. College years are super hard to transition to, and will be especially for Glee where the primary connection is at school. If the ratings are there, they’ll figure out a way though – no matter how contrived.

      • joblo

        Yeah. After really enjoying season one I quit this year. Takes itself way too seriously and has become a pseudo-After School Special it seems. I just loved the music and the comedy of the first season. Don’t need to be preached at, thanks. I’ll pass.

      • kate middleton

        Glad I’m not alone, Joblo. Season 1 was great, but this one has been far from it. It’s just so ridiculous – the characters’ motivations don’t make sense (or change all the time without explanation) and it is preachy and then total camp the next. No thanks, Ryan Murphy.

      • Kwise1

        well at least they’re getting some new writers. Perhaps that will help solve some of the problems we saw in Season 2. I’m hopeful that Season 3 will be better….

      • Benn

        I thought that this season was good.. I don’t know which was better, first or second, but I still thought it was good. What we have to realize is that there is going to be drama and changing plans and motivations because the characters are teenagers in a high school setting, and that is exactly the way that teenagers are. They change moods and personalities and ideas as often as they change their clothes.

      • Cindy

        Glee is too much of a cash cow for Fox to cancel. I’m sure Glee will have a spinoff when people graduate and half the cast will end up in NY.

    • MattS

      You do realize Glee is one of Fox’s highest rated shows, right? Over 12 million people tuned in for the finale and that does not include DVR playback. This show will be going on for years with that kind of viewership.

      • kate middleton

        Yes of course. But, that doesn’t mean everyone will stick around. If you read online, many people seem to think it’s jumped the shark. Ratings can drop dramatically (look at The OC) very quickly. Remains to be seen.

      • murley

        people who read entertainment posts and comment often fail to realize what a small and particular percentage of the viewing population they actually are. you no longer like glee and think it has jumped the shark, fine, but during this so-called inferior season the ratings have risen by almost 3 million. it is time to face the fact that not everyone agrees with your opinion.

    • Stace

      I agree this show has basically been unwatchable this season. I went from loving all the characters last season to hating them all this season, especially Mr. Shue, Kurt and Rachel.

      • Hannah

        I agree! I was totally annoyed by them this season! :S

      • Lily

        It was the other way around for me… I like it that Kurt and Rachel became more of a jerk… No person is perfect, even not in the irrational Glee universe.

      • kate middleton

        I am with you, Stace. I can’t stand Rachel and Mr. Schu the most. They are insufferable now.

      • Taki

        How could you hate Kurt this season? He’s one of the few characters who actually got character development. Did you prefer it when he spent time manipulating people or stalking Finn like last season? Really?

    • Lily

      Glee is a dramedy and lots of people were dissapointed because there was more drama than comedy… I am not sure though whether Glee is strong enough to be only a comedy… Let’s see what the new 3 actors will bring into the series…

  • IYAD


  • MrsT

    I am so glad that New Directions didn’t make the top 10 — it really would have felt like a cheat for them to go to NY, not even START writitng their songs until just before the competition and then come out on top.

    • ugh

      that irked me too. like a team would go to nyc that unprepared for something they talk about incessantly and know is a big deal!

      • Judy Cleveland

        I agree . You would never go to a show choir competition unprepared. That just didn’t make since!

    • Irishgirl

      But see, I have a hard time with the fact they hadn’t prepared anything. That’s just not like them at all. Totally not like Rachel. So, I thought that whole twist where they’ve landed in NY and haven’t written the songs was just plain stupid. It was totally uncharacteristic of the club and of Mr Shue.

    • carol

      This never makes sense to me, all school year they stage these huge production numbers for competition and then at the last minute they just chuck of all that and come up with numbers at the last minute.

  • me

    Why are Mercedes and Sam dating? Seems really, extremely unrealistic when I compare it to real high school. It makes a nice story, but would it ever happen? Probably not.

    • rabbit

      Seems logical to me they both r lonely. She is the only aa and he is the only homeless kid. They r seeking comfort togethr.

      • Laura

        The better question is why Puck/Zizes? I am sorry but that would NEVER EVER happen. I’m not hating on her for being big but the hottest guy in school is not only going out with the largest girl but he’s whipped by her? Ugh.

      • Hali

        I think he just likes girls who have a mean streak lol. Think about it.

      • Lily

        Agree with Hali… I think Puck also mentioned that Lauren reminds him of his dominating and insulting mother.

    • rabbit

      Seems logical to me they both r lonely. She is the only aa and he is the only homeless kid. They r seeking comfort togethr. Should be interesting.

    • Kasey

      I’ve seen it happen. I was often amazed by some people who hooked up in high school.

    • Linda

      Actually it makes a lot of sense to me. First, the writers set up the relationship in Prom Queen when Sam asked Mercedes to dance with him. Second, Sam has been manipulated by Santana and Quinn this season -he needs a woman, like Mercedes, also lonely, who doesn’t play those games. I think they will make a good couple. Can’t wait to see how it plays out next season.

    • Jenna

      Would a handicapped geek and a hot cheerleader happen? Would a diva singer everyone hates and a jock who is the most popular boy in school happen? And they aren’t exactly the first multi-ethnic/interracial couple on the show-what about Tina/Artie or Santana/everyone she’s been paired with?

  • Emma

    They should have kept those extra twenty minutes and actually wrapped up some more of those storylines. Also, I really think that they should have placed lower. Their lack of preparation just really bothered me for some reason. As a musician, if I were going to a NATIONAL competition, I would be practicing for MONTHS, not writing my own songs the day before the competition. I know Glee isn’t trying to be completely realistic all the time, but I just really didn’t like how they handled Nationals.

  • Avie

    One of the odd things that happened this season was the close friendship between Kurt and Mercedes has all but died. But I guess that’s high schoool.

    It was a bit of a rocky season, and there were some real stinkers, but overall I still love this show. Hope the new writers bring some more consistency to the proceedings.

    • Lola

      I don’t understand why the writers killed the Kurt and Mercedes friendship either. It’s like something happpened between them but we never saw it on camera.

      • Marcus

        I figured it had something to do with her abysmal attitude towards him in the religion episode. She didn’t know how to talk to him anymore because he’s an atheist? I’d stop being her friend too.

      • Savy

        I was more bothered by the lack of the Quinn/Mercedes friendship. They lived together last year, and i don’t think they even said a line to each other this season.

    • Woot

      What ever happened to the Mercedes/Quinn relationship? They had a really nice bond in season one that completely vanished this season.

    • Lily

      Yeah, a bit dissapointed about the Mercedes-Kurt development. After their face off in Grilled Cheesus: Kurt had the sleepover with Mercedes and Rachel…Mercedes and Tina and Santana told Kurt how much they miss him… When Kurt came back to his old school, he extra hugged Finn AND Mercedes… Even though I love Rachel… I was kind of surprised that Kurt/Rachel was more explored than Kurt/Mercedes. Hope there will be a Sam/Mercedes/Kurt triangle… Maybe the reason that Mercedes wanted to hide the relationship with Sam is because she might be afraid of Kurt’s reaction. Remember how Mercedes was not very positive in the beginning of Blaine/Kurt’s relationship (bag coming out of Kurt’s mouth) ??

  • Edward

    I think Blaine trasfered.
    1. He was in street clothes which doesn’t happen often
    2. Sam and mercedes told them “We will see you guys in class” key words: you guys

    • Heather

      OMG I didnt even realize that. i read somewhere that hes transfering so that must be one of the surprises. nice catch

    • Angie

      Unless they cut a scene where Blaine announces he transferred, then I don’t think it happened. That’s a big plot point to leave up to interpretation of his wardrobe. I think they should keep Blaine at Dalton. They have too many characters in glee club already that are neglected. Let the Warblers come back for Sectionals since the Bubs songs are the ones that sell. But Blaine is not needed in ND. I’d rather hear Puck, Sam, Tina, etc get solos… not 3 solos an episode for Blaine again.

      • Lindsey

        I agree with this so hard. I am not looking forward to all the Blaine solos that will occur once he joins ND. On the other hand, it would be nice to see Blaine get slushied in the face while he is belting out a song in the hallway.

      • Lily

        Yeah let me throw a slushie in Blaine’s face !!

      • Mickey

        Hey, can I join the slushie attack on Blaine too! I’ve got a Big Gulp with his name on it

      • Lily

        Yeah Mickey, let’s make a big splash… Sorry Darren Criss, I like you, but to quote a joking Chris Colfer (from the video ” Behind the glee – Original song ” on Youtube)… ” Oh Blaine, you drive me insane…ooohh..

    • Amy

      I don’t think he has transferred yet. He might have been in street clothes b/c he is already on summer break. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to see Blaine at McKinley and with the ND.

      • jen

        i agree that blaine’s already on summer vacation.

    • Hank

      Yeah, I agree with the people who say he hasn’t transferred yet. I think the producers have a story brewing for Blaine when he does. After all, it’s worth exploring the former head singer of a group being incorporated into a new group that already has its established lead singers. It’s going to be a culture shock for him.

      • Lily

        Agree.. I think they already hint at this at the Glee Live show where Kurt tells Blaine that he should not even think of doing Broadway tunes… because those are his and Rachel’s…

  • Linda

    I seriously hope some of the new writers they’re hiring are female. The writing has been bad and the finale was further proof of that. The girls never have storylines putside their significant others. And please no more original songs unless they’re along the lines of My Headband or My Cup written for hilariousness

    • amywoo

      i love my cup and i love that Brittany finally got another solo she needs MORE and i love heather morris as she is hilarious as an actress x give Brittany more time

    • Lily

      Totally agree with you… So there will be more development for e.g. Mercedes, Tina, Lauren and Sue Sylvester…

      • littlerain

        Good point!There should be more female’s storyline

    • Mia

      I agree! A female writer wouldn’t arbitrarily decide that a HAIRCUT would suddenly change Quinn’s entire attitude!!!

  • Erica

    I didn’t know there were only three people writing this show. Now it makes more sense why there isn’t consistency with plotlines or character motives. Biggest example is Sue. First she’s out to get them, then she has a heart, then she’s out to get then again. I realize this might show facets of her character but it actually does the opposite. My biggest hope is for the show to pace themselves and continuity. And to have guest actors as guests, not something to build a whole episode around.

    • kate middleton

      Totally agree. They have really wasted Jane Lynch this year. She deserves better.

  • Angie

    Sam and Mercedes came out of nowhere and makes no sense. I love them both as characters separately but I didn’t see this “chemistry” they had, at least not in a romantic sense. Friendly, sure. But not romantic. Especially when Amber goes all “Mama Amber” on him with the pats on the shoulder, etc. Awkward. I hope they have a good twist coming up to explain that scene… Glee already has enough couples together that we don’t want.

    • Terrance

      Disagree. The writers set up for the relationship in Prom Queen when Sam asked Mercedes to dance with him. At the beginning of the year, Mike and Tina’s romance seemed to come out of left field -but if you look at how many times they were paired together towards the end of last year -you can see there were clues. Let’s see what the writers come up with next year. Mercedes is a tough character to be paired with -I’m sure they will have come up with some angle to the relationship.

      • Lily

        About Mercedes being a tough character to be paired with… The actors Amber and Chris admitted that Mercedes and Kurt are actually the same character in a different body. So if the writers can give Kurt a boyfriend after a long “courtship”.. Then it should not be difficult to give Mercedes a boyfriend. Not sure though whether ambitious Mercedes can keep the boyfriend… and neither can ambitious Kurt.

      • Angie

        And in the episode before prom, Mercedes was accusing Sam of sleeping with Kurt and Quinn. “Oh, is that what we’re calling it now?” Face it, it came out of nowhere and they are paired together for lack of any other options.

    • Lily

      Hhmm When you said Mama Amber… then I realized that Sam is actually thown into a more adult world because of his family’s financial problems and sometimes feels the need to be pampered and feel like a “kid” again… So he wants his Mama Mercedes…

  • Ben

    Why did the New Directions wait until the week of Nationals to write their original songs? That is something that should have been done months in advance. I can willingly suspend my disbelief, but come on!

    • Sarah

      I totally agree! It would have been totally insulting for them to place at all with those songs.

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