Maksim Chermkovskiy hints about 'DWTS' future


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After Tuesday’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, Maksim Chermkovskiy was asked to reveal whether he’ll be back for season 13 of the show. For more about his reply, go to the jump:

Even before Tuesday’s finale, Chermkovskiy was hinting that he might not want to stick around for another year of maddening comments from the judges and unpredictable voter results. He told AOL TV that “it takes a lot out of you” and he doesn’t know if he’s coming back. “We’ll see. Right now, I’m drained.”

He certainly looked closer to making up his mind on Tuesday. After watching the mirror ball trophy go to Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson, Chermkovskiy didn’t hide his disappointment — though he made a strange comment to host Tom Bergerson about already winning 10 trophies. Huh?

When asked about it after the show, the pro replied, “I have 10 trophies for every partner I’ve had on the show. You guys are journalists. You should figure it out.”

Does he think he should have won all 10 times? Or did he mean to say he had 10 opportunities to win but he ended up dropping the ball each year? Chermkovskiy wasn’t giving an explanation, nor would he answer flat-out whether he’ll leave the show because of his string of losses. “I’m pretty sure you guys will hear about next season soon,” he said, and declined further comment.

Doesn’t sound like the words of a guy who’s eager to keep wearing his Capezios, though taking a break from the ABC show wouldn’t be new for Chmerkovskiy. He sat out season six back in 2008.

Ironically, his partner Kirstie Alley has a far different attitude about season 13. “I want to keep dancing, I want to come back next year and get the f–king trophy!” she told reporters. ” I wanted to win. Maks had a lot to deal with. He didn’t have your average 24-year-old, 5-foot-3 size 0 girl to throw around the floor. He had me. So he had an extraordinary feat in front of him. And he did it.”

“I had the best partner I could ask for,” Chermkovskiy interjected.

“I’m sad. I wanted to win,” she continued. “I really wanted him to win.”

Mourn with me, Maks fans @EWLynette

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  • maryb

    I hope he don’t leave,just take off next year and come back after that. I love watching him on the dance floor. Maybe he should try acting!

    • t.t

      he means he feels like he won ten times because of the partners he got and the friendships he made with them its kinda obvious.

      • dally

        That’s what I thought. I hope he comes back. I’d miss him.

      • Linda

        That is what I thought as well. He has won with every partner. Too bad other comments imply a sore loser. I don’t think that is the case at all.

      • Alice

        Exactly! I understood that immediately. It was a gracious comment. Maks has acted like a gentleman throughout. Sure he’s great looking, but that’s what especially endears him to many of us!

      • Bosco

        That’s exactly what I first thought as well- I actually thought it was a very sweet thing for him to say, a real compliment to his partners and especially Kirstie. He seemed to really enjoy himself this year, more so than any other season.

      • Hi

        EXACTLY! Why is that so hard to understand? He was calling his partners his trophies. I thought it was a sweet and classy thing to say. It was a way of saying I may have lost but b/c of my partners I won every season. How is that tacky or mean spirited?

      • Katja

        Agree with everyone. I thought his meaning was perfectly clear, and it was a very sweet thing to say.

      • Carla

        ITA tt….I understood Maks’ comment to mean that he had ’10 trophys’ in having the honor of training his 10 partners. There is no shame for any of the 3 finalists….they were all fantastic.

      • susela

        Oh! I thought it meant he has, you know, been with them all, so each partner was a “trophy.” Silly me.

  • Jen

    Sour grapes.

  • Rhonda Grace

    Max is extremely full of himself and has no grace or class when it comes to winning/losing. Sad that the CONTESTANT felt she needed to comfort HIM. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Take a longggg break if you are going to be a jerk Max. Plenty of hotties around.

    • Ace

      I nominate Dmitri as a potential replacement hottie, should one be needed.

    • Zzzzzz

      I think Max looked like he had the most fun ever with Kirstie. I didn’t see one out-of-line comment all season. They were by far my favorite couple though not the best dancers. Mark, on the other hand, looked as though he made snide comments every show and particularly last night after Kirstie and Max danced. He seems to me desperate to win. His best chance was this year with Derek out if the picture.

      • chacha

        Maks and Kirstie were robbed!!!

      • susela

        Yes, I think Mark was his own worst enemy when it came to alienating voters. What a sulky little boy.

    • Pumpkin

      Perspective isn’t necessarily reality, Rhonda.
      Geez…take a sec and see if it just could be that you and some others have MISINTERPRETED his words and have assumed the worst because of bias … or you one of those that believe you are always right?

  • forever1267

    He looked VERY disappointed, but I hope he comes back. Happy for Hines, MMMaks and Kirstie should have won, IMO. Hope he comes back. He’s marvelous to look at (but stop the chest shaving!!!)

  • wakeforce

    A lot of folks think he was robbed last year with Brandy. I agree. You might NOT, but that’s my opinion and I’m stickin’to it!

    • Tony

      He had the highest judges votes all season with Mel B.

      • orville

        They were completely robbed of the win. They’re still really good friends–I think he goes to her house for the holidays.

      • Sally

        This is where Maks was robbed. Mel B and Maks should have won that year. But the freestyle – people vote for one dance and not the overall season. And Maks freestyle with Mel B was disappointing.

      • Zach

        Also, Mel B. didn’t have a strong core American fanbase voting for her each week. Helio as an athlete had more of one, plus he was scored only 1 point behind Mel. As always, the judges knew what they were doing.

  • SpunOut4Him

    I took it to mean that he treasures the ten partners he’s had.

    • Ace

      Me too. I think he was saying his ten dance partners were prizes in and of themselves.

    • Brie

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! I can’t believe the journalists acted so dense. Oh, wait. Yes, I can.

    • Verity

      That’s what I thought. He’s stayed close to several of his partners and has mentioned on twitter that he considers their friendship a prize. So his 10 trophies are his 10 partners. Was that really so hard to figure out, Lynette?

    • jodipo

      obviously, ands the fact that this is not difficult to understand and the writer of this article seems too obtuse to get it worries me.

  • Sharon

    I am so happy for Hines. Had he not won, it should have gone to Chelsa. She was a better dancer than Kirstie. Max sure is “easy” on the eyes though……just saying

  • Kris

    I think he meant that he treasures each of his partners…and he also should have won several times!

  • Cindy Stoffolano

    Maks is a winner in my eyes and so is Kirstie! I also think that what Maks was sayins that all of his partners were trophy winners. I also think that the judges had in in their heads who they wanted to win and they set the scores to do just that, not saying Hines wasn’t good but I would really like to know what the scores were.

    • Zach

      Obviously the judges knew Kirstie had the biggest or second-biggest fanbase. They let the scores get close enough so that Kirstie could at least bump Chelea, knowing that the majority of the audience did not particularly want Chelsea & Mark in the top 2. But Carrie Ann has always had it in for Maks, and this season the judges had no intention of letting him and Kirstie taking that Mirrorball Trophy. They knew exactly how to score it so that Kirstie wouldn’t win, even though none of the dancers this season were really that strong or consistently better than any others.

      • Zach

        And I’m glad they at least got 2nd even though they deserved a fairer shot at the win (their freestyle was underscored especially relative to Chelsea’s)). All season long the judges toyed with making her the Marie Osmond or Bristol Palin of the season, but the reality is no one this season was a great dancer and Kirstie was always one of the best and most exciting.

      • Katja

        What makes you say that Carrie Ann has ever had it in for Maks? The only one I can remember her “feuding” with is Tony.

      • Zach

        my comment might not have come in bur last season Maks and Carrie Ann fought over her underscoring Brandy for Maks’s choreography as opposed to anything Brandy did wrong.

  • Z

    It was an especially nice thing to say since he got so much support from his previous partners, especially Brandy, Denise Richards, and Mel B., who were in attendance.

  • TV Mom

    Max has no reason to be bitter. I loved Kirstie as much as anyone else, but she was not the best dancer there. She really shouldn’t have come in second place. That was due to her popularity, not her dancing.

    As for Max, no idea why the sour grapes. He was on the show with the million dollar realty agents looking for a home in the millions. Sounds like he’s doing ok.

  • nico

    Anyone else notice how much more affectionate Maks was with Kirstie this season than he was with Brandi last season?

    We love you Maks! Take break and then come back!

    • Deb

      You didn’t see S11 if you think that. There are so many tribute videos of B&M showing chemistry that will steam up any room. Maks and Brandy are still in a relationship.

      • Kat

        I saw season 11, and I think that. Brandy and Maks were not likable together, at least for me, and I thought any chemistry they had was very forced. Maks seemed sooooo much more relaxed with Kirstie.

      • Zach

        They weren’t a natural fit personality-wise, but they still ended up being a great pair.

      • Mellissa

        I thought Maks had more chemistry with Erin and Kristie than he had with Brandy.

  • dman

    it was obvious he meant each of his partners were “trophies”… it was a compliment to kirstie and the other partners he’s had… are you people morons?

    • Tina

      That’s what I thought too. I don’t know why are people implying anything different!

  • miles silverberg

    Let’s acknowledge the obvious for a moment while we’re marinating in the juices of all this manufactured drama: Maks was simply stating that he considered working with each of his partners his real reward. It was a classy thing to say, unfortunately he was pressured to express his thoughts in about 6.8 seconds on live TV.

    He is indeed classy, and yet emotionally honest, as was Kirstie. They were so close to winning, they have a right to feel a little disappointment. They didn’t diss Hines, they were just being honest about where their heads are at the moment.

    OK, back to the fake speculation about the manufactured drama. Enjoy!

    • Katja

      Well said. Maks has not always been classy, but he certainly was last night. And I’ll never hold ayone’s disappointment over not winning something against them. As you say, it has nothing to do with whether they think Hines deserved the win. He’s got a perfect right to feel a little upset after all that work, and to feel drained, and to be unsure of whether he’ll return.I think that, given a little time away from the stress of the show, he’ll probably want to come back again. (Hopefully!) If not, my vote to replace him is the Irish guy from the “Troupe” (troupe_is_stupid).

  • Tamarac Tim

    Maks has had bad luck with his celeb partners. Kirstie didn’t belong in finals. Chelsea Kane was the best dancer, but the female audience voted more for Hines.

    • Mellissa

      And last season, Brandy belonged in the finals, but they bumped her so that Palin could be. Maks got screwed last year. Don’t believe me? Go watch Derek’s reaction.

      • Tammie

        I already stopped watching the show after last year’s fiasco when Maks and Brandy were robbed of the “Finals”. Now to hear that he still doesn’t have a trophy–I don’t blame him one bit if he quits. He should let his star shine on another stage. In addition, in 12 seasons, not one Black female has won. No matter how talented they are, they become victims of ABC DTWS Curse!

        I’ve found other shows to watch though I miss Mr. Hot Stuff. Maks should do what his heart tells him. “I trust you Maks”.

    • Pumpkin

      Chelsea?!? pfft.. not really. what you were judging was Mark’s ego, er, over-dancing and confusing it with Chelsea since she was his partner. You should watch the actual star, not the pro, next time.

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