'Modern Family' scoop: Will Cam and Mitchell get another kid? Is it time to recast Baby Lily?


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SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this update about the season finale of Modern Family if you didn’t watch Wednesday’s episode! For more about the finale, go to the jump.

In the second season ender of Modern Family, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) discuss the possibility of growing their family. (Cam would like a boy!) EW reached out to Executive Producer Steve Levitan to find out whether it means a new, albeit junior, castmember will join the hit comedy this fall.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen, just that they are on a journey,” Levitan teased. “We are still in the process of working it out out. If a couple like Cameron and Mitchell make that decision, certain things can happen — the funniest of which will be reflected in Modern Family. We’ll see how it plays out.

“Every good show evolves,” Levitan added. “We don’t want it feel stagnant. This just seems like a logical thing for their characters to investigate. But you can’t assume anything, because we hope there will be a lot of twists and turns.”

That isn’t the only change that may occur in the Pritchett-Tucker household next season. Levitan and his fellow writers are deciding whether its time for Baby Lily to become more of an animated Toddler Lily, which may or may not involve Jaden and Ella Hiller, the docile and very quiet twins who have traded off playing the role for the last two years.

“At some point, Lily has to stop being a silent baby and has to become a little girl — a laughing, acting little girl,” explained Levitan. “We all may determine that as gorgeous and sweet as Jaden and Ella are, it’s not what they signed up to do or what they love. Maybe they don’t love to be on a set and have to listen to us do a scene 10 times. Maybe they would be happier being kids.

“Honestly, we can’t stress enough, that it comes out of wanting to do what’s best for them,” the exec producer continued. “We don’t want them to be unhappy. If we feel it’s not in their best interest to stay, we will replace them, and ask that people forgive us for doing so.”

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  • Em

    This actually, dare I say it, seems sincere? As well as self-interested? Good tease by the show. Makes them look good either way.

    • HD

      The Lillies are dead weight. Cut them loose. It will not only serve the show but the children as well!

      • Rock Golf

        NO! Lily is vital! She’s like the world’s youngest straight man. Which, considering her parents, is…

      • Rock Hudson

        They need to get rid of these fairies all together. There’s no place on family television for that.

      • KEVIN

        Seriously?!? I freakin love Lily and think it is hilarious that she never does anything while her parents run around like lunatics.

      • Rock Hudson

        I think you meant to say while the two MEN who went to China and bought her to use as an accessory run around like lunatics.

      • sarah

        I think it’s odd that you never see her talk. She wasn’t too well cast. The kid is always very quiet, not engaged in anything that’s happening around her.

      • Tammy

        She was cast as a baby though. The Full House people just got lucky with the Olson twins.

      • Tammy

        I don’t think the real Rock Hudson would think the way you do!

      • KSG

        The dad works a blue collar job, the mom is a car salesman, they live in an average home in a small town in the midwest and struggle to make ends meet. No, I do not think they are trash.

      • MJ

        My God, Lily is the best thing about this show!! I love them both. To lose them would be terrible. Don’t even think about it. If you want an animated five year old or something, adopt a cousin or something, but don’t mess with Lily!

      • QueenCityMichael

        Get your facts straight Rock. Lily is Vietnamese.

      • Anti-Rock!

        Rock Hudson – You are IGNORANT! we will NOT go away. Maybe you should!

    • Tego Livi

      Maybe they can adopt Mitchell’s old girlfriend’s little person husband.

      • Little Bill the Midget Man

        That is incredibly offensive.

      • lil’ sebastian

        lol! or a little pony.

    • KSG

      It’s only good if Lily isn’t a stereotype like all of the other Modern Family kids. They need to look at The Middle. Those kids are much more realistic.

      • Amy

        The Middle is hilarious! I love those Heck kids. The season finale was great.

      • Lincoln

        REALISTIC?! I watch The Middle and those kids are exaggerated versions of children. I mean, unless they’re realistic for white families, I don’t know. I’m not white so maybe that’s why they don’t seem realistic to me. That whole family seems exaggerated.

      • dave

        I like the middle enough but it’s really just a slightly more glossy version of Roseanne. Nothing wrong with that but poor borderline white trash doesn’t necessarily mean realistic to everyone.

      • KSG

        Borderline white trash?? I was commenting on how the modern family kids are all stereotypes–the pretty, shallow one, the smart one, the stupid one–the kids on the middle are more realistic in my opinion. But then again, I’m borderline white trash……

      • crispy

        You think that kid with the enormous ears is realistic? LOL

      • DUH

        the kids on modern family are more realistic to me than those on the middle. to each their own.

      • big momma

        lincoln— and is anything by Tyler Perry not a complete archetypal exaggeration? and yet people continue to throw money at his regurgitated stereotypes.

      • Lyn2

        I think the kids on Modern Family are very well cast and developed even if some feel they are sterotypes like the pretty shallow one, the geeky smart one, and the dumb one. I do think the producers need to rethink the casting of Lily as her personality doesn’t seem suited to acting. As much as I love The Middle, the kids aren’t as realistic as the parents and the situations they get into and how they react to their children. BTW, working class midwestern family does NOT equal borderline white trash. Whomever made that comment sounds like a snob, and I live in snobby-town, midwestern, USA.

      • dave

        You don’t think the Heck family is borderline white trash? Do you watch the show?

      • KSG

        The dad works a blue collar job. The mom is a car salesman. They live in an average home in a small town in the midwest and struggle to make ends meet. No, I do not think they are trash.

      • dave

        They live in a crap house that’s never clean and has junk all over the yard. Their oldest kid walks around in his underwear all day. And you said it exactly right the dad works a blue collar job and the mom is a (crappy used) car sales(woman). Like I said, borderline white trash.

      • DGH

        I wonder if Dave has actually met a white trash family before? The family on the middle are The Kennedy’s compared to an actual white trash family.

      • dave

        Do you guys understand what borderline means? Did you think the Tanner family on Roseanne wasn’t at least borderline white trash?

      • steveh420

        @crispy…you probably think that a grown man wearing pointed ears is more real? at least his big ears belong on his head!

      • soccermom66

        For “dave”, the name of the family on Roseanne was “Conner” the “Tanner” family was on Full House. Keep your 80’s sitcom families straight.

      • dave

        You are absolutely correct. Thanks. With all the Michelle talk I must have had Full House on the brain.

      • soccermom66

        No problem, pretty sad that I should know so much about 80’s TV! (lol)

      • crispy

        Lay off the weed, Steve. I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Tego Livi

        The kids on The Middle aren’t pure science fiction, but having three people THAT odd in the same family is wildly unrealistic. But the show is in many ways a farce, not a realistic comedy.

      • S Scott

        I always think Brick is Autistic or has Aspergers.. he is smart but has the problems asperger children have relateing to others..I am just saying I dont understand him at all .. the Axl and girl ( too funny cant think of her name-which is so her charactor/ are normal kids)

      • Ryan

        Of course some TV characters are stereotypes. And of course many of them and their lives and situations and comments are unrealistic. It’s a scripted TV show! If it was perfectly real and just represented typical life, it wouldn’t be on TV or wouldn’t have an audience. TV is entertainment!

  • Anona Muss

    I’d prefer the Mitch/Cam household to remain just the three of them. Yes, fans have noticed how utterly composed baby Lily is. However, the little girls are aging and I’m sure they will become more animated and gregarious as they grow. No Swiss boarding school kids!

    • Lincoln

      I agree. If they get more kids, it’ll get too messy. They can barely handle Lily! Didn’t Cam ask Gloria to babysit because he needed a break!? I like that the baby who plays Lily is calm and almost emotionless. She’s such a stark contrast to the rest of the family. She always has that: “these people are freaks” look and I find that sooooo hilarious. Of course, if the children are having a hard time on the set, then they ought to be replaced. But if there’s nothing wrong going on, leave it be. Lastly, haven’t there been many articles written about the whole adding a baby to the cast curse? It rarely ever works.

      • Stacy

        It a bit weird how emotionless the babies are. I mean don’t regular babies smile from time to time?

  • Daphne

    Please don’t replace them with Olsen twin like kids who said a catchphrase every 5 seconds on Full House.

    • Summer

      This. SO MUCH THIS.

      • Kim

        Eww, Olsen twins! No way, dude!

    • Ellen

      Excellent example, Daphne. I couldn’t stand to watch Full House because of the unbelievable wisecracks that came out of the kids’ mouths. I think Lily is adorable and I don’t want to see her re-cast UNLESS the parents have chosen to do so for the girls’ own good.

    • carol

      “you got it dude”

    • crispy

      Modern Family is 1,000 times better written than Full House. I don’t know why this would be a concern.

      • Big Walt

        Exactly. It’s not like Luke or Manny is like that.

    • Karate Pants

      The moment he mentioned Lily evolving into a more animated, laughing, talking toddler, I immediately thought of Full House (and cringed).

    • Tego Livi

      How Rude!

      • Jodie Sweetin

        That was Stephanie not the Michelle, moron.

      • DJ

        You got it, dude!

  • paige

    i am all for them having another child by the end of season 3. makes perfect sense.

  • kel

    Please don’t replace Lily. i love that she is a serious child. Our daughter was just as serious until she was about 4 or 5.

    • Karate Pants

      Levitan seems to think the little actors playing her are unhappy and would be better off just being kids. Surely fans would support whatever is in their best interest.

    • Tammy

      Not if it means changing the show though. It would just be weird to suddenly see a completely different person and everyone calling her Lilly like nothing happened. They should just kill her off if they’re going to do that.

      • Monty

        Do you read what you write? Thats just…**shakes head**…wow.

      • Tammy

        Did you read what I wrote? I don’t want them to kill the babies in real life. That would be genocide. They came to America to avoid that in the first place.

      • J.

        Tammy…wow. You’re so completely dense it’s laughable.

      • Karate Pants

        Soooo…you meant they should kill off Lily’s character, Tammy?

      • Tammy

        No they should kill the twins who play her. Yes, of course I meant the character.

        @ J. I’m glad you find genocide funny. How would you like it if someone killed your whole family. You wouldn’t be laughing then.

      • Janis Ian

        Am I being punked? Are we really talking genocide on Modern Family board?

      • Karate Pants

        Um, yeahhh…so you don’t think it’s weird to kill off a toddler’s character on a sitcom.
        Any other ideas for the writers? Maybe resolve the broken stair issue by tying it to Manny and lighting it on fire?

      • Tammy

        It wouldn’t be weird if they did it in a funny way. Like when they killed Susan on Seinfeld. It would just be harder to pull off with a kid. Although they have had serious moments on the show. Maybe she could fall in to Jay and Gloria’s pool and there could be a lesson there about pool safety.

      • Tammy

        You people keep throwing it around so casually but do you even know what genocide is? My God! It’s happening right now all over the world and you’re joking about it.

      • DUH

        @Tammy – i don’t think you know what genocide is. killing two babies isn’t genocide.

      • Tammy

        It is if they’re Asian. Duh indeed!

      • duh

        you’re using the word “genocide” wrong, ding-dongs.

      • Tammy

        How am I using it wrong? You’re so smart. Have you even seen The Killing Fields? I have. I know what genocide is. You’re making yourself look dumb. Stop now before you embarrass yourself even more! Duh!

      • Laura

        Can we please stop talking about killing off babies on COMEDY shows?! That is just plain wrong. Lily is perfect the way she is. How ignorant of you to even suggest that.

      • Tammy

        Ignorant? Have you ever heard of Seinfeld the most successful comedy show anywhere ever? They killed off a character and it was funny. Like I said it would be harder with a toddler but not impossible. It would be a great way to show why those people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt in the first place if they wanted to go that direction. Maybe they could lose her while they’re off at some all guy orgy or something.

      • soccermom66

        Do you really think that “killing” off a child character on a sitcom would be funny? It would really throw the show in a weird direction. It’s sick to even think of it. How do you do that on a comedy? Killing Susan off on Seinfeld was totally different. She was an annoying character and she was an adult. To kill a child is really sick and twisted, even on a show.

      • soccermom66

        Tammy you really show your ignorance and stupidity with the “those people” comment. If that type of lifestyle offends you so much, why do you watch the show in the first place. Keep your intolerance to yourself. There is enough hatred in this world without you adding to it.

      • Tammy

        I watch because I like all the regular families. Plus Cam and Mitchell are still funny. I hope those actors know that we’re all laughing at them and not with them.

      • Karate Pants

        My troll-dar has grown weak. Huzzah, Tammy. Huzzah.

      • Jess

        I love morons who aggressively accuse others of stupidity, it is so entertaining. I take it Tammy doesn’t own a dictionary, or if she does she’s using it as a doorstop.

      • Stacy

        Ok…. Tammy you are sounding like an idiot. Stop watching the show if you hate gay people so much. I mean really, killing a baby to prove to America that gay people having babies is wrong. What is wrong with your brain?

        By the way, I’m laughing WITH them.

  • Kat

    Awww, I LOVE the girls who play Lily. They’re just so incredibly adorable. I don’t mind that they’re serious; it’s cute. If the girls don’t like being on the show, then of course I understand…but I hope that the role isn’t recast just to get a more animated/giggly pair of actresses. Lily’s deadpan look is priceless.

  • Kate

    Our family laughed out loud multiple times during this episode. It was great! Fantastic way to end the season.

  • RM

    The kids that play Lily now are adorable. BUT…

    As she is now, she’s a prop rather than a character.

    I pretty much raised my nephew the first few years of his life. Gave him his first bike. Taught him how to ride it.

    And I just don’t think this is a very realistic portrayal of a child that age. They play. They laugh. They talk (Not that you can understand much of it). They make you laugh, and when they do, their little eyes light up with joy.

    And I just don’t see much of it on this show.

    I like the attitude the producer is taking about these children. Maybe they might be happier just being normal babies.

    And if so… Then maybe it’s time to bring on a more animated pair of twins to play her.

    Again, kudos to the producer for having the right attitude about these children. Too many of these child actors grow up damaged, spent by 16, and destined for the E! True Hollywood Story. I like knowing someone is out there looking out for these. I already loved the show, and this makes me love it more.

    • Andy

      I’m torn on this one. My nephew was very outgoing, talkative, active, and charming when he was Lily’s age. My niece was not. She was very much the poker faced kid. However when she was with her cousins and at home with her brother she would actually interact with the other kids. Lily looks sad every week. She doesn’t look serious to me she looks like she hates her life.

    • Tammy

      E True Hollywood Story isn’t even on anymore. Get a clue.

      • Janis Ian

        Tammy needs an enema

      • C Men

        With friends like these who needs enemas?

      • Peter

        Tammy needs her meds.

  • nikki

    Hmm. It’s a bit annoying because while your spoiler alert was great for the article itself, it’s a bit ridiculous when the title is “Modern Family’ scoop: Will Cam and Mitchell get another kid? Is it time to recast Baby Lily”

    • Garbyguy

      Nikki: You are exactly right.

      My favorite line of the night was during the pre-edited montage when one of the kids asks Phil who Clive Bixby is. “A friend of your mother’s.”

  • alicia

    Lilly needs to go, I have never seen that kid crack a smile. Kinda weird.

    • Big Walt

      They almost look a little confused to me or they seem to be looking at stuff off camera (I would assume their mother) a lot. I’m thinking they just aren’t actresses, at least not yet. They’re too young to get what’s going on.

      • Elizabeth

        Amen to that!

  • carol

    Beautiful children but they are clearly not having any fun.

  • Kim

    My mom has a garden statue that looks exactly like Lily in the face.

    • Tammy

      Racist much?

      • Kim

        Wow, Tammy. Where did that c

      • Kim

        Sorry, didn’t finish. What exactly was racist about my post? Please tell me. Until then you’re an irrational nut.

      • Tammy

        Gee I don’t know. You just compared an Oriental baby with a garden statue. That’s only a little dripping with racism.

      • crispy

        Um, “Oriental baby”? Irony FTW!

      • Tammy

        I know right? She compares the kid to a statue and wonders why we think she’s racist. Some people just don’t get it.

    • Kim

      Tammy, yes you are a irrational, hopeless nut.

      Race was the farthest thing from my mind. I’m guessing you’re racist yourself.

      • Tammy

        You sound awfully defensive. Hmm, I wonder why. Did that hit too close to home?

      • Reality

        Please stop responding to Tammy. If you don’t react to her it’ll be better for everyone. She’s a train wreck. You are never going to get through to her. Whether she is truly that delusional and mentally ill or whether she is simply making these posts for attention – it doesn’t matter. Just ignore her and her posts.

      • Tammy

        This coming from someone calling themselves “Reality”. You and “Karate Pants” should hang out. LOL.

  • Charles

    It’s great to know that Clive Bixby lives! And not just on Valentine’s Day!

    • Olive

      That was the Valentine’s Day episode. That’s what made the montage so cute, it was created to look like the kids had taken out the video camera at some inconvenient times during many of the episodes of season 2.

  • Belle

    If they replace Lily I will have a conniption fit. She is the cutest thing on the planet. That being said, is it horrible for me to say I prefer Cam & Mitchell being parents to just one adorable baby? I don’t know, I think adding another child would change the dynamic of the show. Lily is the ultimate straight woman!!

  • Rio

    If the parents of the twins decide their girls would be happier not being on the show, then it’s fine with me if they recast. However, I LOVE Lily – she is beyond cute and with two parents who can be drama queens, I think the household needs a calm child. When she stands and stares at them when they are acting nuts, it is absolutely hilarious!

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