Oprah's finale scores biggest rating in 17 years


Image Credit: George Burns/Harpo Productions/AP Images

Now this is going out in style: The final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show delivered the program’s highest overnight rating in 17 years.

Oprah had a 13.3 household rating, that’s up about 130 percent from her average rating. It’s also the biggest since a 1994 episode that was titled, “People Shed Their Disguises,” and was about people who wore wigs or beards or too much make-up, who were convinced to present themselves with a more natural look.

The show has been ramping up all week, delivering a 10.2 rating on Monday and a 10.7 on Tuesday. How many viewers the finale’s rating will translate into won’t be known for a couple weeks, but it should deliver well over 15 million. Plus, the number doesn’t include the St. Louis market, which pre-empted the show for storm coverage and will air the show today.

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  • cexma

    I watched it twice and sobbed like a baby both times.

    • Garrett

      You really do need to get yourself a life away from the TV.

      • Slimmy Kimmy

        You have got a great point Garrett.

      • TorontoTom

        And anonymously slamming strangers and belittling their thoughts and opinions on the internet is a shining example of what your life is all about??

      • shannon

        I would not walk across the road and piss on her if she was on fire.

      • Peter Bishop

        I barfed, then as tears rolled down my cheeks, the flatulence and diarrhea began. As I was soaking my living room floor, my ankles swimming in poo, my urinary incontinence started, but Oprah taught me its okay – Thanks for the memories O

      • Mike P.

        If Oprah was white she would not have gotten this much attention.

      • Diplan

        @ToronotTom,that comment made my day lol

      • day

        Oprah’s is a phenominal superstar with such popularity who is repected by lots of people. She has carried her behavior with supreme impecability that can only be compared to Queen Elizabeth II. Oprah maintained her career with ethics and having the courage to stand her ground. Not too many people have these brave characteristics because so many of them are too afraid to speak what’s really on their minds.

      • Hmm :)

        @ Mike P. EXACTLY -_- !

      • melz

        oprah article? bring out the self-hating trolls. you all laugh at “that big fat black sack of cellulite who smells like bacon” while the rest of us are moving into the 21st century and laughing at you and your refusal to acknowledge that no one gives a crap about race, weight, or class. oprah has what people care about money+power. you being white doesn’t make you superior to anyone anymore, sorry. a piece of crap is a piece of crap any color it comes.

    • Raw

      I watched it twice too. I love and respect her so much.

      • Derrin

        Me too! My panties are still moist from her emotional finale!

    • Connie

      Well, don’t feel too badly. It’s only two hours of your life that you will never get back!

    • 1984AnimalFarm

      I suspect a lot of people watched just to make sure she was really leaving.

      • Tom

        Ding ding ding

      • My son is also named Bort


    • Hmnn

      ..because Madonna & Beyonce were there?

    • KikiD

      I wonder how many watched it to see how the show ended and how many watched it just to make sure it did indeed finally end.

    • Carl Howard

      It was her best show. For the people who dislike her need 2 get a life.What have they given back 2 help people in the world. She going down in History!!

      • Garrett

        I thought she was going down in Gayle!

    • Bekki

      Cexma, I cried my heart out right along with you. She was far more then just a TV show in my home.

  • Gata

    It was a very solemn, I enjoyed it.

    • Garrett

      Oprah’s Songbook:
      Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi

      • Deskboy

        And lo, she found in the wilderness, a butt boy, who sang the same song. So, she thus deemed to share him with the masses, and behold she gave us Obama!!!
        Bow down before your master, the lord most high Obama. Thus spake the queen.

      • Phil

        @Deskboy And lo, we found on this message board, the incredibly stupid comment you decided to share with the masses. In the future, please spare the world from your ignorance!

    • Connie

      Another parishioner from the Cult of Oprah!

    • Marcel

      Yeah – sort of like the Pope’s funeral service. Very solemn, but classy.

    • Toni

      It was a wonderful hour! I laughed. I cried. I took a dump. The cat threw up and I cleaned it up. The memories!

      • Beverly Blair

        I feel sorry for you.

  • joblo

    For as much press as this woman receives and the kind of influence she supposedly has I really am surprised she doesn’t get a bigger audience than this.

    • HD

      Not everybody got a chance to see the finale. I didn’t and wanted to so the number doesn’t necessarily reflect the amount of people who wanted to watch.

    • Sheryl

      Also the show is syndicated and doesn’t play at the same time in every market, so these numbers don’t truely reflect the number of people actually watching. I think they just chose the most popular time slot that it is aired to get these numbers.

    • klfnotes

      Your name and intelligence level suite you well blo-job.

    • klfnotes

      Your name and intelligence level suit you well blo-job.

    • Brainiac

      I know what you mean, but this is a daytime show; most adults are at school when the show airs and, depending on the local networks, kids could be in school. So all things considered, 15 million is quite a bit. She is actually quite influential even for people who don’t get a chance to watch her show.

      • mcg99

        That’s because there are A LOT OF WOMEN who are just having babies, collecting welfare and sitting around watching Oprah and neglecting their babies!

      • @Brainiac

        Most “adults” are probabaly at WORK. You may want to rethink your screen name.

    • Yo

      I’m shocked. The last shows were so boring, I shut them down.

      • Carl Howard

        are u serious? u need a life

  • nima

    dear opra the angel. every time i watch ur prog. feels that angel is in my house. nothing is going to hapen to me and my family. you are my inspriation i will miss ur show and you i lv. u nima

    • Jason

      Beautiful comment nima! Oprah is a phenomenal woman!

      • Derrin

        That’s what Gayle said!!

      • Tom

        MY G6 runs on Orpah vibes. God bless oprah. The best thin the earph evar had on T B

    • Garrett

      Step away from the TV, read a book, and work on your literacy and spelling skills.

    • CLee

      Oh puh-leeze!

      • CLee

        Oprah an angel? I think not. Put away whatever it is you’re smoking and read a book for a change!

      • xschild

        CLee you are right. Oh puh-leeze!
        O has been over on my remote for twenty years. Promoting books of unknowns, making TV stars and electing presidents. Political agenda on every show. No one needed glasses to see it. Glad it’s finally over for O Gayle and Steadman. Tabloids will have to find something else to talk about. OVEROVEROVER

    • Marcel

      Tell that to the tornado victims in Missouri. Where was Saint Oprah when they needed her??

    • Andy

      Could someone please post when Oprah’s last show will air? The excitement is killing me!

      • Dan

        Her show is ending? No way! Why didn’t someone tell us over the last year so we could prepare for this

  • Nick T

    I don’t usually watch ever but I tuned in for the 11pm repeat thinking that just her for an hour would be boring, but her words kept me enthralled the entire time

    • shannon

      she was arrested for carring 75 pounds of crack in nyc this morning

      • 1984AnimalFarm

        I knew it was big but I didn’t think it weighed that much!

    • Toni

      Oh, good. Another recruit joins the cult!

  • Captain

    I think I was the only person in North America that had no idea it was on yesterday. Oh well, I probably wouldn’t have watched anyway.

    • LAUREL

      CAPTAIN-Trust me,you would have WATCHED it,and you might have just had a few TEARS trickling down your cheeks.

      • Andy

        Probably from the gas pains and stomach cramps.

  • Sheryl

    I thought it was a great way to end her show. Will miss coming home and turning on the TV to see what’s on Oprah today.

    • Andy

      My God! The earth-shaking life change! How ever will you survive?

  • beryl

    my heart felt heavy.what a marvalous woman I will miss her

    • Derrin

      I felt the same way. Turns out it was the burrito I ate for lunch!

  • Kevin

    Until we meet again. ALWAYS.

    • Nancy

      my gosh she did not die. some women get so emotional abouts soaps and think they are real people and real stories of those people and now Oprah come on.

      • Connie

        Ugh, as frightening as it may be, not all of these sacharine posts are written by women.

    • Andy

      Oprah and Gayle like to do it all ways????

  • madduxfan

    It was nice, but she really isn’t going anywhere. She has her own network and when ratings fail to materialize, she will be back in some form.

    • Deskboy

      And a rather large form at that.

  • Steve

    Now to make sure her tribe member O gets re elected.

    • sean

      OMG DNT EVER INSULT O And here BOY KING ! you MONSTER !!!hahaha

      • CLee

        Both of them can go to h*ll.

    • LAUREL

      @ Steve-SADAD.

  • Steve B.

    Besides all of the blind devotees (it’s like a cult, I swear), who cares. She’ll always be remembered, in part, because she lead all of her many blind peons to vote for Obama.

  • tom

    Thanks for contributing to the self-absorbed, frenzied status-posting, over-confident/under-intelligent navel gazers out there, Ms. Winfrey.

    Not sure how all the fat, middle-aged women will be able to keep their false self-confidence up now.

    • Deskboy

      Mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together.
      Real end of the world stuff.
      Bezuzu, I mean Oprah

  • Glorida

    Don’t let the door hit you in the Obama on the way out sister.

  • Walter Winchell

    Queen Enabler is gone. I feel I should sue her for invading my space all these years with her intrusive hype and shameless self-promotion that has led to naught for everyone except the few sucklers off her enormous teats. Good riddance.

    • g good

      Do I sense a little jealousy?? She had a daily audience of about 40 million & was a n inspiration to all of us…..BE NICE. Your message says more about you than Oprah. Have a good day anyhow!!

      • Deskboy

        Read your comment. It caused me to think of her audience.

        All I got was Peggy Bundy.

        Home is where the horror is.

      • Walter Winchell

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Oprah’s is 24 karat solid gold. Hope she’s happy there, becuase she certainly isn’t happy here. Good day to you, too.

      • 867-5309

        g good – Did you even read the article? The big “O” does not get anywhere near 40 million viewers a day. My god this country is doomed.

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