'Single Ladies': Watch a clip of Stacey Dash's new scripted dramedy on VH1 -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

VH1’s first scripted hour-long series, Single Ladies, focuses on three Atlanta women (Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea) and their various dating lives in the Southern city. While Ladies doesn’t officially premiere until May 30 on the network, EW has an exclusive clip from the two-hour premiere. In this scene, Val (the stunning Dash) confronts her ex-boyfriend Quinn over their recent break-up. “She’s a romantic and she believes in love even though she’s had her heart broken,” says Dash, best known for 1995’s Clueless. “She still believes that her prince is out there and she will find him come hell or high water. She is determined. But what I also like about her is that she is no pushover. She’s very dynamic.” Watch below to see the “dynamic” Val in action.

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  • Magnitude

    Does Stacey Dash ever age? Oh and POP POP

    • Paradox

      Stacey Dash aging? That’s a paradox! (best season finale ever, btw)

    • Sally in Chicago

      Dash can’t act. She overacts. This makes me realize that an all-black cast can do good on TV, but they never get recognized by the Emmys and other awards shows. These women should be recognized at the Major awards shows.

  • Steve

    Stacey Dash is ridiculously hot. Especially considering that she is 45 years old!

  • Miguel

    I loved it when it was called “Girlfriends”. But yeah, Dash is ludicrously, amazingly hot, for any age.

    • Captain

      LOL exactly what I thought. Its an hour-long girlfriends AKA Sex and the City.

  • ST

    Agree, the woman never ages. She’s in the same category as Halle Barry (maybe even slightly ahead).

    • chase

      @ ST… COME ONNNNN NOWWW!!! Shes hot but she is no Halle Barry..:-)

      • grownmanj@yahoo.com

        yea she is!

      • Ryzul

        your right, she’s no halle berry, she is 10x better than halle ever was.

  • mark in nyc

    wow, i watched this with the sound off and can tell the acting is horrible.
    PS she is hot though.

    • Sally in Chicago

      LOL ^ right…she’s overacting and probably miscast.

  • Anya

    Black don’t crack and apparently it don’t age at all in Ms. Dash’s case. She looks like she did in Clueless over 15 years ago. Side note: Clueless came out 16 years ago. Don’t THAT make you feel old.

    • Robin

      That’s her kid.

  • anonymous

    Hmmm…don’t know if I could sit through 2 hours of this but she DOES look fantastic. She is worth watching but LisaRaye on the other hand….not sure about that. I have a feeling this show won’t last long. Especially since VH-1 only caters to the trashy, reality TV audience now. I’m surprised they’re spending money on developing anything but another Baller GF/Wives/BabyMama “reality” trainwreck.

  • Dob

    It’s about time my baby got her own show

  • bwane

    Yeah, the acting is a little questionable, but Stacey agelessness makes you question whether or not she’s a vampire haha

  • Bryan

    Stacy’s not black, she’s mixed black and Mexican. Black people are only attractive if they’re mixed.

    • Cyrano Cleaves

      That is a very insulting and racially insensitive statement to make. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are beautiful race of people, period. Please think before you comment.

      • Jerry

        LOL! Bryan you’re an IDIOT!! They say you never know a fool until he opens his mouth…..

    • Amy Fuller

      Actually she’s not black at all, or mexican…she’s West Indian and of Aztec descent.

      • Legacy

        Amy you are obviously confused. Do you know what a West Indian is? Obviously not. A Mexican is a Mestizo. Mixed Native American and Spaniard blood. A West Indian is Mixed African, Native American and European Blood. And in many cases, primarily African blood with very little mixture at all. Do you know what the average African American is? A mixture of African, European and Native American blood. And in many cases, primarily African blood with very little mixture at all. In other words the same frickin thing as a West Indian! So Stacey Dash is a mix of African, European, and Native American blood. In other words…Black and Mexican! And in America that = BLACK!

      • Kris

        Amy, are you serious? What do you think West Indians are? Let me guess you are just like Bryan and can’t believe a woman this beautiful has black blood. Well believe it. There are many other non mixed black women that are beautiful as well. You racists need to get it together.

      • esmy

        oh my god mexicans derives from aztecs…oh my god learn your history seriously.

      • tracy

        West Indian is black

    • Marla

      And white people are only attractive because you’re the majority so you can condition people’s minds to believe you are attractive. But no pale face is attractive as the average black person that’s why you all risk your lives tanning because deep down inside you know it. By the way racists, white supremists pigs are also unattractive.

      • Bryan

        LOL! If you blacks don’t like the comment then too bad! Not anyone else’s fault you look like monkeys unless you have white or some other type of non-black blood. And pale IS attractive, that’s why blacks bleach their skin to get lighter. Hahahahahaha!

      • lefty

        “you blacks” *shudder* Bryan, go home.

    • Shame

      This is a really ignorant comment. Your comment was seething with hate. You must feel so superior to not be black and make such beautiful comments about an entire race of people. Thanks for the scientific fact that the amount of melanin in skin determines beauty. Keep embracing being a racist. That’s the spirit!

    • frencoise

      you are just hating, don’t blame us cause your skin turns into leather after the age 25 then you start looking 40 at 30 don’t blame us cause you look crude.

    • chellbaby

      shhhh! ur dumbness is showing the only thing that makes a person unattractive is stupidity!

    • Kiera

      She is black. No matter what else the hell she is mixed with.

      • Bryan

        No, she’s mixed. She said on Wendy Williams that she is half black and half Mexican.

    • LHG

      Bryan you are stupid.You should be shot

      • Bryan

        And you should be enslaved.

    • alvino

      Wow I was trying to view comments reguarding the new show… and it went str8t to black & white… Bryan I believe you kicked it off… You know in history people lived & died believing that they were superiour to others. I encourage you to simply wake up. I’m not MAD at your comment because this is what you really believe… Its SAD through to think that you would believe that blacks are only pretty if they are mixed with something. Wow? All people are beautiful even yourself… You just need to find it within you one day. Because with comments like that you are truely livinga dead life. No hatred toward you, but love my brotha’. Good luck with your growth.

      • Terrance

        I don’t think he meant it, just said it to be a jerk. What’s funny to me most of the white celebrities aren’t pure white from Johnny Depp to Heather Locklear. I read that Johnny Depp has a black great grandmother and he also has some Native American ancestry. Heather is part Lumbee Indian a group known to be made up of black, white and Indian blood. Stacey Dash is more certainly black her cousin is Damon Dash, the owner of Roc A Fella Records.

    • Terrance

      By that definition, Angelina Jolie isn’t white since she’s mixed with Native American ancestry. Everybody is mixed with something. I think Stacey isn’t part Mexican, but she is West Indian. We know even when somebody is half and half. We normally consider them part of the minority. One day, though, all the minorities here will be the majority.

    • Terrence

      HAHAHA!!! You sound so ignorant!!!

    • faye

      Don’t show your ignorance. It doesn’t matter what her ethnic ratio is, if there is Black in the mix she is Black.

    • Sailor

      Oh wow that made me feel so great about myself. Being as far a I know non-mixed raced black woman. Thanks, for being honest though. I always giggle when I look in the mirror though, there is a gorgeous black woman always staring back at me.Always seeing men drive in their cars head turned toward me and not the street is fun too. What ever your race may be you do not define me.

      Oh, and I remember Stacy in Mo’ Money she looks better now!

    • wakeforce

      Well then, we ALL must be beautiful because African- Americans are ALL mixed with something!

    • lamar

      Your brainwashed by suite media

    • tracy

      Hmmm, I was waiting for the ignorant comment. Insecure people always have to put black people down and think it is okay. One day this world will change.

  • Israel


  • hammer

    hay perrty liads

  • yolanda

    have u ever wondered why these women r still single they set their standards to high i bet when they grew up i betcha lisaraye didnt have an all white wardobe be real and not fake and dont expect for someone to take care of you lisa should know coming out of her divorce

    • Kari

      Do you know what scripted means….it is not real. They memorize lines and then try to act.

  • freddy cruz

    the girl from idiocracy is nice to so dont forget shes,in ther.nice looking and funny.

  • numero

    Who cares about the acting! /She’s still hot and I’m loving it! Those who don’t appreciate, continue to hate. It’s a good look for you and it’s helps all the non-haters look that much better.

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